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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 20
> [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=MexEu76s,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-20T15:56:12.964+0000) > > * Taric - Also increasing ult CD which is just a bit short for its power. Is this going to be a flat increase at all ranks, or is it going to penalize either early/late more than the other?
: Experiment: Community Patch Notes
{{champion:202}} **Q - Dancing Grenade** Now interacts differently with **W Passive - Caught Out**. Targets hit by Jhin's Q will not be marked by **Caught Out** unless the grenade has killed a previous target. Now that Jhin can proc **Caught Out** from all of his own damage sources (That is, his Q and R) marks are fairly easy to come by in lane, even without poke-heavy supports. This change is intended to tighten use cases for Jhin's Q in the early game and make it clearer for the opponent when they may be at risk of getting caught under a grenade. While the optimal case is always to kill Q's first (and subsequent) targets, this change is intended to trim Qs that may not have otherwise met this expectation.
Meddler (NA)
: Responding to this as the top Syndra comment at time of writing. Nothing new to add, but comments on the Q passive are much appreciated.
I'm far removed from a Syndra main, but in my experience playing her, I think reducing the wind up time on dark sphere would be pretty useful. It's already damn short (1 second, I think), but if it were just that much faster (.5s maybe), the skill expression in a snap Q-E combo to save yourself or a teammate would be particularly satisfying. Of course, it also makes it more swift to manage a Q-W as well. It also mas minimal impact on Q-R (or Q-Q-R or however many spheres you have down) as compared to live. Instead of the orbs still surviving for an extra two seconds that you dropped before, there is instead a less punishing window to get one more down before hitting R.
: > [{quoted}](name=Azjin,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=6G472GTv,comment-id=006c0001,timestamp=2018-02-27T17:44:26.748+0000) > > Just wondering, does this mean that if you back with low mana and the intent to teleport immediately into combat, it'll take longer to recover to full mana before leaving base? No. It's not currently charging you the mana when you gain the ult by going back to the fountain.
Will these changes affect how Hard CC or Loss of Control affects her ult?
: > [{quoted}](name=Baedaf,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=6G472GTv,comment-id=0053,timestamp=2018-02-25T02:46:51.918+0000) > Love Quinn, so glad you guys are fixing her up. Have you guys fixed the bug where the tooltip says Skystrike will do 0 damage? That'll be fixed before the changes ship, yes.
With all these changes, will this affect how hard CC or Loss-of-Control effects work with her ult channel/form?
: Quinn Changes Coming Soon - Strike from the Sky!
So, with the R changes - will hard CC/Loss of Control break the form as it did before?
Jennykko (EUW)
: 156 days you stupid he said wins lmao {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
156 First Wins of THE DAY would take 156 days. Well, since it resets in 22 hours you could do it in as little as 143 days if you min-maxed you time.
: So I was playing as Kayn and when I used my ult on a Fiora she used her W. It completely canceled my ult from infesting her and went on coolsown. Is this how it's supposed to work or is it a bug?
That is how Riposte works, and the interaction is intentional. It's an ability that has a lot of potential for denial. She can also use it to break Thresh's wall, for another fun interaction.
: Patch 7.22 notes
Kleptopmancy. Amazing
: Learn more: Super Galaxy 2017
But no new Illaoi Skin. {{item:3070}}{{champion:420}}{{item:3070}}
Julanus (NA)
: For simplicity, say your champion has 1000 Base Health and 1000 Bonus Health, so they have 2000 Total Health. Let's also say only the 40% Health increase activates, mostly just for simplicity as well. Before this patch hits, Stoneplate works as: * You gain Bonus Health equal to 40% of your Total Health. In this case, you would gain 800 Bonus Health. * This effectively gives you 1000 Base Health and 1800 Bonus Health, adding up to 2800 Total Health. After this change: * You gain extra Base Health equal to 40% of your Base Health, so you would gain 400 Base Health. * You also gain extra Bonus Health equal to 40% of your Bonus Health, so 400 Bonus Health. * This effectively gives you 1400 Base Health and 1400 Bonus Health, adding up to 2800 Total Health. --- The Total Health you gain will not change. However, it lowers the Bonus Health which Stoneplate grants. This will affect things that scale with Bonus Health, such as {{item:3190}} Locket of the Iron Solari's active effect (the shield scales with Bonus Health) and Cho'Gath's ultimate ability, Feast.
Excellently explained. This helps a lot.
: League of creeps. Escort is a perfectly normal word meaning to guide/protect, but people always look for the dirtier interpretations. As for Lulu, according to lore she's a fully grown yordle with the mentality of a child (well, a mentally unhinged child) so I'm uncertain what the legality would be there in regards to sex. For this skin in particular I know there is separate "skin lore" and I'm pretty sure she's supposed to be a young child, so no, not legal at all.
In the Runeterran timeline, Lulu is old as fuck, but that's because the Fae world moves fast as fuck in comparison. She's got a biological age that is very young, but as far as Runeterran time since DoB, she is very old. It's actually an interesting ethical question.
: Another Patch without {{champion:266}} Buffs or anything... {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Who? -Riot, probably
: What will happen to the Item Sets that players can set for the shop menu in game so that items are easy to access? I haven't found where it might be in the new client if it is in the client. The updated lobby is still cool though!
They have previously stated that item sets will not be in the new client, but addons that do so for you (i.e. Championify) will still be supported. Edit: including link to source (last part of the answer to the last question in the FAQ)
: NA Server Roadmap Update: Chicago Server Move Complete
I dunno. My ping isn't any better than it was overall, but the stability is top notch now. I'm just tired of people accusing me of being "entitled" for enjoying the closer central server. It's not the East Coast who has the entitlement issue. People actually on the coast had some horrible experiences, 3 digit pings were standard. The west coast though, is. They game is still playable for them (inb4 Hawaii and Alaska. Though I'm sorry for your guys' loss) If all the people with "respectable elo" are on the west coast, since ping is, apparently, 100% of the reason anyone ever wins, then they almost all now have that same handicap, so it's still fair play. In either case, if the chance of someone being a league player is roughly equal in any geographic region of North America, then the placement of the central servers optimizes the average ping for a given league player, since Chicago is a whole lot closer to the mean population center (of the US, anyway. I couldn't find US and Canada averaged together) than Portland. On the subject of Hawaii and Alaska, the real reason they didn't do NAEast and NAWest is, unsurprisingly, a money thing. But think about it. The gain in money they make from residents of the East Coast will offset, if not outweigh, the loss from HI and AK players, and other disgruntled West Coast folks. How? Well, 50% of the US population lives within 500 miles of Columbus, OH. That area is only 20% of the US. (Less, if you consider that a fair amount of that area is the Great Lakes). However, the other 50% lives somewhere in that 80% area, and the mean of all that is somewhere in Texas County, MO. Chicago is within that Columbus circle, and Texas County is somewhere along or just outside that edge. Chicago also likely runs cheaper server rates than Portland. So, if you take all that together with the earlier posit that the proportion of LoL players is roughly equal throughout, that would mean the servers are now much closer to the majority of people in the US (I love you Canada, but I can't find the data that has you affable fellows included) who actually play League. So why does all that mean No 2 servers? Well 2 servers would cost more than one. and the only NA folks they really, truly lost to unplayability are HI and AK (plus some people who are geographically LA but play NA anyway), so to merit NAWest, the money made from the now-lost HI and AK players would have to pay for that server, because those people are the marginal gain/loss. That likely wouldn't cover it. The bottom line is, Riot Games are the people who bring you League of Legends, but they also are a business. Actually, they're a business first, and this is a business decision. Maybe someday they can open NAWest in Phoenix, and make everyone happy, but today isn't that day. Right now, they're working to provide the best overall coverage. And all this cursory research and calculating plus infinitely more was done by a group of trained professionals who made this decision. The average League player now has a better ping. That's a good thing, even if you're sitting in Sacramento, cursing at Riot about your horrific new ping. Moral of the story: If you can still physically play League, get over yourself. If you can't, make sure you keep that idea alive. Given enough time and indicators, Riot will figure out how to service each and every person who wants to play League. Just be happy the game still exists.
: I live in Ohio and I've always played the game until now with a 75-80ish ping. While I understand it is frustrating for the people who have experienced an increase in ping, just remember that people on the east coast have been playing with 150 ping. Many players in the SE US play on LAN (Latin America North). I have a friend who lives in Oklahoma who got to Master tier with a 100 ping. While it does suck for the people out west, more people have better service overall, it was an overall service gain. If it makes you feel any better, I climbed all the way to Bronze V with 80 ping!
I'm also an Ohio player, and though the shift doesn't seem to have really improved my ping any, it has stabilized it. (No more 250+ upshots). Honesty, people just need to relax because (save for a very unfortunate minority), the game is still playable.
: Champion Update: Morgana
Couldn't have shown us her E getting broken? I mean, they said they changed it so that you could tell, but, they didn't really show us. Likewise to the sound effect for escaping her R. Oh well. As a {{champion:25}} main, I'm still happy.

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