Rigaroom (NA)
: Oh my I got perma-banned because I told a player that they are a "fucking worthless braindead scumfuck bastard pile of trash mental dickface that should be gunned down in the street like the degenerate", oh my league suck now, oh my this game is not fun anymore, blah blah On second thought, millions other players out there must be glad because Riot just help this environment, they don't need a waste of oxygen like you :)
: I'd rather have a community where people sometimes have bad games and die a lot than a community of people with constant PMS, ejaculating their toxin all over League and telling people who play badly to kill themselves. You won't be missed. Except maybe by your toxic friends, who feel like what they're doing is ok because they hang around in groups and act like trash together.
I wasn't talking about bad games, I said intentional feeders.
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: Don't quote me on this, but I'm like 79% sure that Riot won't really do much to the runes till the inject a true overhaul to the rune system, and I'm 89% sure that will happen after the new client is out and fully operational. I'm 94% sure that once we are there, a complete rune overhaul will come at some point. Mid Season 2017... maybe? Pre-Season 2018? That is my full guess on the matter.
Where do you get these random percentages? lmao
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: Make it 500k Mastery points for an Icon. Only the real devoted players should get the icons lol
: It's been nearly a month since I've gotten a single key shard
: You cannot ignore us forever riot and hope that the problem will go away. BRING BACK SOLO Q
Esports want people to take them seriously yet they do stupid shit like this...
weenking (NA)
: Silver 1 I need help getting out to Gold! looking for coaching or duo
I would suggest finding a support duo that isn't terrible. Play an ADC that can snowball, you should win most games if you get fed.
: The indefinite banning of Tyler1
He asked to be Perma muted but Riot refused, what does banning him do? Make it so he will just make new accounts every time he will be banned? Why not just Perma mute his account. Rito pls
: I mean, Riot literally lost nothing. I don't see how tyler1 won.
they lost the best draven NA
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: When an enemy almost kills you because you were typing in chat
: Stop, please just stop.
lol edgy little bitch, go cry on tumblr or instagram.
Brujahbr (NA)
: Make it so if you mute someone they can't see your chat
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: Log-out Button
Apparently they are releasing a new client soon
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: Chat Disconnecting
I have same problem!!!
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: How is this player not banned yet? Calls for suicide.(name censored)
Oh don't get your sensitive feelings hurt because someone told you to kill yourself. The league community is so soft, if I was playing CounterStrike and I told someone to kill themselves they would just tell me to go fuck my self, not cry to the boards and report them.
: 8RP off shadow prince malzahar
this belongs in the trash. wait. but malzahar also belongs in the trash! upvoted.
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: Fatphobic. Not funny. Your friend is someone I would not want to know. And so are probably you.
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LaceUp23 (NA)
: AFKs lose the lp for all 4 teammates.
Horrible idea. At one point someone is going to afk atleast 1 game. lets say I afk and everyone was suppose to lose 18 lp. 18 x 4 = 72. Subtracting 72 LP just for one damn game? oh wait. Don't forget the LP you already are going to lose. + 18. -90 LP. not a good idea. at all.
Kikirino (NA)
: I hate when my teammates talk shit after a win
Are you seriously complaining about your team in a videogame talking trash at the end of the game? Come on! Are you new to the internet?
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: NEW ! ARCLIIGHT Vayne Wallpaper !
I bought this skin, so sexy. Btw nice wallpaper!
: I got freaking Zac... I don't WANT it. I only play female champs to begin with, and Zac is one of the visually nastiest creatures that was ever imagined. Ew. I want to get rid of it :/ I don't even want RP or a skin or anything in return, just delete that disgusting thing from my account.
: Mysery Champ Day! (or skin otherwise)
i still havent gotten mine!! wtffff
: Mysery Champ Day! (or skin otherwise)
July 2nd, still no champ.{{item:3070}} {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}}
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dalphy08 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=MrYorky,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=zOWXA5Zj,comment-id=0002000100000000,timestamp=2015-05-31T20:18:16.232+0000) > > I think they're afraid of people like you... > Teaching him intense profanity at age 8. No, because they should know that the eff word is not a bad word. It is just sound.
You are basically saying that swear words don't exist. Children shouldn't be exposed to extreme language. Especially parents that care about their children. Your logic is flawed in many ways.
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: Champion and skin sale: 02.03 - 02.06
{{champion:17}} {{item:3070}} i cri every tiem
: ikr, my friend has the mighty jax,( i played jax alot) and i have arcade sona (which he wants) and so this happened
Riot might not want to do this because they might lose a little bit of money, for an example: You have Arcade sona. He has mighty jax. They want you to buy mighty jax and for him to buy arcade sona. Because once u guys trade then they don't make penny off of that trade. They probably won't do this.
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: Patch Rundown – 4.13
Honestly why would they nerf lee sin? Lee sin takes pure skill! Nothing is wrong with him. He is already bad late game.


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