Kivolan (NA)
: Toning Down Ekko's Safety & Reliability
... Huh. Didn't realize he received buffs. Thought I was just remembering his damage incorrectly.
: What's going on with Gameplay moderation today?
They can't handle anything that would slander mother RIOT and their shit balance team.
: Can we tone down damage and make league require skill again?
Well, once upon a time, tank items were actually potent and let tanks.. be tanks. So tanks actually built like tanks and the 100% AP ratio often wouldn't one-shot enemies as long as they had some defenses. Remove tankiness from the game, up the damage with runes, and bam. Problem-malph.
Quáx (NA)
: If you're gonna remove ward hop for some champs why not do it for all champs?
LOL Braum never even had ward hopping wtf? Not a strong start to the argument. Katarina got the ability to set up essentially free blinks with her daggers. It's not even hopping like Jax or Lee. It's a blink. It goes through any wall-based CC like Poppy or Veigar's. It can't be interrupted by hitting her in the middle with CC. Katarina's mobility is far stronger than what Jax or Lee have. It makes sense that she shouldn't keep ward hopping with that change. So why exactly should Lee or Jax lose ward hopping? It even requires a ward to perform, literally. A finite resource, while Katarina has NO resources period.
: Stop cutting your own junglers off of their gold and xp, k?
Stopped, thought, concluded it's better on me after all. #sololaner /s
Rioter Comments
: After worlds riot have no excuse to not look at melee top laners
Minions should respond to all ranged attacks like they do against Azir's soldier autos. The entire wave aggros and hits back.
FS Storm (NA)
: do you guys like autofill?
Do I "like" it, no. But it's better than before when I was practically guaranteed to be a role I didn't want if I wasn't first or second pick. What I DON'T like are people that throw a match just because they couldn't handle being autofilled for one measly match. That or they enter ranked without knowing how every role runs.
Yboat (NA)
: Pure solo que fix so many problems. I have yet to figure out why mobas are so against it.
Are they? I imagine it's a matter of setting aside enough of the server for a pure solo queue if they were to implement it. Probably less of a load to simply have a mixed solo duo. But League already HAS a multiplayer queue [FLEX] so yeah, there's a huge redundancy in having two queues be multiplayer instead of one being for teams and more organized play [FLEX] while the other is purely about individual skill [SOLO]. ofc. currently it's not about individual skill at all.
Pika Fox (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=ESeTyRC,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EFRK1o8Y,comment-id=00110003,timestamp=2019-10-04T03:38:26.259+0000) > > Kill solo queue. Right. How so? > > It'd be more accurate to say it kills DUO queue.. cause that's the idea. Because, again, most players prefer to play with their friends. MOST players that play solo queue often queue with another player, as its less stressful and more enjoyable. You would lose more than half of your concurrent playerbase for the queue system.
Okay, so you're saying it would jack up queue times for SOLO queue if Duos weren't allowed there. I disagree, since this removal of Duos would remove any possibility of boosting, leaving the most player-based imbalance in SOLO queue to be from smurfs, which the system deals with automatically. Remove the possibility of people being in elos they have no right to be in, or a match they don't belong in at all for that matter [low bronze in high silver games, low silver in high gold games, etc.], and match quality is a lot easier to improve. Improve match quality by forcing everyone to only bear the rank they can get themselves to, and voila. I'm pretty sure there will be plenty of demand for the not-dead solo queue. Besides. Duos can play in Flex. Having a second queue option for Duos is redundant compared to having a pure Solo option.
: well because it determines how good I am as a player lol, if i get boosted by a friend then it doesnt matter to me anymore because i don't deserve that rank, but if I beat these players than it makes me feel even better about the rank that I get. As it stands solo/duo matters far more than flex and is something that most people care about quite a bit.
Alright, Master. You go ahead and think that somehow Solo DUO queue rank matters..
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Kaisa should not be allowed to build 3 defensive items and still deal hypercarry level damage.
Well, those ARE still items she scales with. If that's what Kaisa bought, she's probably dealing burst damage like a mage rather than DPS like an adc. Got a clip or replay of what you are trying to describe?
GigglesO (NA)
: %max HP True damage...
+1 If they keep it they need to lose their effectiveness vs squishies. Til then, I permaban Vayne. At least Fiora's melee.
Pika Fox (NA)
: This would kill solo queue, so its not gunna happen. People prefer playing LoL with friends.
Kill solo queue. Right. How so? It'd be more accurate to say it kills DUO queue.. cause that's the idea.
: as if flex counts for anything my guy, its a glorified draft pick, nobody cares about someone flex rank lol
And by that logic why would you care about solo duo rank when it can be boosted by any random high tier "friend"? As it stands, neither queue's rank matters much.
: i don't see what this would accomplish tho? i litterally queue up solo every game, put in my discord ling and then end up having 3-4 teammembers in call almost everygame lol. Playing solo will just mean you don't get to choose who you get in call with but you can still easily get that advantage for your team. On top of this you can't tell whether 2 people are duoing half the time lol
It's more about people getting boosted to places they shouldn't be at and ruining match quality. Not so much about comms, though communicated synergy is a different story, yes.
: I have to agree with this. Kind of tired of losing games cause some one is boosting a player who doesn't need to be in higher ranks.. just got out of a Game with a lux Who was Silver 4.. in a gold match because they were playing with a gold 4 player.. needless to say she fed but it was just frustrating cause you could see the HUGE skill difference in this player.. vs the others..
It's probably also how the whole thing where people that can't queue together end up in a game together happens. Would definitely get people out of places they shouldn't be at.
: I would very much like to see this as solo que is meant to be expressive of onnes skill. If duod you could reach a higher rank you are not meant to be at. As someone who plays mostly solo my self I hate getting camped by people who are duod, I also hate seeing 2 duos on enemy team when my team has none. Really feels unbalanced.
I actually hate having duos on my own team more than anything, but yeah def unbalanced. Low elo, the duos are almost always placed by matchmaking higher than they should be and the likelihood of them getting trashed to kingdom come is higher than not.
Tsuko (NA)
: As much as I'd love this, it's not going to happen.
One can hope. I mean.. they kept two queues anyway so.. can't be that hard to implement if there's demand.
Neamean (NA)
: {{champion:516}} 's W?
> [{quoted}](name=Neamean,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=krewkbBn,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-01T07:22:31.416+0000) > > {{champion:516}} 's W? Yup. + Displacing the wannabe displacer when it works, yes. That'd be the idea. It'd be counterplay.
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: Time to admit that the blitz buffs were a HUGE mistake!
Rioter Comments
: I always get 3rd place and I don't know why.
> [{quoted}](name=Εlin,realm=EUW,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=EJcbgBzW,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-17T21:09:51.782+0000) > > Really frustrating. Can't seem to break the cycle, tried different build but I always counter people 2 levels higher than me so they get 2 more champs and usually more 3 star units > > I just needed 1 more camille for a 3 star. Re rolled maybe 28 times no camille hahahahhaha You already have the answer to your problem. You're facing people of higher levels -> you didn't level up. I might not win a lot but I win more than would be average for an 8 player free for all. I almost never win with a level 3 unit. Numbers and trait buffs are more important.
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: I REALLY like the new characters on TFT, however....
Rioter Comments
: I can't believe you're getting rid of the old cursor
inb4 they charge rp to use custom cursors like the legacy cursor
: It's very rare that i leave my games but sometimes it extremely justified.
: Bug with Vayne's passive
Magic damage reduction in tft equates to ability damage reduction. It's just poor wording.
: To this day I still don't get why we couldn't have Solar Eclipse Leona and Lunar Eclipse Diana
Because it's easier for them to make 1 skin + a chroma they can sell at the same price than it is to make 2 separate skins.
FâgLord (EUW)
: Riot, What the f*ck
inb4 the shield break is kept as an excuse to buff Riven and Yasuo. lol
: actually, if you knew how to play him, urgot was MASSIVELY tanky and had one of if not the best use of Trinity Force. The new urgot is completely awesome though, I mean, they actually kept his theme and made it more accomodating to modern standards most others just get deleted
"kept his theme" LOL comes to show how little you played old urgot. Old urgot was deleted.
: Make Morde Passive Reset When Hit by Hard CC?
Sure let's make Renekton and Nasus's AoE ult DoT stop when hit by hard CC as well. It's not like the damage and range is completely different from what Aurelion Sol has or anything.
: Quitting ranked this season, matchmaking isn't working in my favour and feels rigged.
> [{quoted}](name=captcha or lose,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PXmnufL4,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-25T09:37:03.760+0000) > > Been playing ranked for 4 years, started Silver first and been gold for the past 3. Hard Stuck. Lose my promos to plat about 3 times, go on a losing spree because of literally mostly teams. When I'm climbing well and lose a game or two I accept if it was really my fault- I.e Getting an S and still losing is not my fault. > However, going on a 12 game lose spree after an already bad drop from G1 to G2 with a higher loss than win rate when I was previously at a 60% win ratio now down to 49% is just dumb. What's interesting is that I'm also at a 48-49% ratio on another account. And my other 2 accounts were also at around 50%, starting to decline- after getting to a certain elo/mmr in ranked. After hitting high gold, low plat I start getting the worst teams. In one game had a griefing Zilean go 0/36. In 2 other games had people ban my champ saying 'fuck you I wanted to' when I asked them why. Had 2 afks in others games, and just your general trolls and feeders. > They just came out of nowhere, took my account by storm and then came the 12 game lose streak. This is extremely demotivating to play, just an insult at all my hard effort and well earned stats now left in the dump. It honestly feels intentional. > To any dismissive trolls who wish to comment things like "oh you just peaked" "maybe you're not good enough" "maybe carry harder" I won't dignify such baseless and nonsensical arguments. I've done this for 4 years with the same pattern, and same decline in matchmaking quality. If I was good enough to win games in low plat high gold, I shouldn't be losing games to low gold/high silver when I deranked to G3, but instead go up. > However, when this drop happens I can never recover. That is the smoking gun for me that matchmaking is rigged. The loss streaks I incur despite playing well. 80% of the games in those loss streaks are determined by teams and matchmaking, 20% were my fault not playing well and I accept that. > > > > First game: > 0/7 top / I'm 3/2 mid with 6.1 cs > > Second game: > 0/4 top who's Silver 2 while the enemy team is all at least Gold 4 > > Third game: > 4/7 top who's also Silver 2 while whole enemy team is at least Gold 4 > > Fourth game: > 3/6 top 1/10 supp > > Fifth game: > 1/5 top 0/4 mid > > Sixth game: > 1/5 top and 2/6 JANNA MID :) > > Seventh Game: > My fault :) oh look I don't just blame my teammates and can see where I played poorly because guess what it's a team game and having shitty team mates is a possibility, one that occurs frequently with this community. > > Eighth game: > 0/5 jungle 1/5 mid > > Ninth game: > 2/12 mid while I'm 5/2 Jinx ADC with 7.7 CS > > Tenth game: > Mostly my fault, however top also went 1/5, jungle 2/6 and supp 2/5 while I was a terrible 1/8. > > Eleventh game: > Partly my fault, but mostly due to 1/10 jungle and partly 1/5 top > > Twelfth game: > 3/11 ADC 5/8 Top > > 3 of these games I deserved to lose, the other 9 were determined by an assortment of matchmaking, bad luck and terrible teammates. > > If you look at my tier graph, I don't deserve this after my effort to get from S1 to G2 in just 1 week. Making it to my plat promos and now being 8LP in G3, I've had it and have dropped even faster than I climbed, which doesn't frankly make any sense. My opinion on this is that matchmaking-while poorly done, isn't the crux of the issue. The matches as they are would be far better if Riot took Ranked queues and trolling, griefing, afking, and rolestealing more seriously. Almost all of the above get away to do it again whenever they feel like it under the guise of "off-meta" play or "one-time" deal. Taking a look at PUBG and their solid stance on team-killing and griefing, the contrast is clear. Yes, griefers still exist, but the extent of what they can get away with is severely limited so in general, it doesn't happen. If Riot stopped allowing obvious griefers, inters, afks, etc to get away scot-free for MULTIPLE instances, I'm sure the players would be taking Ranked matches more seriously and you wouldn't have as many undeserved losses.
: Don't play, dude. If you can't play for fun and you expect instant punishments every time you spam the report button, then this game isn't for you.
Hm. So you find it enjoyable to enter ranked and deal with trolls and afks? Enjoy it as much as you like. I couldn't give a rat's ass about what you do in Normals, because that's just about all YOU play. You have no right to tell me not to play so get off your high horse.
Rioter Comments
: no 80 ms is not bad, i played with over 2000 ping before... but it is 40 ms higher than what i usually play with, it is not severely affecting my gameplay it just makes it alot harder to land and dodge skillshots
I spose that is true. Can't remember what 40ms felt like lol. Wanna play? Gonna have to admit I can tilt hard with certain dumb things though haha
: got my friend permabannede - he blocked me on every media - did I do the right thing?
? 80ms is "bad"? hahahah.... I guess I play every match with shitty af ping. If your "friends" aren't a positive influence on your life.. well. I wouldn't sweat over what's been done.
PekiCodex (EUW)
: Do YOU support non-meta strategies?
It's not a "Strategy" if it's not communicated to the team in some way so everyone has a plan in mind.
: I just had a game that started promisingly, then 5 pings later, the whole team goes AFK.
A direct result of RIOT loosely regulating AFKing. Had a 0/2 Ahri top some days ago that ragequit with that 2nd death. Ahri top all-capped some gibberish then disconnected. As far as I'm aware, completely unpunished. The rest of the team was winning but the poor kid couldn't handle not being the mvp I guess. Edit: Yep. Completely unpunished and still playing. Ranked, no less.
: Why is their even a Master Yi?
... If you guys seriously couldn't stop Master Yi with that team composition, where every single member aside from you, the MF, had hard CC, that's probably just an issue of skill and feeding too hard too quickly, no offense.
: Master Yi should not be able to build %health damage items and then go full tank.
{{champion:36}} {{champion:35}} <- the o.p. {{champion:126}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:412}} vs {{champion:92}} {{champion:11}} <- the Yi in question {{champion:157}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:111}} LOL. That's a lot of hard CC your team had packed and ready for Master Yi. Oh. And he wasn't "full tank" when his only defensive items were Tabis, Randuins, and GA.
: Does anyone else feel like the stats you get from morde ult is.... lackluster?
10% of ALL core stats from the target is huge. If it feels lackluster, ult a stronger enemy. Lol.
: I am silver 2 trash. Why in the heck am I always against high golds, plats, and sometimes diamond?
> [{quoted}](name=Yuri Hentai,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=5TEXMaa3,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-16T06:23:05.887+0000) > > This is honestly ridiculous, what have I done to be placed in a game with players that are obviously light years better than I am. I'm not even good at the game, I have pretty below average mechanics, poor decision making, and terrible macro. And I still play with and against high golds, plats, and sometimes even diamonds. I mean, just recently I was in a game against a diamond 3 zed one trick with 2.5 million mastery points just destroying everyone because my garbage ass fed him. I mean c'mon this is just normal games, why can't I have fun in normal games with one of my friends when they lose lane and rage because of my stupid mmr. I checked my ranked mmr today using some site and it clearly says and I quote "SILVER II." I haven't even played one single game with someone that is gold+. I don't want to have to resort to ranked because there only so much cancer that I can endure when playing this AMAZING WELL DEVELOPED game. Riot you need to fix matchmaking in normal games and make it where each player plays against their own elo. I don't even care if queue times are more than 5+ mins, Just please do something ANYTHING to fix matchmaking because this is really starting to piss me off. If this is riot's way of telling me to get good, then they're doing a terrible job. Because you're in Normals.. where your Ranked stats and everyone else's Ranked stats don't matter. Even if you're where you should be in the Normal queue's mmr, those other guys might not be. Easiest way to play with and against similar players would still be playing Ranked imo..
: Yasuo's Early Game is Too Good
> [{quoted}](name=i got the stacks,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yUWqRxQt,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-13T15:16:51.477+0000) > One argument is obviously that he does not have a way to CS from long range, and I am aware of this. ? Except he does. Q, Q, long af range Tornado. Repeat. The Cooldown's so low Yasuo can easily fire off two Tornadoes before mages can wipe a wave, all at the cost of ZERO mana. What a tradeoff!
: New champions reveals feel incredibly underwhelming because of the new reveal pages
Didn't even think about this until seeing this post. Went back and rewatched Jhin's Trailer. Then saw Qiyana's.. whatever the hell that was. Underwhelming is an understatement. All I got out of Qiyana's.. "animated still".. is that she's thicc. And that's good, but not great. Jhin's trailer was better than great.
: Melee toplaners weigh in: Who's the most tilting ranged champion to face top?
{{champion:67}} I don't like having a champion that gets to invalidate my team's frontliner(s) from range. Esp. if I'm the frontliner.
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