: you know nothing about mpen
No, he's right. If someone (or something in the case of minions) has zero magic resist and you apply mpen, you get a negative magic resist value that amplifies your magic damage. (Also true for armor pen vs. armor and physical damage). Of course things like void staff or last whisper are useless against no-defense enemies (30% of 0 is 0 after all), but for flat values it still has an effect.
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=haaaaaaaalp,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jROuVx86,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2015-06-02T20:37:24.413+0000) > > There was nothing wrong with what the top laner did. He asked his team for a report which is completely legal, especially because there is a report catagory which was dedicated to the situation (unskilled player). There is nothing in the eula/summoner's code which says you cannot ask for reports for legitimate reasons There's nothing in the summoner's code that -explicitly- states that calling for reports is wrong, but the summoner's code is very vague and feel-goodish. Consider that calling for reports is one way of 'blaming others', discouraged by section 6. Calling for reports usually also goes along with explicit insults towards the person (like... calling them a troll.) In any case, when the Tribunal was active it was explicitly written in the guide on how to judge cases that calling for reports was unacceptable, just as it was explicitly written that verbal retaliation is no excuse. That much more explicit list of interpretations is gone now, but there's no reason to believe that reports are not still treated the same way. Of -course- if someone is feeding in a way that makes you think it's deliberate you can report them for Assisting Enemy Team, and of course if someone is feeding in a way that you think is poor skill you can report them for unskilled (which is only feedback for adjusting the MMR system, but, y'know, report if you want.) What you can't do is make a deal out of it in chat, calling the player out and calling on others to make reports in some kind of rage fueled witch-hunt. You are free to believe otherwise, but I'll still report you for calling for reports if you do it in my game, and I believe action will still be taken on it in the same way it was under the old tribunal.
: Is frost queen´s claim even worth it?
Frost Queen's Claim gives you an extra slow that helps with kiting/peeling/landing bindings for chain CC/holding people in ult tether range. And some CDR. It's really good when people are diving your carries. Zhonya's gives you armor and stasis. It's helpful if you're taking AD damage and really good if they are diving you (not your carries, you personally) or if your team has no initiate and you want to flash-ult into their team. I usually want both items sooner or later, but when to get them is situational. If one isn't desperately needed over the other, then it might depend on how much gold I have when I back. If I end up with a Fiendish Codex I'm more likely to finish spellthiefs, if I end up with a needless, I'm more likely to finish Zhonya's. Also after sightstone you also might be needing something more supporty like a locket or a mikael's, depending on the situation. Or twin shadows.... the ghosts are really helpful if your team is finding it impossible to ward without getting caught out. Once you find the nearest enemy or the ghosts return without finding anything, you know where you can ward safely. (Also slightly useful for the extra slow and and vision when chasing, but I wouldn't buy it -for- that.) Honestly, I think guides are fairly useless for determining builds on any support... they are some of the most flexible and situational builds in the game, and morgana is no exception.
: Some Tips for a Support Main?
I've had some fun with gangpank support (in normals). I took him hybrid pen marks + tanky runes. I believe I used tanky 0/14/16 or so tank-support masteries. Early sheen. Sighstone+Face of the Mountain+Ice Born Gauntlet core. Frozen Mallet if you can afford it, but the build is very flexible. He scales all kinds of different ways, so you can choose items based on on-hit/aura/active effects and still get something out of the base stats, or you can just go more tanky if your team needs that. q for the slow followed by raise morale for the speed boost nicely combines a weak slow and a weak speed boost for a decent speed difference, and itemization makes it even better; good for both chase and disengage. Probably not worth learning when we know they plan to make major kit changes, but I found it remarkably effective. (Don't build critplank as a support tho, that's just trolling.)
DWT12345 (NA)
: MMR resets after each preaseason right?
> [{quoted}](name=DWT12345,realm=NA,application-id=WEuoGbmp,discussion-id=2Kvlldw4,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-05-28T04:10:42.459+0000) > > MMR resets after each preaseason right? Not a full reset. There's a 'soft reset', which seems to push everyone down a certain amount and then draw them towards the middle, so that nobody is at challenger MMR anymore. It seems like pretty much everyone gold and above goes down in MMR, bronze goes up a little, and silver doesn't move. The exact formulas aren't shared though, and also, soft resets have only been done twice I believe (before that it was a hard reset to the exact same number for MMR or ELO). There's no guarantee the formula was the same during both soft resets, or that it won't change next season. (There might even be a return to hard resets, but probably not.)
: What should I build?
Boots of mobility are a poor choice because you will be 'in combat' every time you attack someone and the speed buff will go away. If you really want to be super-fast, you could use boots of swiftness, however berserker's greaves are standard on almost all ADC champs including Ashe. If you're having trouble chasing or kiting, get the furor enchantment on them for extra speed whenever you're fighting. zz'rot portal -does- provide both armor and MR, but Guardian Angel is a stronger defensive item for the same thing. Mostly, though, you should figure out if they enemy team deals more physical or magical damage, and itemize accordingly. Randuin's vs. an all-AD team, Banshee's Veil against a heavy AP team, Mercurial Scimitar against a team that has CC that you need the active to remove. Guardian Angel is good against many assassins (especially those with a reset-on-kill mechanic), but the passive is on a huge cooldown. You might even take thornmail against multiple autoattackers, especially when people put an ADC both mid and bot. The remainder of your build is not exactly terrible but not exactly optimum. Runaan's feels good on Ashe, but you already have volley to apply an AoE slow and you sacrifice a lot of single-target damage by not choosing statikk shiv or phantom dancer instead. Statikk in turn gives you more wave clear (and a little AoE damage on enemy champions) in exchange for a bit less single target damage compared to Phantom Dancer. (Because these two attack speed items come with critical strike chance, which scales just as strong on Ashe as any ADC, just a little differently.) Zephyr is a good second attack speed item, but armor pen (last whisper, black cleaver) are going to help more... one attack speed item (+berserkers greaves) is usually enough. Excessive attack speed goes to waste anyway, you can only get an attack speed of 2.5 (attacks per second). That's a hard cap, any attack speed beyond that is simply wasted gold. I haven't run the numbers but with blade of the ruined king -and- two of the highest attack speed items in the game, I'm sure you're over the cap. Check out guides for champions you play ... lolpro, lolking, mobafire ... there are a ton of sites that provide build guides to get you started, although experimenting and learning to adapt is also important. Just google 'league ashe guide' (or substituting whatever champion) and you should find some sites with useful advice.
: Adc's For Ranked
Just FYI, I main Tristana and I keep an eye on things so I know that ever since her rework she has been in the bottom 3 of winrate for ADCs in ranked games. Usually only Urgot is below her, last week she was the absolute bottom, this week Lucian and Urgot are below her. (based on all regions, ranked soloq summoners rift, all tiers, 1 week avg. ... I figure that reduces regional teamcomp biases, skill floor/ceilings and small sample size variance to a reasonable degree to check the real 'strength' of the champion). Of course winrates are not everything, but she also has a very low pickrate, which suggests that most people playing her are maining her. Compare to Miss Fortune who generally floats around the top half winrate of ADCs -- when her pickrate goes up her winrate goes down and vice versa. It's hard to understand exactly -why- her winrate is so low, but here's some things to consider - Aggressive use of W can be suicide if you miscalculate - the most common miscalculation being someone just outside of vision; the second most common being overchasing when expecting but failing to get a reset. Unfortunately, your burst is -drastically- reduced if you don't jump aggressively at the right times, and you don't really have any other chase option and no ranged execute option, so again you lose kills if you don't jump aggressively at the right times. W is one of the worst escapes any ADC has due to how easily it can be interrupted. Slows also slow the speed of the actual jump making it nearly impossible to escape a slow against a team that also has hard CC. And yet it's easy to feel like you have one of the best escapes due to the range of rocket jump, and get overconfident. Remember shorter jumps are faster - the duration of a jump is always the same, so the further you jump the slower you move during the jump. Short jumps are better in many, many situations. Your laning phase is weak-ish. Not as weak as 'weak early game' ADCs but not as strong as early/mid-game caster ADCs. Your late game is strong-ish, but only mildly stronger than early game ADCs and nothing like a hypercarry. Together this means it's hard to shut down a late game ADC and carry in the midgame, and on the flip side it's also hard to outscale an early/midgame ADC that got ahead at all. Your ult is not a source of damage. Yeah, it does some damage, but it's essentially a glorified knockback. It -can- be comboed with a stacked E to do burst damage to a team, and it can also save your life, but it's no execute skill outside of the early game. (Although nothing feels better than knocking an enemy into your fountain for the ace so that you can make a comeback win... but chances to do that are few and far between.) Your biggest strength is destroying turrets (and other objectives, but unfortunately, E does not work on inhibs), however you're no better at that than Jinx is, and Jinx also has two forms of self peel (not mobility and knockback, but a slow and a root; still she's remarkably safe for an immobile ADC). Incoming nerfs to Jinx may change that balance, of course. However also ... being twice as fast as the average ADC at taking down a turret isn't saying a lot. While it's better to take down a turret in 3 seconds than in 6 seconds.... it's difficult to leverage it into concrete game-changing action. This hasn't stopped me from maining Tristana -- for one thing, I'm in Bronze, so it seems quite certain that there's -plenty- of room for me to become enough better than my opponents to win anyway. It's just likely to take more effort than maining someone who's, y'know, actually strong. Of course, she may become strong - she's received two buffs that have had little effect on her pick rate and no effect on her winrate, so maybe she'll get more buffs until she moves at least a little. OTOH, regardless of her current strength, there's nothing quite like max-stacking a bomb on the low-health tank and jumping on him to blow it up and get a triple kill on him and the two squishies clustered with him... (I assume past Bronze I won't get that pleasure, why would you stand next to a maxed explosive shot as a low-health squishy if you had any combat sense at all? ... maybe in combo with team CC it could happen.) Most of the time, however, you don't get the fun of jumping on enemies to kill them (outside of laning phase), even though that's the best part of Tristana. mid-late game, rocket jump is simply repositioning, which is a massive reduction in damage output but you'll never survive dealing that damage in most mid-late game situations.... though you also don't want to overlook those occassinal opportunities where that's -exactly- what you want to do to chain resets and get the ace.... just never mix up the two situations and you'll be fine! I don't really play Graves, but he's been very strong and often high in the winrates while having a high pickrate indicating real strength as a pick and not just a small skilled group picking him. However, his winrate has -drastically- dropped with the Tank meta. Not through the floor but down to the middle of the pack. Twitch also has a very low winrate but not nearly as low as Tristana. It's also hard to tell if stat aggregating sites are correctly differentiating jungle Twitch from ADC Twitch and skewing his stats. (I suppose the same could be said of AP-mid-Tristana, but I haven't seen a mid-Tristana since her rework ; jungle Twitch is rare but mid Tristana is just ... vanished from the face of the rift.) The short of that is that Graves is the only strong-ish pick currently in your list, and the Tank Meta has hurt his performance. Jinx, Sivir, and Ashe are top tier right now but Jinx's second nerf is coming next patch. MF, Kog'Maw, Varus, and Draven all have decent winrates but low pickrates, suggesting that they are finding success but only for people who play them a lot or main them; hard to know how strong they -really- are unless more people pick them. Vayne, Ezreal, Caitlyn and Lucian have high pickrates, but Vayne is the only one in that list with a moderately decent winrate. However, champions with high pickrates may have a lot of casual players; those player maybe haven't adapated their builds or playstyle to the tank meta and so low winrates may not represent true strength but simple misplay by a large but casual following. (Also Caitlyn in particular has been recommended as a 'safe beginner ADC' for a -long- time so many people who don't play ADC have her as their default ADC choice when stuck with it as last pick; that special status drags her winrate down considerably, especially since she -needs- to win her lane taking advantage of her bully potential or risk losing during the midgame where she's weakest.) All that said ... while I keep an eye on the stats and the meta, obviously I'm playing what I like to play. There's no reason you can't do the same. If you chase the flavor of the month you may get burned. This cross-check of winrate and pickrate is a very good predictor of strength (high winrate + high pickrate = strong ; low winrate + low pickrate = weak ; any mix of the two means you don't really know, but probably 'moderately strong'). However, it's also a very strong predictor of buffs and nerfs to come (in fact that's much of why I'm sure it is an accurate predictor of current strength). So, of course, playing the obvious OP champ is naturally playing the next champ to be nerfed.
: Basic Ranked Question: Individual Champion Grades
Not currently. As of right now, grades are just something for you to get feedback on how you did. The only thing they affect is very slightly changing how many champion mastery points you get (mastery points are mostly about whether you win or lose. You get ~250 for losing and ~1250 for winning, and good or bad grades can change that by ~100 in either direction. Meaning the grades do essentially nothing.) Mastery levels in turn have no effect on anything at the moment other than giving you mastery levels visible in your profile and a fancy ribbon to show off in loading screen. Mastery grades/points/levels -could- be changed to have some effect on MMR or Rank eventually, but Riot has expressed no such intention. If they did make such a big change, it would probably not be during a season.
Souldure (NA)
Yeah, I'm pretty sick of the snowball meta. They do have nerfs to the snowballs on PBE (2500 range -> 1600 range, and iirc 20 sec cooldown -> 30 sec cooldown, anyway half-again longer if that's not the right numbers.) I feel like those nerfs aren't enough tbh. It's still ridiculously long ranged and low cooldown. I'd be happy to see snowballs just go away, but if they aren't going to, something more like 1000 range and 1 min cooldown might at least make them stop being a must-pick summoner. (Heck, even squishies are taking it a lot of the time, if only for the vision it provides; also if you direct it against a minion - or an out of position tank - you can close into useful range without ending up in the middle of the enemy team.) (also... you forgot to attach a poll.)
Tomatosx (NA)
: Aoout the warding thing... Oh my god im silver 2 atm. I've noticed im the only player that upgrades trinket at level 9-11 on a back. Why???? The support can only ward three times!!!
I'm Bronze V and my last team everyone bought a trinket upgrade. I was the last one because I needed to buy my major items (ADC on a double AP team) and also because I was buying pinks (only 2 I think, maybe 3. No need to buy one when the last is still standing ; still, if not for what I spent on pinks I would've had the leftover gold to buy trinket upgrade. OTOH, nobody else was buying pinks although one player did go the pink ward trinket upgrade.) Anyway, with our ridiculous amount of vision we went from roughly even in kills in the early-midgame to twice the kills of their team in the late game, plus clear knowledge of safe rotations to take turrets. That game was probably won because of a couple of us mentioning the importance of warding and trinket upgrades during pregame chat. I had said 'ward early ward often, wards save lives' ... but they do more than that, and this last game you could really feel how wards were not just saving lives but getting us kills and objectives. It doesn't always go that well... I've had other games were I was told to 'stfu about wards' when nobody but me was warding and support didn't even have sightstone and everyone kept getting picked off in our own jungle. This last game actually support didn't have sightstone either, he was the pink ward upgrade, but we got away with it because the whole team was warding. Actually, -most- games in B5 the support doesn't buy a sightstone. Or a gold item. If you're in bronze it's more important than anywhere else to buy the trinket upgrade for that very reason - you -cannot- expect your support to be warding ... at all. I'm not climbing yet, but my w/l is slightly positive now, so I think I'm getting a handle on how to be an ADC main with reluctant last-pick semi-troll supports that steal farm and don't ward. Alas, not skills that will matter once I do climb, but I have to learn them -to- climb.
: How to get out of Bronze/Silver
So, as very much not-a-morning-person that's kind of a non starter. I'm not going to be in shape to play ranked for at least a couple hours, and then I need to leave -lots- of leeway to actually play the game just in case it runs long. With a slow queue, queue dodges, champ select time, and a possibly hour long game, I need to leave a good hour and a half just in case. Getting up 4 hours before work to play a single ranked game per day? ... simply not practical. Also, on general principle, this doesn't seem like a successful strategy - it's like many other ELO hell arguments. If you play in the evening, then 5/5 enemies have a chance of being a 'kid', while only 4/5 on your own team have a chance of being a 'kid'. (Assuming that being a 'kid' is bad, which hasn't really been shown, and considering that a number of players have had to delay their professional debut to meet the 17 year old age limit.... it doesn't actually even seem likely.)
: Shaco good jg to buy with RP?
Honestly, Shaco is not meta, is not inherently strong, is not anything like any other champion let alone any other jungler. Most Shaco players are totally ineffective. -If- you have very good reflexes, and -if- you love dodging skillshots and flashing out of ults and into position to get a kill, and that kind of play.... then Shaco is the champ for you. You get all kinds of ways to trick and dodge and turn the fight around. Shaco never fights fair because he never wins a fair fight, but he has a ton of tricks up his sleeve. OTOH, if you plan to play Shaco, plan to play Shaco a -lot-. There are no 'decent' Shaco players, only terrible Shaco players and terrifying Shaco players. He's very difficult to be in your champ pool if he isn't your main. Also, I never buy champs with RP, only with IP, but your expendable income may be more than mine. Money has different value to a person depending on your personal situation. But consider this -- aside from a difficult period when first building up your rune/runepage set, it's very hard to play enough games to learn the champs you own to any meaningful extent before you have enough IP for another champ. Have -you- mastered all the champs you own to any significant level? Do you really have anything to lose by practicing them more for now until you have the IP to buy a middle-cost champ?
Onwodori (NA)
: Giving SECOND red to ADCs?
As an ADC main.... I don't even want red buff until I've got infinity edge+zeal (or a similar spike on the ADCs with odd builds). I'm going to be reluctant to group for teamfights unless the situation forces it until I hit that level, and I know I can't make good use of red until we start grouping. I've had some early IE's when things went haywire in the botlane and we came out on top, but even in extreme games I've never had an IE before red is up for the second time, never mind IE+zeal+boots.
: An attempt at becomming a psychologically better player
Yes. Verbally harassing people is reportable, even if you don't swear at them or call them derogatory names. Of course, you're -more- likely to be punished and punished worse when you mix bad language in, but if you consistently harass other players with clean language you'll eventually get punished too. Personally, I just mute-report-move on. I still compliment the muted toxic player with a 'gj' or give them a 'ty' when they make a great play or do something that saves my life. These aren't people that you need to form any kind of real human relationship with, to be honest. They are just another obstacle in the game. By harassing them in any form at all, you are only adding to the negativity your teammates feel, making them likely to play worse. The toxic player themselves is not going to start playing better just because you're harassing them, if anything they are going to get angrier and rage more, and worst case may deliberately throw the game. Even ragers usually want to win - in fact they often rage -because- they want to win. But if you provoke them into even more rage, they may try to get back at you by throwing the game. Even if they don't throw deliberately.... I've gotten -tons- of kills personally on enemy ragers when they stopped in the middle of a lane to get into some long flamefest. There's just no benefit at all to provoking them, or distracting yourself from your own play to focus on them. And no, it's not acceptable to afk. It's always reportable and bannable. Ending games with no hope is done with a surrender vote, not an afk.
Akeydel (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=DreadPirateChris,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=3byfQMoM,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2015-04-10T09:42:32.503+0000) > > People -do- teach. Learn to how to record your games (I like na.op.gg, you just have to pop open your browser and tell it to remember your game while you're in the loading screen. If you're on a super-crappy computer you can use your cell phone to start recording without opening your PC browser which is good for people like me :)) > If you have recorded games there's a ton of people in high ELO who you could ask to analyze them. They may or may not get to it... most people offering free coaching do it so they can get known and become a paid coach, so they do free coaching only as time allows, but if you put in the effort to submit recorded ranked games, you're likely to get some help. > Also, yeah, streamers and youtubers. On youtube I watch Gbay99, Redmercy, PhyLoL, FoxdropLoL, Zadarkus, and Anklespankin. Some are more about entertainment (hi Ankle!) and some are more about instruction. And some just have cool trivia (hi Redmercy!). > It doesn't hurt at all to watch pro games ( http://na.lolesports.com/vods/ ), and if you search the name of almost any pro-gamer on twitch they'll have a stream. Or you can just poke around on twitch, it does have the option to look for all 'league of legends' streams. I find recorded videos on youtube a little more focused and instructive though than just tuning into someone playing the game on twitch and hoping they say something insightful. I did not know op.gg could record games, thanks for the info, its amazing. LolReplay took up SO much space.
> [{quoted}](name=Akeydel,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=3byfQMoM,comment-id=00060001,timestamp=2015-04-10T10:04:14.446+0000) > > I did not know op.gg could record games, thanks for the info, its amazing. LolReplay took up SO much space. heh, yw. it's pretty cool, it all records on their site and you just download it later. No strain on your own machine. I like it. :)
: > [{quoted}](name=DreadPirateChris,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=3byfQMoM,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2015-04-10T09:42:32.503+0000) > > People -do- teach. Learn to how to record your games (I like na.op.gg, you just have to pop open your browser and tell it to remember your game while you're in the loading screen. If you're on a super-crappy computer you can use your cell phone to start recording without opening your PC browser which is good for people like me :)) > If you have recorded games there's a ton of people in high ELO who you could ask to analyze them. They may or may not get to it... most people offering free coaching do it so they can get known and become a paid coach, so they do free coaching only as time allows, but if you put in the effort to submit recorded ranked games, you're likely to get some help. > Also, yeah, streamers and youtubers. On youtube I watch Gbay99, Redmercy, PhyLoL, FoxdropLoL, Zadarkus, and Anklespankin. Some are more about entertainment (hi Ankle!) and some are more about instruction. And some just have cool trivia (hi Redmercy!). > It doesn't hurt at all to watch pro games ( http://na.lolesports.com/vods/ ), and if you search the name of almost any pro-gamer on twitch they'll have a stream. Or you can just poke around on twitch, it does have the option to look for all 'league of legends' streams. I find recorded videos on youtube a little more focused and instructive though than just tuning into someone playing the game on twitch and hoping they say something insightful. Never been able to find the equipment and stuff to.. "Record a game". thought people could just spectate.
> [{quoted}](name=Zamrayz,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=3byfQMoM,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2015-04-10T09:47:02.666+0000) > > Never been able to find the equipment and stuff to.. "Record a game". thought people could just spectate. They can. And if you pay a coach, they will make the time to spectate your game when you are playing. Or you can use tools to record the specator view of a game yourself, either to review so you can see how the game -really- went or to forward to people who might help you. What I like about op.gg is that it records the game on the site, and you download it later, no stress or extra equipment or anything on your own computer.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ragnola,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=3byfQMoM,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-04-10T09:31:04.881+0000) > > then like you said, just keep playing. Focus on getting to know the champions first. The first step to getting better is to know how the champion abilities work. Once you have that down, you can then focus on other aspects of the game like map awareness and lane mechanics. thats kinda why i'm asking for help. I'm almost past the point. But being in bronze.. I think it's called elo hell because unless you can carry your team by your self, you can't rely on anybody to help you or teach you shit. It's every man for them selves and so far my best.. lanes? um..spot? is supp and jung. Which are the 2 most unforgiving roles in the game. I mean i can d everything else but it's been a while i feel i've given up. there will always be somebody better out there and i can't help but depress my self thinking about it.
> [{quoted}](name=Zamrayz,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=3byfQMoM,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2015-04-10T09:34:30.987+0000) > > lanes? um..spot? is supp and jung. Which are the 2 most unforgiving roles in the game. 'Position' is what I'd usually say. (Assassin or Tank are roles, Jungle and Support are positions. ADC is kinda both... ) Jungle and Support are not actually any more forgiving or unforgiving than any other role. They are, however, the two roles that require the most awareness of strategy and the whole map, that require -you- to be the one that knows what is going on and pings the team to take objectives or fall back. The are also the two roles that in Bronze especially are usually played -awfully-. If you can play a good support or jungle, you can absolutely dictate the pace of many games. Of -course- it's not as straightforward as 'kill lane opponent, snowball, carry game', but those 'straightforward' solo lanes are facing opponents trying to do the same. If you're going to play jungle + support you need to know all about vision, objectives, map pressure, what is worth trading for what, and be constantly aware of everything going on on the whole map. You are right though that you cannot rely on other teammates to teach you anything - they may try, but likely as not they will be wrong. After all, they are in bronze too just like you -- and me. I prefer to rely on what I hear from reputable diamond or better youtubers or streamers than on what some random bronzie in a game with me says. If he hasn't been able to climb out himself, his advice is unlikely to help -me- climb out.
: Im a girl. Im new. Im bad. Help.
People -do- teach. Learn to how to record your games (I like na.op.gg, you just have to pop open your browser and tell it to remember your game while you're in the loading screen. If you're on a super-crappy computer you can use your cell phone to start recording without opening your PC browser which is good for people like me :)) If you have recorded games there's a ton of people in high ELO who you could ask to analyze them. They may or may not get to it... most people offering free coaching do it so they can get known and become a paid coach, so they do free coaching only as time allows, but if you put in the effort to submit recorded ranked games, you're likely to get some help. Also, yeah, streamers and youtubers. On youtube I watch Gbay99, Redmercy, PhyLoL, FoxdropLoL, Zadarkus, and Anklespankin. Some are more about entertainment (hi Ankle!) and some are more about instruction. And some just have cool trivia (hi Redmercy!). It doesn't hurt at all to watch pro games ( http://na.lolesports.com/vods/ ), and if you search the name of almost any pro-gamer on twitch they'll have a stream. Or you can just poke around on twitch, it does have the option to look for all 'league of legends' streams. I find recorded videos on youtube a little more focused and instructive though than just tuning into someone playing the game on twitch and hoping they say something insightful.
: Cause it's just easier to be consistent. There are a lot of champs who it is nice to see a range indicator for (blitz/thresh pull for example). Besides, q is usually the skill that is used that most, and thus you don't want a slow finger such as the pinky trying to press it.
you can get a range indicator with smart-cast on if you set the range-indicator option; then depressing will show the indicator and releasing will cast, which is my normal MO. (fingers on qwer, thumb on space.)
: I don't see why ADCs don't just get both. I also don't see why Runaan's with BC and BotRK is bad.
None of Runaan's, BotRK or BC include crit, which is important on ADCs. That said, sometimes ADCs -do- get both Bloodthirster and BotRK instead of getting a defensive item. IE+PD+Berserkers(Furor)+LW+BT+BotRK+Elixir of Wrath = Full Yolo Mode ON! (2nd PD instead of defensive item is another variety of Full Yolo build, more suited to facing all-squishy teams where rocking the 100% crit+max attack speed will be stronger than %-life damage.) If you get Runaan's, it's because you have on hit effects in your ADC's kit (Kalista's accumulating spears, Twitch poison, Ashe slow, Varus stacks), but the lack of crit costs you in your single target damage (meaning the other ADC will out-duel you lategame. Ideally you should never be dueling the enemy ADC anyway after the laning phase, you should be bursting them down after your front line catches them in a knockup or some such, but life isn't always perfect.) If you don't have an on-hit effect in your ADC's kit, Runaan's is generally thought to be flat out not worth, and some on hit effects are considered to be not worth (ie, why Runaan's Ashe's slow when she already has volley to AoE the same slow over a longer range? Why compromise your single-target damage when Twitch is so good at getting into point-blank range with his invisibility and bursting a single target down assassin style?) Black Cleaver offers nothing that ADCs are looking for - it gives little AD, no attack speed and no crit chance. It -is- situationally useful when last whisper isn't enough armor shred for that fed tank but it hurts your effectiveness vs. everyone and everything (turrets/dragons/barons) else. Better still is if a front-liner buys black cleaver and shreds down the tank's armor while the ADC buys his most effective single target damage build path, but you can't really expect that kind of cooperation in soloq.
Ligerzz (OCE)
: IDK. I always thought you should know at least 3 different roles, or how they work, to be able to reach at least higher elos like gold. Sure they are good at those two specific roles (support and marksman) but not all the time they are able to get the duo bot lane they planned for, which is why people going into ranked should practice other roles instead of their mains. It is very likely another person would want to go bot, and the duo themselves can't guarantee they are gonna get it every time, because of pick order. ( I don't play ranked but i understand the general idea of it. Correct me if i'm wrong).
Sure, really you should be able to play any role because if you're last pick you have no control over where you'll go. That doesn't mean that people don't have main roles, and it's very likely that the duo's main roles are ADC and support. It's very likely the ADC's secondary role is support, and the support's secondary role ADC. Denying them the bot lane you're putting them onto a third or fourth role. Unless one of them goes into the jungle, they also won't be interacting with each other on the map until quite late in the game, making their (presumed by the MMR adjustment) voice comms ineffective. I absolutely agree, they -should- be able to play other roles, the OP or anyone else has every right to take his preferred role if he's earlier in pick order. However when you do that, don't expect people pushed into their worst roles in a higher MMR than they naturally have when queuing solo to be able to perform, and don't assume they are 'trolling' when they feed Fiora or Zed or some other champ that has easy 1v1 turret dives that make it dangerous even to farm under turret.
: A tip for those who like to queue up duo bot in rank
While it's true that pick order still rules if you want to insist on taking one of those roles you can... but consider that the bot lane duo is being matched with a higher MMR team than their actual MMR (to adjust for the presumed teamwork they will have). If you push them off of their main roles, into roles they are less comfortable with in situations where their communication is less important than in botlane, they will probably do badly. When they start feeding, it's not because they are trolling you, it's because they are out of their depth because they were matched with an MMR adjustment that -assumes- they are a coordinated pair. You can do what you want, but you might have a better chance of winning if you let them have their lane.
: So how can I not steal kills from ADC as sona?
As an ADC main, I would personally never yell at my support for stealing kills. Many AP supports do -more damage- in early laning than the ADC, it's really -hard- to get the kill on the ADC, and letting the kill get away is not acceptable. (For most ADCs, BF sword on first back is enough to change that, but trinity force ADCs ramp up a little slower.) That said, the slow power chord can secure the kill for your ADC as opposed Q power chord securing it for yourself. But if you can get the kill on an enemy ADC that is already escaping and it doesn't look like your ADC will be able to get a hit, take the dang kill. You should give the ADC the kill -when possible-, not let kills get away just because you can't give it to the ADC. The lower your ELO (and mine is bronze :o), the less likely it is that people have the skills to give over kills without letting them get away. Personally, I'm happy to go 0/0/4 with a 4/0/0 support in laning (or a 2/0/2 support and a couple kills on the jungler) ... If we're doing that, do you have any idea how much free farm I'm getting? And my support has a core sighstone+mobis+tier 2 gold item super early making them a crazy warding machine keeping me safe to push all the way to inner turret or take dragon! (Ahem, assuming of course that you're building proper support items. I'm not so happy about giving up kills to a support that won't spend on vision... Always frustrating when I spend more on vision than the support does :o) Now if you start taking my farm or pushing lane when I'm trying to freeze, that's when I'm gonna have issues. But the truth is ADCs do -terrible- damage before they complete their first couple items, and they get fed in the early game from -farm- not from kills. Kills are good because they result in free-farm and in farm-denial, not to mention turret and dragon pressure. The difference between kill and assist gold is just a little icing on the free-farm cake. As long as you don't mess with my farm I'm a happy ADC. :)
zzPHaiNT (NA)
: Why I think drag is "Overrated"
What's 'overrated'? I think dragon is roughly the worth of an outer turret. I would never willingly trade one of our outer turrets away to get dragon, but I would get dragon rather than take an enemy outer turret. Maybe even rather than getting an enemy inner turret. Absolutely I will always want to take an inhib turret over a dragon. Cracking the base is extremely important, those inhib towers are much more than just 'a tower'. As for throwing at dragon or baron, well, nobody goes into those fights planning to get aced and lose the objective to the enemy team anyway.... but mistakes happen. If you could know the outcome, I'd say it's worth giving up a kill (but not multiple kills) to secure the dragon. It's obviously not worth giving up a kill to -not- get the dragon though, and very obviously even pros can't see the future, so I'm not a big fan of steal attempts other than with ranged skills. I'm also not a big fan of trying to take dragon or baron with no wards. I do like to have wards peppering the area whenever dragon is up so that when the enemy tries to sneak a solo dragon, you wait until the dragon is almost dead, and then dive the hapless fellow killing him and taking the dragon away from him. It's really my -duty- to do so, as a helpful league player, I need to teach him why he should have wards before putting himself in an exposed position at low health while contesting a valuable objective. (Not to say I've never snuck a solo dragon myself ... but I always have wards at my back when I do.) Dragon certainly isn't the be-all and end-all of the game, but it -is- a valuable objective. Those buffs are not huge but they are -permanent- (5th dragon aside, but then 5th dragon -is- a big buff.) That makes them pretty valuable. The 2nd/3rd/4th dragon buffs are kind of small on their own but if you add them together they make your team faster moving, faster pushing, and faster at taking turrets. That makes it easier to out-pressure and out-rotate the enemy team and get into their base - and you can't win the game if you don't get to the enemy nexus first no matter how many kills you get out on the map.
TheSlogs (NA)
: A PSA from your "noobs" going ~2 ~6 in U.R.F.
Late-game Tristana is actually strong in URF, but she has a terrible laning phase against pretty much all of the OP picks. Taking her to a solo lane is not a very good idea for that reason. Late game though, she has tons of mobility and her ult letting her create space between those OP picks and herself, and she brings the ability to destroy an inhib tower in under 2 seconds, dragons and barons also go down super fast. You only need berserker's greaves and max Q to have permanent max attack speed with damage amplified by spam of her E-bomb (I haven't tested if you don't even need the greaves. I already go bloodthirster first for survivability, I wouldn't mind defensive boots too.) Her dueling remains poor against all the OP picks even into the late game, but she brings teamfight presence and objective securing to your team. Getting farmed up isn't usually too hard because of having great wave clear and the fact that most of both teams are busy chasing solo kills. TBH, Tristana is the only ADC besides the obvious Ezreal OP pick that I would take into URF. The short range escapes of graves and lucian just don't give enough space between you and that OP assassin gunning for you, Caitlyn is hampered by long cast times so that she can be burst down before her EQ combo animation completes, and immobile ADCs are sitting targets. On-topic, I agree with the OP. Pick champs for fun. If you find out they are terrible in URF, try another. There are a lot of champs that are decently strong though, strong enough to have a good match. More importantly I think is for people to ban 3 of the OP picks... too often bans go to other champs, presumably ones that the team captain doesn't want to play against on his favorite OP pick. At least if you ban 6 of the 10 OP picks, there's room for a little variety in the teams.
: Problem was, My team wasn't there 2 were splitpushing and the other 2 were mid. We won the game but I got frustrated because I couldn't live whatsoever. They weren't exactly waveclearing at the end it was them all trying to backdoor. I did report because the least that would happen is Riot overlooking it which I don't really care about. I did look up Akali before I played her so I knew what not to do (Attack in a shroud or place another shroud when almost dead)
Then join one of the splitpushers or the two that are mid. Stay behind them, throw the occasional safe Q. If they dive you, use shroud invisibility and speed, ult onto enemy minions or jungle camps, gunblade slow, and summoner spells to escape. Does it suck to have to ult onto raptors to escape a dive just to have had 90 seconds soaking up midlane shared xp? Absolutely. Is it better than getting zero xp and giving up a kill when you go into a dark jungle where a fed assassin is looking for you? Absolutely. Maybe your team will even flash away at the first sign of enemy aggression and you die anyway... but at least you absorbed a few minions worth of exp, and that still is better compared to softening up red buff for the assassin that comes to kill you before you take it. You have to play out the hand you're dealt, not the one that you wish you had, and sometimes all you can do is try to soak up a little passive exp and maybe help finish off someone who overcommits to a dive on a fed teammate. Maybe it doesn't work out that way, there's no guarantees, but wandering alone in dark, enemy controlled territory while underfed is almost never going to gain you any advantage at all.
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=haaaaaaaalp,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=o62cGv7y,comment-id=001300020001,timestamp=2015-04-04T16:42:29.148+0000) > > Actually, doing stupid stuff is exactly what causes ragers to rage. The moment I realized that was the moment I got out of bronze and eventually made my way all the way to diamond. If 'doing stupid stuff' was the -cause- of people raging, every time a player did something stupid, all 4 other players on his or her team would rage. That's not the case, because doing stupid stuff doesn't -cause- rage. The rager's emotional instability is the source of his rage. Some ragers may be triggered by an actual bad play, others by what they perceive as a bad play when they are totally wrong, and still others simply because they have died more than they have gotten kills and want the jungler to gank or the team to collapse and save them from their bad play. The trigger isn't the "cause" of the rage. The cause of the rage is the rager's own lack of self-restraint. Sure you may have gotten out of bronze and climb to diamond by playing better... in fact, there's likely no other way to climb! However, playing better will -not- stop the rage. It will reduce it slightly not because of the plays you do or don't make, but because you're -winning-. If the team appears to be winning, a rager is less likely to be triggered during that game. Any of the individual actions you describe could still be a rage-trigger. Pushing lane instead of running to be late to a teamfight? 'GG, (player) won't team up, too busy farming! Surrender at 20!' ... saving mana for the impending dragon? support rage, "This f-ing ADC, won't do anything, just afk farming!". All the good plays and all the bad plays can equally be raged at. Rage is more likely if the team is obviously losing and less likely if the team is obviously winning, and good play is more likely to lead to winning games... but that's the extent of the connection between rage and individual play. Raging at your teammates is -not rational-. They will either ignore you, mute you, or just possibly go on tilt or get distracted from actual gameplay by arguing with you, but there is no way that raging at your teammates actually -helps- the game. That means anyone raging is commiting a -terrible- strategic error just by raging, and the rest of their strategic advice (if they are even coherent or detailed and not just cussing and calling for surrender) is extremely questionable. Of -course- good gameplay helped you climb, but it doesn't stop ragers from raging. Aside from being raged at while carrying the game personally... I've also seen plenty of high ELO videos and seen diamond players like you being raged at for all sorts of stupid crap when any objective outsider can clearly see that the person being raged at just made an awesome play. Climbing ELO is done -precisely- by playing -your- game and playing it well, not by trying to do what some random rager wants. Some ragers may have a point (badly stated, but a point) once in awhile, but most don't. Play -better- yes, as much as you can, but don't play to the rager's demands. Pointless generic crap like 'stop sucking' aside, most advice or demands that ragers give out is wrong.
: But all quarts were warded and I was just desperate for levels and I couldn't even kill baby chickens/wolves/Golems and I was at level 12 while everybody else was 18. It still doesnt explain how he could get me under turret because he ulted me without the use of trinkets and I was shrouded for about 3 seconds under turret before he ran in. This was the only time where I think somebody was actually hacking in League.
The way you describe what happened, that would be the only explanation. On the other hand, I think it's also possible that he dived you with his shadow and shurikens and you responded with an auto-attack, revealing yourself and letting him ult you. If you think someone can already see you, you might just respond. Even if you don't respond, if you're not quite careful... auto-attacks will -auto- attack enemies in range unless you actively stop them (the 's' key or using movements to override your champion's auto-action). Accidentally revealing myself certainly got me killed a bunch of times as Akali until I learned what I was doing wrong and started being very careful to never be stationary under shroud (especially a shroud with an enemy in it with you, obviously, but also you need to be moving or 's' key stopped if an enemy that can burst you down is in gap close range, just in case.) It's also possible he just put out his AoE damage - doubled from his living shadow doing shurikens and slash, and that that was enough to kill you without seeing you. Only his ult is a targeted spell. This is one of several reasons that Zed vs Akali is a terrible match for Akali to find herself in. If you're very sure this did -not- happen, and you're quite sure you were -ulted- and not AoE'd to death, and you didn't report the player already in the post-game lobby, then you should probably file a support ticket explaining that you were hit with a targeted spell by a player that had no legitimate way to have vision of you. Also his claim to have vision of you that his teammates didn't have is effectively him stating that he was cheating (which may or may not be true, but if someone -says- that they are cheating, and -seems- to be cheating, that seems worth reporting). As for the other issue, while being behind certainly sucks, you won't get ahead by farming a jungle that the enemy has control of (even if they are controlling it with legitimate wards and not vision hacks, it's still the same problem whether there was cheating or not). You do get experience just from being near dying minions though; just hanging out with your team while somebody else wave-clears will bring your level up -- slowly, but relatively safely. And you might even get the chance for a clean-up kill even if you're behind.
: ***
Doing 'stupid stuff' doesn't cause anyone to rage. Ragers rage in all kinds of situations, but -they- are the ones raging. Nobody is making them do it. Don't excuse them by thinking anyone else 'causes' them to rage... if for no other reason then because if you're not careful, it'll become your -own- excuse as you become a rager. A substantial group of ragers does seize on teammate actions as the target of their rage. Those ragers believe that if everyone played the game exactly as they think it should be played, the team would win. That doesn't mean that they are right - sometimes they rage about a genuine mistake, sometimes they rage about a perceived mistake that didn't actually happen. I've been raged at tons of times for not ulting when I had no mana, not following up when I was stunned, 'leaving the fight' when they actually engaged before I -got- there. I've been raged at for 'focusing the tank' (I'm an ADC main... c'mon. If I'm zoned from priority targets, I can do nothing, or I can ping the nearest enemy tank with my AA's to soften them up). I've been raged at for target-switching... that is moving my damage to a high priority target when they mis-position. I'm sorry if I don't choose targets optimally 100% of the time, but my actions are informed by high-ELO advice from various videos and guides tempered with my own experience. I'm pretty sure what I learn from diamond ADC mains is more valuable than the semi-coherent raging of a bronze top or mid main, and I'm not going to avoid doing what -they- think is 'stupid' to try to soothe their rage. After all, doing the -actually- wrong thing is going to have even worse results than doing what they mistaken perceive as the wrong thing. (There are a few exceptions where I'll do what I think is wrong, within limits. Risky Barons, risky dives, risky engages... I'll back up my team because it's what they're doing and the only way I can lessen the risk is to back them up. It's important to distinguish 'risky' plays where backing up their foolishness -might- make it work out or at least result in some kind of even trade and when it's more 'suicde' than 'risk' and you can't back them up.) That got a little long. The short of it is, the kinds of ragers that rage about teammate actions are really raging about the fact that they don't have perfect control of the team's actions and people do things that are different from what they would do (or think they would do) in the same position. Even if you were inclined to cater to them, it's a futile effort to try to understand what each individual rager imagines is correct play, you'll never work it out in time, and the lower ELO you are the more likely it is that the rager's idea of correct play is very wrong. Play -your- game, not theirs.
: Zed vs Akali
There is no legitimate way that one player can see you without his team being able to see you. Vision is shared across the team - everyone sees what any trinket or skill reveals. As far as that goes, if it was true it would be suggest an exploit was involved. However, he may also have been lying just to annoy you more and make you tilt further. Of course you could be seen in stealth with a pink ward or red trinket. Upgraded red trinket especially gives true sight for quite a while after activation. Realize though you are not always hidden even to ordinary sight when cloaked - you are visible for a moment every time you auto-attack or use a skill. As for distance vision, it takes 2 wards to see all the jungle paths in a section of jungle, 4 wards to cover your whole jungle, 8 to cover the whole jungle of both teams. Of course that doesn't let you see the inside of every bush or deep into the crevices of every camp, nor does it include the river, but it is enough to let you know where anyone goes within the jungle. If they went around a corner into a camp and didn't come out on any other path, then you know they are in that camp (at least for long enough to back or teleport, but most people don't go into a camp to teleport.) That means one player can get vision of one team's jungle (with 3 stealth and 1 vision ward), and a team can easily get vision of the whole jungle. Of course, in URF you could just ward red - the blue buff is effectively useless, and while all the camps are worth gold and nice to pick up if you have a moment, red buff is the one camp people are going to really want. For that matter, if you see a champion who benefits from red (anyone with autoattacks as part of their pattern) going into the red side jungle when red is up ... you don't even need a ward to know where they are going.
: Well I did it, I snapped and raged super hard at my support.
> [{quoted}](name=NathanusMaximus,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LUxmEzwx,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-04-01T21:48:47.547+0000) > > That is about 5 days of built of rage gathered in solo queue. If in previous games I could have said > > ''Dude, stop crying about me. You pushed with no wards and got punished for it. It's not my fault'' > Then I would not have snapped. But the above sentence is enough to warrant a report in solo queue because everyone is so super sensitive and I don't want a restriction on my account. You could say that. You can't be punished for saying -exactly- that. The thing people get punished for is saying something -like- that but with a couple ... little... changes. ''Noob, stop crying about me. You pushed with no wards and got your dumb ass handed to you for it. It's not my fault you're a moron.'' -That- can get you punished. (And then the people who get punished are shocked that they got punished because they couldn't possibly be toxic if they aren't swearing...) -However-, I don't really recommend getting into it. Trying to place blame is only going to fuel the fire. Most people recognize excuse-making when they see it, which is what blaming someone else for your own death is, with very few exceptions (Blitz or Darius pulling in the wrong target and giving them a free gap close and a bad Bard ult can really screw you over in ways that you can't really play around and still play with your team. They usually know what they did wrong though and blaming them in chat is only going to create bad feeling among the team.) With a rager like your support in that game, I would have muted them very early and reported them at the end of the game. I'm not going to listen to that crap. In general I don't have a lot of use for chat, TBH. It does get me free kills sometimes though, when someone is standing in the middle of the lane venting their rage at length and scrambles to even start moving around the time their health bar hits zero. I'll never understand how people have time to get into these lengthy arguments. If you're a laner, you should be CSing, shopping, or positioning for the next objective or fight. If you're a support you should be warding, sweeping, shopping, or positioning for harass, peel, the next objective, or the next fight. If you're a jungler, you should be farming, warding, sweeping, or shopping -- and looking for the next gank or objective opportunity at the same time or postioning for such a gank or objective. Maybe once every 3-5 minutes I might be autopathing such a long distance that I have time to type a couple whole sentences. Usually I only take the time to say things like 'drag under 1min' or whatever when a single ping is not going to send a clear message. (Nobody gets it when I ping an empty dragon pit.) I simply have no time to play the blame-game or get dragged down into toxic fights when there's a match going on. Nobody who wants to win their game does, actually, even though many seem to believe all that time standing still and arguing is somehow going to help.
: Holy sh*t it does? I'm so gonna try that out now
80% CDR on item actives too. Support is suddenly interesting again. Let's build talisman+locket+twin shadows+banner+zz'rot!
: So what are the "ops" from this time?
-Everyone-! There's crying about Nidalee (but my team's Nids was crushed by Hecarim) and Sona (But I crushed Sona as Tristana with a Thresh support. That may have had to do with how Vayne is unlikely to be strong in this mode.) Hecarim may still be OP. A lot of people say Syndra is still OP. I expect that as per last year, champs with high cooldowns and/or high mana costs who also have very short animations will do well. (Caitlyn does badly because of how long she sits there playing her Piltover Peacemaker or 90 caliber net animations, not because of her damages or costs. Compare to Ezreal's nearly nonexistent animation times... I don't see Sion doing well here for much the same reason even though his rework is new and I haven't seen a lot of him yet.) Fizz was a nightmare, but that was only one game, he may just have gotten fed early. Still he's normally mana-constrained and yet has very swift animations so he may be a thing.
: Shields were nerfed.
> [{quoted}](name=Burungeru,realm=NA,application-id=LFfTlAky,discussion-id=VbAsadIg,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2015-04-01T09:19:13.936+0000) > > Shields were nerfed. By half, yes, and not just in the early game like heals, shields are nerfed all game.
: How to deal with Nidalee in URF when she's not banned?
Have Kassadin, LeBlanc, Xin Zhao, Lee Sin, Vi, Master Yi, Fiora, or any other gap-close champion delete her off the map. Spears don't do much damage at close range. (none at all when you're untargetable). if you aren't one of those champions, stay behind minions and/or tanky teammates until your bursters delete her. (Oh and Hecarim crushed my team's Nidalee. I was too busy running from him to take notes on the details, but I put Hec at the top of my ban list after that game.)
: Why didn't they disable NIDALEE.
> [{quoted}](name=Treasure Goblin,realm=NA,application-id=LFfTlAky,discussion-id=2A4NbBAt,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-04-01T09:09:28.175+0000) > > Why didn't they disable NIDALEE. They halved early heals and heal is the thing most oftened called for to nerf Nids. Also, she isn't that bad. Just have your LeBlanc or Kassadin delete her. Even if she spears them, spears do little damage at point blank range.
: Last years URF people always complained the game mode got old because people started "trying" when the real reason people got upset is because they disabled revive and turned a fast past game mode where you didnt fear death into a very defensive "i don't want to die" type match. **Seriously Riot. Don't disable any champions and dont nerf anything. Lower the death timers by 80% and leave URF as is.**
> [{quoted}](name=Learn 2 Swim,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tFJ2WYXa,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-04-01T05:55:12.448+0000) > > **Seriously Riot. Don't disable any champions and dont nerf anything. Lower the death timers by 80% and leave URF as is.** Quoted for Truth.
Bergk (NA)
: Ty for Urf but you forgot the permanent bans
Kassdin's champ specific changes looked like a pretty heavy damper, not sure about the other two, but if they are that oppressive, ban them in your games? I seem to recall that Sona was pretty terrifying on original URF too, but with the heal changes she wasn't so bad tonight (or my opponent was bad, hard to tell).
: If you had more experience with technology or business, you would not think that is unreasonable. And knowing the community for games like this, they would just whine about the estimate not being what they wanted. And god forbid it went over, because it's not like Server Maintenance, coding, and bug fixing is **DIFFICULT** and **TAKES A LONG TIME** or anything.
I have experience with both and I still say this is completely unacceptable. Original URF met with unparalleled popularity, and if there were server issues then (as i seem to recall there were) -that- was unavoidable. However, they have had literally a -year- to prepare for this surge. Of -course-* all** *the casual players will log on tonight. *(not quite literally all, only the ~80% that see this news in a facebook or twitter feed. Maybe higher... it's not like it wasn't hoped/predicted that NURF was a joke an URF would return tonight.) That's quite a lot of time. If they couldn't get the servers ready to handle it they should have postponed the release by 4 or 5 hours until the dead times when most of the NA region is asleep on the west coast or on their way to school/work on the east coast. Yeah, yeah, 'free game' and all that, but given how many skins I see people wearing (including those crazy $30 legendary skins!), I'll wager that they make more cash per player than they would on a flat $10/month subscription scheme. $$ is not the reason, it's just flat out bad planning.
: I'm b1, why do I play against silvers and golds randomly?
If you faced gold-3 as a bronze-1, the gold-3 was probably duo-queued. This -has- been limited... as bronze-1 you can't face a duo queue with any higher than gold-1. Unfortunately, if your team's gold player couldn't carry as hard or if your team got two silvers instead of a gold+bronze... well, that's just bad luck. It's -really- unlikely for anyone to tank their MMR without dropping division so bad that a G3 could play in bronze solo. Low silver it could happen, and tilty players do still get lucky and snowball (they are often playing hyper-aggressive anyway and... sometimes it works.)
Taredom (NA)
: While I agree that it's frustrating to not get to play when you manage to find the time (father of three and work a lot,) This game isn't forcing you to stay up, you could go to sleep now and just wake up an hour earlier tomorrow to play a game before work? (Or 3 in the case of urf, fast games.)
Yes, exactly. My point was exactly that I -can't- stay up much longer to see if it comes up. I might or might not be able to squeeze one in before work tomorrow, but pretty much unless the queue opens up in the next few minutes, I've been told "You can't play tonight".
: RiotScruffy, is there any change that hawkshot could be buffed in some way? A charge system or shorter cooldown perhaps? Blue trinket provides most of what hawkshot does and kalista has a similar ability that holds charges.
But because you have hawkshot, you are free to buy a greater stealth totem, use hawkshot to scout and then place your wards. I'm not saying I wouldn't welcome a lower cooldown on hawkshot, but it's not as useless as you seem to be making out. (actually I buy greater stealth totem on -all- my ADCs, but that's because I'm in bronze and can't count on my support to actually ward. no-gold item, no-sightstone support is ... an interesting challenge to work around.)
: To be fair, they could just be waiting like, 30 minutes. I'm sure they'll open the server up again once they feel it's safe for the server.
Yeah, awesome. It's already after 2am and I have work tomorrow. It's even closing in on midnight on the west coast. Could be waiting 30 minutes or 4 hours. I'm sure my boss will understand when I call in too-tired-to-work after waiting to see. Same boat for pretty much everyone with a job or a school, night-shifters excepted. (And I work pretty late not 9-5, but even so.)
: The reason people can't connect (I just figured it out)
More like "If you want to play tonight, and aren't already logged in.... tough luck, you can't! Go away!"
: URF Changes from Last Time
I don't have a screen shot but it was pretty much the same - no mana energy costs, 80% CDR, increased move and attack speed. I don't specifically remember the stronger crits and increased tenacity, but they also aren't mentioned in the 'what's changed' section. It appears the champion-specific changes, heal reduction and shield reduction are the only things that are really new. Oh, and the smite charge change because, y'know, smite charges are new. ('what's changed section' meaning here, http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/urf-rising#patch-global-u.r.f.-changes ; everything below the explanation of the buff explains what's different from last time I believe.)
: If you mute someone, they should not be able to hear you.
Hmm, I never thought about that. I wouldn't even know they were getting more angry, their raging is why I muted them. I guess it would be okay, although I had a support the other day that I muted but later I thanked him for a good ult in team chat. I have no idea how he took it 'cause he was still muted. I guess I could unmute for the rare instance like that.
Khalibus (NA)
: U.R.F. game mode here to stay?
It's pretty awesome that they do that for featured game modes, but they are almost always temporary. With the trouble that Dominion and Twisted Treeline queues have already, it's unlikely they are adding another permanent mode anytime soon. With any luck though, they'll give us 2 or 3 weeks on it. (It got several extensions last year before people were tiring of it and they retired it).
: I own all the champs....now what?
There's a 99,999 IP icon just released today, can you affords it?
: The Legendary Issue Concerning League of Legends
The awards for being a positive player aren't limited to (or guaranteed to be) a skin at the end of the year. We've already also gotten a per-win IP boost, and I think there may have been another award as well. The skin is certainly the most memorable. As for a toxicity filter, there's already a swear-filter and mute button (and of course, the report system, but that's a delayed effect). I don't know what else you want. It's not really possible to simple remove toxic commentary from the game - if you try to do so, people will just misspell or rephrase.
: I hate the whole concept of automatic pick order. I think it should be decided based on what is best for the team, like if there is someone who is a Top main but can Jungle as a secondary, then he/she should play jungle if nobody else can. It doesn't matter if they're first pick and call top, they should fill that position for the team. Is it better in ranked to play a role you like, or win a game?
Pick order is for resolving disputes when people can't get along. I always state my pref. I also always take my pref role if I'm earlier in the pick order, -unless- we are with a duo queue (because my pref role is ADC). If I can't get (or give to a duo queue) my main role I'm very flexible and work with other people's stated prefs. It basically comes down to this - with 5 strangers thrown together for a team, there's no way to know who is better at a given role. Most people who main a role assume that they are better than anyone else trying to get that role. When you have two mains of the same role and neither of them want to yield their main role, pick order resolves the debate. You need to have -some- means of resolving the debate. Of course a lot of people kind of abuse pick order, taking things for all sorts of other reasons -- there are even people who take things -because- somebody else called a role pref. No, I'm not (just) paranoid, they've stated so on the forums. It does fortunately appear to be rare. In general I don't really question people's reasons for calling a role pref or taking a role. There's very little to be gained from starting arguments in pre-game chat and it's a good way to set someone off onto raging or trolling. Pick order, if respected by everyone, should minimize reasons to argue.
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