: do you even seen jinx?
jinx cant effectively heal like draven since her damage is split between magic and physical, plus needing 2 kills before doing any damage kinda sucks
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: I agree. But it's the 3 hexagon width that seems to be bad about it. Have you ever noticed when your champions run towards his stun? It happens a lot. But the truth is, he can literally stun 50% of the map. And if you get tears on him, you really have no chance but to take that 2-3 second stun in the face for nearly all your team.
basically they shouldnt put mobility focused ults in the game. let alone just the champs moving is choppy and dumb
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: Kayle with shojin sounds disgusting
it gets to the point where she cant die because infinite ults
: Glad to see Pyke got a non-nerf
the whole shojin item aside, i think pyke's stun shouldnt do damage or limit it to like 2 tiles distance. im tired of full map jumps stunning my whole team, and by the time its over hes going to jump again
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