: Trials Standings: Week Two
BigBad (NA)
: Council is too big brained for you fools. Don't even see that this is just strategy. We are exactly where we want to be.
A true Council member is never ahead, nor behind. He always places precisely where he means to.
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations
I like the Infinity Edge revert back to how it used to be and pretty much everything I am seeing here. My only critique is the defensive PD. The Hexdrinker makes no sense. ADCs defensive items are their lifesteal. I think that if you want to give ADCs a solid defensive item, make something out of one of their Lifesteal items. Maybe something built out of Vamp Scepter and Hexdrinker with a neat anti-Mage effect. Those are just my thoughts.
: Nautilus lore - what's most important to you?
If after being thrown off the ship and lost at sea, he was corrupted by Nagakaebouros that would be really cool :D
: Introducing Must Watch Matches
Yes this is so smart I love eSports and I want to keep up with it but my schedule is too busy to watch everything especially Live. I have been secretly praying for something like this for a long time
: New Weekly Comic - Crystal Quest
I want to like this one but it's kind of hard to follow what's going on
Sparkle (NA)
: Oh hey, glad you noticed the slot names! We actually came up with those based on memorable things about the slot - the idea was that hopefully the names make it easier for players/us/whoever to talk about particular choices (without having to say like "The third slot in Precision" and whatnot).
Oh, that's cool. So I might say "Supports really like Magical Footwear in the Tomorrow slot." btw, how does Magical Footwear interact with Cassiopeia, out of curiosity?
Sparkle (NA)
: Runes Reforged Path Summaries
I notice that each of the words associated with each slot are pretty cool. Did those come from a word cloud where you all at Riot discussed which concepts are related to the main paths?
: I suggest you google the meaning of the word permanent
I just don't think that what they did justifies a perma-ban like that. I mean it was unquestionably toxic and ruined games for people. But isn't there a more graceful way to handle players like that? Heavily chat restricting them would both solve the problem in the best way for everyone involved. Maybe even just straight up indefinitely chat banning them until they reform.
Meddler (NA)
: Irelia - Biggest thing here is huge untapped potential, there's a lot more that could be done with telekinetic blade control. Secondary goals of modernization (she's starting to show her age noticeably), addressing lack of clarity/sometimes fairness around when the stun procs, an ult that's as satisfying as it is strong, more distinction from other similar fighters. Swain - Less stat checking drain tanking, clearer and more satisfying high moments, clearer thematic (he's pretty scattered at present), modernization again, better recognizing his position in Noxus.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 3
What are some specific issues with Swain and Irelia that you're trying to address with their reworks?
: reported for offensive language
Chermorg (NA)
: I only included that as a disclaimer. It was not meant to be an accusation. Further, please note my opinion is that this is not punishable *on its own*. If you have multiple games like this, especially in a short time, it may cross into punishable territory depending on multiple things. This time? I don’t think it’s worthy of a ban. I’d also like to mention this is literally only the second time in my history on the boards I’ve supported review/removal of a punishment. It’s rare.
Thanks for that. I know what bad behavior looks like and I'm careful not to attack people. You can see it in this chat log. Also, this is the only game. If there had been multiple in quick succession like this, then yeah I could understand. But if that were the case, don't you think it would be in the card they gave me?
Skorch (NA)
: What was your punishment this time. Because it really shouldnt be above a CR.
Yeah, only a chat restriction. But I'm salty because that's still enough to make you lose your season rewards and the honor which I've worked hard to earn. Because I am an honorable player, and had the honor level to prove it.
Skorch (NA)
: Depends on Ban, Previous punishments, and if this is really the only game stemming from this. I wouldnt under any circumstances say this was a perma game, but if you had previous bans i would understand a 14 from this. And if you havent i understand a 1 or 2 day from this. While being in a game that you think you cant win sucks. At the same time there are some miraculous comebacks. Im talking 2/14 comebacks. Overall I would say you were definitely talking too much. If no one on your team wants to surrender and they are all trying there is nothing you can do. Its not a hostage situation at that point. Another important thing is wether or not you were actually trying this game. Because while you say you didnt do anything reportable this game. There are more suddle ways to throw that you MAY have done. OVERALL i say that if this is truely your first ban, and this was all that happened. I understand a 1 day ban although personally a CR would be better.
I've played League for 6 years and have only ever been chat restricted once before, which was 2 years ago. And at that time, I deserved it. I know what bad behavior looks like and am careful not to go there.
: Well, Riot? Did this guy get banned for this one game?
This is the only game the card showed me.
Chermorg (NA)
: Keep in mind that this response assumes this was the **only** game in your reform card and that you’re being truthful in everything. If you aren’t or are omitting games, a Rioter will quickly come correct that. ---- That being said, I’m on the fence here. While you didn’t do anything extremely toxic, the majority of the chat log was spent discussing why people didn’t surrender. Surrender votes are supposed to be a private decision by people. There is not supposed to be a “debate phase” where players try to convince each other to surrender/not. You also spend a decent amount of chat calling one person out for being the “one making this game suck” and “holding us all hostage”, as well as responding passive aggressively to the person who I don’t know what said (ex: what could I have done there? Flashed the arrow?). However, keeping in mind all that, I, being another player, would not “judge your communications to be far below the standard” (or whatever the fucking ban message says). As another player of League of Legends, I do not feel this game warranted a punishments *even* if it was the *first* game right after a previous punishment (when you’re already on thin ice). To make it completely clear, **I support removal of this punishment**.
This was the only game in the card that it showed me. I didn't alter it in any way. Also yeah, I was tilted and playing like shit. but like you said, this isn't bannable or worthy of punishment. I'm normally a pretty sportsmanlike player, I recently got honor level 3 and get honors in many of my games. And it fucking sucks that I'm not going to get season rewards because of THIS game, which isn't even bad.
WinBoat (NA)
: That chat isn't too bad honestly. Especially for a game 1 chat. The next 2 had to be very toxic compared to this one cause you usually get 3 chat logs of 3 matches. So why don't you show the other 2 hmm? Usually game 1, and 2 is the most toxic which is surprising this one here wasn't overboard. It's quite suspicious honestly. Wouldn't be surprised if you deleted some of the chat, and if this was game 3, but you called it game 1.
I promise, this is not doctored in any way. Also, I only got one game. I know usually they give you 3, but not with me.
Evellar (NA)
: Same upvoting for you. Didn't really say anything wrong....but I will say you sure spent alot of time typing. If anything i'd report you for too much talking not enough playing lol :P But no...not ban worthy imo
This was over the course of a very long game that I was held hostage in. Although you're right, I do tend to be a pretty social player. And most of the time i'm pretty honorable, too.
Rioter Comments
Sparkle (NA)
: **TL;DR** You can buy items a little bit before you have enough gold for them, but they'll be more expensive if you buy them that way.
What if I end the game using the item I bought by going into debt, and never pay the shopkeeper back? Will he send debt collectors after me?
: Great point, but some people don't mute everyone at the start of a game, so you have to wait for them to start tilting you before you can stop it
I think the point is that if someone is emote spamming and tilting you, you can just mute them and be OK.
Meteora (NA)
: New emotes are going to be a disaster waiting to happen.
I think you may just be too easily tilted. Try relaxing a little and asking yourself where your enjoyment of the game comes from.
: Ayy xD. What class do you think this personality would fit?
support grandma who makes pancakes for her ADC and throws her sandal at misbehaving enemies.
SickAnto (EUW)
: {{champion:164}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:60}} ?
I think he means more like a snooty princess type.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 25
I would like to see a personality like a Shounen protagonist. Maybe someone who has an either uncontrollable power or no special powers at all, but is able to succeed thanks to endless tenacity? Midoriya, Naruto, Simon from Gurren Lagann, Gon from Hunter X Hunter, etc. I think the closest we have is Super Galaxy Rumble. I guess Ekko is kind of close to what I'm describing. I really like him as well, but he's more mellow and chill than a shounen protag.
: Why isnt there a chaos vs order Kayn skin
That could be really cool. I think Kayn has such potential for great skins. Basically any set of two opposing ideas would make a great skin for him. Fire and Ice, Order and Chaos, Cosmic and Dark Star, Cake and Ice Cream (if you wanted a less serious one), really the list goes on.
: Regarding the most recent blog post featuring upcoming reworks
Maybe you shouldn't play outdated cancer champs...? Edit: I'm sorry. You don't deserve this pain.
: Mostly because he needs more than a little bit of work to get to a spot where we'd be happy with him, and there are other old champions that we've felt need the work just as much or more. It's not that he doesn't need it, but I don't think there are particularly strong arguments for why he needs it over others that have been prioritized for VGUs. Not sure if this is known, but Volibear was originally considered for the Juggernaut update, and we couldn't really find a direction for him. So, the light update attempt has been tried; it just didn't yield anything.
Make him the protector of his people, his team. Instead of running at the enemy ADC to flip them into your team, you could give him incentives to flip enemies off of your ADC. And then he could roar to cc them. I guess what I'm saying is that instead of a juggernaut, I think he would be cooler as a warden.
Sujiren (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Illuminase,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YbbXmTBy,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-07-20T14:32:40.921+0000) > > What power balance issue that he has? Both forms are fine. In fact, with the state Duskblade is in, it boggles my mind how anyone could say that. This "Darkin is the only way to play Kayn" meme not only puts you at a disadvantage, but also goes against the spirit of the champion. Exacly on assasin form you are basically playing different version of zed(he is zeds student after all lore wise) go in one shot your target, get out. Darkin is basically the same, but you want to build slightly tankier and take some damage first before popping the ult.
Darkin is built to shred tanks and be a frontliner. If you go Darkin, you lose the ability to consistently burst squishies since his Q and ult get replaced with % HP damage. Also Assassin is more mobile, and has a higher threat range, in addition to having a higher burst. As far as your comparison to Zed goes: Kayn has strengths that Zed does not have, just like Zed has things that Kayn does not have. Zed has a bit higher up front burst, and is a lot more mobile inside of a fight, but Kayn has his E which brings so much utility, and also has the ability to totally disappear from the map with his ult.
: Assassin Kayn Ult
What power balance issue that he has? Both forms are fine. In fact, with the state Duskblade is in, it boggles my mind how anyone could say that. This "Darkin is the only way to play Kayn" meme not only puts you at a disadvantage, but also goes against the spirit of the champion.
: Runes Corner: Hunt of the Blood Moon Sneak Peek
I can't wait to take this on Quinn with Mobility Boots rush. disappear from enemy vision for 2 seconds. They think "I'm gonna ping mia". Too late kid, I'm already ganking bot.
fUlBwOlga (OCE)
: is it just me, or is assassin kayn REALLY weak?
Weak how so? He's able to do his job of annihilating high priority squishies, right?
: List of Possible Kayn Skins
I like this. Some of these ideas are really cool. I just think that Kayne has so much potential for amazing skins, since his whole "thing" is about the conflict of two beings occupying the same body. Pretty much any set of two opposing ideas would make a cool skin for him. {{champion:141}}
: > [{quoted}](name=RodentRick,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=93AAAEzp,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-12T20:45:23.393+0000) > > Statistically speaking, your bot lane should win 30% of the time, go even 40% of the time, and lose 30% of the time. If you're a toplaner, you can gank bot with tp. If you're a jungler or midlaner, try ganking bot more. there is no going even in this game since season 3 or so. usually one side of the lane gets stomped. you just need to see that more lanes on your side win than lose.
I see your point. I guess it wasn't wise for me to assign percentages to the times it should happen. My point is that your bot lane will win 50% of the time, and lose 50% of the time, assuming you are doing what is expected of you in your elo. For example, if you're a jungler who ignores bot every game, it makes sense that they would lose more often than not.
Statistically speaking, your bot lane should win 30% of the time, go even 40% of the time, and lose 30% of the time. If you're a toplaner, you can gank bot with tp. If you're a jungler or midlaner, try ganking bot more.
: I am new to LoL I have played over 12,000 hours of HoN and DOTA 2 but mainly HoN. I will say that the skins do have an amazing amount of work put into them but I prefer Legendary skins they are of better quality in general and I am happy to spend the extra $5 and I think Riot needs to start considering making more legendary skins. Upon trying LoL for the first time it was a downgrade for me in the graphics department as you all know, but art in the map is beautiful and the new skins have been improving in terms of graphics. It was a hard transition for me to accept the much much lower quality graphics in this game however Riot appears to be putting in extra effort into the skins to try and balance it off. I hope they consider upgrading the Engine in this game at some point.
I don't think I agree with what you said about the graphics. Sure, there are some older models and stuff that look like crap, but Riot's modern quality of looks really nice. The map is actually fairly recent, and every inch of it is hand-painted. It took them years to update it, and it is very high quality. It's stylized. It's not supposed to be realistic.
Rioter Comments
: Actually no. Edit: seems the original terms comes from experiences players wanting to pwn some n00bs, still : One main purpose of smurfing for competitive game, is to have an account with your name (ie : faker), you use for competition purposes. And an account with another unknown nickname, where you can train and noone can use the knowledge of how you play or notice your weaknesses to use them against you in competition. In starcraft 2 for example, most of the progamers were trainning on their smurf, and the challenger league was full of nicknames : "IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" (and when I say "full" I mean 150 players out of 200 had this nickname in this league), because it allowed them to not be spotted. It allowed another good thing : you could train the same strategy again and again without being hard countered because you wouldnt know if this was the player you just faced and not just someone with the same nickname, it was especially usefull at higher levels (master/grandmaster), because you often meet the same people (I played the same guy like 6 time in a row when I was only top master). So no, the main goal of smurfing in most games is not to crush noobs, it's to train at the higher level without giving your opponents any clues on how you will play during the turnaments.
I did know that bit of history, but I think that the word has just been taken to mean something else now. Now, smurfing is a good player playing on a low level account for shits and giggles. It may have meant something else in the past, but a word is only as much as the meaning the speakers of a language give to it.
: > [{quoted}](name=SuperCakes,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=BmYixAkT,comment-id=00090002,timestamp=2017-06-23T04:33:13.158+0000) > >As an aside, I'm looking forward to getting you a dope AF Yorick skin after an unreasonably long wait. Thanks for the reply. Frankly, I'm not interested in "dope AF" Yorick skin. That sort of phrasing from a Riot employee doesn't mean much to me. Hell, a Rioter told me on Reddit that Yorick's rework would be "metal AF." It wasn't and he knew it, even if he would never admit it in public! So, when you make a "confident commitment" to getting Yorick a skin in that dev blog and say you look forward to getting a "dope AF" Yorick skin to me, be aware of everything I've been through as a League player. As a long time Yorick fan, I've been ridiculed by both Rioters and my fellow players for my choice in champion. I've experienced first hand the winces and groans from Rioters for telling them I was a Yorick fan. I've lost FB friendships with a few Rioters on your team/department because I keep pressing them for a Yorick skin. I've had multiple verbal scraps with Rioters (in person and over social media) about Yorick and his need for some positive attention from the company. I've even had the pleasure of meeting Ryze and Tryndamere after Season 3 Worlds and mentioned that Yorick really needed a skin to them. Also, I've been through all the "special snowflake" nonsense with other Rioters on the QA side of the skins department. How they say Yorick is a "tough champion to make skins for," despite Elise being just as tough and still having more options in half the time. I've been through the blatant hypocrisy of the skins team when they say that reworked champions need time to get a new skin since all their old skins count as new, then see them release Pool Party Taric and Pool Party Fiora weeks after their reworks because "they were inspired." And, I've heard the excuses from both Rioters and players about how "Yorick's just not popular and it's not profitable to make a skin for him," even though we all should know that excuse is complete nonsense. (I won't even mention how much money I've spent on this game, but it's probably enough to pay your salary for a week. Not that it should matter. Even a Yorick fan who's waited as long as I have and not dropped a dime for a skin should experience the same Riot love as every other fan.) So, with all that out of the way, what I'm really interested in is a Yorick skin that makes all that worthwhile. I'm interested in a Yorick skin that shows the ultimate level of creativity, effort, and love from this company, that they're willing to do their best to do right by a long neglected fan base and that they're willing to demonstrate their regret for making those players wait so long. I'm interested in a serious skin that helps promote a long neglected champion into being played and picked up by more players. And, I'm also interested in seeing if your team will continue to work on more Yorick skins after this one (at a faster cadence) or if you're just done with him for another 5 years. I've waited 6 years already, through all that nonsense. If I have to wait another ten and a half months to find out how confident your commitment really was, so be it. (And, to be complete, six years is not an "unreasonably long wait." It's teetering on the edge of "cruel and unusual" and no other fan base should ever have to experience that. Not even Teemo's.)
I respect your dedication, but I think you need to take a step back and think about what is truly valuable to you.
: Where are the new Riven and Yasuo skins?
Knowing Riot, they'll be released next Friday at midnight. jk. But for real, I hate how they do this every fucking time.
: New Yasuo & Riven Skins
I'm getting both. I hope they're out soon. I doubt they'll be out today cause 10:00 already passed. I just don't want them to delay until the last possible moment like they always do.
Joxcab (NA)
: Patch-tied skins literally have never come out on the patch release immediately any time recently. That's just a thing. It's going to take at least several hours, if not up to a day or so.
If we're talking some point later today, or even tomorrow, that's OK, and I don't mind that. I just don't want them to delay it until next Friday the way they did with PF Cait, and Elementalist Lux, the last 2 skins I've gotten excited about.
Rioter Comments
: This Year's Agenda for The United Coalition of Lux Supports
Please stop playing Lux support. She does literally nothing. What does she even bring to the lane? A weak ass shield? A 1 second snare? She has damage, granted, but if you want a mage support who can do big damage, there is no reason to pick her over Brand or Zyra or Annie.
: Calling MIA (it's the last two letters of Miss as in Missing).
I always thought it stood for "stay safe"
: {{champion:203}} round 2 http://i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/879/743/4cd.gif
I heard they were gonna be cho'gall from HOTS type. No official confirmation about that though.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: April 4
Did I catch you say "Champions" plural? 0_0
: CertainlyT...Stahp!
Have they mentioned who the designer for new WW is? His ult sounds like the kit Zenon had penciled a few years ago.
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