: Or even a shureman version possibly mummy like
I feel like Yuumi could spawn all kinds of magical familiar type skins
iiGazeii (NA)
: Personally, I kinda hope they break from their mold of "cute champions can only get cute skins", and give Yuumi a Voidborn skin or something.
Or even a shureman version possibly mummy like
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: What if his mana bar was an ink bar :D
He could have an ink/paint bar and use the ink to cast his abilities Also what if his ink/paint didn't regenerate Unless he was on spots with ink/paint I also think the idea of leaving behind an ink/paint trail behind when he walks possibly utilizing that as his core would be fun Also someone posted about him throwing a pot of ink/paint which was awesome because it could splatter ink/paint in an area I like the idea behind the ink mark blinding enemies it's kinda similar to kennen's passive
Kaeblen (NA)
: If you go for something like that, you would probably have a generic puppet from your passive, and then have his abilities produce special puppets. OR you would have, say, 6 individual puppets a,b,c,d,e,f and when one of them died the next puppet to be created would be the first one missing from alphabetical order.
Seems interesting but I feel that might be too complex for a kit
: Id Buy This in an instant. {{item:3151}} How About you make the puppets different? Like they have personality, say one is scared easily and he doesnt like towers and ones super strong and will hit towers, and the others smart and can be used as a ward of some sorts? And He can have some sort of special interaction with someone else whos playing him (the enemy him, i guess)
That could be an interesting idea but would they just rotate through his passive or be on separate abilities
Kaeblen (NA)
: How the minions are controlled seems to be the big question that goes around with this type of champions. {{champion:268}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:83}} all seem to have a different system for controlling them, so I wasn't sure with this guy. As far as buffing, I think the ult could be changed out for a minion-frenzy pretty easily. And if controlling the minions is an issue, it could probably be tied to his Q ability or R as well. (sry if that's not a hard & fast answer.)
No it's ok I really like the idea of using his ult as a frenzy and the q to control what the minions target could work as well just like malzahars minions
Kaeblen (NA)
: Just did a quick kit for him, tell me what you think: --- --- passive **Puppetry** > once every 25 seconds Collodi creates a puppet minion, up to a maximum of 4. Puppet minions have statistics similar to Malzahar's stage 1 minions, and are permenent until destroyed. > Though Collodi may only have 4 permenent puppets, some of his abilities can grant him additional temporary puppets (temporary puppets last 10-60 seconds, depending on game balance.) **Q Puppet Missle ** > Collodi picks up a puppet or hostile minion. He may hold the minion for up to 2 seconds, or reactivate the skill to throw the minion as a strait line skill shot, striking the first target hit. Max range 7-800. **W Deadly Marionette** > Collodi attaches strings to his targets with each basic attack. If any target is held by 3 or more strings Collodi may activate Deadly Marionette, pulling all such targets 300 units closer to himself, and dealing both flat and percentile health to each of them. If a minion is slain by Deadly Marionette, Collodi receives a puppet. The Strings are broken if a target moves 1000 units from Collodi, or is not attacked for 5 seconds. **E Retract** > All of Collodi's Puppets are connected to him by strings. Hovering the mouse/cursor over any of Collodi's puppets, or the strings connecting to him will cause them to glow (visible only to Collodi). If Collodi activates Retract while his cursor is over a puppet, or that puppet's string, he will be pulled to it (max range ~400), and all of his puppets will be pulled with him to his new location. > Enemies that Collodi's puppets move through may be damaged or slowed. **R Pulling the Strings** > Target enemy Champion is attached to Collodi by 3 strings, and is taunted to attack their nearest allied champion for X seconds. > At the end of this time the target takes damage. > If the target is slain while Pulling the Strings is active, Collodi receives a puppet. not sure if Collodi is ranged or melee
oh I love the w and e! I was hoping to have at least one ability to buff the marionettes almost like a frenzy. Also shouldn't there be a way to control what the puppets are attacking? Was thinking of making him a squishy ad mid and idk if he should be ranged or melee
: maybe not a mana source, but no mana instead he had puppets and his passive is he would gain a puppet every 10 or so seconds and then he could summon them with his abilities and he could have around 6 puppets active, and you could mix which ones came from which ability, like 2 from q 1 from w and 3 from e and you could recall them and gain a puppet into your bar, but if they died you had to wait for it to recharge
That seems interesting like a stock system of puppets maybe he could consume one to heal?
: or like{{champion:83}} in their powers
yes that would be cool hmm what if they were his mana source too and could be produced more often than {{champion:83}} ghouls
Mozhu (NA)
: it could have the same ability as {{champion:268}} with his soldiers :)
But what if the puppets were like {{champion:60}} spiderlings and could be buffed by his abilities
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Joopis (NA)
: Slumber Party Bard and Zac
Yes!!! Rito Pls make this bard skin!!!
: Please make Slumber party Lulu. I've been looking for a good concept artist for a long time. With the typical long sandman-esque night cap, a staff with an hourglass on top (Zhonya's?), wearing a night gown as well as fluffy bunny slippers. Pix is a sheep, her Q are shooting stars, her W on enemies turns people into pillows (or sheep and Pix is just in night gear as well), when she W's herself, she hops on and small stars come out of the end of her staff, her E is swirling grains of sand, and her R particles surrounding the champion she ults are the milky way. I need this in my life.
This would be amazing!!!
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