: Patch 9.16 notes
I don't think 2 seconds of cd is going to do much to riven's god status in masters.
: Forgotten Project, The King of Fiora
Rng is a great mechanic for a champion based around "outplays"
: Patch 9.10 notes
If anything make riven's q cd start once she uses her final q rather than the first.
: Patch 9.10 notes
What a fucking joke, this pretty much confirmed that riot's skin team doesn't listen to their community at all. Lux got not one, but two new skins while some champs haven't had a decent skin their entire lifespan, Kled, Camille, Ivern, and plenty others. The theme is cool and the skins look nice, but can you give some of the champions that actually need them and haven't seen any love of care put into their skins???
: Learn More: Trials Pass
Is it possible to get enough tokens to get the prestige points through just grinding daily challenges, or is it locked behind the paywall of the "Trial pass"?
: Patch 9.8 Notes
{{sticker:sg-shisa}} Kled doesn't have a single good looking skin
: Patch 9.7 notes
Another buffed on hit item for yi to ram up my ass, oh goody
: Patch 9.7 notes
{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Jarvan IV has a dunk and gets hextech skin Ivern has no dunk and gets a dunkmaster skin All you had to do was swap the two themes guys :(
: Creator Spotlight: Jasmina
{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} Save this for most recent news
: Creator Spotlight: Jasmina
{{sticker:sg-ahri-3}} Would rather a game update or something that wasn't advertisement for streamers.
: Out of the toy box...
{{champion:119}} so happy that driven driven will be for sale :) (thx riot)


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