: Why did you main your champ?
{{champion:107}} When I got deleted in 0.1 seconds I fell in love. Plus its a fucking knife cat that's fucking cool as shit
I main the rock. Buff thornmail plz i need to fuck the adcs with 600 armor and some grieves wounds.
: Am i the only one who doesnt want Voice Chat in league?
My friends and I have been using discord to get people on our team into a voice chat. Discord is easy for people to use because you give the person a link they click it. Then it opens up in your browser and your set, No installing anything. If they are toxic you can ban them but out of the 20 games I have used it only one person was toxic.
: Don't you guys think maybe Graves is doing a little too much damage?
pshhh hes not doing the same damage as rengar or anything.
Saphixia (OCE)
: Who is your birthday Champion
tf tris temmo soraka sivir sion ryze nunu morgana master yi kayle jax fiddle ashe annie alistar and ww. I was born on feb 22 they were all released feb 21
Rebonack (NA)
: Why does Wit's have a 1050 gold combine cost?
: why is lb tether range so long?
he is compensating for something :)
: Here's a post where you can ask questions about the stuff I've worked on, and I'll try to answer.
What are your plans on kog maw. As a kog maw main i dont enjoy the champion anymore or his new machine gun play style much. And he feels much weaker then before this rework. I also think he might be to strong in organized play (team built on him).
: Who counters zed
Brand cho and malphite is what i play into zed
: How to win vs Zed:
i play malphite mid when i want to win lane vs zed
: Merry Christmas ADC Mains
i mained rengo cause i got pissed of at adcs. Now i delete them in under 0.1 secends pressing q e w hydra so ez
Rioter Comments
: Possibly, future adjustments would likely be more focused around frustration, further focusing her identity, or counterplay. We've made a lot of improvements over the patches to her but she is certainly a polarizing champion that is super fun for a lot of players but also frustrating for a lot as well. I strongly disagree she is "holding back" on-hit itemization. I don't think anyone is but if they are it's actually kog'maw himself atm since it's really difficult now to make an on-hit item that is solidly balanced for a group of champions that isn't broken for Kog, and we try to avoid making an item that only works on a single champion.
kog maw feels kind of shitty to play are there any plans on him?
: Wait he is not supposed to fall late game......
he falls of check champion.gg his winrate is worse late game then mid game
: Let's congratulate the new ADC with the lowest winrate and a way forward
the reason kog is trash is he falls of late game. Onhit is great mid game so is hybrid but you have to build both pens and the lack of hybeid items make him crap. I made a whole thread about it [Thread](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/usbXtrLJ-kog-maw-lost-his-identity-with-this-patch-please-riot-fix-him) He is bad because he is a hyper carry. Yet his damage falls of late game? Kogs winrate will drop once rage blade is nerfed his whole mid game depends on rage blade. He has a trash late game right now. He hits his damage spike with 3 items but he runs out of good onhit items after that. Please riot i want my kog maw i dont care if he aa 20 times a secend the old one was better more fun and less brain dead. Plus now i cant fucking kite what is this
Meddler (NA)
: [INTRO] Andrei “Meddler” van Roon - Lead Gameplay Designer
What are you guys planning for kog maw. He feels really bad to build and he falls off hard after mid game
: How do some people absolutely never get salty :p
I cant get salty with classical music on. Its like automatic no salt and gets me off tilt.
: [INTRO] Chris “Pwyff” Tom - Communications dude
Is kog maw going to be fixed i dont really enjoy his new play style
: Are you familiar with Replay.gg? I've got an AP Kog'maw replay just for you. http://www.replay.gg/search/na/Renascent#2035922706 Though AD Kog'maw does feel a little strange right now, I feel that AP Kog'maw still has excellent potential. His increased cooldown for his mana-stacking ulti cost to reset does feel a bit inconvenient, but that can be circumvented through sheer mana stacking. Late game, you can literally rain down a barrage of ults, which, when paired with a slow trail, make one of the best siege champions in the game. Fun fact, W may lower Kog'maw's AD damage by 55%, but it does NOT affect the AP tower damage. This gives AP Kog'maw impressive tower-killing potential, on par with other ADC's.
ill try that roa stack i still want ad kog to be useful
: Kog Maw lost his identity with this patch Please riot fix him
One more point kog has the lowest play rate meaning nobody likes to play him and that the win rate he has is from mains
: The problem is that champs like him, when strong, are way too good when coupled with a coordinated team. He is one of the champs that just cannot be tuned to be viable in solo q without being outrageous in teams. Sure, he could be changed, making him more mobile, or giving him some cc so that he can survive solo q, but you would then have to nerf his AS/range/%hp damage and obliterate the identity of kog. What I'm saying is that, for the sake of diversity, you're gonna kinda have to deal with him being unreliable in solo q.
Rioter Comments
Karcist (NA)
: Kog'maw's rework made his kit dull and boring to use
Kog is my main and i love the champion i have 325 games played with him. I fucking love this rework , I dont play kog to be guso or doublelift i play kog to bend people the fuck over. You do not outdamage kog as any adc. I fuck u. Mage please i have more burst then ur trash. Assassins unless ur yas ur killed in 1 secend. I enjoy the damage play style not the fancy vayne play style. They buffed this insane damage. U might say KOG TRASH 46% WINRATE JERKING MY COCK SUCKING DICK. However when u take the right masterys u have a 55% winrate. in plat above elo. The reason his winrate is so low is people sticking to the old kog or new kogs playing him. His damage was buffed. Q buff w buff e stayed same his r was buffed.(more damage to low targets takes like 1 secend to get a enemy to half health with his onhit) Lets be honest once u get rage blade ur 2v1ing bot lane. Tldr kog buffs love this new kog op as fuck guide to build him below. Rage blade: You use every stat this item has well its 5k gold for 2.8k. Takes u less then 2 secends to stack without hurricane and less then 1 with hurricane. Hurricane and shiv: Wanna fuck bitches me too get these 2 items the magic dam aoe dam crit dam is stupid. Aoe magic dam crits with onhit Hextech: "Thornmail guts kog so op nerf nerf kog trash" Stfu and build this item heals of the damage u do. AKA a lot of damage= a lot of healing qss/banshee/void/lw/zonya/bortk Damage or defense whatever u feel like. Runes Kog is now hybrid i find myself sometimes doing more ap then ad sometimes more ad then ap. So we build those sexy hybrid runes. Double pen the way taric sona and ahri like it. as quints and the rest is adc pleb crap. go on champion.gg and copy that 58% winrate mastery page. For those bitching about his mid game the rage blade is cheaper then tri so earlier power spike=more bitches Stop bitching play the champion uhhhhnnnggggg
Saixos (EUW)
: Proof of concept! I was irelia c:
What happens when u reach 10000 ping due to ur mom rendering some massive 10 gb vid or so some shit
: That was true for 5.22, but games are much longer on average now, and it has become clear that the *real* counter to him is {{item:3075}}. He suffers roughly twice as much from the return damage as any other champion. He pretty much *cannot* use his W or attack any target with a Thornmail at the risk of completely killing himself first. The way his new 5.0 attack speed cap interacts with Thornmail was the one devastating oversight with his redesign that Rito forgot to address. he doesn't need more damage, or better late game, or longer games to get to late game, he just needs some way to not be made obsolete by a single item.
I find hex tech gunblade to counter thorn because u heal off the damage u deal
: How many of you have ever bought a Champion because of his/her lore?
cho gath he was so BIG and the bot looked so cool plus the cho bot rekt me in lane
: The reason is that Kog'maw is a late game carry and most games aren't getting to late game right now. Also in solo que the teams are very unorganized and Kog'maw is a fragile glass cannon so you have to protect him for him to be able to do anything. He will most likely be one of the first picks in the LCS because they will know how to utilize him well.
his winrate late game is 51% it used to be 56. his damage also fell from number 1 to number 5
Rioter Comments
: I do love the Brand and Swain nerfs, but you have to remember Riot
as a brand main they nerfed the mana cost by 20 i never built mana regen on brand and this wont force anyone too. His burst stays the same with 20 extra mana on his w thats like the mana buff they gave to kha
: Kog'Maw isn't weak because he's undertuned
kog maw was completely gutted old kog had a powerful level 6, tri force power spike, and mid game. before this patch kog could be played with with any support kill lane poke or peel and do well now hes trash till 40 min and still trash at 40min
: > [{quoted}](name=MasterSomething,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MQXvditE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-11-17T00:15:30.886+0000) > > Kog was originally designed to be protected while he deals tons of damage. This. Kog's theoretical DPS is leagues beyond other ADCs theoretical DPS... the problem is that in practical terms, Kog will have a very difficult time reaching such a thing. They can't make Kog easier because that would break him... or they would have to drastically nerf his damage potential, leading to a homogenization of ADCs again.
This is true he has the highest theoretic damage however it is impossible to achieve this without a 4 man team build around it, for the casual player this is not possible. His damage also dropped an average of 8k from 29k to 21.5k
Rioter Comments
: Today as Kog'maw, I have experienced true terror.
a sad day for the kog maw 39% winrate gj riot http://champion.gg/champion/KogMaw/ADC
Rioter Comments
: When the game has been going on for 50+ mins, and you really need to pee
: Is there even going to be a point to building health this preseason?
u build health when ur tahm kench to do more damage other then that you dont need health
DoFr (NA)
: as a Nautilus jungle main, new jungle is absolute bonkers
or the jungle tahms who 3 shot assassins while having 4.5k-5.5k health with sated UNBENCH IT
: So I Heard Season 6 is the Rise of Marksman
: Tank Mains and AP/Mage Mains Need to Unite Against AD Oppressors
malphite kog maw and rengar main so i love season 6
: Can we have an AP Jungle Item for Fid, Karth, Brand etc?
I finds brands first clear to be trash but once i pick up trail or rune q aa e aa w aa it like a 2 secend clear
Haestro (NA)
: Is Brand ult supposed to fizzle when it hits Fiora's Riposte?
Yeah as a brand main in teamfights that is really annoying
: darius needs a ****ing nerf bad!!!
would rather have darius be stupidly op then someone who can gap close.
riot can use all the scripts with the bots and make them op. perfect csing perfect mechanics and a team fight script for all of them and boom 5 monster bots
ExHentai (NA)
: They Are Coming - ALIENS
Kog maw plz ur daddy lets see him
: Attention all bronze players!
I like normals more plus i cant 4 man q in ranked
Bombardox (EUW)
Void kog maw daddy plz. If kog maw is so fun how fun will his big daddy be
Blakers1 (NA)
: To all the TSM fans who have mocked me...
clg played very well that game. I wish it was 5 games because i paid to go there and i wanted to see more zion plays. I liked the kog maw doe
: Why is everyone so mean to me for being new?
find a 5 man q and mute the other team
dEAdbUs (EUW)
: Riven can build LW first item. Her cc and mobility let her ignore Malph pretty easy. If it's good Riven that know her limits, she can stay vs Malph easy, and mb even kill him. It's a stereotype that all Riven players go all in on every level. Some players may chech how you react on aggression on early levels, and then simply farm, using tp to pick up kills somewhere else.
the way i respond is drop the e walk back she takes aggro and i go back to csing. She wont get fed from top and in teamfights if i land a good r we won the game. Malphite also counters ad champions with his 500 armor that he can easily get and 150+ mr. Dont forget malphite has a 50% as slow and his e w scale with armor while his w scales increases armor. I would rather have a tank mal then a riven
: "IF My champion gets played in the lcs they will be nerfed hard"
turtle pretty much made my kog maw adc main un nerfed for the next year
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