: Can you just leave karma as it is ? can you ask coaches/pros before you mess up with champions and items everytime ? you buffed karma for no reason while she was strong( even tho nobody knew it ) then you nerfed her back, only for pro players to say that "hey karma still feels good" wow. i mean you make this game more and more casual , 0 interest in high elo soloq or pro game in general. gg meddler , august; all i need is new skins with f**ked up visiuals in my games
Leaving Karma as it is means leaving her in an eternal abusive state for the competitive scene, forever locked in a "numbers buffs, numbers nerfs" cycle that never gives her any uniqueness as an individual Champion. Even though I love her so much and play her exclusively as a Support, I recognize, like the vast majority of Karma Mains, that it's time for a big overhaul in her kit.
: Xin has Diana ult at level 1
How did you get your moderator status? Jesus.
: Victorious Aatrox Ult Form Wing Updates
It only gets worse and worse
: In my eyes its only going to help enchanters play better, your playing lulu into nautilus, take ap relic shield and laugh as the enemy cant kill you, or if your feeling risky, take the spellthief and get even more gold than you used to meaning faster tank stats from redemption. rakan is probably the scariest support in my eyes now being able to start tankier than usual. Lets not forget trundle and camille have been meta supports in the past, trundle can now take the relic shield and rush frozen heart for the quick CDR, along with transendence and cosmic insight hes getting his permanent pillar alot quicker.
I don't see how +80 health would help a Lulu "laugh as they can't kill you" when a Nautilus, with all his ridiculous AP ratios, engages on you having bought an AP starter item. Seem unrealistic.
: The Nautilus Problem
And yet, they nerfed the wrong damage output source (his Ultimate) that keeps Nautilus locked into botlane as one of the most OP Supports right now. His numbers should be revised so he could go back to Jungle and/or Top while still being a not-so-op-but-viable Support.
: I know Support's have been OP for a while but Spellthief's got gutted
Toplaners receiving more XP and Assassins receiving more and more items with ~20 Lethality. The game is losing variety because of Assassin's popularity and money generation potential through skins. The Pre Season is going to be SO MUCH FUN.
: Don't forget about: Battle Bunny Akali Battle Bunny Ahri Battle Bunny Ezreal Battle Bunny Kaisa Battle Bunny Lux
: Thank you Rito Games for the Aatrox icon
Senamz13 (NA)
: Go back to the old rune system
Back to when you dumbly needed to buy and copy 3 rune pages, because anything else that strayed from those 3 was considered "troll" or "suboptimal"? No, thank you.
Rioter Comments
: Hey there my friend, glad you joined once again! > I don't know how much that would contribute to solve Karma's problems (and/or how much that would push her even more towards the disgusting, toxic and non-cohesive tanky build) The current tankbuild is that toxic because of Karma's passive. And the heal scalings. As you can see I halfed the CD you get from damaging enemies lategame to half, which should make the "heal with every W" she currently does impossible. Since her E only triggers on other allies, she can only get 2 (Q) + 4 (W) = 6s reduction on mantra, compared to 12s she gains now, added to the fact that her autos also only give half CD reduction and only if empowered, I think it's reasonable to assume multiple mantras in a single fight should be athing of the past. And then there's also my attempt of not having her heal scale with bonus health, making pure tank builds inefficient and making her gravitate more towards other stats. The occasional AA heal should help Karma stay in close combat, while not even closely rivaling current RW's healing power. > Q: (...) I would suggest a very slight increase in range, tho. I can't see why (not). Care to elaborate? > Like someone mentioned before, a circular ground targeted skill shot would suffer the same problem that Lux's E suffers. Lux E is bonkers because the projectile speed is SO fast you simply CANT dodge it even at max range, if it is aimed center on you. But since Lux is a Artillery Mage, she needs something like that. Karma does not. Her RQ would both be slower, thus easier to dodge and would happen rarer, because of the cooldowns. I don't think it's as much of an issue as people claim it to be. People can dodge Vel'koz E too, right? And it has the same aiming paradigm. > However, like I have already told you, I don't like the effects. Following the feedback I will definitely move away from the damage increase/reduction, and I am not that happy with the resistances on allies, but I see no simple effect that would make sense when linking two allies. Like, I thought about having the tether root for 0,75s at the end, doubled to 1.5s if the second anchor is an ally, but apart from tether touch damage it wouldn't do anything if I link two allies. It _could_ probably then root enemies who touch the tether instead, but this is already an amount of text that I start to dislike and I haven't even touched on the mantra'd version yet. Can you think of anything? > Mantra: the CDR passive should be gone by now. The basic cooldown for R can be tuned to compensate it. I half agree. I do think there is merit in nerfing the passive and adapting R's natural cooldown if necessary, but I hesitate from removing it completely. It's been around for 6 years now and apparantly many people think it's functional and rewarding. As long as they add reduction for ally abilities and make it scale worse for additional targets (nerfing the crazy potential it has in pro play) I think it could work.
Recently Riot has been recurring to several other games to obtain ideas for new Champions (even NeuroCat took the cdr reduction and mana refund from a DoTA2's light mage). Maybe we could survey some active and already discarded games in search of some cool effect for W and RW.
: Karma - Forever a Divided Community?
Love your dedication. I'm just going to "copy" here what I said on Reddit to cause more buzz and engagement. Passive: I love the name, but I'm really, really not sure about the self healing passive. I mean, it's just a passive (look how dumb and lazy Rakan's passive is), but I don't know how much that would contribute to solve Karma's problems (and/or how much that would push her even more towards the disgusting, toxic and non-cohesive tanky build). Nevertheless, the "you hurt me/my allies, now I'll heal myself" sounds Karmic enough and I like the empowered auto idea (even though it sounds too Ziggs/Zoe'ish for me). Q: I like to keep it like it is now, numbers and scalings out. I would suggest a very slight increase in range, tho. RQ: Like someone mentioned before, a circular ground targeted skill shot would suffer the same problem that Lux's E suffers. And the idea behind the Mantras being empowered versions of regular abilties would've been lost, since it would totally change the linear skill shot paradigm. To give Karma more target access, I would suggest that instead of empowering the current explosion part of Q, Mantra should empower the projectile/beam itself, much like Aurelion Sol's R or Xerath's Q: a beam/burst in a rectangular linear shape that affects the whole area and leaves behind the damaging/healing field. W & RW: Again, I LOVE your idea of linking two Champions together. It adds a lot of uniqueness and demands decision making and creativity from the Karma player. However, like I have already told you, I don't like the effects. More options for damage dealing is ok (actually, it's essential) but the resistances/damage reduction seems to overlap the shield in her kit ("do I help my ally by pressing W/RW or E/RE?"). And I would miss a solid CC in her kit so much. I never played the black and white old Karma before, so the one that I learned to love is the one with a (delayed) root in her kit. I use it more than I see other Karmas using. Several times its 1,4 root has saved me and my carry (yeah, I'm a Support Karma main) or granted us a kill. So, unless I see some CC, be it movement impairing (stun, root) or action impairing (silence, disarm, stun) I won't approve it 100%. E: Same as Q. A good shield with a low uptime that rewards good timing and a good secondary effect on it. That's how all shields should be. RE: Is the AoE shield kinda unique to Karma as a Champion? Yes. Do we all press RE for the shield component? Mostly, no. The secondary shields are ridiculously low to be considered our main goal whenever we use this Mantra. Personally, I use it for the mega shield component and for the AoE movement speed. So I would more than gladly trade the AoE shield and maybe even the AoE movement speed (hello, there, Solari and Shurelya) for damage or any other interesting secondary effect. Mantra: the CDR passive should be gone by now. The basic cooldown for R can be tuned to compensate it. In the end, I'm not interested in pressing R 3 times during a teamfight. As long as the Mantra I have cast was significant and rewarded my good decision/timing/aim/positioning, I'm ok. We should strip off Karma of those features that are easily abused by pro-play and introduce some new creative and healthier mechanics.
lceWolf (NA)
: Thank you for the feedback and for reading! Yes i was always so disappointed more wasnt done with the twin dragons omce they were introduced, if Riot ever seriously considers a rework on her again, its my mission to get them in there. I took out her snare because i up'd her damage and protection. I specifically wanted her W to increase Arm/MR because I nerfed her control in my rework. So yes, she is more vulnerable, from a control side, but im hoping she'll have a bit more damage and protection to make up for it, especially with spiking from her passive. I understand her E is rather dry. Its something i struggled with. I made it stronger to deal with the loss of bonus ms, though it could still do with a bit more base shielding in my rework to compete with someone like Lulu. In terms of secondary abilities, i did have it synergize with her passive: it enables her to stack Gathering Fire with basic attacks while active on her. It also allows her allies to contribute stacks while its active on them. Edit: yes for the reworks! Karma needs attention and Riot knows it. We have to steer them right. Im hoping, if nothing else, we can at least give them ideas and approaches they didn't think of before.
I'm into it. I'm already cooking another rework idea right now. I'll probably post it tomorrow. Be them good or bad, I'll be shouting some ideas out loud here for a while.
lceWolf (NA)
: In a sea of Karma reworks, I give you mine.
I really love the overall idea and the twin dragons theme being explored. There seems to be harmony and simplicity in the entire kit. But some things bother me: without a single hard CC in her kit, both Mid and Support Karma's lane phase (mainly, but not exclusively) will become so much more vulnerable than it already is. Also, unlike every other given shield in-game, E will be lackluster and lean back toward the bland state without a secondary effect. Nevertheless, I am enjoying how much Karma reworks we are coming up with and posting here. That shows how much we care.
Corvega (NA)
: sounds like it's fucking overloaded
I disagree with that. You wouldn't have access to all of the effects while standing in a single "stance/inclination" and you would'nt be able to switch to the other one while in combat or laning/roaming/scouting, etc. It's not much more than Kayn and/or Senna already have.
: Okay, sorry for taking my time. I usually try to inspect a whole kit before commenting on details, and yours is quite the challenge to be sure. I once created a "double mantra" rework to her, where you could mantra abiltiies once or twice, bridging the gap between "adding utility" to spells, like older Karma did, and having an actual ultimate, by having twice the cooldown. People didn't react too well to it. I am surprised they did with yours, but as the recent survey seems to have shown, people are craving for flavour on Karma. And you do provide that quite elegantly. At some points I feel you are overdoing it in the name of flavour, but I will get to it. **Passive** You don't mention it right away, but removing this passive is somewhat tricky. We don't want to alienate old fans, but get them on our side. I don't think it necessarily has to stay in its current form (judging by NCs rework this won't happen anyways), but an AA weaving or CD reducing aspect should possibly be kept. Otherwise I am really surprised you went with the "either you profit from shieldpower or AP" thingy, because in a recent iteration I proposed Karma to gain spelldamage based on her heal/shieldpower, to weld her different kits more closely together. Allow support items in midlane and/or keep her damage reasonable over the game when building support items... In your iteration I fear that the support/mage Karmas will be seperated by their builds again... which is fine, I suppose. But I do crave a Karma with a complete kit, no matter in what lane, and it feels like this could create non-choices based on your build again. Still more reasonable than today tho. **Q** I think target accessability is key to reworking this ability, at least in the mantra'd form. I see you suggest a lot of... aggressive utility. I am surprised by how much I'd probably like a "%reduced damage dealt" debuff on enemies, as it would indeed fit Karma, but I tend to see her more of an Enchanter than a Disruptor, which is why I shy away from those effects. One sided disarms CAN be really brutal, even if it feels peaceful. It's like going after the defenseless, which is maybe something that you could dislike in terms of flavour. **W** Adressing the weird healthscaling sound super necessary to me, so good choice. I personally tend to go for flat mantra based values + AP increased by 4% per 1% missing hp. This should keep it an "emergency heal" that doesn't get broken with tankstats. And yes, this makes of course the healing items more useful. **E** I am intruiged by that MS and shielding seperation. I have no idea if that's necessary and/or good, but I must admit I haven't thought about it too much before. My quest is to unify the community and getting the playstyles closer together. Some flavourful difference between Karmabuilds could, however, make a lot of sense in that regard. But then again, I think it's hard to let it scale with shield items only, since it then requires decent base stats, which mage Karma would profit from too. **RE** Well and here is the best argument for your rework; this is the only way I have seen so far, to please everyone. I've gotten a bit rougher over the years, very often removing one aspect (currently I tend to remove the AoE shield because it tends to create toxic situations, that are not fun for Karma or her enemies), but this would span the gap between all Karma builds. **R** Yeah, I am not a fan of this in general. You either make it fidgety in combat, or you don't allow it to switch at all, defeating the purpose of giving Karma the choices at all. As I said before, I fear it creates Offensive Karma and Defensive Karma instead of a cohesive one. It's like the opposite of my general design goal, to make her have BOTH options at all times, instead of being a spikey damage monster OR an uncounterable shieldbot, as she currently tends to become, depending on the build. I think we share quite a few goals.... just not the stances thing. But a better Q, more interesting passive, more functional W, shieldbomb and reasonable stats are in my current rework iteration too. Again, sorry for the delay. Talk to you soon!
Thank you so much for the insights, my friend. I think that you, more than anyone else, should be contacted by Riot for any gameplay update because you have been thinking about it for the longest time. Like I said, they are/were just initial thoughts on how Karma's kit could react and change according to different builds/behavior/choices, satisfying both utility focused players and damage focused ones without creating/broadening these tricky gaps within the community. They were just surges of ideas that I had when I was watching a Kayn gameplay on Youtube. I really wonder if the Kayn mains have the same problem of a "gapped community" and thinking further, I wonder if there is really a problem with a single Champion embodying two distinct gameplay styles as part of their kit. Nevertheless, I still stand for what I proposed to you: let's try to congregate all good ideas that seem to be a huge "consensus" and present a "definite GU offer" that Riot could considerate and use as a first step towards a healthier and better Karma. I do believe we can get there and there's no other better time than now. Feel free to send me your most up to date ideas too. I love how wise you have become in what regards to Karma's kit ideas. Thank you so much
: Q - dont mess with resources a simple slow will work
Do you mean for the basic Q, the RQ1 (aggressive) or the RQ2 (supportive)? Maybe a slow is good for some situations, I agree. I just thought that maybe changing it for some other CC (like the Disarm for RQ2) would add some extra uniqueness and purpose on using that specific Mantra.
Onomo (NA)
: This is exactly what Karma should be like in league right now! The changes would definitely help Old and New Karma mains enjoy their champion.
Thank you for the time and kindness. As long as we keep vocalizing our ideas and wishes for a Rework, we'll be doing justice for Karma.
: The disarm sounds really good. However the removal of % missing hp (if that is what you did) will have some conflict with Tankma, and also I personally like the heal as a sort of endurance or renewal rather than just giving someone hp. I'm not sure if Tankma should be impacted so heavily but admittedly I don't care much for it myself. The mega shield + damage + reducing Mantra CD is questionable and may be a deal breaker. Also a delayed shield aoe bomb is sadly no longer unique because of Ivern, Kayle, and I suppose Neeko. Otherwise, thanks for sharing this and R+R double paths may be the direction Rito should head, along with ally W and changes to her passive. Also disarm and probably removal of root.
Thanks for your insights, comments like yours are really appreciated. I agree with you about the current passive. That's why I thought twice about suggesting the old CDR reduction passive. With more combat and utility tools in hand, maybe that passive can be completely discarded. And yes, in my opinion, Tank Karma was born out of a big flaw reminiscent from the rushed Rework Karma received, and that playstyle should be discontinued. It's not cohesive and at some level, really problematic. It's just not addressed by Riot cause it's not so popular as Tank Fizz or Tank Ekko were when they were also discontinued. For the magenta/Dahra/combative style, the heal is still there, just scaling from pure AP to compensate more Mage-ish builds. In the end, like I said, I don't have the wits of a game dev and that was just an idea I had to try to congregate the severed Karma Mains community into one agreement. Hope Riot assess Karma's needs asap.
CaeIus (NA)
: You don't know portuguese, but I bet you understand me
Acostumadíssimo com isso. Pior são os ADCs que voltam pra lane depois do leash no Red pela tribush. Truque mais velho do mundo e a Platinada toda cai.
Rioter Comments
: Anniversary Missions
I rushed my missions and got a Legendary Skin for an unowned Champion. I meditated for 2 hours before sending a ticket.
: What Do YOU Want Karma to Become?
I have played and loved Karma since mid S5. When I started playing the game, she had just suffered her 5.10 rework, so I never got to play the pre S3 Karma (which by the videos I have watched, felt too gimmicky and inefficient) nor the shieldbomb reworked Karma. The Karma I fell in love with was the was the aggressive support, who could protect/boost her teammates but also pose some threat for enemies. The main 2 things in her kit that appeal to me are, obviously, the damage and slow of her RQ and the mega shield of her RE. Those two specific abilities are the ones that make me feel like I have done something, that I have enabled some good engages or saved some carry from an assassin. In my opinion, the AoE shield is disposable, as also is her "Mega Root" and self healing. Those three aspects of her kit are what makes Karma a balancing nightmare as Support and a conflicting and unhealthy tank in Toplane, while also sucking unnecessary power from her kit to make Mage Mid Karma viable. I don't see much other solution for that other than a full revamp of her kit, even if the aesthetics remain the same.
Meddler (NA)
: Possibly? Option to start with a support item with some AD on it, plus greater freedom to spend gold on other items might help some existing champs prove more viable as supports. We don't have immediate plans at least to go and try and make dedicated tanks/fighters for that position though.
Wouldn't that only push further down Champions that are already locked to the Support role only, especially Enchanters, who have faced a tought time against melee/tanky Supports?
OmarWott (NA)
: Does Victorious aatrox look like a different skin we already have
Rioter Comments
: Preseason: Rise of the Elements on PBE!
Some time ago some Rioter (I believe it was Meddler) said that Riot recognized the problems of the current Mikael's Crucible and that this item would be high on the radar for an improvemente/rework in the PreSeason. Is it actually happening? Cause Mikael's active portion is an incredible salvation tool used by Supports, but the way it needs to be used and the item's stats seem somewhat clunky.
: Hey Meddler, anything you can say about showing some love to champions that have gotten repeatedly nerfed due to pro presence that now see very little pro presence *and* have very poor solo queue statistics? Akali's still showing up at worlds here and there, but Irelia (bans here and there, but very few picks, and in those games, she was invisible), Aatrox, Sejuani, Sylas, Tahm Kench, Ezreal (Chovy had one good game on him but that's it), Azir, Corki, among others, have all seen constantly decreasing pro presence, which leaves them as very poor performers in solo queue, and only very marginal picks in pro. Once the nerf to duo-support items go through (hits to Sona + Kench/Taric, Yuumi + Garen), we're most likely going to see Yuumi's presence plummet to negligible levels as well. Also, given that conqueror's true damage is being removed, it seems Irelia would leave pro play entirely in season 10, and as far as winrate goes, feels extremely unwelcome to players trying to learn her, while not rewarding them later on in their mastery curve compared to other, more solo queue optimized champions. The way I see the state of these champions punished for pro play presence is that imagine that every white male had to pay 30% of his gross salary as taxes because of the "white male" tax, since Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, Sergei Brin, Larry Page, and a bunch of other bankers/hedge fund managers just happened to be white. What can be done to make champions punished for their pro presence be more approachable for players that aren't playing professionally? Can they get some sort of hyperscaling that would allow them more success in less-coordinated games?
: Boots need to be updated
I would LOVE some Healing/Shielding boots.
: Shen's new art is AMAZING!
Quinterro (EUW)
: 1. Are there any pre-season changes that wasn't in the blog? (yes or no question of course) 2. Unless you give us information in champ select which drake will be the 3rd to spawn, Elemental Rift change is really bad because of rng. It'll be hard for pros (and overall players) to make a certain teamcomp because then it can be countered by changes to the map provided by the 3rd drake and other teamcomps can become stronger then they were expected. Showing in champ select which drakes will spawn can give so much spice to the champ selects at pro scene (and not that much to casual play, but it would have impact undoubtedly). 3. Will item shop cleanup have effect on item icons? Most of them look old and awful. I know that changing them would confuse most of playerbase, but just making them look better would help (e.g. IE icon change form last season). Could you ask someone form art team (idk how they are actually called) about that? 4. Are there any changes to Raptor camp in the preseason? I believe it should be easier to do because more xp is going to be on gromp. And how do you want to make gromp more valuable? Something like Krugs (Matryoshka style with bigger and lesser toads)? It should take longer to do Gromp prior to this camp having more xp inside.
The whole game has been put to a whole new state of visual quality, and yet we have a lot of terrible item icons (almost every boot, basic itens, old items like Mikael's etc). They could just be updated, like what they did to Infinity Edge and Morello.
: Meddler, you made a comment about Karma on the OCE boards. You said you were going to bring up the topic about how certain champions are hard to work on because of multiple iterations of them. There is nothing about this. I tagged you on Twitter, multiple people have asked for some sort of subject in regards to Karma's current state, and the Karma community has a whole have been waiting for 6 years for Riot Game Developers to do meaningful work on Karma. The GU that was cancelled earlier this year, solved a few of her problems and part of those changes are not even being considered. Karma's Problems - no streamlined gameplay identity and in some weird way she has 3 different gameplay identities. - she doesn't excel at what she is doing and where she is being played, compared to the other champions who do what she does better. - this champion is not fun or exciting when other champions have better mechanics and new ways to use their shield. her Mantra E is literally on two item actives. your fixation on the current Mantra E is holding Karma back from other concepts she could be doing with it. get rid of it. - she is a balance mess. you've buffed and nerfed her immediately way too many times to count. a champion that can do everything but not really be good at anything really isn't healthy for the game or the champion. she is horrible to play against when she is overpowered and she is not fun to play as when she is under-powered. Karma now sits at a 45-47% winrate, which is the same exact spot she was in before you went on another journey of buffing the slow on her Q and matching the duration of the speed boost on E to the shield duration. You nerfed her further and wasn't even upfront with the fact that you nerfed the Mantra Q damage alongside the Q damage. You accomplished virtually nothing on this champion in the past year and you also cancelled a GU on her. Nothing has been done and nothing has been talked about. If you are too afraid to accomplish your goals and actually work on her, then you need to stop making excuse for the past 6 years. Just admit it already and say you're too afraid to work on this champion because you waited 6 years to even think about her problems and contemplate working on her. You are going to have to double down on who and what Karma is in this game. This constant state of her being either in limbo to being extremely overpowered and horrible to play against, is not working out. You have no problem giving a direction to champions like Taliyah JG, Graves JG, Quinn Top, Lux Support, and much more, but the one champion that actually needs that work is ignored year after year. What are you doing with Karma and how are you going to address her problems?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 18
Hello, Meddler. What are your thoughts on Karma's state? This year has been a pretty busy one for her, with two Skins being released, her being featured in this World's song video and lots of confusing balancing tweaks. Isn't her way past messy kit worth being considered for a solid rework now? Your community loves Karma and it would be sooo rewarding to finally see some problems solving action towards her kit.
Jenivie (NA)
: Any thoughts for Karma and how she's doing lately? Also, do you feel the changes to Conqueror and removal and Spear will help boost Irelia into a better spot next season? Hope you can answer back :)
Glad to see someone asking about Karma. Hope they buff her out of the terrible 47% WR she was left after the Q AP ratios nerfs. Be it for the community or to guarantee the Dawnbringer Karma's sales success.
: We're changing RP's name
It went from RP to RP. Big change.
: Lux's new art is AMAZING and my now my new permanent wallpaper!
Are they from the Legends of Runeterra game? Where did you find the art pieces? I wanna find Karma's ones too. They are amazing.
: League 10 Year - Let's play some games!
: Bring Us Your Bugs!! Celebrating 10 Years of LoL
Ever since Blitzcrank's Q got "range buffed" (won't start the unreasonable conversation about why) it's hitbox bugs were also amplified. I'll leave a video link here with two time stamps where it's clearly visible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGKC0muqQ3k First stamp: 1:13 (questionable) Second stamp: 2:46 (undeniable)
: Why Are Karma Players Upset about the Phoenix Video?
I have been placing upvotes on every single post of yours for some time now. Some day Riot will listen to us, my friend.
: Why are they nerfing Blitzcranks ARMOR?
Detail: This buff is/was totally unnecessary. Blitz had been sitting on a 50% WR for many patches before this stupid range buff. Reason: Blitz Halloween Skin incoming. Let's just hope that after they get all the money they want from this Skin, they start thinking about effective and not-lazy nerfs for Blitz.
: Because blitzcranks just a worse/less power crept version of the other hook champs, so they gave him 100 more range on his hook to make him the premiere "shit yourself when hooked" character. Have you considered warding, or you know, just punishing the fuck out of him when he misses?
I'm not talking about my personal experiences with Blitz here, or asking for counterplay advices. Just pointing a 4% sudden growth in WR (statistics, whole server) and trying to realize on what these needless buffs were based.
: Can we talk about Blitzcranck now?
I mean, I'm a Support main and in my original server I loved to play Blitz. But this is beyond "I play/main this Champ so 'stfu' Blitz is perfect". I'm really trying to understand the... justice behind this. Seems super random in so many ways.
Rioter Comments
Doge2020 (NA)
: Why? She is a true peeling support that also is a very good poke support. I have played against her many times and I share your resentment towards her, but pushing her out of support is completely out of question mainly because she doesn’t have another role for her mains to effectively play her on. I would say that if she truely is a problem for the support role then Riot should look into a slight number nerf to the appropriate ability/item rather than gutting her to appease a very small amount of people. EDIT: And her “insane” safety, CC and poke from range in compensated by how squishy she is, high mana costs on said abilities in early lvls, a very small duration in the early lvls of her E, and her reliance of her plants for damage that can be negated by: 1. Stepping on the seed to destroy it before Zyra can “grow” it 2. Killing the plants before they can deal lots of damage 3. Using the plants to your advantage. Miss fortune, for example, can use the plants to deal lots of damage to Zyra by killing a plant with her Q and bouncing it on Zyra to crit, Nasus and Veigar can also use the plants to gain more stacks for their respective kits. EDIT OF EDIT cleaned up the edit above lol I understand your anger at Zyra, I am just showing that she isn’t as big of a problem as you say because she has counters and bad matchups to show. My recommendation for you would be to either ban Zyra in your future games as support or you should actively seek out which supports counter Zyra, learn more about that champ (if it is a champ you are familiar with or you picked it up easily, learn as much as you can about that specific matchup to prepare yourself), you can watch videos on the matchup set up a custom game first against a bot (Zyra) then against a friend (will play Zyra in the custom to help you practice), then you can play normal games to both practice the champ and you can practice your pick against Zyra when she is picked.
Zyra surely is not a "true peeling support". You either play her in a "wrong" way or did not understand what "peeling" means. Janna, Taric, Lulu and Braum are true peeling supports. Their skills revolves around immediately stoppping and/or mending income damage. All Zyra offers as Support is an "ok" root (do not cancel actions) and a delayed knock up, aside from her damage (her main purpose as a Champion). Zyra isn't effective protecting, she is effective causing damage.
cabbysb (NA)
: Remember when League used to be FUNNY?
Saudosism and the aging effects are sad
Desurat (NA)
: I made a Change.org petition to cancel this new skin{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} ! Please sign to make us be heard!! [http://chng.it/bP7gTn5KtR](http://chng.it/bP7gTn5KtR)
This one has gathered more people: https://www.change.org/p/riot-games-we-want-a-new-ivern-skin-and-scrap-the-current-work-of-dunkmaster-ivern
Rustypug (NA)
: im probably the only ivern main in existance and im so disapointed with it
Tobykachu (EUW)
: What about Kayn?
> [{quoted}](name=Toþykachu,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ogvHtVdA,comment-id=0000000000000001,timestamp=2019-03-19T22:04:26.108+0000) > > What about Kayn? What about his wonderful Legendary Skin last year?
Sukishoo (NA)
: Well yes, but it doesn't mean dunkmaster isn't a non serious skin. That said, Darius started it all with the legendary, and there's been plenty of champs that could do a sports theme on so why was it Ivern? If they wanted this on him why not do it two years ago? We could have had the disappointment already, and maybe see something else by now. It kind of makes me fear for ornn's first post release.
: > Why is Dunkmaster Ivern a cruel joke? I thought that skin line is quite popular. It is, if it's for a champion that fits the theme. {{champion:122}} Dunks instead of chopping you in half, looks fitting and it's a cool spin off to his base skin's animation. {{champion:420}} Would also be a perfect candidate for a Dunkmaster skin since her ult, and her E (i think that's her little point and click Auto reset?) makes her dunk on the enemy, hell, EVEN THE RELIC SHE CARRIES AROUND WITH HER IS BASICALLY A BALL! The tentacles could be Hands with basketballs waiting to dunk on people. {{champion:59}} could also work for this skin with his ult and his flag becoming a hoop! But {{champion:427}} ? What feature does he have that could ever make that skin work? That he's a tall and slender guy? That's all he has going for him. None of his abilities has something you can connect to basketball in any way. His shield will be a transparent Basketball? His bush will be differently colored and some sound effects? You have to admit that is a bad skin for him.
"His shield will be a transparent Basketball? His bush will be differently colored and some sound effects? You have to admit that is a bad skin for him." This skin is so lazy and so bad. Jesus Christ. Poor Ivern.
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