: ARURF Weekend Begins
40 hours of work earns me 1 hour of personal time off and some people used up 72 hours of their PTO. some people just used up 2880 work hours to play clash this weekend. Never tried ARURF tho, hope it's fun.
: Can I for once make more LP than I lose?
I feel ya bud. All you can do is play your best and not get tilted by other players or the system. Good luck out there.
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Ladrac (EUNE)
: Is just me...or the games in season 6 are unfun?
the adcs you support that sell dolan's blade around level 11 just to get bf sword. ROFL
: journey to bronze 5
like, please more down votes without reasons please
Ladrac (EUNE)
: Is just me...or the games in season 6 are unfun?
: journey to bronze 5
tyler1 fans downvoting. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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Serevas (NA)
: Has anyone run into toxic 4man premades?
I would say that less than half of the pre-mades that are in my solo queue are negative experiences. I am noticing A LOT more people trying out all sorts of new roles/champs in ranked and normals but bombing horribly. Sometimes you just get that heavy dedicated enemy carry or that organized enemy world class team. Feels like I'm left out of the game sometimes with some team's mentality - but it's alright, i am really persistent. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Own The Rift For Your Region
Point updates will be posted on the following dates: Pre-Groups: May 3 Post-Groups: May 9 Pre-Knockout: May 12 Start of Final: May 15 The breakdown of points earned by teams competing at MSI for their regions is as follows: 1st: 2000 2nd: 1800 3rd/4th: 1600 5th: 1200 6th: 1000 In addition to the reward for the icon competition, we will also be offering an exclusive MSI 2016 gilded regional icon to the region whose team wins the 2016 Mid­-Season Invitational.
: I was playing League today, and I just realized...
best buy hideously overcharges for their products {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Veilix (NA)
: Hey there! Just don't give a shit. I got tired of try hards so I went full aram. its a much more fun experience for me. and I never get stale with one champion, cause you know, aram. its nice being kept on toes being forced to play different champions and over coming horrid team comps. When I played to win, yes, it was stressful, because you are trying to accomplish something. either goes right, or goes wrong. things happen. and it sucks or doesn't. Then I realized... why do I care so much? I am not sponsored, I don't get anything that matters if I win.. so... what's the point? My mind wanders to the days of beta and first year, where I was noob and I only played because it, was, a, game! I wanted to have fun! well I feel I have rambled so ill cut it here V~
> [{quoted}](name=Veilix,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=xr0dJWgW,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-05-03T04:08:10.962+0000) > > Hey there! >I went full aram. aram teaches team fighting very well, it can be funny if both teams get a bad comp lol
n01n01z (NA)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=n01n01z,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=xr0dJWgW,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-05-03T04:07:50.833+0000) > > got dropped down to Bronze in season 6 from silver in season 5 and i cant seem to get out season 4 silver! banished to bronze s5, s6. bronze life <3
: I'm starting to lose it.
downvoted by tyler1 fans. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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: Support Brand Will Be the Stuff of Nightmares
Brand is the sleeper op ap champ of the year
Cyst (NA)
: QQ more They can't do squat cause riot servers don't actually host game... Your IP is public DDoS is common. Was the way game was built to save money... This game was created by the same guy that made worse game in history... Sergey Titov Worst game ever- Big Rigs: Over the road racing. Never wonder why the game is such a mess? Doesn't Titov seem familiar?
> [{quoted}](name=Cyst,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Bb4p2vWu,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-02T17:02:05.512+0000) > > QQ more > > They can&#x27;t do squat cause riot servers don&#x27;t actually host game... > Your IP is public DDoS is common. To quote Ekko. "WAH WAH WAH"
: Riot you need to take serious action against ping hackers.
Where there is ping, there is a way to check into that and flood it... just so you know.
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: How do i control my saltyness and how do i keep my cool?
When you play ranked, you will always need to consider it to be an absolute loss and just play your best. At minimum tell them critical things like champion - flash/tp used, mia pings, you're on the way pings. Whatever you do, don't debate with them about mistakes or the correct thing to do (unless in the extremely rare occasion they ask), this will inflame them horribly and the game will become worse for you. If you're feeling emotional about the game, its best to take a 30 min break or until you're clear-headed. Binging on ranked games can be a bad thing.
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RiotBok (NA)
: 4/27 Live Maintenance [Possible DCs, Ranked Disabled]
Glad it's being looked into. So many instances of suspiciously timed dropouts in the game at near perfect timing.
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: Have Warwick's ult pounce towards people, not teleport
Skillnshot r on ww, would not be bad. I'd love some improved emotes and maybe a bandage to cover that hole in his nose on default skin splash. Please riot dont make him a yordle.
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Stacona (NA)
: Warwick; Gameplay Update/Rework Suggestions
Warwick is insanely low on the rework priority list, sorry to say. Riot is also trying to figure out how to replace suppression. creative post, liked the e active one time boosting q in turn.
: Enough with this calling people "%%%%%%"
: I hate to be a negative nancy about this.... but you've seen the internet right? I think respect can come from..... 2% of people on the internet (when involving video games). We are a blight on our own community.
No, youre right. Its nice to dream and hope for absolute honor and complete mutual respect at a utopian level, keeps your own sense of character strong.
: Oh come on bro, are you online right now ?
No, genuinely havent played for almost two days now. Definitely going to play this weekend sometime, cant hold out much longer lol.
Sìel (NA)
: I feel you OP, sometimes when I play league for a while, if I have toxic players in my games and a few losses in a short amount of time my attitude gets a bit bitter. I don't rage or anything in chat, I just go into a "don't bother me I'm kinda pissed right now" mood. I try to have fun with my matches, winning or losing by making small talk or trying to get other people to laugh. It gets a bit difficult however, when the people in your match don't want to respond to any witty/cheesy remarks. The most common response I get when trying to keep a game fun is "stfu noob" and they proceed to be a jerk. Not all games are like that, but it feels like there's more toxicity than fun these days.
I tend to be silly like that on aram when ive had too much wine. I recently spewed wine out my nose watching an over confident battlecast velkoz erratically spam an emote to make his tentacles flail like crazy after dodging skill shots.
: wtf but you're just bronze, no offense. I'd expect this from a place where **the meta** is actually relevant, a place where you can only play certain champions. A place where you have to treat the game like a full time job to win. That's my two cents, I'd tell you to work a little bit on your mechanics/build/last hits and things will be better bronze V ~ gold 3 are areas of beautiful experiences. .... Maybe less so bronze V if you don't blend in well, but still.
Didnt mention ranked but i also didnt specify what gametype, my bad. thanks for the outlook of it. I think im around 1800+ played matches combined. Im pretty much a softy when it comes to team games.
Xietnin (NA)
: In the end, it is the player that makes the playerbase. Cater to your teammates and treat them with the utmost of respect, and you shall so receive it in return. Should one person shoot you down for being so friendly and kind, the others should back you up and you are immediately rewarded as is. The community is much better than you think, you just have to bring it out in people. Its like working for a support company, you can't have good experiences if you don't make them, to both the representative of the company as well as the person in need of help. Perhaps I ask of too much, but it works for me.
: dont forget to "/mute all" every game
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: Never use your real name or tell anyone what state you are from
background check me bro. Provoked assault on a chicken in skyrim. Got these tatoos in rune prison whole drifting my way out in mario kart. Edit. Dont see a reason to downvote op - nerds are out to get you
: Of course there's an ELO hell
Whole game is hell. Toxic premades on normals, making life a hell for solo randoms that are used as a resource. duos in rankef foloowing their own plan, narrow mindsets. Some are good and have team skills. You click play knowing you will lose, be trolled, or jerked around by a random group of friends. Play your best and never turn on your chat.
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Just Mid (NA)
What if i were to tell you that all tiers, leagues and matches are elo hell?
: Look what I totally found by complete random while surfing the world wide web.
: uninstalling this peice of shit game
It is a difficult and long road to tempering your mind, emotions and goals for this game. You must be willing to lose any game played; as long as you play your best or learn. Try not to play it too much in a day, you will get burned out. never let text get to you.
Who Man (NA)
: Riot Merch: Overpriced Figurines IMO
It is pricey to me. But if they get a warwick or gangplank statue on that site, i would be extremely tempted to get it.
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: Team up and earn Party Rewards!
No rewards for being the random. Soloque for life. The good life.
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: who is your fursona?
Its clickbait {{summoner:4}}
: Analyze your matches with Echo!
Useful thingamabob you've got here, helps me form a general idea on some players thought processes/choices. Props. {{summoner:2}}
sullyb (NA)
: If **Serious Sam** was a champ in League of Legends :P I would pick him for whenever I go ADC for that minigun...
> [{quoted}](name=sullyb,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=f0GxNsz5,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-02-13T19:43:22.688+0000) > > If **Serious Sam** was a champ in League of Legends :P > > I would pick him for whenever I go ADC for that minigun... That would be pretty sick.
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