: As you command, Comrade Riot.
china running their video games like they run their country :D
Ulanopo (NA)
: Updated Player Behavior Guidelines
lol. riot upping their censorship and the people cheer rip player behavior boards
Xidphel (NA)
: >It's not flamers who have to change, it's the victims.
thats not flaming lol
: Has a behavior ban ever been lifted?
bans are lifted sometimes you can open a support ticket and appeal it. but it is rare. its probably gone. riot sees buying items more as renting them. they retain the right to take them away at any time. best advice - make a new account and be smarter about 'purchases'. its kind of fun starting over. leveling up and unlocking characters
: right. I didn't curse once, but the people on my team called me every name in the book. The system favors groups of players.
i dont think it favors groups but it is set off by strange things that you would not expect. saying 'bad' or 'useless' for example counts against you just as much or more than most curse words. also typing too many lines in chat counts against you. its a very strange and counter-intuitive system. and it has gotten a lot of players like you who dont deserve it banned.
: Banned for defending myself...? cmon this systems broken
its been broken for years. there are thousands of players who have been permanently banned for no worse than this. its pretty sad
: Second Chances DO happen!
it can be done friends. keep submitting tickets until you get past their reply bots. if you reach a real person and talk rationally to them you could get your ban lifted!
Voldymort (EUNE)
: Depends on the game length and how hard the lane was camped successfully
which is the entire point of the post
Dets (NA)
: Do you think an ADC that does 1 auto every team fight should be banned
a lot of people do this but its nearly impossible to catch. i have had games where someone on my team has almost 0 dmg done to the enemies and i didnt even notice. then afterwards i watch the replay and they are csing normally and moving with the team but when a fight breaks out they do nothing or just 'miss' every skillshot badly. i dont think there is really much riot can do about it. if people want to lose then they are going to find ways to lose.
: Aram Players replaced by bots? Feels like it (Serious)
down at the lowest elos of aram there are thousands of games being played right now with no human in them at all. just 5v5 bots vs bots
: 0 respect whoever spamming GGEZ
the players who say ggez will be very sad to hear some random player doesnt respect them
Saezio (EUNE)
: "GG you tried." Is the best for when one wins. Regardless of how hard the game was, you acknowledge that the enemy gave it their all.
haha yeah thats a good one. i like to use 'they did the best they could. but they didnt have enough talent'
: What am I supposed to do?
i think you have to call their bluff. teemo bot is not that bad and chances are janna is just trying to make someone dodge so he wont have to. if you stay in he will probably dodge at the last second. if not, do your best and have fun. report afterwards if it is deserved.
: Why League doesn't ban people with negative behavior?
if people's words are so upsetting to you then just type /mute all at the start of each game. riot has put this feature in to protect its more fragile players.
: I've never actually seen this ever be used in game.
because most egrils are smart enough to avoid putting 'mrs' in their name. unless they are looking for special attention.
Leonerdo (NA)
: Well, I came for the math and the math was wrong, so I'm a little disappointed. Chance of getting one or more trolls on your team is just the opposite of NOT getting any trolls on your team: (1 - 0.9^4) or 34.39%. And for your opponent it's: (1 - 0.9^5) or 40.95%. Not that any of this is even relevant. The specific numbers are not important unless you're going to do a full statistical evaluation and tell people how likely it is to actually lose a significant amount of MMR unfairly because of trolls.
yep. it was a good try though. in the long run there will be more trolls helping you climb than stopping you from climbing. that is the main point.
: Been permabanned 12 times
kid is not wrong. way more toxic smurfs in low level games than actual new players
Baka Red (EUNE)
: I don't see "I" in "Team". Do you? ;) It is a team game. If "I" am doing badly, I just have to do my best to be as little of a burden for the rest of the team as possible, and hope them manage to carry us to victory.
you are doing it wrong imo. but to each his own
Ifneth (NA)
: Because then you’ll never climb. When everyone else is making the plays, getting the leads, and carrying the game, you sit back and take the credit alongside the rest; but when things go wrong, you just give up. And that’s just not what sportsmanship, traditional or electronic, is about.
nah you have it wrong. if i lose quickly in every game where i fall behind early i wont climb, it is true. but i will be the one carrying in the wins. because my mmr will be lower than it should be since some of those other games could have been wins. i will be the one making plays and putting out monster scores. the people who try their very hardest to the last minute and steal some wins to climb elo will be a little higher than they should be. and they will have to get carried by people like me.
Seen (NA)
: This "I give up" 5 minutes into game meta needs to stop.
whats the motivation to win? its matchmaking so everyone has to lose half anyway. if you can tell its not going to be a fun game then you might as well take the loss as fast as possible.
Hige (NA)
: Banned forever?
they shutdown accounts when they suspect they have been hacked. you will be able to get it back
: How does the punishment system work?
: This Game is Awful For New Players
its because of matchmaking. in riots matchmaking system if you win you will get harder games and if you lose you will get easier. so if the level is too hard for you and it is not fun, there is a lot of motivation to lose a few.
: Emotes are only used to be toxic
how else could emotes be used? i think being toxic with them is their main purpose
CGenius (NA)
: League will not stop being toxic unless they fix this! Chat toxicity is not the main problem!
Brynheld (NA)
: Does anything positive come from this sub-board?
message boards in general are mostly for complaining about stuff. yeah you Could make a message writing about how everyone was nice to you in a game and you worked together to get a win, but its boring and the replies will also be boring.
: How can you check your current standing...
there is no way to check it sadly. the truth is you are always 1 or 2 games away from a permanent ban in this game if you slip up.
: The story of a lonely gamer banned from the only game he plays.
you didnt get banned because of your playstyle. you got banned because you said 'report' a bunch of times and also trash bad stupid and other negative stuff. there is no need to give up on the game. lux is free now for new accounts and its basically the same game at level 1 as it is level 30. make a new account and watch what you type.
: Bot lane inting after Lux wouldn't let Ryze solo baron
its because its matchmaking. in a matchmaking system like riot uses, everyone will win and lose 50% of their games. so for a lot of players winning loses all meaning. what does it matter to win if you are just going to have to take a loss for it in the future? at the start of the game those players sort of want to win. a little bit anyway. but if the slightest thing annoys them, then whats the point? might as well lose it. matchmaking will give you a win later on to make up for it.
Aladoron (EUW)
: Okay, so it has basically nothing to do with the number of players, but the difference in the game. > it just doesnt happen very often. it is much easier to review games if people are only getting reported in 1% of them. You just wrote in your previous post, that in LoL even 0.5% (half of the games * 1% of most reported) would be impossible to handle. Can you decide what do you want to say? Ps.: Doesnt a kill give money to the enemy in CSGO? So they are helping the enemy team. So the enemies objectively get stronger. OFC it probaby has a smaller impact than LoL, but still you were wrong.
i said if they reviewed the 1% of the most reported players. 1% of 50% is .5%. in cs:go it would be 1% of 1%. = .01% of games. glad i could help.
Łμst (NA)
: Can someone define riot's version of honorable?
riot's perfect most honorable player is that weird kid sitting in the back of the class who never talks to anyone and writes the names of anyone he thinks is misbehaving in a little notebook. then at the end of each period he turns his notebook in to the principal and moves on to the next class.
Aladoron (EUW)
: I still do not understand what's the difference between LoL and CS:GO. Since OP said, we should trust the top 10% of the playerbase. Nobody cares about exact numbers, but only the ratios. I'm not saying it would work or not. I just do not see the reason pointing out CSGO having less players, when the proposed system has no scaling in workload per capita with the size of the playerbase.
they are just totally different games. you cant even compare them. the amount of impact a troll has on you in CS:GO is tiny compared to league of legends. that is why there are not many trolls. what are they going to do? flashbang you? ok if they throw flashbangs on you it is annoying but you can turn away from them and they are out in 10 seconds. feed the enemy? who cares. in that game the enemies dont get stronger and stronger as they get more kills and then the troll has to sit out and wait the remainder of each game after they are dead. it just doesnt happen very often. it is much easier to review games if people are only getting reported in 1% of them. LoL however is a troll's paradise. they can feed your enemies and make them into huge unstoppable monsters. when they die they are right back at their trolling in 30 seconds. they can steal your farm and make you useless. and the games regularly last 30+ minutes. you cant get away from them. plus chat is not really much of a thing in cs:go. in league of legends you get people just raging for 30 mins. with your teammates having a much bigger impact on your own game in LoL there are a lot more people getting mad at each other.
Aladoron (EUW)
: I do not really want to argue with you, i'm just curious, why does the number of players matter in this case? O.o
because there are hundreds of millions of games each day and someone is getting reported in probably half of them. do you know how long it would take to review 1 day worth of games? even if you only reviewed the 1% with the most reports, thats probably still 1 million games per day. if you could somehow convince 50,000 players that you could somehow trust to review games, that means they would have to review maybe 20 games each. every day. and thats for 1 review per game. you would want backups just for mistakes. so you would need maybe 5 reviewers per game. that means the 50,000 would have to review 100 games per day. fastforwarding through most of the games would help you could probably review a game in 10 mins or less. lets pretend 5 minutes. that would be 500 minutes of reviewing games every day for 50,000 people. for free. good luck with that.
its like extremely mildly unsportsmanlike. the people who are upset by it are the people who need to have it said to them. toughen up and learn to be a man
Niajos (EUW)
: its a joke though isn't it? I play literally thousands of game (no life I get it) in which 99% of which I never even bad mouth a teammate. but I get tilted from trolls and bad games and a lose streak, I call trollers trolls, I point out some mistakes and BOOM im banned. not even a swear word used, no verbal abuse nothing. just called someone bad, and now my acc is gone.
the truth will get you banned. you have to lie and pretend the trolls and griefers are great people and that the bad players are great. i got a 2 week ban from these boards for calling someone who was lying a liar. riot has lost their grip on reality. they are forcing everyone to pretend everything is always a lovely place and nothing bad ever happens. and they think that somehow will make it true.
: AFK at 00:01
pretty sure opening mid is punishable.
dnsup (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=EL HAMSTERO,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=BWzot0TE,comment-id=0006000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-07T09:57:55.844+0000) > > tell me which business doesnt prioritize the bottom line over everything else Even if I couldn't (I can, but it doesn't matter), that has nothing to do with what I actually said. (If you're inclined to disagree--I assume you are, because you're asking *me* to do something, which you wouldn't do if you didn't think *I owed you a favor*--then please re-read what I wrote above).
dnsup (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=EL HAMSTERO,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=BWzot0TE,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-01-07T09:02:36.844+0000) > > they are just like every other business in the world then No. Otherwise we'd call them "just some business, they're all the same anyway."
tell me which business doesnt prioritize the bottom line over everything else
dnsup (NA)
: Well done. Now, stick to it. I mean it. While there's no such thing as "voting with your wallet" (no matter where and when you live--even if your local economics revolve around capital and even if your local governments are democratic), there is no denying that LoL is as good (or ***terrible***) as it is because people keep giving Riot/TenCent money. (I've seen limited evidence that their big decisions are informed by something beyond their bottom line. Still, I'm not holding my breath for anything more.) **Addendum**: Nevermind that Riot is dependent on revenues from e-sports, the corresponding risk for which is mostly borne by the players themselves (Riot itself bears practically zero). This would be the case irrespective of what individual players decided to do. That *doesn't* mean that you *shouldn't* quit League of Legends. It just means that the effect of your quitting will only contribute to the improvement of League as part of a larger trend [of people quitting League]. (OTOH, I've read Rioters making the case that "this is the lifecycle of a massively multiplayer game." In other words, "as it gets older, it starts to suck, and people stop wanting to play it, and it eventually dies out gracefully [according to whatever progression earns TenCent at least as much as TenCent ever expected, if everything works as TenCent expects it to work].)
they are just like every other business in the world then
Lan Fan (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ı Sona ı,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=2JKNUqT2,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-01-04T07:56:13.173+0000) > > Take a video next time! i've reported tons of people with proofs (Like screenshots of one karma running down mid at lvl 3, going under enemy tower). They wont do ANYTHING. If you want I can show you my list of reports to the ticket system until I realized that it was better to make a list of trash players and dodge if see them.
dont do screenshots they can be easily doctored. they like video clips
: Do not be afraid to report through tickets. Riot Support cares and hears you. Proof.
yep people do not utilize the support tickets nearly enough. did you know they sometimes reverse bans or punishments too? i think a lot of players dont even know about them
: > [{quoted}](name=EL HAMSTERO,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=1WALvx2I,comment-id=000300000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-03T02:06:21.255+0000) > > if it would save them LP i think people would come up with a lot of ways to try to make people quit. threats, flaming, and additional trolling without a doubt. So basically, everything that would lead to a permaban, just to save 7-10 LP? > i dont think riot wants to give people a good reason to leave the game. those other afks would still be there And there would be additional people leaving. Riot doesn't even allow you to leave a 3v5. That's actually the problem. There NEEDS to be an allowance in certain situations. > its not a good idea. Won't know until it's tried.
it will never be tried man. anyone with common sense can see this is a bad plan.
: > [{quoted}](name=EL HAMSTERO,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=1WALvx2I,comment-id=0003000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-02T17:00:39.191+0000) > > because that would cause players to try to make other players quit to save them LP. "youd better afk or im reporting you" How...is that making someone quit? Lmao I'm sure you just couldn't think of a better method but man. > and some nice people would actually do it. "sorry guys i played terrible. ill leave for you so you wont lose as much LP." While that's true, what's the difference between that and the way people afk at the start of the game because they picked the wrong runes, spells, champion, etc so that the team can remake? I've seen some people do that, tbh. Such kind souls...
if it would save them LP i think people would come up with a lot of ways to try to make people quit. threats, flaming, and additional trolling without a doubt. i dont think riot wants to give people a good reason to leave the game. those other afks would still be there And there would be additional people leaving. its not a good idea.
: > [{quoted}](name=EL HAMSTERO,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=1WALvx2I,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-01-02T16:55:00.867+0000) > > because players are not reliable at judging when someone is trolling And how not? What grand form of education is there that suddenly gives you the third eye of detecting that the jungler who's constantly running into mid lane to press S and die because he doesn't like the mid laner's champion choice isn't a troll?
ive been accused of trolling dozens of times when im not. i just like playing off-meta picks. your rules would have people leaving games constantly.
: That's...not entirely accurate, though. I get what you're trying to say, but the winners do not gain as much as the loser loses. Hell, not everyone on the same team gains the same amount of LP, because not everyone in the game is at the same rank with the same amount of LP. Just because I lose 9 doesn't mean you gain 9. While I'm losing--without the discount--18 LP, you may be gaining 21. That aside, remember that the XP system is global within a match. Everyone gains or loses the same amount, give or take a big if actual stats are considered; I forget, but I definitely know that time is taken into consideration most of all and whether or not it's a win or a loss. That means what the losing team gains is a discounted version of what the winning team gains. I don't see anything wrong with LP similar in that there's a global discount regarding AFK. Remakes already apply the same idea, after all.
because that would cause players to try to make other players quit to save them LP. "youd better afk or im reporting you" and some nice people would actually do it. "sorry guys i played terrible. ill leave for you so you wont lose as much LP."
: Why are we required to take part in troll games?
because players are not reliable at judging when someone is trolling
MrBaki (EUW)
: KristijanHEH Ban:is there a way i can get unbanned from League of Legends?
you can try to open a support ticket, but they do everything in their power to justify the ban. so you are probably out of luck
: I didn't think calling a player out for being toxic was "accusing" them of being toxic when they were quite literally being toxic (and Riot has their logs to prove it) and would would be considered punishable. Seems silly to me.
its the same thing as asking other people to report someone. it does no good except to shame them and force them to defend themselves which leads to further toxicity. many times 1 person is sure the other is being toxic but they think they are just doing playful banter. or someone thinks a teammate is feeding but they are actually just having a bad game. calling these people toxic or feeders or trolls does not help anything.
: Have you never seen someone get upset after someone flame them and decide to troll? This decrease toxic people win rate, so their MMR. It doesn't even need a troll, just the fact that people focus less on the game by fighting in tchat or some people performance decrease in negative environnement. Making your team play worse with toxicity will decrease your win rate.
: I tried to help a toxic player today. Here is how it went.
yes! they need to send out a lot more tips about what kind of things will get you punished. a lot of players get banned due to ignorance and its totally unnecessary
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