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Porocles (NA)
: Nope! As long as you have the icon unlocked you'll have the border, you won't need to have it equipped.
Awesome thanks! Though one more thing, for the border icon, do I have to get the entire "New Horizon Set" Bundle or can I just buy the Star Guardian Ezreal - First Star Edition?
Porocles (NA)
: The border is tied to the summoner icon included in the bundle. Once the bundle is no longer available, neither will the icon. Without the icon, the border won't be available. The border will be permanent once obtained. Let me know if that clears things up!
So the icon is what produces the border, and must be equipped in order to see it?
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: dat 44 CS at 18 minutes OP.
Lmao yeah pretty bad early game for me, lots of poke
: Your fucking username though. I love it. Here, have our upvote. {{champion:202}} _"It's a shame our highest kill record in ARAM is only 22. Two more kills and it would've been perfect. I do admire this work, though."_
: Who would win? Real men don't need shields
: Order is gunna win and here's why
: Rengar was not expecting Renekton to invade his jungle
Or maybe that's Skarl saying hi to {{champion:76}}
singiel38 (EUNE)
: You forgot to buy 3 potions co you could have 4 of them, and mute 4 players. Your fourth skill, ultimate, should have been on 4 cd instead of 17. Also QWE should've been on 4 cd. And that's shame you hadn't a 44 ping :(
I had to sell my potions to get 444 Gold, and well my internet is too garbage to manage 44 ping lol lowest I've gotten was 65
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Kshaway (NA)
: Might as well say goodbye to these guys:{{champion:157}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:99}}
Sucks when I'm a Fizz main and now that everyone is playing him I am forced to rank down in ranked...
: 10 bans now live in Ranked
I had 1 tiny shred of hope left in ever playing Fizz in ranked again and now that's just been taken from me
: Why is AD/bruiser Fizz even allowed to exist? AP Fizz > Bruiser Fizz
: Can I Ashe a question?
_{{champion:202}} teresting_
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: Everyone arguing whether Demacia or Noxus is more manly...
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: Looking for bronze player to duo with me so I can climb
Bronze l Jhin/Fizz/Sion can play many other roles if needed
: looking for friendly dedicated players
Bronze l, need good players to queue with (I keep getting paired with trolls)
Bultz (NA)
: Yasuo Main vs "Yasuo Main"
Yasuo mains aren't as bad as Riven or Katarina mains.
: Jex dah chump
Looks like every Riven main ever
: When Nocturne ults, but doesn't dash to anyone
abdul569 (EUW)
: When the fed Nidalee is after you
: Varus was not even broken at all, it's because of Riot trash balancing that made him and jinh broken because of their poke from a long range. Jinh last shot for his case* but seriously he was balance, it's just a horrible balance team Riot has in place that keeps on messing with the game over and over non stop. Heck the balance team are starting to listen to the to high damage feed back after 6 months and are starting to lower practically every mastries. Every single lethality item has so much passive or a special feature with a item that gives high damage.
{{champion:202}} can be countered by any assassin he's only OP if your team leaves him alive.
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Vhan8765 (NA)
: Riot is at it again; look at these absolutely AMAZING DISCOUNTS!
I liked the thing they did where you get a discounts such as 20% off or 50% off a random set of skins of champions you own.
: How to search for players in North America?
I am not looking for a specific person, just trying to find players of a certain level / rank in general.
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: i'm fucking tired of jayce seriously
Yes please nerf this champ he's ridiculous Rito. I was playing {{champion:14}} and 10 minutes in I was ganked top lane and so the {{champion:126}} was 1/0/0. So I teleport back and then he randomly f*cking did 90% of my health without ulting or anything. Our jungler was really bad and never came top once so I was forced to hide under the turret for like 15 minutes, but even then he was still able to kill me under the turret. He would leap under the turret and do like 60% of my hp in 1 hit, then I'd start running off and he simply shoots his cannon ball at me to finish me off. I just started using my ult to get back to my turret to protect it before it came down because I had to keep running back so often. Please nerf this hilarious champion Rito. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}

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