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Lyte (NA)
: New champ select Q&A with the dev team!
The new way seems great and useful for the current meta. But I think the meta might be shifted a bit with the new objective introduced for top Laners , and the new masteries , especially Vampirism, which can give some sustain. May be adc and support would prefer to begin top lane now and I would like the new champion select to be able to go with the meta shift if it proves useful
: pool party needs 4 more
: Pool Party Aram Style!
chadsir (NA)
: 5v5 ARAM Pool Party
Purp1e (NA)
: aram pool party need 3
: Pool party normal
: Aram
: aram need 2 more
: LF 3 for Pool Party ARAM
: Mass Looking For Group Pool Party Thread - Post here if you need a group!
: Pool Party ARAM chatroom
: pool party aram


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