: You can start by air blowing all the dust out of your computer case, even if it puts a load on your computer your pc should never shutdown because of it unless there is a serious heat issue because thats pretty much only one of 3 reasons a pc would power down like that.
Will do Sounds very plausible will take your feedback into consideration TY {{sticker:garen-swing}}
: i notice heavy lag FPS when infernal ( red color) morde ults me but smooths out in a bit. keep in mind i have a high performance computer. plus its harder to see than the black shadow realm.
Thank you for the feedback It helps {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Pizza Delivery Sivir finally happening!?
I am really hoping to see that galio skin {{sticker:galio-happy}} And i was wondering if you guys would add a chicken joke to his voice commands too. It would be really cool

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