: Rotating Game Mode Idea: League of Legacy
Thanks for all your comments guys! Although it is extremely unlikely any of this will ever be anything more than a dream, it's nice to hear so many other people missing their old champs. Maybe someday we'll get something like this when Riot finally runs out of ideas.
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: yes it is. Next.
Stop trolling and leaving people non constructive feedback. Go exhibit his type of behavior in a game and see what happens bud.
Zielmann (NA)
: It's best to just not call people out. If they're causing problems in chat, mute them immediately and then report them after the game. Personally, I don't usually let myself be bothered by whatever people are saying. It's rare that I even bother to mute people. Sometimes I actually just start laughing at their behavior more than anything else.
It just bothers me that people can cause a 2-4 man conflict when I play toplane and I look into the warzone that is teamchat and all I can do is mute them while they ruin our morale and let emotion take control of them. Hard for me to let a ranked game turn to a loss because everyone couldn't stop arguing and play the game. I'm looking for ways to calm down a situation and maybe make people who are lying in allchat about me making "racial slurs" when all I had done was tell them to stop being toxic stop what they are doing.
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