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: You have the best name
[It's actually based off my twitter account where I draw more stupid stuff like this](
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HayRoss (NA)
: Show me your finest paints
HayRoss (NA)
: In commemoration of the great Microsoft Paint war between me and Laughing Fish
Has someone requested MS Paints? I only make the worst!
Erdamon (EUNE)
: Does this mean you're taking requests now?
I guess. I named it after my Twitter account where I make "art" like this all the time.
: Tahm Kench drawn in MS Paint
I'm going to put this name change to good use if it kills me.
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: >Also, obligatory apology for the shameless Twitter plug. If you were truly sorry, you wouldn't have done it. ;p
Yeah, I got rid of it.
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Tranoze (NA)
: OP is stand for One Punch. Did someone say "One Punch?"
: Wait... you don't ~~ steal~~ secure kills and let the ADC farm? Is that not how the deal works?
Shhh... They don't realize it unless someone brings it up...
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: No, we need Bard the bard.
Nah, Bard rolled a seductive windchime. It was an interesting game, to say the least.
: HOLY CRAP! How much money is that even? Then again who am I to say anything, I spent $50 bucks on Tera all at once, and have probably spent more then you did there on League overall {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
"Screw you, I'm going to have the most fabulous Popori of all!"
Raoul (EUW)
: When you totaly destroyed toplane and are already 7/0/0 at 15 minutes...
: My reaction for someone quoting what I said and making a somewhat popular post about it.
Once I posted a GIF that made it to the front page, then Laughing Fish posted the same GIF the next day. My feelings were very conflicted between joy and moderately pissed.
teedddyy (NA)
: wow.. but i still never have seen any of the new 750 skins or that skin.. also the tree hecarim
: > [{quoted}](name=Gorillanator,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=MB98sUVc,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-12-01T22:59:36.373+0000) > >,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/lubwgtivi3jjrskwtmcy.jpg OH GOD WHY?!
: Delaying Dragon Trainer {{champion:18}} even further. Just PLEASE release it today riot. You can do that, right?,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/lubwgtivi3jjrskwtmcy.jpg
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: Yes, I agree. Song of our people. But for me, it's QWQWQWQWERQQQQQ. XD ~ {{champion:37}}
I actually tend to go more like "EWQEWQEWQ" in order to get my passive up before attacking. If nobody needs heals, It's usually EEQ or EQQ.
: Harmless change that will most likely be well received by Sona mains. #Upvote
Can confirm, am a Sona main. Proof: Before every game, I sing the song of my people- "QWEQWEQWEQWEWQWE" EDIT: Because this post is blowing up and I don't want people to think I'm trash-talking Sona, here's actual proof of me being a Sona main (If it's too small, it reads "106.9k" in mastery points):,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/f1cjbezkkshnr7rogtew.jpg
: When nami gets fed. Search "Japan tsunami" on youtube
: Legend says, that if you don't ward your first blue/red buff while jungling, Lollipoppy will spring out of the bushes and eat you
: Only spoken of, just now seen. The legend endures.
Just like the great legend of "Bear Holding a Shark," with the only footage ever captured being on extremely shaky and blurry camcorders that predate 1997. But he's out there somewhere.
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: Champion Q&A: Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess
I noticed that there was an **Undertale** reference in the recent 5.22 patch notes. is there any chance of a... **Flaoi Illaoi?** (Pronounced Flowey Illaoi, if you didn't get the joke.)
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calisker (NA)
: Snowdown Preview
Snowdown Syndra, huh? Now that's what I call a... _**SNOWBALL FIGHT!**_ ...Get it? Because all of Syndra's attacks involve- ah, screw it.
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Vesarixx (NA)
: {{champion:37}} {{item:3040}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3020}} {{item:2301}} {{item:3146}} I don't get it
I call that build "aggressive late game Sona" so that people think I know what I'm doing. I don't.
: I'm just...not having fun in league anymore
Quinn is actually getting buffed in the next patch. > Quinn Blinding Assault (Q): [Reminder this has functionality changes from an earlier update!] Damage increased to 25/55/85/115/145 from 15/45/75/105/135 NEW EFFECT: If primary target is not a champion it cannot attack for 2 seconds. From [surrender@20](
Neidox (NA)
: The AP item changes have thrown me way off in game
Hey, at least those champs got either mana regen or more base mana. Some of them were completely ignored. A poor W-maxing Heimerdinger can't make it on his own anymore...
Palo1182 (NA)
Borders will be distrubuted from earlier today to the 18th. So it'll pop up somewhere within the next 7 days :P
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: Never too much nicholas
It's ~~actually Ben Stiller from the movie Zoolander~~ A MER-MAN! **MER-MAN!**
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: Escape the Darkness of Low Elo: Warding and You
This is a really informative piece. In fact, I'd say it **swept** me off of my feet. If I was able to, I'd give you an a**ward.** However, I can't, as the **orb**ligatory awards ceremony for informing people already passed. I'm sorry if you're **s**crying because of it, it really is a shame. Nevertheless, you've put a whole new perspective into the **lens**es of your players. Thanks, Riot!
aítch (NA)
: they are out there.... **X FILES INC** I GOT YOU COVERED, BRO!
aítch (NA)
: MY GOD KETCHUP= JAM JAM= 3 LETTERS ......... The truth is out there **X FILES THEME** I'VE GOT YOU COVERED, MAN!
Rhojin (NA)
: The Risks of MMR Boosting
>There is no hiding from us. ~~Baskin Robins~~ Riot finds out.
Kuzja1 (NA)
: Who's the better Scout?
...Why do you just have a giant picture of Jerma below the one of Teemo?
iLuma (NA)
: iLuma Retro Video Game Contest! Win a FREE Skin or Champion ~
: I'm not really into 'bands' I guess, so I have almost no knowledge on what is/isn't popular, soz. :/ Daft Punk is orsum though. :D
Once I _bought_ one of their albums. I _used_ it so much, that I _broke_ it- but don't worry, I _fixed_ it. Eventually I _trashed_ it when I saw that a new album was out, and so even though I had my mind set on buying a new game or something, I _changed_ it. The shipping company _mailed_ it and I had successfully _upgraded_. The whole story goes into a lot more detail, but it's rather _technologic._
: Between Two Turrets - Come chat with L4T3NCY! [COMPLETED]
I don't know whether or not you're done yet, but in the case that you are- which bands do you enjoy? In a case like this where the person answering questions lives in a completely different country, I'd normally adhere from this kind of question, but I've heard that Gorillaz and Daft Punk are pretty big in Japan.
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