: What's your position combination? In general we haven't noticed really any changes in position assignment rates except for some issues for Mid/Support and Top/Support.
You guys really need to work out issues with playing */Support feeling like opting into being a support main before people start gaming the system more and going back to queuing for Mid/Top or Top/Mid which will drive up getting the preferred position by easily 30%. Right now queuing Mid/Support I'm playing substantially more support than mid and I know that I could get from ~40% mid playtime to ~70% mid playtime just by choosing a more popular secondary. However if I and everyone else who would prefer to be support SECONDARY did this it would screw all the other players over and drive up the autofill rate. But if the rate falls much below 50-60% primary playtime we've seen in the past that it drives players to optimize their personal experience at the cost of the game as a whole.
: Like I said people are human and eventually most people do flame in a game. It happens and to say it will not happen is foolish to say the least. It will happen multiple times for many people. The more games you play, the more your percentage chance are that you will get restricted or banned.I am not saying what I said was right, but I have seen and heard worse of games over the years. Take for instance the main game I play is Eve Online. It is not exactly a game for the weak of heart as screwing up in a mass fight will get a real tongue lashing that makes the flaming here look tame. Let us say that a player is good 99 percent of the time. This is an extremely well behaved player. So in a 100 games he/she/it gets angry once. In the course of a season that may be 4-5 ranked games that they lose their mind. That is a relatively low rate, but under these current mechanics you will eventually get your account banned. Let us say that you get restricted, the next step in 14 day ban and the next after that is perma. I would guess if they posted the amount of accounts banned this year it would be expodentially more than in previous years due to mechanics. I have seen many other players upset over this and post stuff like " I will be better", but in reality they will still screw up eventually. Perhaps its a way to generate more accounts and money, perhaps not. As a consumer I have decided not to consume this product any longer and I have help support this endeavor from the get go. Also as a consumer I decide to tell you what i think of your product. I also point out to other consumers there are products of comparable tastes out there. Out of my thousands of games here, I probably get upset 2-5 percent of the time. I play support players, so in general we believe in that type of concept. The rest of what is posted is justification on system that is too punitive to a crowd that historically has a sharp tongue. Like it or leave it, that is the gaming community. To pretend it like saying there is no gravity. Enough customers leave, you will get the point.
Most people don't eventually flame. It is that mindset which makes you think that your behaviour is acceptable because it is normal. It is perfectly possible to play the game without behaving badly, even when frustrated by other players or feeling that they are instigating something. Chat warnings are earned for consistent misbehaviour (negative attitude and milder harassment reports) or for egregious behaviour even once. Players who pick up a report every 100 games for getting a little spicy with their interactions but don't use abusive language or slurs will never get chat restricted or any escalated punishment, the system already accounts for number of games played to reports for the less severe behaviour issues. Best of luck finding a game more with standards of behaviour that are lax enough that you can manage to achieve them.
: Does autofill even occur much at lower Elo's? I made an account to onetrick Eve and see what level my jungling is at, queue'ing jg primary mid secondary, and in all of 66 matches, it's only been autofilled once to top lane. I rarely even see anyone mentioning that they've been filled. Proof: http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Hoetry
> [{quoted}](name=Daddy Issues,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=hE2OvE6t,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-03-19T03:35:15.240+0000) > > Does autofill even occur much at lower Elo's? I made an account to onetrick Eve and see what level my jungling is at, queue'ing jg primary mid secondary, and in all of 66 matches, it's only been autofilled once to top lane. I rarely even see anyone mentioning that they've been filled. > > Proof: http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Hoetry People who queue jungle or support rarely get autofilled since those are the two roles that are typically short of players and they can balance the pools with one of their chosen roles.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 16
Couple questions for you regarding Yasuo. What (if anything) is intended to be the correct strategy to play against a Yasuo in midlane as a mage: poke, all-in, push and roam? I don't want to drop too loaded a question but I feel like there is nothing I can do when playing against him and my only goal ends up being losing the lane as little as possible or praying for the miracle of having my jungler punish his natural push. Do you feel that there is adequate counterplay for him? Or am I just playing champions that he is intended to counter? Finally what are the plans for him in terms of reducing his waveclear in conjunction with reducing mage waveclear?
: Yep. I'm not asking anyone to pretend to not be frustrated. If you're frustrated, please keep telling us! It's important for us to know these things. ADCs need adjustments, I agree. We're discussing the extent to which we may change things. We've talked changing their power curves, their base stats and stat growth, their item paths, their top end dps, individual problematic items, etc. We haven't settled on any particular direction, and so all I can talk is hopeful timeline at the moment. And again, if that doesn't cut it, please continue to voice that in a way that is demonstrative of how you think the game ought to be change. There are tons of opinions out there as to the direction we ought to take the game on basically any topic we could choose, so keep those opinions coming. It's appreciated.
One thing I think is super important for you (Riot) to look at when approaching fixing ADC is how lifesteal allows them to completely reset their health (particularly off minions and monsters but in general fights too) since it forces mages and assassins to need to 100 - 0 them in order to be able to make a persistent effect. If ADC weren't able to lifesteal faster than a persistent damage mage can actually do damage then it makes several roles healthier simultaneously.
: Patch 8.5 notes
In regards to Warmogs negating too much of other champions play pattern is there going to be a look at lifesteal too? It seems like reducing an intentional strength of tank champions, staying power, while leaving ADCs able to heal back any non-burst kill damage in less than a wave is extremely problematic.
: If dots are going to be affected, it will result in really annoying laning phases for mid Brand, since every single spell of his will pull minion aggro and he won't be able to use brushes.
This change would only affect his E so unlikely to be a major impact. His Q and W (which at least I level first) are unaffected as they are not DIRECT targeted spells so his harass should be ok.
Meddler (NA)
: Game times do change quite a bit by MMR and even somewhat by region. Ranked is what we most commonly look at, something we'll touch on in that longer piece on pacing coming this month is a difference we're seeing in changes between ranked and normals this pre-season (tldr: normal games lost more time than ranked by a noticeable margin).
Could that just be a greater willingness to surrender early in normals because 'they don't matter'?
: I am not sure Riot understands what "actual domestic abuse" is. This is textbook domestic abuse, and the suggestion that it's not abuse if he didn't actually hit her is insulting to victims of domestic abuse everywhere. Really disappointed to see something like this from Riot. I hope this statement is updated soon.
They don't say that he didn't hit her, merely that they didn't have PROOF that he hit her, given that she recanted her claim and he says that he didn't. The article seems extremely skeptical that he didn't actually physically abuse her but they can't punish merely on their suspicions.
Try [Kogels](https://www.dutchsweets.com/verduyn-zwart-kogels-licorice-p-102.html) if you ever get the chance. They are amazing to share with people who like Salted Black Licorice because it separates the pretenders from the true breed. The look on someones face as they are sucking along nicely thinking they understand what they've gotten themselves into when the crust breaks and the zwart-wit starts leaking out is possibly the most priceless thing in the world. ETA: Very worthwhile as a April Fools prank for people who like helping themselves to your candy if nothing else
Nefas (NA)
: Seems like the intent is the brute-force Comet no matter if it makes sense for DoT DFT users or not, whether it makes sense as an extension of their kits or if it’s just a mage runes and they are mages so they will be artificially pushed to it.
The problem is that DFT broke the game balance on the champions that could use it extremely well resulting in them and DFT getting nerfed until the level of power that they had combined with DFT was balanced and DFT was trash on anyone who didn't optimize with it. That creates a situation of mandatory keystone picking which is something that they are trying to get away from. I like the types of champions that used DFT really well and played a lot of Brand and Zyra, and personally I would rather lose the power from DFT and get them buffed up to par with everyone else then get pigeonholed into a particular tree and keystone for ever. It might hurt in the short term but I have faith that Riot will live up to their commitment to watch and buff underperformers, particularly those without a solid keystone choice.
: Say his kit is fine if you want, but his ult is going to be eventually changed at the very least. It is just ridiculous, almost no counter play aoe knockup with a long range and large area. It needs some sort of delay added to it to be considered balanced.
Honestly, it is very unlikely his ult will have substantial changes as it is EXTREMELY iconic (perhaps definitively so) for the champion and quite balanced over all with the counterplay existing in making good tactical choices (not clumping, squishies hanging back from front line) rather than being able to mechanically outplay it like many other skills. I could see them choosing to give it a bit more of a delay in exchange for a wider zone of effect or cutting the damage to make it more about the CC it provides so they could shift a bit of his power from the ult to his regular abilities since he is defined by his ult at the moment but I can't see them eliminating or dramatically changing it.
: If instead of nerfing ardent / enchanter sups the other supports get a buf or better items for them I don't see why that wouldn't be possible to sustain or even to continue down that road.
As a support player the real problem I see with not nerfing ardent and giving other supports an equivalently powered item is that it dramatically contributes degrading the individual champion's identity as so much of their power is captured by an item that flattens the differences between each member of that subclass. I would rather see ardent nerfed and the supports each individually buffed in a way that highlights their unique strengths rather than playing a wide variety of differently skinned enchanter supports that aren't as meaningfully distinguished.
sketchy1 (NA)
: yeah, and I don't exactly think we shoud get more tokens imo, because me buying a champ to then refund it if I don't like it, to then try another, would kind of defeat the purpose of the free rot. oh and the limit is 3 per account, per lifetime. so see you next lifetime.
I've long thought that refunds ought to accumulate at the rate of 1 a year with accounts getting one to start with. There is no reason you should be needing to refund more often than that for reworks and it means that long term players can access the refund system rather than just new players. On the other hand I'm not sure how much people care about my opinion since I've never felt the need to use a refund and have been playing since Beta and gone through all the really ugly reworks unlike the ones lately which have been really solid.
flopdoh (NA)
: aram - why do i have to play champions that i did not buy. its really bs
The irony is that most players have been pushing for ARAM to include all champions to minimize the abuses of ARAM specific accounts ruining the mode for the rest of us. Now the abusers want extra power to distort the 'random' part of ARAM so that they can always get the top tier picks without even the free week champions giving them a chance at not having an S tier champ.
Broporo (NA)
: Yeeeaaaaa this isn't my personal account. This is my Riot work account where I'm able to interact with you all. My own personal account isn't going to be out here in the wild xD
But he seems so nice, why wouldn't you want him stalking you in your time off...
: what are you talking about? Looter isn´t even a rune in the new system
Try to keep up with the class or you end up making yourself sound stupid. Looter is the third inspiration keystone which was revealed in the stream and has several threads discussing it on the boards and was even commented on by Meddler in this very thread.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 26
Is there any concern that 'Looter' is going to force supports into the Inspiration tree by being a keystone and offering the only new source of gold for the perpetually gold starved role? It seems like it could really hurt the comparative viability of tanky supports who want to go into Resolve.
: I think the class could benefit from tunning xerath a bit. He is frankly useless at the moment since his abilities are so telegraphed. I am aware there are a lot of champs that have priority over him - that is fine. However mid to late term I think he could benefit from small tweaks to his kit to make him more functional. I think small changes like, say, making his Q cast time shorter after full charge (his model could spark when ability changes for #clarity), and/or making E accelerate as it travels would help him miles while not make him overbearing.
He is honestly quite solid at the moment for regular play and doesn't show up in professional competitive because artillery champs don't fit the playstyles that work there unless Jayce is overtuned (again) and you want to stack a second long range damage option with him. As much as I personally would like to see him buffed since I play him a moderate amount I recognize that it would be terrible for game health. Really the thing that would be best for him is if Yasuo got his passive shield nerfed so that he could act as a legitimate counterpick to Yas rather than just being one of the few mages that can go even with him in lane.
Wuks (NA)
: Filter Help & Support from Red Tracker? That's the plan!
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I've been begging for this for over a year. I REALLY appreciate the hard work that the Help and Supports bro and broette's do but I REEAAALLY appreciate their hard work not making the Red Tracker useless for everyone else.
: The bigger question is whether or not A Sol can trigger it with his stars. I remember a while ago when this change was proposed for normal thunderlords and A Sol's stars counted as one spell, forever. Thus making the key stone worthless on him.
It should be easy enough to special case his stars even if they are considered a single spell by the engine. Given the skill required to hit 3 stars in 2 seconds I don't see it being problematic (though the more realistic case is Q, star, star)
: We expect some portion of runes to optimize out on specific champions. e.g. Nasus hooks very strongly into CDR and Intelligence is a fit here. In this way, you're right. These things do take awhile to solve out though, and that discovery process is still ongoing and being disrupted for many champions even with the current setup. I don't believe the "no matter what you do" statement is correct though. "Optimal" can be meaningfully changed by situation, such as who your allies are or who your enemies are. e.g. In the last article, we showed Overheal - which gets MUCH stronger when you have a healer on your team, and more so in your lane. Switching to overheal causes other decisions to switch as well, and this is what the "splashing" is all about here. To get overheal, you have to also change your other splash rune choice.
I hope that you guys make most of the Keystones more conditional than reliable. Thunderlords is such a default choice because more damage, with almost no challenge to proc, is always good but doesn't create any significant gameplay and it crowds out other choices like Stormraiders Surge which does change how you play as and against a champion. The choice between Warlord's and Fervor is a much better example of where I think runes ought to be positioned - both offer useful and potentially powerful benefits but each requires conditions that alter how they play. Overall my biggest suggestion is to stay away from generic damage because while I may take Deathfire or Thunderlords on most my champions it isn't because I enjoy the gameplay they produce but because extra damage with no cost is almost always the most optimal choice in league unless they are heavily undertuned, at which point they are just a noob trap that will still be heavily picked.
: ahri Q does more true dmg than KogMaw passive
Also it is totally unfair that LeBlanc'a clone can be created across the entire map when it is only half her ultimate but Shaco can only make his next to himself.
: what if it was a unique passive in the sense that only one item with the healing/shield amp would work? for example if you get all the items you mention, you only get Windspeaker's and the % boost from whatever item gives the biggest amp (from the looks of things, that being Mikael's Crucible). Would that be better, or would it just be better to get rid of the 3x bonus all together?
It would gut enchanted itemization as it exists. Suddenly half your items become mutually exclusive from a cost effectiveness point of view (which is super important for supports) and it goes against basic league principals (incremental power growth) and violates the rules every other stat follows.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 16
When are you going to get better postgame stats for supports? Right now there is nothing that shows ally mitigated damage from shields or defensive buffs, nothing that shows how good for Cc was, and nothing that shows how much extra damage people dealt thanks to you. It is very hard to show people the contribution supports made to their success when they've been focusing on their play rather than yours (as they should) without data. I want my Vayne to be able to look at the end of the game and see that my Lulu with ardent censor was the source of 30% of her damage and shielded 3265 damage she would have otherwise taken. Let us show off our performance in the stats since we are already under appreciated in game.
  Rioter Comments
: Zeke's Harbinger Buff.
There is a replacement already made that is currently on PBE that changes it so that it activates on ult cast and gives your link partner a burn on their auto and you a AoE slow and damage aura. Check surrender at 20 for the details.
: SightStone should augment your Gold Income (GI) Item
It is a good idea though it wouldn't actually solve the problem you are aiming at. The cost of a gold generating item and sight stone is enough that there should be no risk of abuse by people who weren't already going that route. It still wouldn't make ROA a viable support item since the issue is getting it early enough to stack before the game is decided and this would still keep it a third item on a (slightly less) limited income but anything that gets extra gold to supports without abuse risk from other roles is a worthwhile win.
: > [{quoted}](name=Periscope,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=fpGQzLq0,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-06-13T15:26:34.956+0000) > > I mean, you're getting better familiarity with other champs as well as understanding team fights better, imo. Thank you for the follow up. Maybe I will play more Aram!
If you want to play ARAM for fun please do so but it is actually a terrible way to get better at team fights. It is missing the positioning and tactical decision making that is so vital to SR team fights. If anything it will teach you bad habits that get you and your team killed if you go in thinking that it is applicable to regular matches.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 13
What has the effect of the 10 ban system looked like from within Riot? Has it altered the priority of looking at any champions like Yasuo or Lee Sin?
can tran (NA)
: I'm pleased with queuing fill and getting more than support
Good to know. I know that I've gone back to queuing as support secondary because I actually get to play my primary role more than support unlike at the beginning of the season where taking support secondary seemed identical to taking support primary.
: Do keys drop even if you play the same champion?
Champions do not play a role in key fragment drops - only wins, time, and keys you've earned recently. The fragments drop on a pseudo-random system that increases as the number of fragments you've had drop in the last month increases. The formula is 80%/(#of frags earned). So at the beginning of the cycle (if you play frequently) you will get a cluster of frags from your first wins and then it will spread out to every 5ish wins and slowly decrease from there.
YiannisDH (EUW)
: Yasuo mains thoughts on balancing yasuo
I've wondered if slightly increasing the cooldown on his Q and letting whirlwind stacks only build on champ hits but only needing to charge once would solve a lot of his problems. That would make his safe waveclear a little weaker, prevent him from zoning his lane opponent constantly, and improve his consistency when minions aren't around (which would let him get nerfed a little numerically since he is overtuned partially due to his kit being weaker without minions to abuse). It certainly wouldn't solve all his issues but it would weaken his lane and while his teamfight would be a bit better the lowered gold he should have from the lane would help compensate.
Mewko (NA)
: Yes and not the entire universe can play every role. Some players are fresh and quickly learning/climbing. I've been playing since season 5 but only started playing ranked after riot's system allowed us to pick our roles. Honestly, I would rather wait 10 -20 mins in queue to have a HIGHER chance of winning a game than 2 mins and losing a 30-50 min game if that makes any sense.
You won't actually have a higher chance of winning games since the other team won't be getting autofilled either. I can understand that it would be frustrating to get autofilled - I'd shit myself if I got autofilled top since I suck there but I know how to choose a safe champ and play to avoid losing rather than trying to win the lane while letting the rest of my team carry me and focusing on the late game. 10-20 minute queues are way worse than you actually think they are since they cause a death spiral that has less people queuing (immediate gratification ftw) and lots and lots and lots of game collapses because people aren't accepting queues since they are distracted or stepped out of the room. We had that setup before with the Teambuilder queue and it was really bad. Riot didn't just choose this system because they wanted to make players suffer but because they've tried several other solutions and this is the closest they've been able to get to letting people choose roles without the system failing because humans suck. Choose two relatively safe supports and play a couple normals as support primary to familiarize yourself with them and then come back to ranked and just do your best with them when you get autofilled.
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: Repertoir left a path of destruction but its not only his blame. There is a bigger problem.
Not really relevant to your main point but as a support player I think Taric is ok, but a bit weak given the difficulty of accessing his power. If the enemy team has melee AD in top and jungle he isn't a bad pick and if they take something like Zed mid or have a melee support that also increases his ability to perform. If I'm on coms with my AD and they are taking a highly mobile AD like Lucian or Ezreal he can also do really well since they can position his stun easily. He isn't great at the moment and it takes particular circumstances to get him to on-par with the other supports but his problems are numerical not fundamental. EDIT: Garen also never got a rework. He just got a minor adjustment.
: Should people who main those champs have more weight in those surveys, versus people who don't play them and only ever see them, or is seeing them for the first time?
They've talked in the past about how survey data for the Fiora rework varied between mains and other people over the appearance issue so they do have the ability to slice data that way. The problem is that for champions with marginal popularity the few mains are satisfied with what exists despite it being ganky and discordant whereas there are more players who will become new X mains if that champion gets an update that lets it play nicely and have a coherent concept. While Riot should try to avoid abandoning the old mains they also need to consider the game as a whole and how it benefits from not having trap champions that are out of sync with the rest of the game.
: Probably because most people never played Galio in their lives nor did they care for him. Why didnt you send that survey to people who mained him or at least played him a bit, I am sure your stats would be completely different. That rework deleted one champion and put another in his place. If Sion was the same thing for the better, Galio one was the same thing for the worse imo. And what exactly did you acomplish? His play rate is still pathetic when he isnt blatantly broken but now I wont touch him again (and I guess many other Galio fans wont either). So you just swapped his tiny playerbase around a bit. He is not even unique any more, he feels plain, he sounds like a cartoon imbecile brute and looks nothing like he used to. Sorry, but I have to say what I honestly think - the rework sucked. Yorick was awesome. And Sion. And Poppy. And especially Warwick. But definitely not Galio.
Sorry you are disappointed but there are a lot of us who thought Galio sounded awesome and liked the champion concept then got that ... weird awkward mage thing ... that had nothing to do with any of that. We left Galio because his gameplay sucked and was completely mismatched with his concept but we really wanted to be able to play the champion he was presented as. With the update we finally got that champion - strong, tough, and awesome. I know that there were a small number of people that liked his melee autoattacks with skill shot spells, fragile but with a tank ult, and healing off minion waves mismatch of abilities but it was incoherent at best and left his entire concept space unused and unusable.
: > [{quoted}](name=DrCyanide,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E4GI1prc,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-06-09T23:00:19.764+0000) > > I see 4 from Sunday, 2 wins followed by 2 losses. If that's you then OK, just wanted to raise a red flag if it wasn't. Yes that's me alright :/. I might have recalled incorrectly however, 4 games, not 2.
Perhaps this is an indication that your memory is sufficiently unreliable that your recalled CS numbers are as mistaken as your game history.
: Sure, but it's something that really signifies you're going for a heal/shield playstyle, compared to thunderlords being a bursty playstyle or fervor being an aa based dps playstyle, and so on for the majority of keystones. I'm not saying windspeakers is the most interesting of keystones or anything, but it is perhaps the only one that is really meaningful for non-tanky supports, as almost all the other options revolve around doing damage which is generally attractive for pretty much every other role.
The ironic thing about flat power boosts like Windspeakers is that they generally result in the base effectiveness of those abilities getting degraded through nerfs over time to compensate for that power. Windowed abilities or ones with alternate forms of power promote more interesting choices* and don't result in nerfs to counter inflation. If people were forced to choose between more abilities like Stormraiders we would actually get more interesting choices AND maintain the same power level overall in the game. *Because if you have a primary output and there exists a direct increase to that output it is almost always a First Order Optimal strategy to take that option. This is why Thunderlords is a bad mastery - it is almost universally the better choice due to it providing damage and being negligable to proc so just inflates overall damage with some distortions to the champion pool to benefit people who can 'cheese' it with a single spell cast.
: Well people forget that for AP users, when they buy AP it usually improves 4 skills, unlike AD champions where for some reason they have random AP skills mixed in. {{champion:22}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:23}}. So buying AD does not necessarily mean it's going to help all skills except for maybe riven and kled. Now as far as AP champs go, there are only 2 that have any scaling from AD. Kayle and Morde. Other than that, could you imagine a Leblanc having a random AD skill in their kit?
Of course it also improves those 0 cooldown, no cost autoattacks too....
5050BS (NA)
: AP is not in as good of place as AD is right now. There is more AD items with better stats then AP items There are more AD items with more MR on them then AP with Armor. AD has a self resurrect now...... Because Killing Yasuo or Master Yi is soo ez you want to do it twice.
And too much CDR on AP items. It is very hard to avoid going over the cap right now if you pick up any utility or defense AP item (which is everything except Rabadon and Luden).
ljt117 (NA)
: Nah it was after rework, but only lasted a short amount of time. Since his W on farming jg was too powerful, riot hotfixed it within several days. I believe it did last into the following patch.
It was also pre-rework. The pre-rework version was a Manamune based AD build that relied on spamming his spells frequently enough to keep up voidlings to tank the jungle and then going in for ganks with a summon prepped and letting your voidlings gangbang them while they were locked down from R. It was never super popular (outside URF) because it was management intensive and while entertaining, not actually very useful when his ult was down (the primary problem old Malz had in all his builds).
: Oh, I mean... I hate the new banning system. They ban my champion every game. Rito wtf, remove this. How am I supposed to do other things that are not related to league while in the pre-game lobby? It only takes 30 seconds to get throught the banning phase, thats not enough time for me to take out my dog. Rito plz.
Excellent work. You'll fit in well around here.
: Yet the more successful football leagues in Europe have relegation and it works great. Just because the NFL is successful doesn't mean it is the best strategy. LoL isn't going to be around in 10 years, let alone 50, so I have no idea what you are smoking. Also, casual observers of the NFL or NBA can't name all the teams, so why do casual observers of LCS have to know all the teams?
Relegation in European football leagues only works because there are a series of league levels that exist profitably below the top competitive level. Being relegated hurts badly but it isn't the death sentence that it is in League. Being relegated in league generally means you are losing at least half your roster along with coaching and support staff so all that is left is a hollowed out husk with the same name in the challenger circuit.
: Pink && Control Wards
An unlimited duration stealthed ward (because that is what it is of only red or other pinks reveal it) is a huge increase in vision for the game. Likewise knowing where the enemy team has vision, particularly if they don't know you know, is very powerful even without clearing. I would love the ability to pay 75 gold to turn your next yellow trinket into a control ward for late game though - that would be great.
: Solution to Autofill
Or they could make support satisfying and have some agency so that players actually want to play it. But in terms of your suggestion it would just result in players who are not yet correctly placed or lack versatility in roles being autofilled less since everyone trends to a 50% winrate over time.
: but the people that are banned ad up to a larger ammount than what is shown but it still shows it like you're one of the few thousands who got banned.
And your evidence for this is.....
: is playing an off meta champion bannable?
You _can_ play Ez support and probably won't get banned if you communicate your strategy, but you _shouldn't_ unless you are at least playing normals or with a duo AD partner. Ez doesn't offer any of the utility in buffs or control that is expected out of the support role and scales extremely poorly without gold. That means you are deliberately choosing to put your team at a significant disadvantage solely for your preference rather than exploring some actual support champions and finding one you enjoy as well. It is a very selfish and disrespectful thing to do in a team game and very easy to see how other players could see this as throwing the game or trying to hold the rest of the team hostage and legitimately report you, even if this isn't punishable. You should strongly consider whether doing something that ruins the game for 4-9 other people, but isn't technically forbidden, simply because you find it entertaining is something that corresponds to the kind of person you want to be.
Kyunsei (EUW)
: Introducing to you : CreepScoreValue (Gameplay Update concept)
I don't understand what value you think this will offer and why it would be better than just showing gold earned. Right now other players gold is slightly obfuscated which prevents you from knowing exactly when they've hit their breakpoints until they shop.
Leichy (EUNE)
: Can someone help me with understanding his ult? I finally realized you have to click R and where you want it to go, but I find it hard to control him and his ult during a fight. Is there easier way to do that? I know it's supposed to be a powerful ult but I feel like it's useless (probably because of the way I use it). It's too slow, easy to escape....
That is why Rylai's is core on him and why the tick rate on R hurt him so much. Basically it gets a lot easier to keep people in it once it also allows them. The other thing is that it allows the further it gets from him so it is less useful to drop and try to chase enemies that run but better if you are using enhanced Q to stay close and keeping them slowed. It is a bit of a pain to control but you eventually get used to punching R every second or so to keep maneuvering it where you want it to go.
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