: What's with these Master Yi "buufs"
I was going to make a post myself but since yours is pretty neat I'll just add my thoughts here... I think Master Yi only needs quality of life buffs (he has enough damage IMO). Here's what I would do: Alpha-strike [Q] : Remove the cast time (it's awkward for everyone, the Master Yi's like "why am I stunned since I just got out of alpha" and the other guy's like "how could he possibly enter alpha after being stunned"). Also make the untargetability time constant, something like 0.75 seconds no matter the amount of target hit. This way everyone knows when to expect him back on the rift and it's more fair (healthier out-play and counter-play). Meditate [W] : Also remove the cast time (yep, there is a small one). Reduce cool down to 30-20 seconds. Auto-attacks reduce the cool down by 1 second. Reduce channel time to 3 seconds. Change healing to 60-120 +100%AP (for a full channel), healing ticks right as you press W and every 0.5 seconds after. Drop the % missing HP part of the healing (it makes for less healing but you get the ability much more often). Meditate would still pause the ultimate and E cool down. Meditate still resets the AA timer. Leave the damage reduction as it is except it fully applies to towers. Interaction with {{item:3124}} : Let the passive double strike's mini auto-attack apply the Guinsoo's rage effect like a normal AA. Let Meditate pause the timer on Guinsoo's rage.
Cåracal (NA)
: 20 Shyvana Skin Concepts
Jurassic Shyvana would kinda of cool IMO !
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Aeszarck (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=DwainTheRock,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=pYnRuaZM,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-01-03T02:51:35.845+0000) > > You might be doing too many reports for too small offences or maybe even too many false reports. > > System tags your reports as unreliable when you do that, diminishing their weight. Sorry, but this is incorrect information! Tantram confirmed that there are no more report weights nine months ago. Click the name for the source of the quote: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Tantram,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=4ZhxeyVg,comment-id=00020000000200000001,timestamp=2017-04-07T20:57:40.133+0000) > > 1 - yes, this is normal. You only get notifications on penalties related to your reports for verbal abuse and intentional feeding currently. > > **2- No, there are no report 'weights' anymore.** > > 3- No, bot reports are used. You are certainly not wasting your time.
Oh my bad then, didn't know about that. It's just that I get these "Citizen ! Your report led to an arrest !" messages kind of often so I though... well you know. Good to know though ty.
IBgarbo (NA)
: It's just Riot being lazy and not changing it forever. Maybe they'll fix it next patch but probably not. It would literally require adding like 3 lines of code.
**literally ONE line of code to change if it's not too spagetti (tabs won't render don't hate me)...** const static int muted = 1; const static int unmuted = 0; static struct { bool player[5]; } team[2] = { { unmuted, unmuted, unmuted, unmuted, unmuted }, { unmuted, unmuted, unmuted, unmuted, unmuted } }; void muteAllCommand(void) { int t = 0, p = 0; while (t < 2) { while (player < 5) { _// team[t].player[p] = team[t].player[p] ^= muted; // REMOVE THIS CRAP_ team[t].player[p] = muted; _// REPLACE BY THIS_ } } } **P.S.: This is if Riot programmers were masochists and coded league in C. I'm a nerd.**
: is there any evidence that such limitations exists?
Not that I know of... it's just what I heard and it made sense to me but I can't prove that.
: Honestly, I think after they got rid of the AS scaling on his ultimate is when he became a balance problem. Used to always build him with Triforce and BORK and just melted people. Now he just doesn't have a niche. He needs another gameplay update because he's either cancer or trash.
Here's a **_suggestion for Lucian changes_**... tell me what you guys think: 1. **_Modify the passive to apply on-hit effects with the percentage that goes with it (think Urgot's W)._** By computing a passive proc as the total damage of an auto-attack (with on-hit, crit modifier, etc.) and THEN applying the percent reduction of the passive, you can soften the power curve that goes with buying an on-hit item (BotRK and BC would apply their on-hit with the percent reduction of effectiveness). You can also fine tune Lucian's power curve by changing the passive's effectiveness at each level. 2. **_Make the ultimate projectiles to act like passive procs (think Ezreal's Q)._** By doing so, the ultimate would follow a power curve that is proportional to the passive's, letting it be relevant with crit or on-hit builds while not overpowered. I'm thinking: The ultimate would shoot something like 12 passive bullets during a 3 seconds channel time. The channel time would be reduced by attack speed (still shoot 12 bullets just faster). And finally, each bullet goes with everything a normal auto-attack goes with; applies life steal, gets blocked by Jax's dodge and Pantheon's passive, crits, applies on-hit, etc... but with the passive effectiveness reduction percentage. This way, Riot can fine tune Lucian's power curve and balance him regardless of the builds.
: I think that's ridiculous if that's the reason why. I've only been reporting truly toxic people (so once every few games) for over a year and I have yet to get a card.
Not pretending I know your report patterns but maybe you add too many checks your reports. For example, if the guy is tilted, says "ggwp" at 15 minutes and then spams the surrender vote every chance he gets until 30 minutes into the game... but then that's all he does, that's "bad attitude" report worthy, but if you add "hate speech" and "intentionally feeding" to the report, that's a false report.
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: I literally have not gotten one of those messages in years. I've lost a lot of faith in the ban system
You might be doing too many reports for too small offences or maybe even too many false reports. System tags your reports as unreliable when you do that, diminishing their weight.
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: Really depends what is considered a "mini rework." That's not what I would call the type of work he needs. I expect the type of work he needs is small mechanical or stat-based change to make him a bit less volatile with items and a bit more bot lane focused. Because the solution doesn't seem immediately evident for him, and because there's so much work being focused into the preseason stuff, there hasn't been much progress made on Lucian yet. Sorry there's not a clearer update on the status of things at the moment.
Hello, I would have a **suggestion for Lucian changes**... 1. **Modify the passive to apply on-hit effects with the percentage that goes with it (think Urgot's W).** By computing a passive proc as the total damage of an auto-attack (with on-hit, crit modifier, etc.) and THEN applying the percent reduction of the passive, you can soften the power curve that goes with buying an on-hit item (BotRK and BC would apply their on-hit with the percent reduction of effectiveness). You can also fine tune Lucian's power curve by changing the passive's effectiveness at each level. 2. **Make the ultimate shoot passive bullets (think Ezreal's Q).** By doing so, the ultimate would follow a power curve that is proportional to the passive, letting it be relevant with crit or on-hit builds while not overpowered. I'm thinking: The ultimate would shoot something like 10 passive bullets during a 3 seconds channel time. The channel time would be reduced by attack speed (still shoot 10 bullets just faster). And finally, each bullet goes with everything a normal auto-attack goes with; applies life steal, gets blocked by Jax's dodge and Pantheon's passive, crits, applies on-hit, etc... but with the passive effectiveness reduction percentage.
: Suggestion for ADCs: Try Going 18-0-12
The way I see it, resolve tree is much better for the laning phase, where the cunning tree gets better mid/late game. And since you're not gonna do well mid game if get crushed in the laning phase, might as well play to win the lane IMO. How many all ins are won or lost by one auto attack on the botlane (veteran's scar)? Or by a flash engage or by a heal save (Summoner's insight gives you a 45 seconds window were you have your flash and they don't if u used it at the same time, which is huge in close lanes)? And even tough skin is massive damage reduction from minions. Besides, the cunning tree is really situational. You need a kill to get any use out of dangerous game and you need already low opponents to use merciless, where the resolve tree is 100% reliable. I always go resolve tree on ADCs unless there's a special synergy with a champion's kit (some reset mechanic to really use the sustain from dangerous game or some execute damage that gets multiplied by merciless), and even so, I still go resolve in harder match ups.
Dealth (NA)
: Could hold true, but I think the extra 5% damage is greater than a 2-per-auto reduction and 50 health..
It's 5% more damage to targets below 40% HP. So in an all in where everyone starts full HP, it's closer to 0.05 * 40 = 2% more damage over all. If your opponent has the 50 HP from veteran's scar, you would need him to have 2500 total HP for merciless to only get to par with his bigger HP pool.
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: I don't doubt that many melee champions will require gapclosers forever, and I don't think the goal of the above suggestion is to take gapclosers away from champions who already have them, with perhaps some very, very few exceptions (e.g. Udyr's pseudo-dash on E, which exists because he otherwise gets trained a bit too hard). However, when you look at champions like Gangplank, whose passive repeatedly gives him 30% bonus movement speed, or Fiora, who persistently gets 30-50% decaying bonus movement speed when using her passive or ult, it's pretty clear that those bonuses only really exist because they'd otherwise lack the base movement speed to properly stick to their targets in persistent combat. Taking those effects away and giving them an equivalent, if perhaps smaller amount of increased base movement speed would let them stick without needing some other mobility effect in their kit (besides Fiora's Q dash). While more base movement speed on melee champions would make them better at dodging skillshots, I think that would likely still be fair, since melee champions also tend to put themselves much closer to their opponents than ranged champions, and thereby have much less time to react if their target fires a projectile at them. I also think it would be fair even if melee champions were to have more roaming power, since ranged champions already have an innate advantage when sieging and taking down objectives due to the distance they can create. In lane, that kind of increased movement would give melee champions more room to maneuver (they'd get to dodge skill shots better, too), so it could help them a lot against ranged opponents, even if that alone might not totally fix melee vs. ranged in lane (creep block is a factor as well, and should likely be removed).
But base movement speed is not the solution in my opinion... Let's take Fiora's example; currently 345 base MS, but let's make that 360 as part of the said buff. Say she lanes vs. Quinn, (335 base MS). In the early game, Quinn can still land at least one more AA than Fiora when she starts a trade, and an other one more AA when fiora disengages, even with Fiora's hypothetical 360 MS. So it doesn't change that much early. But then, as soon as fiora takes the upper hand, oh boy is there no getting away from her. See what I mean? Now imagine a Darius that you cannot kite, a Garen that stick no matter what... Mobility spells or effects on the other hand create a window of opportunity that can be used as counter play or balancing options for Riot. I don't believe buffing all melee champs' base MS would be healthy for the game, it's more of a per champion thing.
: I'm sick of elo hell
ELO hell is a lie your mind creates to shield itself from the hard truth. The only constant variable from game to game is you. Not the feeders, not the AFKs, not the flamers, not the trolls, YOU. Considering you are not the troll, you have 4/5 chance to get one of the above on your team, where the enemy team as 5/5. That means that there is statistically more trolls on the enemy team than on yours, so "unlucky teammates" is actually a non factor over a lot of games (unless you're the troll in which case there is a troll on your team 100% of the time!). Some games you will lose no matter what, accept it, it's just like that in a team game with strangers. Some games you will win no matter what, just take it (it actually balances out the previous one but you don't notice it because you focus on the negative). Most games your actions can directly influence the outcome of the game (focus on improving YOURSELF and this is where the magic happens). TL;DR: Faker didn't become Faker by getting lucky with teammates. Stop telling yourself it's not you fault and start improving.
: Out of the game's 73 melee champions, only 3 do not have mobility in their kits
Range is HUGE advantage. For melee champions to get some sort of mobility is pretty essential in my opinion. A simple base move speed boost would do almost nothing early game and be completely OP late game. It would also unbalance the entire skill shot system. That being said it's true that there is a lot of mobility out there, but I think Riot wants to tune that down with champions that can counter mobility (Cassiopeia for example), instead of nerfing mobility.
: Larger champions should push aside their allied minions harder than smaller champions. What do you think? It'd kind of be like vehicle weight in Mario Kart.
It's actually an idea that could be very interesting. Gotta find a way for that not to get abused though (delaying waves and stuff).
: > Champions are 4 times the size of a minions in average, CAN'T THEY JUST F*ING KNEE CAP THE DAMNED THING IN THE FACE!?! I didn't know I needed this until now
: > [{quoted}](name=DwainTheRock,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=j40awAsx,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-12-27T05:08:04.426+0000) > > P.S.: Champions are 4 times the size of a minions in average, CAN&amp;#039;T THEY JUST F***ING KNEE CAP THE DAMNED THING IN THE FACE!?! (I&amp;#039;m serious, there should be an animation for that). That's unwarranted minion abuse, mister. You're a monster...
They're the one trying to pick a fight by blocking me! <3
: Hey! Thanks for the response i appreciate it def got some information out of it! You are right though, i just gotta focus on improving and eventually will get there. I do think i focus to much on what a site is telling me my mmr is and why its not going up and even my LP, just gotta focus on the big picture here i guess. Thanks though again. Maybe one day we will all really understand this whole ranking system and such.
Riot is intentionally not giving all the data about MMR. The information that 3rd party sites give you is a vague estimation. Don't beat yourself up with it ;)
: Really Rito?
Placement matches are not more important than any other matches. Everybody drops by a few divisions (unless your MMR is very high), even if you win a lot of placement matches. Your condition is not abnormal.
: MMR/LP please help
I'm not sure about the exact mathemagix, but here is what I know... MMR = Match Making Ranking. It's the number the system uses to put you in a match with "people that are about your size". Placements: From what I understand, MMR isn't totally reset at the beginning of a season, only your division is. At the end of your promos, a division is given to you based on that semi-reset MMR. That's why a player who was diamond 1 last season is likely to be placed somewhere in platinum even if he loses all of his placement matches (his MMR is still pretty high). That's why a player who was bronze 5 last season is still likely to be placed somewhere in bronze, even after winning all of his promos (MMR is still pretty low). LP: The match making groups players with similar MMR for a game, but it's almost never an exactly even match. One of the team has an average MMR greater than the other. When you win a game, your MMR increases a little. When you lose a game, it decreases a little. If you consistently win games against players with greater MMR than yours, your own MMR increases rapidly. If you consistently lose games against players with lower MMR than yours, your own MMR decreases rapidly. LP gain/loss is symptomatic of that MMR variance. Winning matches increases your MMR. Higher MMR gives you harder matches against better players. Winning these harder matches gives you lots of LP. So, winning a lot of matches but not challenger yet? It's because you're improving, but you're still not winning these meaningful matches were the enemy team has higher MMR than yours. You only skip division when you consistently win against players that should be much better than you according to the MMR. But here is an advice: don't focus on the LP and the divisions and the MMR, focus on improving your gameplay and everything will fall in place.
: Give me Tips and Tricks to Rise Out of Bronze
Mindset. Your mindset is the single most important thing if you're serious about improving. A good mindset is: In-game, stay calm and think by yourself. After each game, point out your biggest mistake then think of a way to not repeat it. Yes, you learn by making mistakes, go in there and make some mistakes happen, just remember to learn from them. Unless you're challenger ranked 1 on the Korean server, it's impossible for you to say "I did no mistakes this game". Arguing about mistakes in-game is about as counter productive as it can get. Focus on what to do next. Elohell: Bullsh*t. Faker didn't become Faker "cuz lucky teammates". Some games you will lose no matter what cuz unlucky team (accept it, it's part of the game). Some games you will win no matter what cuz lucky team (just take it, compensates for the ones before). But most games you can actually make a difference, that's where you make the magic happen, focus your attention there. From game to game, the only constant variable is you (not the feeders, not the afk, not the flamer, YOU!). If you're in bronze, it's because you deserve to be. The sooner you face it, the sooner you can enter the proper mindset and start improving. Also, this should be useful: Do not type (use pings). Objectives. Objectives. Objectives. (nexus > towers > farm > kills). Watch educational content on YouTube (ex: PhRoXzOn (LeagueCraft 101), SoloRenektonOnly). Truth is a lie, think by yourself. Oh and almost forgot, git gud scrub <3.
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: ***
Well I'm not talking about an actual ban, that would be silly. I'm talking about a chat ban for only that particular game. If you are matched with 4 flamers/blamers/toxics that would ban you from the team chat, it would actually spare you from their bull s**t.
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dangopee (NA)
: He basically got Sejuani'd (nerfed her when really Cinderhulk was the problem and then nerfed the item and left her shit tier) They nerfed the champion when the item (Sated Devourer) was the real problem. His main problem right now is that his ult doesn't last long enough for him to catch up to and take down a tanky champion. He used to be able to DPS duel most champions as long as he didn't get hard CCed. Now He can't kill a tank before his ult wears off unless he is full damage (not really viable above silver elo). If he can't kill for example a Malphite before his ult wears off, their frozen heart + randuins is just going to kick in and his attack speed will slow to nothing just like every other melee and he will likely just straight up lose the duel. They should honestly just revert him to the state he was in at the time of Sated Devourer's release. If they want to have his ult duration be short like it is now, his E needs to do % max HP true damage or something so he isn't so easily countered by tanks.
Humm Master Yi's ultimate negates movement AND attack speed slows... so frozen heart does do jack sh*t to an "hilandered" Master Yi. just saying
: Revert Highlander nerf or increase the speed boost
I play a good share of Yi and I really don't think he needs an actual buff. JUST MAKE ALPHA STRIKE NOT BUGGY IS ALL I ASK! ;~; But yeah, maybe some quality of life stuff but he really doesn't need more damage.
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: Laner: "Their jungler is just sitting top, i'm gonna need you to get some pressure on drag or bot or something." Jungler: "lol just ward noob" *smites krugs* Laner: "Playing against *insert champion or champions* is pretty cancer, could I get a gank?" Jungler: "if you can't win lane 100% of the time against all match ups why play ranked?" Laner: " You are 0/0/0 at 15 minutes, can you please do something other than farm?" Jungler: "THE JUNGLERS JOB ISN"T TO WIN LANES. IT IS TO CREATE PRESSURE, CONTROL OBJECTIVES, AND PUSH TOWERS" *Aggressively taxes waves and then goes back into jungle* The only thing more cancerous than the jungle circle-jerk is the battered support main circle-jerk.
The saltiness is strong with this one. Here's a theory: if you consistently get that kind of reaction from people (your junglers in this case), maybe you're half of the problem. And if you only get these reactions from a handful of people, that 2% of a**holes in the community (whatever the role they play), then you shouldn't make a post about it. My point; consider not talking too much, they can't hear your intonation, there is no way for people to know HOW you say what you say. So sometimes, even saying the nicest and truest things can be perceived as flaming. Just write down summuners and ping for help (ONCE OR TWICE).
Foxstep (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Marshbouy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Io3RYBBv,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2016-05-14T01:27:06.875+0000) > > I mean technically as a jungler they don&#x27;t HAVE to gank for you. He&#x27;s right, he shouldn&#x27;t win lane for you. At the same time if he wants to win it&#x27;s in his best intentions to gank for you in order to win the game. > He still shouldn&#x27;t complain if he lost the game if he never ganked. A junglers job isn't winning the lane for his lanes but if he can win their lanes he should do so. If I have a Nidalee/Lee in my team who hasn't ganked pre 6 or in the first 15 minutes he is just useless and that's it. I can understand that champions like Shyvana or Yi have a hard time ganking but they are getting destroyed in high elo. In high elo a jungler HAS to influence the game earlier on.
Yi actually has decent pre 6 ganks with red buff. I often get fed early off of over-extended top laners thinking Yi can't lvl 3 gank. It's kinda risky though, counter gank means you're probably both dead. My point is even farming junglers should spot opportunities and punish over-extended enemy laners, even Shyvana can gank pre-6 if the enemy Quinn is under your top turret. But that being said, the jungler's not your bitch either, ping for help, write down summoners spent in chat and chill the fuck out, we're on our way.
: Yes, but yis alpha is bugged so gg
I COULDN'T AGREE MORE I main Yi and I genuinely would not care if RIOT wouldn't buff Yi's damage in exchange for some bug fix/consistency/clarity on the Alpha Strike's untargetability. Most AOE abilities can sometimes hit you when you clearly are in Alpha (some even hit you SYSTEMATICALLY, like Graves Q return). It's really tilting when you did everything right, calculated your damage properly, dodge is key ability (or you should have) and you just die because of a bug that's been around for ages. 10 true damage is great but I really don't give a f**k about it if you could just fix Alpha strike RITO PLS.
: ***
To be honest, I kinda like this nerf... 1) yi isn't perma ban anymore, I can play my main 2) if you use your ult at the right time and you get a kill (and you built damage (IMO Yi should always build mostly damage (if you need a bruiser pick an other champ))), it's the same ult duration as before and you can go to your next target... and if you get a second take down you actually have a longer ultimate than before. It's really rewarding if you do it right (but yeah it's harder to play, but its good IMO). Also I agree that the blood razor will be decent, but I don't feel like it's the only option, warrior really is viable if the people you will fight (split / jungle against) are not tanky.
: Wait why does he get buffs... I guess nobody has faced the {{item:1412}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3742}} build yet...
Yep... idk why people keep thinking master yi scales ONLY from attack speed. The wet dream 6 items build for Yi actually is 100% crit and a bunch of damage and attack speed ({{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3742}} {{item:2140}} ==> if you're fed enough to reach that point you just ascended in summuner's rift, you pretty much one shot anyone who doesn't have at least 2 defensive items, get resets, rinse and repeat). In most games its not realistic to go strait for full AD/crit build, but 2-3 damage items before going defensive goes a long way. The only reason why you would "have" to go devourer before was the insane cost efficiency of the item once it was sated (and it's synergy with Yi's E). But now, going warriror is totally better in most cases IMO (unless they have a lot of tanks that you will have to deal with). If you're kinda fed, you can afford to go {{item:1412}} and {{item:3142}}, and with these 2, your Q does 1/3 of the ADC health pool.
: > [{quoted}](name=Monstrous Yi,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qo8icEjI,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2016-05-12T19:15:18.333+0000) > > With this build your 7 second on Highlander will runs off before you even scratch the enemy. yeah well 7 seconds of highlander is a joke status ult. i'm not on the balance team. i can assure you that titanic does more for Yi than rageblade does at this point. if you're not building spirit visage to take advantage of w than you're using the ability at about half it's potential. i'd replace the jungle item with a phage item then, because the jungle items blow right now and you'd be able to stick to targets during your laughably short ultimate. this build is far more tanky and would deal roughly the same, if not more dps simply because you'd live longer.
I have to disagree on that spirit visage thing you said. Don't get me wrong SV is good on yi, but I main yi and I use W mainly to reset my AA timer, you can't fully channel it in fight it's generally not the point (fully channelling your W takes 4 seconds that you are not using to DPS, and the only reason to play yi IMO is to deal damage (yeah sometimes its funny to watch the mage and the support AA you while you meditate but in general people don't do that... they run from you and W only means you won't kill anything)).
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hi guys, This issue I believe is known - a workaround for now is to go into your ingame settings and disable "HUD Animations" - I believe this works around the issue for now. Hopefully Riot will get this fixed in the next patch! :-)
Thanks a lot man it stopped crashing every time i start a game with my newly acquired champion: The Yasuo \(^o^)/
: Being matched with Toxic players in Ranked.(When you aren't Toxic)
An idea just like this... How about a team vote to ban someone from the chat in real time (similar mechanic as the surrender vote). Riot is talking a lot about how fast feedback on negative behavior can help toxic players improve the said behavior. There is no quicker feedback than receiving a notice saying "you have been banned from this chat because your teammates agreed that your behavior was unacceptable" in the very game where you are spamming the blame/flame/insults. I know I only solves the team moral issue, not the feeder/afker issue, but it would be a start no?
: When it rains, it pours
Heumm... so every one else is totally bad and youre the only one playing this game properly? No offence but its very unlikely. Every one does mistakes, no matter the elo, so yeah errors from teammates happen. But there is always two sides to a medal... Ex: You gank and they don't follow up / keep farming. He might have been too low life to do anything good and youre the one making the mistake of trying forcing a gank that would never work? Ex 2: You get dove under tower and die. Happed to every one. How's that you're teammates fault? Maybe you did the mistake of thinking you could defend the tower when it was lost no matter what you tried. When I started to play, there was a lot of moments where I thought to myself "wow this guy is so bad for doing this play" while I was the one that was simply not understanding what the guy was doing / trying to do. Ex: I thought it was the split pusher's fault we lost the 4v5 fight when it really was our mistake to engage / let ourselves get engaged in a 4v5 while all we needed to do is buy time while he tool objectives. TL;DR: Pin-pointing all of your teammates' mistakes is counter productive when all you've got to do is think about what YOU can improve about YOUR play so you improve, gain elo, and eventually get matched with better teammates.
jpguy902 (NA)
: Not only can adcs melt tanks late game currently, Thornmail is pretty strong earlier on, but it deals magic damage. So build a little mr and you can carry on your merry way.
Yep, I main ADC and life steal + MR makes Thornmail totally manageable IMO.
: Community! Tell me your skin ideas.
Ok this one a bit troll but... DEATH STAR LUX {{champion:99}}
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