: Patch 7.24b notes
No wonder {{champion:17}} was so strong his AD growth was 58! Thank you riot for bringing it down to 54 I`m sure he`ll fun to play against now /s
: Introducing the League Client Strike Team
Me and a few other people have had the problem where tabbing out and trying to tab back in just black screens us and then the client bugsplats, is this a known issue and is it being worked on?
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WL Ellen (NA)
: < Elevated Gravity > (Team) LF Subs / Sister Team Roster
You may also message me with any questions. I am the captain of our sister team!
: Fixed for 7.5. Although It is still going through QA though, if you have a PBE account, you can see if it is fixed to your likely there.
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Exgeniar,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=s19Nifqv,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-02-22T23:17:24.323+0000) > > Fixed for 7.5. Although It is still going through QA though, if you have a PBE account, you can see if it is fixed to your likely there. I was about to report this haha, but there is also another bug in his e when tping as well heres a video reference (skip to 2:00 for the e bug) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2fy1H--17k&feature=youtu.be
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: Team Substructure Is Recruiting (NA Gold+)
Bump - Still looking for people, doing interviews today!!
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FS Storm (NA)
: The Psycho Synthetics is Recruiting SUBS ( need JG or top now )
Summoner Name: Phynn Rank: P3 Lane: Top Age: 18 Time zone: Newfoundland Time (UTC - 3:30) Availability: After 3 am (sometimes earlier) Your Top 5 Champs:{{champion:41}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:86}} Why you Should be Considered: I'm pretty chill, easy to get along with, decent at the game, pretty flexible when it comes to picks and have played top for 3 seasons. Are you willing to listen, even if the call is bad?: If its completely awful no, but most of the time yes.
: Looking for a Diamond/Plat TOP and Jungle Main for a serious 5v5 team!
IGN: Phynn Timezone: Newfoundland time Role: Top Availability: varies due to work but i have 2 days off a week for sure and am usually working from 9-5 Age: 18 Rank: plat 2 Do you have Curse Voice: no Top 3 Champions: gp, illoai, irelia 3 Strengths: agreessive, can snowball extremely hard, understands most top matchups 1 Weaknesses: sometimes bad at warding Would you be willing to shotcall: willing if needed How would you describe your personality in one sentence: I'm pretty chill, don't really rage at all might get salty sometimes tho. :p
: 5 man team looking for Support
IGN - Phynn Current Rank - Plat 2 ADC/Support Support - {{champion:432}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:223}} ADC - {{champion:202}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:29}} Both Skype and discord, Skype preferred. Do you have a working Headset? - Yes What time zone are you in? - Newfoundland time, midnight as of posting this. Favorite Super Hero - Deadpool
: Victorious Gaming and Online Tournaments
VG still has prizing tournaments yey!!
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Kenjiman (NA)
: Diamond Ranked 5's LF: Top and Jungle
I'm 18 I'm from Canada and it would be cool if i could try out for your team i haven't been able to join a very serious league team yet. I play fairly frequently, usually i can play any time after 1 pm (Newfoundland time). I can play just about every top laner in the game but I mainly play gnar. I'm plat 2 and climbing at the moment, I'm really chill and don't rage at all (I might get a little salty but that's it) and take criticism pretty easily. Would be happy if you let me try out just add me in game my ign is phynn , so give me a shout if you want.
: Looking for top and adc
Age: 18 Role: Top Champs: Basically every top laner, mainly Gnar Renekton Gangplank Wukong Riven and Singed Rank: Plat 2
: Trinity eSports is looking for a plat+ support, tryouts tonight.
IGN: Phynn Current Rank: Plat 2-3 5's Team Experience: Played on some teams that are inactive over the past few years now trying to join a serious team Best 6 Champions: Alistar, Leona, Thresh, Blitz, Sona, Tahm I play league almost every day so I will be available.
: Team Olympusgamerz recruiting d3+ top and adc for a competitive team. Looking to make challenger in
Just before i start idk if you'll consider me on only ~ plat 2-3 but it would be cool if you did. Ign: Phynn - top main Rank : ~Plat 2-3 (been there for 4 months) I'm available pretty much whenever I don't have classes, after 1 on weekdays excluding Mondays then after 5 (Newfoundland time) Age: 18 Champs: {{champion:150}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:23}} Although I can play most top laner fairly decently. But yeah I'm pretty chill I don't really rage I get a bit salty sometimes but that really it. I would preferably like to use skype for voice chat just because I think it's easy and don't really like using much else, but I can if necessary. I have been on a couple of other teams that weren't super serious so I do have team experience. I am still looking to improve and I take criticism easily.
: Divine Judgement Esports - LF Midlaner
Hey, I am interested in joining a team for this season and you seem pretty decent so if I can I would like to put my name down for tryouts. Ign: Phynn Rank : ~Plat 2-3 (been there for 4 months) Availability: pretty much whenever after 1 on weekdays excluding Mondays then after 5 (Newfoundland time) Age: 18 Champs: I usually play top but mid is my second best so my top mids are: Fizz, Zed, Ekko, Anivia and Lissandra although I can play most champs to good effect. (I main Gnar top incase this matters){{champion:150}} Play style: depends on the match-up really. I usually go very aggressive if i am confident that I can win lane but i am also accustomed to plying safe when behind. (Note: I CANNOT play against Cassiopeias and I will lose this lane hard unless their bad) But yeah I'm pretty chill I don't really rage I get a bit salty sometimes but that really it. I would preferably like to use skype for voice chat just because I think it's easy and don't really like using much else but I can if necessary.
: Looking for Pool Party Friends *All Week*
phynn - plat 2 add me? i dont rly talk much in chat but i dont rage and am pretty chill
: Pool Party Team
phynn plat 2 mid
Jynx (NA)
: DJ Sona fan art!
Hey everyone I am in the process of creating a rug hooking of the concussive DJ Sona head I hope to be done by tomorrow! Please upvote so this gets noticed!!!
: Kalista Q&A [Completed]
Lore Question: If Kalista is as old as you say, and in life she used a spear would she have been some sort of primitive hunter, and if so would she possible know Gnar or his family?
: Kalista Q&A [Completed]
This is a little off topic but the Shadow Isles have a recurring theme of wispyness and a light blue where as the Void is more "organic" and purple {{champion:117}} , so like the {{champion:30}} VU will we be seeing a {{champion:31}} VU anytime this year (2015)? {{item:3416}}
Vexilus (NA)
: Does this mean all yordles have some innate ability to turn into a monster? Monster Tristana? Monster bomb throwing Ziggs?
What about monster Teemo? Would he just turn into satan?
Opeli (NA)
: * **Can I assume the Rage Gene was recessive? Only Gnar Hulked out and fought against the thing that presumably killed his family/tribe.** It's unclear to scientists (read: Heimerdinger) whether it's a recessive trait or something Gnar acquired in that moment. More research is required. * **Who would be most likely to befriend Gnar? My guess is Annie.** Lulu. Although Annie would probably be up there. She's a little demented but Gnar is still young enough to not judge her for burning things down. * **According to the reveal, Gnar was "born millennia ago." Does this make him the oldest living champion?** Nah, Anivia is pretty frickin' old. **On the Fields of Justice, Mega Gnar doesn't stop being mad unless he's tired (or dead). Off of the Fields of Justice, is it possible to calm down Mega Gnar before he tires himself out? Who (or what) is most likely to be able to do it?** While it may be possible... it has yet to be seen. Yay! I'm glad you like the format of his story piece. It was a lot of fun to write.
But if Anivia is older then Gnar does that possibly mean she knows who froze him? In that case how old would Lissandra be?
: Superfans assemble!
: Dear Riot, I know I say this in every bundle sale pretty much, but anyway, I'm hoping you'll get to read this suggestion one day. I think it would be great if monthly bundles were available for, you know, the whole month. In this case it isn't a big deal since there are only 2 bundles, but when there are 4 or 5, it's a bit difficult for some of us to spend all that money on RP in just the week or so that the sale lasts. When you do monthly bundles where there are many bundles, please think about it. Making the bundle available for the whole month would allow us to buy more of them (and would earn you more money). We love supporting this company through RP purchases, but man, sometimes it feels you don't want our money that much! Please make it easier for us to give you more money by making future monthly bundles last a month (and more than 2 bundles, please!)
: lmao no one ever knows the bass players {{champion:83}} {{item:3070}}
What's a {{champion:83}}?
: One For All is back with a twist!
"Tons of damage" - Phreak, 2014 {{item:3078}}

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