: Clash NA launch canceled due to technical issues
I understand everyone's frustration but honestly a lot of work gets put into this kind of thing and code running and alot more complicated than people take it to be. Plus, the issues started happening yesterday and when they realized how big of an impact it would have been and larger than the beta launch, they cancelled it. At least they care enough to make sure things are 110%. Yea your schedules are "screwed" and times "wasted" but give them some slack, will ya? Let's hope its next weekend instead the following. Then again, Riot, take all the time you need, I understand completely. P.S. Nunu would be cool as a shape shifter like Elise or specialty shifter like Jayce. Just something I was thinking about with some friends recently. :P
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: My friend Lost a game in Promos due to my mistake/remake.
Thanks, guys. She finally got to Silver 5 with some extra work. Thnks for replies and I'll pay attention next time :P. Peace. XD
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: 8 man league, 7 spots left
7 spots, will start when full
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: Your Store is Bugged
I've been trying to access the store to gift, buy skins, etc. Store is extremely slow down to 7 sec delay on performing every task, gifts won't go thru; all i can do is buy RP.


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