: Patch 6.19 notes
"Aurelion Sol is a sassy dragon..." You've been watching Sky Williams, huh.
AD Yuumi (NA)
: The reveal is missing something that got locked in too late for localization. Beauty in Death - Killing blows spawn a blooming flower on the corpse that reveals and slows enemies nearby before detonating for damage.
Hey gypsylord, AMAZING JOB! To be completely honest with you, I was hoping for something like this to come along. His kit is probably one of the most simple, yet complex you can get in terms of how you can play him. His mobility is taken away, but unlike the other immobile marksmen - he doesn't need mobility to pull off fancy moves, his power comes from positioning, preparation, and accuracy.
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: This is Brisingr25 (Noah.) Ask me anything!
shyv (NA)
: not to be rude but like, you realize riot is a business, right? of course their goal is to make money lmao.
Then they should do what all other businesses do. Give refunds.
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: Team Navigation Gaming is looking for 4 players (Bronze/Silver) Must be active. [NA]
Rank:Silver 5 Role:Support I main most of them except Leona. I don't like Leona but I can play her. Main Champions: {{champion:25}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:201}}
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: 2015 World Championship - Finals Tickets
As someone who didn't get to buy tickets, I say that you take this matter into your own hands. I know that you know that numerous third parties are buying tickets and reselling them at higher prices at their own leisure. Riot, as a business and a game company, I think that you should put more effort into effectively selling these tickets to fans and players directly rather than have them being ripped off at higher prices. I simply ask for a way to buy these tickets on the client itself. Make them so they cannot buy them unless they are Level 30. Although this will require much effort to create a working system, this change will dramatically maintain the originality of the players and fans who buy them. Although just a suggestion, I plead that you find a better way than Eventim to sell your tickets next year. All the best, Drexon.
Meramex (EUW)
: Article on Top Lane diversity and no mention of Huni? :\ disappointing
Because it's mainly an interview with ZionSpartan. They also don't want to remind Zion that there's a better top laner than him. Kappa
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: [Champion Concept] DhaMa, The Force of Balance
Passive - Equalize Dha Ma does extra damage to enemies with a higher health percentage as it, and heals itself for that amount. (Applies to minions and monsters.) Q - Unleash Dha stores light energy that, when released, heals enemies and damages foes. The more light energy Dha stores, the more potent the damage and heal. If Floating, Dha Ma unleashes the energy into a slow skillshot (a little faster than the speed of a Morg Q) that hits all in its path. "Dha." W - Comet Ma sends a comet of dark energy, dealing AoE damage and slow. If Floating, Dha Ma sends itself as the comet, dealing extra damage and knocking back. (Think a mini Zac ulti. Except once.) "Ma." E - Float Passive: Dha Ma gains movement speed based on the skill's rank. Active: Dha Ma floats in the air for a short while, making itself "Floating" which turns Dha Ma invulnerable for a short while. "Ava." R - Balance Dha Ma creates peace in a large area around it, "Floating" in the air during the duration. While in this area of peace, all units have their MS reduced to 325. The field breaks when time runs out or Dha Ma comets to a location. "Dha Ma."
: Oh man, all your hard earned RP is going to buy runes? oh wait, its the free currency, be happy, don't bitch
SNSD Tiffanyx By your definition, if you need effort for something not to be free... then making an account and waiting a week isn't free? Please think about your arguments. logicishard


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