: > [{quoted}](name=RedRakan,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=Mjx7bql6,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-03-31T15:17:36.587+0000) > > I understand your frustration as a TSM fan, but you should also understand these past 2 years we dominated in NA LCS and had large win amounts with minimal losses. If TSM could destroy competition at home what makes you think the teams TSM beat would have done any better? C9 indeed has done better the past two years making it out of groups.
Sure, that's true. Two years ago, however, C9 had a cake group and TSM was in the group of death. Last year TSM failed hard no doubt. But TSM had aspirations of going far in the tournament and failed hard. Everyone knew C9 couldn't really compete against top tier teams. They did better against lesser competition and advanced but TSM still would've had a much better chance at beating the top teams. As an NA fan, if you wanted an NA team with the best chance at making Semis, it was still clearly TSM.
Zhugan (NA)
: "Best last 3-4 weeks of any team" when in the past 3-4 weeks 100T lost fewer games than TSM WHILE ALSO BEATING TSM IN A DIRECT HEAD-TO-HEAD GAME. So they were literally NOT the 'best last 3-4 weeks of any team'. Good lord, people just love the 'TSM is the best' narrative even when it is just objectively not true.
In the last four weeks of the regular season TSM was 9-1 and 100 Thieves was 8-1. While it's true that 100 Thieves was the one team that beat TSM, it is not true that they lost fewer games. I'm not saying that TSM SHOULD'VE been the favorite, I was just saying that given their recent performance and history helped to explain why. I never said "TSM is the best" so not sure where you got that. Good day.
: Glad we getting new NA teams in MSI and all that but...
I highly doubt that it will be reverted back because Riot lost money relatively speaking. I don't think it is due as much to the return to Bo1s as much as franchising and all the changes that has brought to the NA scene.
Zhugan (NA)
Well, perhaps they were the favorite because they probably had the best last 3 or 4 weeks of any team, and also, they are TSM, but frankly, the whole split was pretty wide open, so I don't think this is necessarily a huge shock. As a TSM fan I am a little sad, but realistically, they were going to not make Finals at some point. Spring is the better time for it to happen. I understand why people want to see another team at Worlds. Overall, I think the NA scene is continuing to get better but probably still quite a bit behind the top Eastern Regions.
: NA LCS: Format update for 2018
I personally don't agree with the decision. And it sure seems that most fans feel the same way. But the reason NA lags behind as a region isn't so much the BO1s don't prepare teams for World's. At least it's not one of the biggest reasons. It's more of just the complete infrastructure that exists in Korea around the eSports industry is way ahead of where NA is. I do think that BO3's do have a small, positive impact on preparing teams better because they get more games in. If I actually trusted Riot in their statement about improving practice and scrimmage time with NA teams, I wouldn't mind it so much. But Riot's history is just very poor and they've always come across to me as greedy money-grubbers. At least in this instance, they are being honest when they say that BO1s make us more money. If you really are pissed off about this, you could just boycott watching the NALCS starting next year. If enough people do that, then Riot will surely reverse the decision. If there is one thing we can trust Riot to do, it's act in the best interests of making them the most money.
Meanie40 (NA)
: Worst: The knockout draw. C'mon, how can the clear top 4 teams all be on one side of the bracket. RIP the finals at Staples.
I know, this seems to happen almost every year. It seems like the 2 best teams end up playing in the Semis and the Finals is just a foregon conclusion. Was really hoping for at least the possibility of a Rox VS SKT Final, but looks like the 2 best teams will play in the Semis again.
: I started reading this article super hype and then I realized who ever wrote this spent more time on saying how sad it was that TSM and CLG were eliminated than about the fact that C9 is in the semi finals. The only thing said about them is " Cloud9 can count on many TSM and CLG fans to hop on their wagon send them their energy". WTF are you serious you can tell the author of this article favors TSM and CLG. Also I really like ANX they are a great team and very fun to watch but they aren't the only underdogs. If I went back 2 month ago and started a poll on which NA team would make it to worlds I know that it would be TSM and CLG with the majority but the fact that they were eliminated and C9 is in the quarter finals is way more important than the sob story about TSM and CLG at least it is to me.
Probably just because the overwhelming story from NA's perspective is TSM's failure considering they were considered either the best or maybe 2nd best Western team ever going into Worlds. C9 didn't exactly look great yesterday and, despite a pretty decent draw, not much is expected of them. Count C9 out at your own peril, though.
: You do realize SSG only got stomped cause they tried playing TSM's game first time around? Ambition came out and said this in an interview. He said they would not lose again and he kept his word.
Well TSM played their worst match of the entire tournament in the 2nd game against SSG and SSG still struggled to close the game out.
: Thank You TSM (Spoiler)
So much negativity from people. TSM under-performed but they had so much pressure on them. If more teams do what TSM has done than more NA teams will improve and help to make the region as a whole better. Korean and Chineses teams are used to facing excellent competition in their leagues and learn to deal with the pressure there and International events are almost a step down for them. Whereas a really good NA team, like TSM, just roflstomps everyone at home and isn't accustomed to being really challenged.
GForce9x (NA)
: Getting tired of TSM losing in picks/bans
Definitely agree with you on the RNG game. TSM was actually out-team-fighting RNG, which is one of the best team-fighting teams in the world. But their comp was so bad for team-fighting. Once they got behind they basically had no way to get back into the game. All they had to do was put Hauntzer on Gnar or Poppy and their comp is fine. The SSG game their comp was early to mid-game focused and they honestly got screwed by Bjergsen's 2 early deaths. Which is something that almost never happens, so I really don't blame them for the comp that game. But they made a lot of mistakes in that game. The SSG game, to me, is the game that will haunt the team the most.
: I'm so proud of TSM
Troll thread tbh
msk51 (NA)
To me, the biggest question mark is Doublelift. He's been around a while and I've heard rumors about this being his last year as a pro. He actually had one of his best seasons so I don't think he'll retire, but you never know. I don't really see any one else leaving, but that's just me.
: The draws have been really good for NA/EU
SSG may have played somewhat better than Rox, but Bo5's are a different animal, and I would still much rather face SSG than Rox. I mean SSG is mostly about about Crown and I don't think it's that hard to put him at a disadvantage. Teams were just dumb to give him Viktor and I don't think anyone will let him play that again.
: SSG "weakest" of Korean teams, yet the "weakest" Korean team smashed the "best NA team ever" this week, along with everyone else in their group. C9 only beat IM.
They beat TSM, yes. However, smashed is not accurate. "Smashed" would be what they did to Splyce and RNG. Both teams made a lot of mistakes that game and SSG had much better late game comp. They won b/c game went late. Worst game Bjergsen has played in quite a while. SSG is a solid team, though.
: NA made fun of EU. NOW what?
NA still had a better showing than EU overall. One day of god-like play from an up-and-down team like H2K doesn't change that. TSM disappionted no doubt, but CLG was better than expected and C9 at least met expectations, arguably was better than expected.
: TSM is 0-2 in head to head matches against RNG, which is why they don't get a tie breaker.
It's just bad luck in my opinion that RNG played like Garbage against every other team but played legitimately well in both games against TSM. When RNG plays well they are act pretty good. That's what happens, though. All the groups other than SKT's group were pretty close and when u have a bad day like TSM did yesterday, you could be out.
Totalis (NA)
C9 and TSM both lost in Quarters in Season 4 I believe.
: I won my first fantasy split decisively and went undefeated last split. I don't agree with your method of picking. you always want to pick highest point scoring positions first (adc, mid, top) to secure the "safest" points, then fill in the other positions with good players.
As a veteran of Fantasy Sports for a number of years, I disagree with you. It's about scarcity. If there are, say, only 5 good junglers and a big drop-off at number 6 vs. about 12 good ADCs that are fairly even, it may be smarter to grab the jungler earlier because you can still grab a good ADC later on. You'll gain more points by making sure you get a good player at a scarce position than you lose by getting the #3 ADC vs. say the #10 ADC. This is, of course, based on your own opinions of which positions have the most depth.There are enough changes and Fantasy LCS is still so new that I don't know how confident anyone can be about this stuff.
: I dont understand why this final will be played in a stadium with 23.000 seats less than last year
It's not in Korea, meaning they don't need all those seats?
: I think TSM need to get crushed by an NA team in a Bo5 before they admit they have problems. So many excuses coming from them.
TSM knows that they have problems. I mean they did bring in Keith. It's just that TSM, unlike most other NA eSports organizations, is actually professional and keeps their problems in house. I think some of TSM's recent problems have been in small part due to experimentation (Orianna, Ezreal, for example) but there are also clear problems that there are no excuse for such as Santorin's recent bad performances or Dyrus' terrible item choices. Why in the world would they come out and say, "Yeah Santorin and Dyrus have both been sucking recently" All that would do would make it worse.

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