: This is like thinking that those things aren't both funded somehow. Thing A's funding could be used for thing B and make thing B happen faster. Your argument has holes...
Your working under the assumption that more funding always results in a faster product, that Thing A and Thing B are completely independent such that developing Thing B could never inadvertently help Thing A, and that the importance of Thing A is so much more than that of Thing B that any improvement of Thing A is worth any cost to Thing B. Rarely do these assumptions hold true in real life.
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: > It actually is pretty free. Now, yes. I was talking before. Reading comprehension.... > Almost no champions took the movement speed Quints pre runes reforged. Singed, Garen, Mordekaiser, Annie, depending on match-ups. And that's only for the champs I personally played. I'm sure there are others. > And how is it weak? It's weakER. Because Celerity gives 3% MS and old MS Quint gave 4.5 and, you know, 3 is less than 4.5. Basic math... > how it's being taken the majority of the time over the other options Yeah, which it shouldn't, I agree with that. Which is why I **asked** for it to be a bigger trade-off. I don't want *everyone* taking it. But I do want the option to trade something for more MS if I want/need to. **Trade**, not be given for free, but still, this is an important option and it needs to be preserved. So don't be an ass, and try to understand what other people actually say before replying to them.
The rune your looking for is called phase rush. Big trade off in power (its a keystone) but gives a lot of ms.
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: I don't see why they'd be against 100% crit chance, though. If marksmen can viably and reliably 100% crit chance, then it effectively takes away the RNG that a lot of players have been complaining about.
They probably want to further discourage {{item:3087}} + {{item:3094}} combo. Additionally, 60% crit chance is about as low rng as you can get without 100% and 0% (50% would be the next lowest rng). Compare it to something like 20% crit chance, which can cause a huge unexpected burst if you get a double crit, or 80% crit chance which does the inverse if you miss two in a row. At 60% getting two crits in a row or two misses isn't unexpected and therefore is easier to play with and against.
ChunLii (NA)
: If Runeterra had a “Justice League” or “Avengers” who would you want on the team?
{{champion:28}} The Invisible Hulk {{champion:75}} Tony Bark {{champion:236}} Rain Check {{champion:60}} Mrs. Spiderman {{champion:17}} The Hobbit Together they are unstoppable.
: Don't get me wrong. In lower MMR (Read below plat) this won't have much of a bad effect in my opinion. At higher levels of play (Read Diamond+) it's detrimental to drafting phase. Think about esports: How many times do they mention "They just got out drafted" or in soloqueue realizing that the loss was probably during drafting phase. It's because it's an important part of the game, strategically. Not being able to respond to the enemy drafting phase isn't good for the health of the game. Overall I just feel that it leads to "dumbing" the game down and like my last "tldr" pointed out that it will decrease the quality of players. You hear people mention that the professional players now are vastly superior to the old for the most part because over-all there is more game knowledge. It's also a fact that it's because other people are better so they can improve even more. If the quality of each phase is increased (IE pick/ban being important) then the over-all gameplay is improved and you get better players.
"If the quality of each phase is increased (IE pick/ban being important) then the over-all gameplay is improved and you get better players" Most of your argument rests on the goal of league of legends being to make better league of legends players. However for the vast majority of league players (everyone but pros and streamers/youtubers) the goal is to have fun not be a better player. So if the changes hinder my becoming a better player, I really don't care because that's not a goal when I play. However being able to ban a champ I don't like every game and having quicker lobbies directly increases my enjoyment of the game, which is my goal. Basically, your right in that the new form of banning will probably decrease the quality of players, but that really doesn't matter, because that isn't most people's goal when they play.
: [ ! ] New AD Assassin Item in internal testing
First thing that comes to mind is, what's "What's stopping adc's from getting this item?" Most adc's can do enough burst to make use of the nightfall passive and the rest of the stats work great on them. The more castery adc's (Lucian, graves) will like the massive amount of ad it gives as well.
: > Thy rank reflects upon thy skill level, if subject is bronze, that person plays like bronze. If you deserve a rank, you will most definitely reach it. > If thou whishest to climb upon the ladder of ELO, you must understand that even though your team is pulling you down - you must climb even harder. **How long will it be before some one realizes these two statements are in conflict with each other. I have tried to explain it but my words of reason are met with a level of "ridiculous" that befuddles me. **
What its saying is that if you deserve gold and your bronze, you'll be able to carry your lesser skilled team mates to victory. To climb the ladder, you have to be generally better (and therefore carry) your team mates. If your not, that means your the same skill level as the rest of your group and are the rank you deserve.


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