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: Similar face, different body, different costume, different pose and different background not enough of a difference for you? Maybe too picky or to put it in a nice way, very high standards. Now sir, kindly hand over your cash and buy the Sylas skin, that way you won't have to see the same face.
It's a game with over 100 million active players, the annual revenue stood at $1.8 billion, you don't think the standards are supposed to be high? And yes, I would, character portraits use base splash.
: Zoe and Kai'Sa are also very different. Zoe is basically a child. Kai'Sa is a full-grown women. Zoe is basically a god. Kai'Sa essentially grew up in the void. I'd be a little worried if a supposed god looked like she grew up in the void. And who's to say it's even the same sketch? Maybe it just happened. I have a friend who draws, and on quite a bit of her stuff, her faces look similar. But she doesn't copy-paste her sketches. Just because something looks similar doesn't mean it was re-used.
And that's theme of the drawing not style of the drawing Theme - what the drawing is of Style - how the artist does the drawing Sketch - actual physical base drawing Van Goughs autoportrait and Starry Night are two completely different themes done in the same style, Jason Engles Angelus of Hope and Domination are two completely different themes done in the same style The fact that the faces overlap flawlessly points out that the sketch is the same, that was the point of the webm, to display it.
: So all artists need to basically change their art style every. single. time. they draw an image just because it's apparently lazy? When an artist gets a style they enjoy, guess what? That's just how they draw. It's how they prefer to draw, how they're comfortable drawing. Drawing in their style allows them to enjoy drawing and make that drawing actually look nice. If you force them out of their style, chances are anything they make will look terrible. If the same exact artist works on multiple art pieces, yes, you're gonna notice the similarities. Because that's just their style. Trying to force them to draw in a different style would make them less likely to want to draw.
This isn't about it being the same style but same sketch. There's a difference; Zoe and Kai'sa are the same style by the same artist but they have unique sketches, this is a recycled sketch.
Chewedon (OCE)
: The Sylas splash art has been rotated to line up with Kayne and the person who posted that video whether intentionally or accidentally didn't zoom in to make it harder to see the differences. Taking an existing face and trying to "stitch" it up to fit another body can routinely run into anatomical issues where head size doesn't match body size or the head looks like the neck is turned at an impossible angle (neck breaking angles). Probably same splash artist. Besides, they own both assets, why would they need to give credit?
It wasn't intentional, it just didn't occur to me zoom in, since anyone can zoom in or out themselves with ctrl + scroll. All I did was rotate it, yes. The moment I saw Sylas splash art I knew his face shape and his expression looked very familiar so I overlapped the layers to see if they'd match and it's pretty clear that they do, there are differences of course but the face template is the same. This isn't the first time this was done, you can see the same similarities in different skins (Lucian/Brand/Malzahar/ Shockblade Zed/Nocturne, Eternum Nocturne/Soul Reaver Draven) I just thought it was ridiculous to reuse it so shamelessly and obviously on two new champions and on their splash arts AND their faces which stick out during the game in champion portraits. And this isn't about who owns the assets or credit, noone is denying that whoever made it did it well and that it's his work, I just find it highly unprofessional and lazy to reuse templates and figure sketches in such an apparent way, for the same company, on the same project in such a short time frame.
: @EParadoxx legit question. Didn't you just add layer where Sylas is and moved Kayn's layer opacity to 0%? :p
I also rotated it slightly to see if the face matches
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