: [HighGold - HighPlat] LF Jungle/Support for competitive team
Dream Me Support G2 Thresh Braum Kench Im very easy going
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: ADC LF high winrate support for duo, Gold to Plat, playing now
Lol youre lower rank and ur gonna talk crap xD
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jhenns (NA)
: LF Support for gold/plat team
Dream Me 21 G2 Yes Thresh Braum Ali Est
: New team!!! LF Support.
Hunı (NA)
: MLG Strategist is recruiting Support. Gold 1-diamond 5 We are in LCS Style League
: Raindrop Ice is looking for a top laner or support!
Dream Me g2 Support Thresh Ali Braum Est
: Jungle / Support Tryouts! Plat+
: LF G+ Support, JG, & Mid For a Serious Team!
Yes Dream Me All - Ranak Shotcalling Over agro None
: LF Gold Supp
Dream Me Sup Est All Supports - Rakan After 4est 22
: Looking for players S2+ for LCS style tournament starting soon
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: Plat+ Team LF Mid and Supp for Amateur-LCS Styled Tournament.
: LF support Plat+ in flex pls
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Italía (NA)
: Gold Plat Team Looking For Mid and ADC
: Team HT LFM
SUpport ALl Champs G2 22 Being proactive Too Agressive Est Anytime after 4 Disx/TS
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: New Silver-Gold Team Recruiting Support Jungle Top
Dream Me Sup 21 Thresh, Braum, Lulu, Bard, Karma SHotaclling AGressivness est after 4est i know all sup champs yes
Naythy (NA)
: LF Gold Supp and Top
Dream Me 21 Sup All Season 3 Lots of teams g4 can shotcall
: Team LF jungle or support for tryouts at 7:10 PM est, gold or plat elo
Dream Me Sup Thresh Lulu karma bramu g3 g4 medium shotcalling agro i wanna joiin a team
Róok (NA)
: LF Gold Solo/Flex Players to Form Dedicated Team.
Dream Me tons of team Yes 4 sup All Champs Love playing on teams
: League of Scrub is looking for a dedicated Support Main Gold+
Dream Me G4 G3 Thresh Braum Lulu Smart Agressive
Huntey (NA)
: Optimal E-sports Nova is looking for a : sub support
: LFM Looking For Gold Plat Support
Dream Me est after 4est lots yes all Laneer
: Undeniable Truth Team Tryouts Now!!!!
Dream Me g3 sup 21 all yes i shotcall 4est yes shotcalling laning more fun
: LF Silver Support for Team - Tryouts Tonight (details inside)
: [Lunar Esports] LF Mid (CompeteLeague)
Dream Me g3 LB ori ryze lots team is better than solo
: Dedeicated Team looking for a Gold+ mid laner!
Dream Me g3 g3 y est yes yes team is better than solo
: Tournament Scene Team LF Core Gold+ Mid, P3+ Coach/Analyst and subs.
: [Lunar Esports] LF Mid (CompeteLeague)
You keep removing me boss?
: Dark Matter Gaming are LFM for Teams (P5+ to G5+)
Team Dark Star Dream Me g3 g3 g1 mid all! yes
Shuuka (NA)
: Looking for a Supp and Top or Mid Laner for a Silver/Gold Competitive Team
fatelin (NA)
: [Casual Amateur Team Looking For Top/Mid/Support] Team Five Fruits - Platinum 3 Required
: Looking for a gold to plat Support
est 21 all yes tes play lots team is more fun g3
: Looking for a gold to plat Support
: Knights Gaming Tournament, Looking to make a team need players, Plat+
: [Lunar Esports] LF Mid (CompeteLeague)
Dream Me G3 Ahri, LB, Zed Lots Teams are more fun
Plexy (NA)
: Serious 5's Team - Looking for PLAT+ MID/JUNG - MUST BE COMMITED
Dream Me g3 Jg Lee elise reng calling warding im always nice
: Gold 3+ team looking for a Support!
: LF SILVER/GOLD players for team that will compete in LCS style league
: Cosmos LF Top Laner ASAP
Hawzdawg (NA)
: Looking to Start a Stable and Serious 5's Team (All Roles)
Mom (NA)
: [LFM] Obsidian eSports Looking for a Top
Dream Me g1 g2 yes playmaking agro Naut, Poppy, Mao after 4est yes and yes
: [Looking for Mid] Serious Team Replacing Mid Laner
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