: instead of "crucial", you should've said "critical" items {{item:3031}} . Damn riot, your pun game is off. {{champion:119}}
There's no need to Phreak out about it
: The Blood Moon calls
So, if I transfer to Japan servers for the Blood Moon Yas, would I be able to transfer back?
: {{champion:78}} Oh great hero I have search long and hard to find you. I have heard of your tales that spans hundreds of years. I have seen the monuments built in your honor. I have read the books written about you. All over the lands you have helped many people of many nations. You do not care bout borders or who it is, you just help the people in need as a hero would. I believe that such a hero as you is the one destined to wield this mighty hammer and become the hero that will save Demaica!!! {{champion:266}} Ummm....who are you and how did you find me? {{champion:78}} Oh I'm sorry. My name is Poppy and as for how I found you: I followed you. {{champion:266}} You...followed me? As I was flying through the air at 50MPH, as I went over a mountain..before landing here? {{champion:78}} Yep. :D {{champion:266}} How? {{champion:78}} I have very strong legs. {{champion:266}} That doesn't even...you know what forget it. I have a job to do at the moment, I'll get back to you later. {{champion:78}} You going to save someone? Awesome I get to see the hero in action. {{champion:266}}_ thinking_ This is going to be annoying. I can already tell.
{{champion:78}} "I never skip leg day :D"
Rioter Comments
#thesnackthatsmilesback ?
: Riot Pls
So just out of curiosity, will you guys feel the need to update the terms and conditions? They were last updated in 2012, but I guess they don't really need a change
: Between Two Turrets - Chat with Morello! [COMPLETE]
Hey Morello, you may or may not have seen this earlier, but can you have an eating convention and call it Morello's Nomicon?
: ok, first off, that is probably one of the best league puns ive ever heard, second, that was probably one of the best league puns ive ever heard :D
Welp, I'll be sure to ask him that!
: Chat with game designer Morello on 7/29!
Anyone else think Morello should host an eating convention and call it Morello's Nomi-con?
Johah (NA)
: So Scuttles is a girl... no wonder she ran from me.
Just play Ahri, and charm that girl like the gentleman you are
: gragas in a thong and bikini top
: we can kill {{champion:17}} but {{champion:104}} can't have a cigar
{{champion:17}} can exist, but {{champion:104}} can't have a cigar
: Wow! Quite the list of player created modes there. I'll def have to check it out!
I bet you Zwill Riot once you play them ;)
: i agree. maybe have hud skins linked to champion mastery... get some kind of reward for using a champion frequently other than a pointless mastery score.
Hold on, for champion mastery, don't we get Chrom Pa- Oh wait.
: i agree. maybe have hud skins linked to champion mastery... get some kind of reward for using a champion frequently other than a pointless mastery score.
Hold on, for champion mastery, don't we get Chroma Pa- Oh wait.
Phreak (NA)
: It can be scaled. I've played on the lowest scale and it's noticeably smaller while still making all the lettering and numerals legible.
Cool, now go! (Get your Phreak on!) Now Go! (Get your Phreak on!). Sorry, that just _Phreaks_ of bad pun
: 3many {{champion:67}} 5me
Thou shalt not use thy lord's name in {{champion:67}}
: dang it. i dont have the body shape for cosplays..... or 5 friends.......{{item:3070}} {{champion:32}}
I don't have the body shape for 5 friends either
: I finally get to play as {{champion:429}} ,{{champion:42}} , and{{champion:33}} . :)
: Tahm Kench, the River King, available now
It's about Tahm he was released :P I bet Phreak will do Tahms of Damage. Or, according to the spotlight, Tongues of Damage
: Improve your last hitting
420 extra gold? 420 Ardent Blaze it
: I got {{champion:81}}
I got{{champion:28}} ... Can I trade with you? lol guess I cant complain, she was free anyway. Thanks Riot!
: Tahm's not void. Void is something else. The Void creature's names are usually ancient Shuriman. And nope its not TF in the story. TF's story is about to move forward however.
: Not currently. Twisted Fate has a number of vices, but they're not currently ones Tahm is interested in.
Ah, so Tahm DOES feed off of fear/emotions?
: Champion Q&A: Tahm Kench, the River King
Will Tahm Kench be related to Twisted Fate in anyway?
: This is the story of Tahm Kench who emitted a Tahm Stench while sitting on his Tahm Bench and holding a Tahm Wrench. Then a Tahm Wench came and told Tahm Kench to STOP MAKING PUNS
You must've seen my other post :P
: no, {{champion:154}} is a stretch :D
Pretty good, you've just been slingshotted to a whole new level. Now, Let's Bounce! But first, there's an Unstable Matter at hand.
Todo776 (NA)
: What's Tahm-atter with you?
If he was a tool, he'd be a Tahm Wrench. If he was a seat, he'd be a Tahm bench. If his BO was horrible, it'd be quite a Tahm Stench. Sorry I forgot to Kench-ion these, I'll Kench ya later
Aura301 (NA)
: When {{champion:96}} gets his treat.
When {{champion:33}} says something that's great, not "ok"
: He drops them in place. They said that before.
Tahm for you to do your research
: All I'm hearing is Cartman right now... RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH!
: I'm sorry but I don't Kench your drift... *buh duh dum* ... sorry i make lame jokes
If we discovered that Kench was actually a girl, would that make her a Tahm boy? Or just a regular Kench (wench)?
DeClawd (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dunkrius2g,realm=NA,application-id=2XjzURgc,discussion-id=5whoRBEy,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2015-06-30T21:56:34.167+0000) > > Where is phreak? {{item:3078}} He's in the day vid...Turley
DeClawd (NA)
: When the Tahm is right 😂
You just need a couple more puns, and your comedic career will be Kenched. (Clinched... Sorry, that was a stretch)
: Hey guys! Adam "pwnophobia" Cogswell here. I'll be poking around the forums over the course of the night to answer any questions you have about the League of Legends podcast scene. And a big thanks to Riot Glyceroll for this opportunity. I hope you all find something that you are looking for within our community!
I haven't seen an episode yet, but I don't suppose you've made any "Tons of Damage" jokes? I'd Phreak out. Anyway, keep up the good work!
Magearna (NA)
: You mean Riot Girl Tristana? That's the free skin
Dang, I got so excited when they commented that it was free... You let me down NinjaNobody
: I'm highly disappointed in the {{champion:154}} Chroma pack containing yellow, pink, and.... darker shade of yellow. Completly missed opportunity for a red {{champion:154}} that looks like Blood. Or a Black {{champion:154}} that looks like Tar. OR a brown {{champion:154}} that could be a swamp monster!
Or a brown {{champion:154}} that looks like...... well, someone took a dump in your Jell-O
: {{champion:122}} I agree. Blood and gore would just ruin the game.
{{champion:31}} **Uses Feast** Oh no, my life is ruined and my eyes are scarred.
: Pool Party Urgot? More Like Heartseeker Urgot {{champion:6}} {{item:3185}}
Riot take my money LoL Upvoted
Mhija (NA)
: When matchmaking gets it right
Besides the fact that they got married thanks to League (Congratulations by the way!) I'm also SO happy that there's someone else out there who plays Cho'gath. He just doesn't get enough love IMO.
Fowus (NA)
: Soon(TM)
Pool Party Urgot? *Shudder*
: I guess people are making a "big splash" about the sales. Water we waiting for? It's bonus IP weekend! I'm not funny...
What an appropriate name for your puns, seems to be just your Type. Hold on, I'm gonna sneeze. A-a-a-AZU!(marill) Sorry, but that had to be done
Fabrizio (NA)
: But Riot, where's my Zacaroni and Cheese? :^)
Wow, that was cheesy :P Don't Starch with me now.
: Yeah, honestly I just wanted Winter Wonder Ori, not be forced to buy sejuani and Malz along with their skins.
In all fairness, who **wouldn't** want to charge into battle on a giant Poro?
: What if there was a game mode called: The League of Draaaaaaaaaven. Where everyone is draven
All for One {{champion:119}} is what it would be.
: Nice Name Hot Single Girl {{champion:35}}
LOL So true. Hey, some manly men could be women. You never know :P
Duke Anax (EUW)
: you sure about that`the last time they did this you would get like 5 ip bonus for the event and 300% bonus would be 15 ip.
: look at the surrender@20 website my friend. learn about the (potential) future of League of Legends PC Edition
Yeah, I do. It's just been a while since I don't check it daily and sometimes weekly.
Gunpoint (NA)
: Gragas Esquire?
Ah, while Gragas Esquire is a fine Gentleman, he does not eat/devour other champions. He does make a fine ale though. (Trust me, that stuff is **strong)**
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