UnityOE (NA)
: Why does the Glacial stun affect stack?
Glacial is incredibly weak right now. Let it stack
Barkley (NA)
: Why do I need to run around to collect items/gold?
Good point. There's no reason not to pick up gold/items. This should be automatic like it was when the game was first released. Anybody else remember the automatic item pickup when the game first came out? The good old days...
: Single player TFT mode?
This is a great idea.
koshkyra (NA)
: I lose lp when coming in 4th place
I agree losing LP for winning a match is complete bs. Riot needs to fix this game asap
Dekusol (NA)
: please remove healing prevention
I feel the exact opposite. They should remove exceptions to heal prevention such as Lulu's ult. Fkn overpowered nonsense.
: You have to stop playing for LPs you'll feel way way better.
Ðïana (NA)
: It's not a heal, because a heal would be replacing health which has previously been lost - AKA Healing damage. Lulu's ult on the other hand ADDS NEW HEALTH. As in it gives you bonus health to work with. It doesn't heal the damage you've already taken, it just adds more health to use. Imagine you have a 1Liter bottle, that is half full of water(500ml). Magically the bottle is turned into a 2Liter bottle, and is filled 3/4 full(1500ml) - You're still lacking the same 500ml that you were before the bottle size was increased, you simply have more water to work with. Using a potion is a heal, buying a ruby crystal is adding health. There is a difference, and always has been a difference. If you don't understand that, that's fine - But don't call everyone else liars just because they actually understand that.
They are replacing health that they previously lost. That's what a heal is. Before Lulu's ult lets say a unit has 2 hp, but after Lulu's ult that same unit will have more than 2 hp and you don't call that a heal? Are you stubborn or what
: It isn't though. They just keep the bonus health they gained from it increasing their max hp.
"bonus health they gained" - That's what a heal is. Gaining health. I swear you ppl are dense.
Teh Song (NA)
: In League of Legends healing and arbitrarily acquiring bonus health that isn't from healing are two seperate things, mechanically distinct, and barely even comparable. Red buff disables healing, it does not disable arbitrarily granted bonus health that isn't healing. Compare it too killing an enemy with damage vs killing an enemy with an execution ability. Damaging an enemy until it's health is 0 kills it, while using an execution ability on an enemy below threshold gives it the death status effect without technically dealing any damage. Two completely different things.z You should also think in percentages. Before lulu, you have 10% health. After Lulu, you have 10% health. No health was gained, no healing was done.
Before lulu's ult a unit has a certain amount of hp. After her ult that unit has more hp. That's called gaining hp. That's called a heal. I can't make it any simpler for you. Why are you being so stubborn?
tires (NA)
: Kass does get focused down though, because he’s melee and always in a front line. Having any carry hit him negates the shield rather quickly, because unless he’s itemized for extreme attack speed he can’t generate enough shield to keep from getting knocked out by damage dealers, especially because your front line will be the one getting mana burned/attacked by kass. The heal on lulu is not good. It delays an inevitable death. Even a 3star lulu adding 650 health is negatable by any carry hitting what, two to three more crits? It’s a joke if you think that’s worthy of making her a 4-5 cost. Not to mention if you raised her cost it would be nearly impossible to upgrade her as a unit, making her heal even lower (a tier 1 heal on her is only 300 which is laughable). The best arrangements are not always bunched together. That’s the standard arrangement everyone runs but you have to rearrange your team if you’re not seeing success. If you notice you’re dying because of a large aoe and don’t do anything to try to fix your problem, that’s your own fault and not anivia/Sejuani/cho being a broken champ. Aatrox does not heal off his ability: “Aatrox's Ability The Darkin Blade TFT The Darkin Blade Aatrox cleaves the area in front of him, dealing damage to enemies inside it. Damage: 250 / 600 / 950 Mana Cost: 75 Starting Mana: 0” Sources: https://rankedboost.com/league-of-legends/teamfight-tactics/aatrox/ https://tftactics.gg/champions/aatrox https://www.metasrc.com/tft/champion/aatrox https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Teamfight_Tactics:Aatrox https://lolchess.gg/champions/aatrox?hl=en-US Can’t look up something that doesn’t exist. Again, no mention of healing on Aatrox ability anywhere. If you can’t break through the frontline to get damage on Karthus prior to his ult going off then you should reevaluate your damage dealers. That still doesn’t change the fact that his ability is strong because he’s one of the hardest champs to obtain via rolling (from a statistical standpoint, 5 costs are hardest to obtain). Cho has a larger aoe ability than Sejuani. Source: https://i.redd.it/cq4owwl57ld31.gif Shens ability does not make him worthy of being a 5 cost. I can agree that he could have his starting mana be dropped but outside of that he doesn’t need to be changed. Shiv and ionic spark are both negligible damage after early game because 100 damage on a unit with 2000+ health is laughable. At that point in the game it’s like the equivalent of a human being bit by an ant. Is it annoying? Yes. Will it be the end of your life? No. It’s a negligible nuisance at most. Sword breaker literally is an item counter though. You just said it yourself. If a unit can’t attack it can’t use its items. Therefore, it’s an item counter.
You are simply mistaken about Aatrox's ability. He heals for dmg dealt by his ult. Either that, or they very recently changed it so that it doesn't heal anymore. I suggest you look up what Aatrox's abilities USED TO DO before you pretend to know what you're talking about. Your source for cho's aoe being larger is a video that clearly oly shows cho's ult? [EDITED BY MODERATION - ULANOPO] Having a carry hit Kass would do the same as having a carry hit anyone. You're not helping your point by saying he can be focused down by a carry. lmao The heal on lulu is insanely good because it give health based on max hp. Also it can heal multiple times in a single round. Also it knocks up. I didn't say the best arrangements are ALWAYS bunched up. I said MOST arrangements are bunched up. Ionic spark and shiv are not negligible dmg bc they proc multiple times in a single match and effect multiple units simultaneously. Didn't you consider that? lmao Sword breaker is a unit counter. If a unit happens to have an item on it, then of course it prevents the use of that item. You're making a round-about argument and its dishonest.
: 1) Demon is 25-45% chance to FULL BURN AS DAMAGE. Kass is 20-40 Burn converted into a shield. I wouldn't call the 45% nor the burn amount SMALL. 2) No. She's not. 3) She is not by default a Sorcerer, so yes; it does take time to charge. 4) Normal aatrox = 700-1000 damage Skill. Sorcerer Aatrox = up to 2500 damage skill on a 2 second cooldown. 6) No one in Plat uses Shiv..... One proc per 3 attacks for as little damage as it does is a joke.
1. Compared to 100% of the time without needing other units to complete a synergy? You can't be serious. 2. Her ult does ignore red buff. You're mistaken. 3. She's wild which increases her attack speed, so no, it doesn't. 4. What's your point? 5. Everyone uses shiv. Everyone. You're simply mistaken.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dunker,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=e4YfUkWn,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-08-03T23:10:18.567+0000) > > No, there isn't. Gaining health and regenerating health are synonymous. It's not my fault that you don't understand game mechanics: [Health](https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Health) and [Healing](https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Healing). Read those.
Before lulu's ult a unit has a certain amount of hp. After her ult a unit has more hp. That's called a heal. You can stop being dishonest now.
Toadwart (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dunker,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=e4YfUkWn,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-03T23:09:15.300+0000) > > Gaining health is what a heal IS. The two are one and the same. If Lulu's ult merely increased their health cap, then they wouldn't actually gain any health. The fact that lulu's ult increases a units health means its a heal. Thats what a heal is. Sorry, you are interjecting what you believe it to be and that is not what it is.
No, you're trying to make a nonsensical semantic argument based on a misunderstanding of what the word "heal" means. Its dishonest. At least admit that gaining health is a heal.
tires (NA)
: None of these are that bad. Kassadin is practically useless outside of early game as he can easily be focused down and deleted by any carry within seconds after like level 6. Lulu isn’t that strong. Annoying yes, primarily the knockup, but she’s not that good and extremely squishy. Nidalee is lowkey a joke especially with red buff or morello. Even in full wild comps I don’t find Nidalee to be a threat. Anivia isnt much of a problem if you alter your positioning to not be stacked together. Aatrox just got nerfed. He also doesn’t heal unless you itemize him to, I don’t know where you got that info? Karthus is a 5 cost, of course his ability is strong. However it’s interruptable and a long cast time that can easily be stunned/killed during Sejuani aoe isn’t the largest. Cho’s aoe is much larger. Shen is annoying but not much different ult wise than kindred. He shouldn’t start with as much mana as he does tho, that’s the only thing I agree about for what his ability does. As for the items, I don’t see shiv as much of a problem outside early game. Ionic spark isn’t as op as people make it out to be. And sword breaker is a direct counter to items like hush/cursed blade/heal items (gunblade/bloodthirster) etc.
Kassadin's mana burn passive remains painfully oppressive throughout the entire game. He doesn't get "focused down" quickly because of his second passive: a shield that regrows everytime he auto attacks. The knock up is irrelevant. Its the heal that makes lulu op. In your opinion a unit that heals itself and other units on hit without items is not a threat? Hmmm If you've ever played tft, you know the best arrangements (other than assassins) are always bunched together to protect the backline. Aatrox does heal based on the damage his ability does. Its incredibly overpowered. Look it up. Its only interruptible if you get to Karthus in the first 5 seconds of the match before he casts it. Cho's aoe is not larger than Sej's. Spitting straight facts here. Kindred's ult is locked in place even if she moved by something like gnar's ult. Shen can move around with his ult active. You're simply trolling if you think shiv isn't good late game. Same with ionic spark. Sword breaker isn't an item counter its a unit counter. Of course units with items aren't going to be able to use them. You're not making any sense.
: 1) Kass is weak because the shield and drain amount are FIXED by the skill. Damage far exceeds what he can usually soak. it also pales to Demon by FAR. 2) Lulu isn't part of any high elo strategy. It's cute at beginner random games, but bigger games are won by damage, not repeatedly adding HP to one unit. 3) Nidalee takes a long time to charge and easily is negated by items, and is single target and takes a long time to do her job. 4) Aatrox only one shots if he has Sorcerer.... 5) Sejuani IS Tier 4..... 6) Shiv is garbage and is mitigateable damage. 7) Ionic Spark has uses but is by far not the most OP item. You can normally kill an Ionic user before it becomes dangerous. 8) Sword Breaker; up there, but only on specific units (Trist/Lucian)
1. Its better than demon because demon has a small chance to proc whereas Kass' auto attacks have a 100% chance to burn mana. 2. Lulu is strong throughout the entire game because of her ult which ignores red buff. 3. Nidalee is wild which means it takes no time for her attacks to "charge up" her ult. 4. You are mistaken. 5. Oh. I've edited my post to reflect this 6. You're the only person who think shiv is bad. 7. Most people put spark on the backline making that statement completely false. 8. Yeah, like all ranged units.
Febos (EUW)
: There's a difference between **gaining** and **regenerating** (aka healing) HP. Lulu's ability specifically says "Lulu grants an ally **bonus Health**". It doesn't say "Heal an ally". To contrast, Warwick is "while healing himself". Red Buff description has "disable healing".
No, there isn't. Gaining health and regenerating health are synonymous. That's my entire point.
: Its not a "heal". Its granting bonus Max hp. You have the same % of health, so therefore it isn't a heal.
No, its not. If it merely increased the max HP bar, then the unit wouldnt actually gain any health. The fact that the unit gains health makes it a heal by definition of the word heal.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kitsune Kawaii,realm=EUNE,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=e4YfUkWn,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-08-03T21:56:17.882+0000) > > Aren't rules different in TFT? No. > [{quoted}](name=Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=e4YfUkWn,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-03T21:57:27.497+0000) > > There's a difference between **gaining** and **regenerating** (aka healing) HP. > > Lulu's ability specifically says "Lulu grants an ally **bonus Health**". It doesn't say "Heal an ally". > To contrast, Warwick is "while healing himself". > > Red Buff description has "disable healing".
Gaining health is what a heal IS. The two are one and the same. If Lulu's ult merely increased their health cap, then they wouldn't actually gain any health. The fact that lulu's ult increases a units health means its a heal. Thats what a heal is.
: Little Legends Series Egg Guide
We should be able to simply purchase the little legend that we want. Stop holding back content with RNG
Rioter Comments
: So is Mord just a garbage version of AAtrox?
Mord is by far the most garbage unit in the entire game. Its only use is for phantom buff
: My all too frequent experience with Krugs
Positioning. Place all 5 units on the right-hand side below the lone-krug. Two directly below, one below that, and two below that. All five should be directly under the lone-Krug. Make sure your ranged units are furthest away and you win every time.
: TFT: We shouldn't fight the same enemy 4-6 times in a row.
This. I mean come ON riot. I know you can do better
AuronRoo (NA)
: Static Shiv
It was reduced to 70 dmg per proc and its still overpowered. This item can change the entire game. Almost as broken as ionic spark.
Glacial isn't broken. It rarely procs and when it does, you still get bodied by better builds. Glacial build has plummeted to B tier now that power creep has become the solution to "balancing" thanks to riot
kourouphs (EUNE)
: Leaver Buster System
Agreed. Riot is a piece of shit company with employees that just don't care.
: vayne is so useless
Truth. I usually go rangers and vayne is by far the most useless
: Sleeping on anivia?
Anivia is completely broken. A GIANT aoe that deals dmg, slows attack speed, procs glacial, AND it doesn't go away when anivia dies. WTF riot?!?
Agreed. They should either make item drops the same number for everyone, or make items purchasable with gold.
: Walking away for higher placement
No idea what you're trying to say. I read and reread your comment and I just don't know what you're attempting to communicate.
IWrath (NA)
: The one thing that has been "grinding my gears."
Its just as useless as demon item if you have no demons. Same with glacial if you have no glacials. That's why the dragon stage should not be able to drop an item that makes a unit into "X type"
: Don't Allow Item Stacking
This. Item stacking is ruining the game
: ... ? Pretty much any strategy game involves making a decision between having lots of weak units, few powerful units, or a middle ground of unit quantity and strength. Stacking items on a single champion is PART OF THE GAME. I believe the intention of the Hextech origin on the PBE is to counter players that stack items, but I think (hope) it is bugged right now because it is actually deleting items instead of suppressing them for the round.
That's not what this thread is about. When people say "stacking" they are referring to multiples of the SAME item on a single champion. For example, 3 static shivs on a vayne.
Tofu Egg (NA)
: remove item stacking
I agree 100%. Item stacking is ruining this already broken game
Tecness0 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=IWrath,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=jUN9b6Wx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-01T19:35:28.043+0000) > > {{item:1011}} + {{item:1031}} = {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Did you read the thing? He said he has red buff on a 3 star lucian. As for fighting nobles, maybe go void with it's true damage?
Cräfty (EUW)
: 6 Noble buff is OP. Units are literally unkillable and they heal up all the damage dealt to them.
Agreed. Noble buff is beyond broken. I'm just glad its nearly impossible to find all 6
Jabriel (NA)
: Glacial is overpowered and should be reworked or nerfed.
No, it was relatively strong upon TFT first release, but now other builds have made glacial into a A tier comp at best.
: Why does riot hate nobles??
Noble buff is too strong.
: How to make TFT more enjoyable! APPLY ALL THE OWNED SKINS
IWrath (NA)
: Karthus needs a hotfix nerf.
Even without items, Karthus is too strong. His ult isn't an aoe - its unblockable.
: TFT hub
I'm getting impatient. Was literally a few points away from completing the BETA pass rewards.
: PLEASE equalize item drop rates
This. Either equalize item drops across the board, or allow us to use gold to purchase items. This rng shit is unfair and makes the game noncompetitive.
: Teamfight Tactics has severely limited design space for future champion releases
They need to STOP releasing new units altogether. Its already too difficult to find the unit I need. Add more to the pool and it will even harder.
: Comp matters pretty heavily lmao. I had perfect items on a Lulu running Yordles. I lost. Why? Because I never found a Gnar. All three things - Items, champions, and comp, matter quite a lot.
Items matter more than team comp. If you have a full build all 9 units that are 2star or higher, then items will make the difference.
: The RNG is too powerful. Allow us to Buy Items instead of leaving it up to chance
Agreed. The rng is just not fair. At the very least, every player should get the same number of items. Not the same items, just the same amount of items.
LQRider (NA)
: During the carousel I choose the item not the champion. (Am I alone?)
We're forced to do that because of how important items are in this game mode. At the very least they should change the item rng to gaurantee the same number of items for every player. Not the same items, just the same number of items.
: UPDATE 3v3
I guess you haven't heard. Riot is getting rid of twisted treeline altogether soon. RIP 3s
: Rage quitters should best uninstall the game if they wanna behave like this.
While I sympathize with you on "rage" quitters, I think that quitting can be a useful tool to teach ragers not to be so toxic. They can't win 4v5 so when you quit they'll know next time not to insult people like a child.
: What do you MEAN I can't just BUY the Little Legend I want?
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