Meddler (NA)
: No plans on that for Shyv, though if we did a VGU would certainly be on the table as something to consider. I do think we should do a Shyv VGU someday, she's got fantastic potential we could do more with. That'd be years away though, she's in a much better state than many.
Ya, agreed she's in a pretty good spot ATM, especially after the E changes on Dragon form. I was just curious. Thanks for the quick reply! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 13
Hey, I am really happy I caught one of these early. I know this is unrelated to this particular QGT, but I've noticed a trend. Every time a champion gets a VGU, they are almost guaranteed an additional form of CC, especially if they are a fighter/bruiser/diver/tank. So I have a question. Right now, one of the only fighters left without any CC (aside from like a .25 second knock back) is Shyvana. Is there any plans to add any form of CC to her that would give her a little more interact-ability outside of right clicking? Also BTW, thanks for doing these Meddler, I read practically every one.
: Wasn't leaked - players voted for Diana over Teemo and Nautilus in a poll we did during All Star. We had team Fire and team Ice, and whichever team won, Diana (the vote winner) would receive a skin in that thematic.
I'm actually really curious, do you ever get tired of people asking about Fire Diana? How many times have you needed to explain the skin to people?
: mh, though for me it looks like taric will be handled like shen at this point - finish up, throw on the PBE; ignore all feedback by the actual playerbase of the champion, get positive feedback on release after you create some hype, continue to ignore constructive criticism from the old playerbase...see his winrate go to an all-time low and all players jump ship till some patches in he´d be successfully turned into another Karma that now is loathed by her old mains and still can´t attract many new plaer due to seriously dumbed down/binary design. and yea. i am a tad bitter with your (not you personally, just Riotas a whole) reworks (SIon is the only one that actually worked out well so far).
What part of old Shen wasn't "dumbed down/binary" that new Shen loses? Is the point and click heal-poke or the weak shield what you call complex design?
: YES I WANT THAT SKIN! Jhin's pistol could be a flute or clarinet, his autos shoot music notes and his ult could become a trombone... Oooooo
: Malzahar definitely needs to retain the Space AIDS.
Yes. The aids and voidlings are top for me. Honestly, the suppression could be reworked, just as long Malz stays the split push 1v1 beast that makes him distinct. In other words, the ultimate can change but only if he can still kill most anyone without QSS in a straight up duel. Edit: DON'T FORGET ABOUT AD MALZAHAR :D
Rioter Comments
: "Art requires a certain... Cruelity." KJ
So... Kaptain Jhin then? {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: When is Jax being addressed?
I agree Jax is strong, but to be fair his kit really isn't _overloaded_, though he is OP when fed. He has damage, a targeted dash, armor and magic resist boost and a dodge followed by a small AoE stun. Compared to other champions like Illaoi, Azir, or Ekko, he is fairly low utility-wise, he simply is over powered do to natural damage and abilities to counter ADCs. Edit: So basically, I'm just disagreeing with your word choice
: Post your ideas for star wars skins
Yoda Fizz, Jabba Gragas, Old Ben Zilean, Leia Miss Fortune, and C3PO Orianna with an R2D2 sphere. So many options.
: It was an honor o7
As was it for me {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Total Recall, or: That Time We Disabled Ranked
Working at Riot Games would make a great Docu-series
: > [{quoted}](name=DreamCrushed,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wf6T85Gk,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-12-17T19:44:34.833+0000) > > Wow. I don't think I've ever met someone THAT sensitive. I only get pissed when people make slurs or tell me or my friends to commit suicide. Otherwise, nothing else is really reportable. Agreed. More or less anyways. There are a few other situations, but mostly i only report afk's or intentional feeds (not just someone having a bad game).
: Snow Monster Urgot
Maybe next year...
: Playing on NA from EUW and I noticed
Wow. I don't think I've ever met someone THAT sensitive. I only get pissed when people make slurs or tell me or my friends to commit suicide. Otherwise, nothing else is really reportable.
: {{champion:131}} {{summoner:14}} In a recent post, a Rioter KateyKhaos mentioned: "It won't be an esports skin, just a cool fire-themed thematics for Diana. :]" - Source: ( So expect it to be awesome and not a lame skin with headsets in sweatpants ;) **__** {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Lets wait and see... **__** *UPDATE* When asked about when we might see this skin pop up, KateyKhaos noted: "No ETA, but we just began concept ideas." **__**
Ya, I saw, and I'm thrilled :D Thanks for informing me anyway {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: What was your Snowdown Shop?
So I heard you like Warwick... I got: Battle Boss Blitzcrank Hired Gun Lucian Academy Darius Jaximus Academy Ekko (including Ekko for 500 RP??? You know I went for it :D) Happy Elf Teemo One of these things is not like the others...{{champion:17}}
: I don't know~ I don't want to crush the dreams of hundreds of players in their Challenger Poro King promos... But I guess I'll play {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Too late. (I finally got to make a name joke) They did get crushed... QQ
: We're starting to roll out now, region by region.
Gotta love the copy-paste for efficiency :D Thanks so much!
: We're trying to work out issues that were preventing some players from receiving all of their offers.
Ah, thank you :D I'm very glad you are fixing it then!!! Thanks so much!
  Rioter Comments
: What's you're point? I haven't heard anyone complain about Nid mains in a while, but I have dealt with Riven players that have no idea what they're doing and/or AFK after feeding their lane, which is the stereotype because it is based on a fairly common experience. There are nice people, like BoxBox, that play Riven( Although he gets a bit intense at times he never rages from what I know) but there's also a decent amount of jerks.
AD Malzahar, killed the Riven ONCE in the first ten minutes of the game before I even got ultimate and she went AFK immediately. It really isn't a stereotype if it's true :P Sure there are exceptions, but a good deal of people pick Riven hoping for an easy win, and when it doesn't come they rage. Again, not all, but certainly more so than any other champion.
: Watching Poppy ult Lee Sin away and be a general nuisance to him is poetic justice
I was really hoping there was going to be a video. I would love a montage of "Screw you Lee, Yasuo, Yi, etc." Poppy Ultimates :D
: Why was Poppy changed from a bruiser/assassin to a utility tank?
Honestly, doesn't Poppy's kit do exactly what old Poppy did, but now with counter-play? You can still kill squishies, but instead of a free immunity to everything for 7 seconds, you need to knock the CC tank away with your ultimate and THEN dive. They just wanted to make her so she could be played _against_ which I think they accomplished.
Meep Man (NA)
: If you go to the Riot Upcoming Reworks section he is listed there.
It won't be a huge rework given its not a VU, but it will change some gameplay aspects. I'm willing to bet the dash will stay the same though, main changes will most likely be to the Q and W.
ßoy (NA)
: What champion is right for me?
{{champion:56}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:98}} Nocturne isn't exceptionally good right now, but he fits all your requests. His escape isn't a dash but does give him pretty good MS. He is jungle mainly but also top and mid. Trundle has same escape as Noc pretty much, but also with a slow. He can go top, mid or jungle. Shen can go top and support. Fits all your requests well.
: Her E gives her a flat 2.5% max HP as magic damage on hit, at all ranks. What needs to happen with Shyv is her ult needs to make her immune to CC, like Vi or Malp ult.
That doesn't effect her too much though... The length of the ultimate flight time is pretty much longer than any CC so the only things that can stop her are knock-ups and pulls which aren't as common as other CC's. But if she was immune she would be unstoppable. I would rather have that weakness than have her weak in other areas. Edit: A better change to help her scale better would be something like 2/2.5/3/3.5/4% Max HP based off rank of E. Makes her end game better.
: It won't be an esports skin, just a cool fire-themed thematics for Diana. :]
WOOOOOO! I was afraid you were going to give her a jersey and sunglasses :P Much happier now :D
: > [{quoted}](name=TeemoJenkins,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=O4gLAiqP,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-12-14T18:29:09.813+0000) > > He is great early game, always has been. He falls off like a truck late game... and is pretty much useless compared to a Jax or Trynd... Late game doesn't really exist anymore, though. How many games have you had these days that seriously last 25+ minutes? Personally, they are becoming less and less.
It's not so much that a game doesn't last longer than 25, more like you will NEVER find a game over 45. So average is shorter because all the long games now are about 35-40 minutes as opposed to 50-60. Still agreed though, shorter games in general. That's why i go Shyvana. Better early than Pantheon :P
aítch (NA)
: My gif; your caption.
"Lol, Syndra Ultimate. How bad can it be?"
: >see her overall above 50% win rate. Thresh and Lee are under 50% win rate. I guess they need buffs, by your logic.
Below doesn't mean weak, but if you are above, then you are not weak. That is basically the only thing that can be told from win rates.
Keezer5 (NA)
: So Shyvanna...
To be fair, she has a passive on everyone of her abilities. Her Q is reduced by autos, her W has extra duration with autos and deals bonus damage on hit, her E does % Max Hp (right? for this one I forget a little) on hit. This actually used to be her passive all combined but Riot split it up due to clarity. So now she has bonus resistances as her actual passive with the real passives just distributed about her spells. So no worries, it just looks lame, its actually really cool :D
: Shyvana is actually in a terrible spot right now. Nerfed Botrk, no synergy with the current Keystones, absolutely atrocious ultimate (Dragon's Descent)
Rush Sunfire Cape and have better DPS than most other top laners before level 14, Grasp of the Undying is phenomenal and Dragon's Descent gives her bonus armor, magic resist, AoE, and a 200 Magic Damage nuke at level 6. Or you can just look at facts and see her overall above 50% win rate.
Rioter Comments
Riot Jag (NA)
: Hmm, that's interesting. I understand that their _maximum window of being ahead_ may be smaller (because gold eventually catches up), but we have put a lot of changes in place in preseason to push forward rewards for early aggression (towers falling faster, Rift Herald, vision changes etc). I think most of our evaluations say that a lot of early-game champions got a big boost since preseason (Shyvana went up in win rate, didn't she?). I think there are specific champions like Pantheon that may have some itemization problems. The crew on the Systems team is hard at work on that one.
Oh ya, Shyvana is certainly strong. Grasp of the Undying basically turned her into a level 18 Nasus at level 1 :P (BTW first Rioter response ever, I'm so happy :D)
Riot Jag (NA)
: [INTRO] Jeevun "Jag" Sidhu - Technical Game Designer, Live Gameplay and Champions
Any thoughts on the type of champions that are known for their early power and then fall off? ({{champion:102}} {{champion:80}} etc.) They are certainly strong early, but the new flow of gold in the game makes their power window smaller, so I was wondering if any balance adjustments were planned. Thanks in advance :D
Rioter Comments
: [INTRO] Mark “RiotScruffy” Yetter - Lead Game Designer, Champions
I know at one point it was mentioned that tweaks to Olaf and Shyvana were going to follow the juggernaut update, and then later this was decided against. So I guess my question is: are there currently any plans for Shyvana (that you know about) as well as what would you like to see done with her? I really like her playstyle of "run at enemies and if they don't kite they will die" but her scaling seems really weak past level 14 (Q and W fully maxed). Any thoughts?
: Nunu BUFFS
A lot of changes to Nunu... effort is good. A couple comments: the jungles buffs seem to vary greatly in strength (Blue buff being noticeably extremely weak). However, I do very much like the idea of a blood boiled snowball. If this was the case, Blood Boil CD would need to increase and snowball CD would need to decrease and lower damage to make it more of a timing thing as opposed to the current Blood Boil which is active 9/10 times while Nunu is alive. Good ideas though.
: I was well aware of the fact that this already happened. It was a joke. :/
o_o Wow that joke gave me a good buzz cut because it went straight over my head.
: Well, it's been a long time, but we all knew it would end up happening someday. rip {{champion:50}} nerfs. It was a good run for 5 solid years of only buffs. Now don't be looking at my main man {{champion:48}}, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT RIOT.
Check surrender@20, already happened. Shouldn't have said anything. {{summoner:31}}
: [Meta] Community Building – Improving CONCEPTS & CREATIONS
Ahem. I believe I'm going to downvote this thread because I completely disagree with the ideas in it, regardless of whether or not it will start good discussion. (I'm being sarcastic and ironic. I really do like the thread) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Ez dePaz (EUW)
: Malzhar Gameplay Update, Malzahar Main's Ideas.
Particularly like how E is no longer a debuff. Good touch there. Also, I think the Q just needs to be redone completely. It doesn't really fit with the rest of his kit as well as the rest does.
: 'Falling off late game' is a myth. Champions that get fed early game don't just randomly stop being strong late game.
Well. Someone has clearly never played a 50 minute game with Shyvana... 500 armor versus a full AD team and still couldn't win... it was a 4v5 granted, but I still went something like 14/7 and just couldn't carry do to lack of good late game scaling.
: We haven't really locked down which champions we're likely to work on yet, as their ship date is still likely a long way out. For you or any other Malzahar players out there, what kinds of things would you like to see done with him? And what kinds of things would you not like to see or see left alone? edit: Wow, I went to sleep and woke up and this has 60 new comments. Thanks everyone!
> What kinds of things would you like to see left alone? Mainly the Malefic Visions and Voidlings. Both of these need some small changes, but both should definitely keep the same functionality. i.e. Visions should be aids and voidlings should attack aids. This is essential as far as I'm concerned.
Sciela (NA)
: Can we nerf Shyvana, please?
Yes. She does damage. 2 things though. 1. Don't invade the best early fighter in the game. Other champs might be able to kite Shyvana but if anyone chooses to go hand to hand with the Half-Dragon early they get wrecked. 2. She has no CC. That is her main weakness. This basically means: if you don't walk up to her, you won't die.
: You are playing secret santa, and must get a gift for your favorite champion
{{champion:24}} Some new lore {{champion:102}} An Ipod to cover "The quiet before battle" {{champion:90}} A {{item:3512}} so he can have all the babies he wants {{champion:53}} An oil can
: Who are your favorite champions, from a artistic point of view ?
Visually : {{champion:432}} Lore : {{champion:110}} Skins : {{champion:96}} Quotes : {{champion:74}} Favorite Champion : {{champion:102}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:24}} (I like winning 1v1s) Honorable Mention : {{champion:223}}
: [Champion Concept] Bha-Ba, the Sleeping Vagabond
Very interesting kit idea. I have a few suggestions, if you don't mind. 1. The Q seems a tad overpowered given the strengths of the rest of the kit, so I would say make this skill simply a speed buff/slow for AS and MS and forget about the free damage reduction and damage. 2. The passive on his E also seems a tad great so maybe have that scale up to that value with level like 1/1.5/2/2.5/3% Anyway, great concept. Keep up the good work.
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