: As a tournament organizer I'm appalled and saddened for our community.
Yeah i ran into the same issue. Its like the only people they noticed were VG and everyone else kind of got shafted. I run small tournaments for my ts3, usually around 12 teams. Our prizing got cut to 10% of what it used to be, and that was our main incentive to get new people to show. Riot absolutely shafted the little guys on this one. Not to mention the way you HAVE to use the events hub to register and prize.
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: Jared Polis: Community Congressman
Am i the only one who half thinks this League thing has gone too far, but then half giggled so much at his introduction im kinda okay with it? Can you imagine obama? "Hi i'm the president of the United States and i main Riven." and the whole world cringes...
: EGC Battle of Justice Tournament - solo sign up
Hey guys i really hope to see some of you there. Its going to be a fun casual small tournament!
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