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: The Hollowing Grounds [Closed RP]
>[{quoted}](name=CFProxy,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gGrhUxOt,comment-id=0426,timestamp=2019-08-03T09:12:40.377+0000) >[{quoted}](name=Krizonar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gGrhUxOt,comment-id=04260000,timestamp=2019-11-03T13:21:16.210+0000) > Zentha turned to look at Krizonar as she spoke. The accent did make it slightly difficult for Zentha to fully understand her, but she was capable of figuring out what Krizonar was saying as she replayed the sentences in her head a few times and referenced the previous times she had heard Krizonar speak. The idea of having the Edel’s fly over the wall brought an idea to Zentha’s head. It was a cruel and inhumane idea but, given the times they were in, it was an idea that could reasonably be put forward. Raising a finger Zentha found a moment of relative silence to interject with her idea. “In addition to Krizonar’s question of what the machine guns are capable of shooting through, do we know how high they can aim? Do they have defenses for directly overhead? If they don't, then I have an idea that might serve us well.” Looking to the Edel’s that were present, Zentha now posed her questions towards them. “How comfortable are you with dropping things while flying? How quickly can you vacate an area? How sharply can you turn in air? I ask these things because what I’m about to present as a strategy requires you to be able to immediately vacate the area after dropping something. Though I would request that you hear out the plan before answering, as there may be some… Moral objections to this idea.” Zentha took a moment to mentally consolidate her ideas before she began speaking. It was difficult to put what she was about to suggest nicely, and so Zentha figured the best way to put it would be plainly. “If given the time, I could create some gas grenades with two chemicals inside. This grenade, when primed, will dissolve a barrier separating the two chemicals. When they mix, they explode violently into a very hot white smoke, detonating the grenade and covering the surrounding area with this smoke. This smoke is hot enough to burn skin, clothing, and even structures. This is not a weapon I seek to deploy lightly, nor do I seek to make light of it. It is one of the most cruel things the Ichlyth have ever devised, and I only bring it up now because I see it as the only way for us to even the odds against our foe.” Zentha paused for a moment to let the weight of what she had just told the other commanders sink in. “My general strategy would have the Edel’s fly over their defenses and note down immobile weapon emplacements. Then they would return and group up to fly the shortest path to and from these emplacements and would be provided with the gas grenades. Then… All that’s left to do is activate them and drop them. They should detonate on impact once the mixture begins to activate.” Zentha paused for a short moment before she made the choice to reiterate what she had said prior. “I will say this again, so that it is absolutely clear to everyone: This is a cruel weapon, and it is my personal opinion that if it is deployed we should wait until the next day for it the mixture to reach inert levels before advancing again. Additionally, if you have a desire to preserve things I would also ask the edels to make a note of where these emplacements are in relation to them, as if it gets caught in the path of the smoke… There will be little to save.” With that said, Zentha stopped speaking and waited for the response to her terrifying idea.
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: The Hollowing Grounds [Closed RP]
> Zentha gave a slight smile at the enthusiasm of the small team of soldiers. It was pleasant to encounter someone who wasn’t wallowing in their own despair for once. Zentha returned their salutes and let a hand rest on her hip as she listened to them. The other gripped her spear firmly and planted the base of it into the ground which allowed the weapon to function as a leaning pole for the few moments it would be used as such. Zentha had to refrain from laughing as the soldier fumbled over her orders once she was able to connect the dots on the current situation. Rebalancing her weight off of the spear Zentha picked it up from the ground and began to walk once more after resting the weapon on her shoulder. “Let us be off, then. Wouldn’t want to hold things up.” Zentha walked at a notably slower but still fairly brisk pace, though the small team of soldiers that was now accompanying her more than likely needed to walk quite briskly in order to keep up due to the height difference between Zentha and the other soldiers. Zentha found it rather amusing due to the fact that the danger to her wasn’t mitigated since she towered over the human soldiers that surrounded her. Still, it was a nice gesture. Zentha approached the war room and nodded to the small team of soldiers before speaking. “If you are not ordered to accompany me inside, you are dismissed. You did well, even though the task was a small one.” With that said, Zentha ducked inside. It was slightly cramped due to Zentha’s height, but Zentha was able to manage with a few adjustments to her stance. She arrived as Dymes was speaking about the outpost, and merely resigned herself to listen quietly. Zentha gave silent nods of greeting towards Krizonar and Luduvika. Once Dymes began to set out small pieces upon a command table, Zentha moved closer to it and watched closely as it was assembled. Blinking slowly Zentha recalled the times before when she had seen a table just like this one. Though most of the times Zentha had seen one it was a fair bit more technological in nature. Zentha dismissed the memories before they consumed her mind. It was no use to dwell on something like that in these times. Returning her focus to the table, Zentha took a moment to glance around the room. She knew some of the faces present. Not in the greatest capacity, but she at least knew them somewhat. Zentha hoped one day to get to know the better than just merely recognizing their faces slightly. Though she was also promptly greeted with the grim thought that she would never get to meet everyone since not everyone would survive the battle. Such was the contrast between the Ichlythian military and the army they had here. In Lycernia everyone knew one another due to the compact nature of their society. It made trusting one another easy, and it made losing people hard. Zentha contemplated that for a moment. Each of the people here was someone with a vibrant life story to tell, and through the actions that she would have a part of here, some of them might have that story cut short. Zentha took a deep breath, closed her eyes and exhaled slowly, emptying her mind. Thinking back, Zentha remembered something that had been said to her on the first day of her command training. *”Ichlyth die so that Lycernia may live. Do not waste their lives, but do not think that no soldier is unwilling to spend theirs. The men and women under your command took an oath to see to the safety of Lycernia and her people… Death is not failure for them, only defeat.”* Zentha opened her eyes gently, her will hardened and her mind ready. Not all could be saved, but those who died would die in vain if their mission failed. Thus, it was paramount that they succeed in their mission. Zentha simply stared at the command desk, waiting for the meeting to begin. Zentha pondered engaging in banter and pleasantries with the soldiers but came to the realization that she wouldn’t know what to say or do. Not in her position. Her position carried power, and even jokes could be taken in a serious manner… No. Zentha resigned herself to be as professional as possible in order to maintain both her own composure and the composure of the people around her. With her mind made up, all Zentha could do was wait.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Eagleheart,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gGrhUxOt,comment-id=041d,timestamp=2018-05-22T09:56:19.652+0000) > > > > It was time to get to work. "Fall in line! Order! Order! I want to see shields lined up dammit! On the rank! On the rank! Spread out! What are you doing? Trying to fuck the guy next to you? Get the fuck off him! Let's go! Let's go! Spread your damn forma- STAY IN FUCKING FORMATION!" _The officer was clearly not the happiest of men but with any luck this would be the end of his sigh spree as the men finally lined up in columns. As soon as all had been split up evenly he took stand on a makeshift stand from boxes and cleared his throat._ "MEN! I WANT TO SEE YOU SWEAT! I WANT TO SEE YOUR DAMNED MUSCLES BLEEDING LIQUID AND I WANT TO SEE IT NOW! ON ME! ONE!" "TWO!" "THREE!" "FOUR!" _The morning exercise began. It was fairly straightforward and not too rigid. It was mostly to get these people up and running with bodies capable of combat coming up with warm ups keeping their minds off the conflict to come. Some... took a little too much booze but that would hardly stop the officers from shoving them along and getting them to follow in line. The warm up would probably only take a half hour in total, being short and sweet with most of the body warmed up._ _Crorstiv sat outside of the door, looking over to the commander as she came from her room. He stood as she did, stretching a bit._ "Ah, Zentha... Good to-" _He yawned, rubbing his eyes with his right hand before handing her a letter in his left. The letter itself was simply an invitation to join the other commanders in the war room in an hour._ "Good to see you. The commander we rescued would like to have a meeting with you in the war room soon. It's not quite yet so I might as well discuss a bit about what is going on regarding men. We have more men than we prepared for. The fact is that we only have enough supplies to maintain a limited supply of men. That being said, the three of you will need to split up your forces and decide which ones to send to other regions and which we will be taking with us to march onto King's supply depot. Keep it in mind. In the meantime..." _He pulled out a clipboard, smiling at the plastic invention with paper on it. He took his steps down the stairs, looking up to Zentha from where he stood._ "I was given this as a gift. I figure I can get used to it. He looked at the pen that he pulled from his pocket, using it on the clipboard to mark down notes._ "The pen... Never would have thought it would become this... I'm getting sidetracked. Is there anything you need done?" _As he spoke, a drip of rain fell onto his face. He blinked, looking up to the light arrangement of dark clouds in the sky before heading under the safety of the porch._
> [{quoted}](name=CFProxy,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gGrhUxOt,comment-id=041d0000,timestamp=2018-07-02T07:37:38.812+0000) > Zentha nodded in appreciation as the commander drilled the men. Keeping the troops sharp was always a valuable asset when it came to a standing army, though Zentha made a mental note to advise him not to push the troops too hard while out in the field. Keeping an army sharp and disciplined was one thing, but a soldier who couldn't feel his arms from push-ups and couldn't feel his legs from squats wasn't a soldier that could be sent to the front line. Zentha looked down to Crorstiv and took the offered letter from him. Zentha gave it a quick glance before nodding to herself and returning her attention to Crorstiv. Upon hearing the news that they had received more men than planned for, Zentha frowned. Something was amiss. It would demoralize the troops, but Zentha issued a necessary order. "Take a squad of trustworthy men and perform a head count. Be on the lookout for spies and others that don't belong. After the abomination I killed at the home base I do not trust a head count above what was planned. Summon me if you need assistance in this." Zentha rapped the base of her spear into the boards of the porch, indicating that her order was final. She would not have chaos erupt among her ranks due to spies and abominations infiltrating the troops. Even the very thought of it was unacceptable, and thus Zentha wanted to make sure that such an idea was stopped before it could even take the slightest root. Moving on, Zentha watched as Crorstiv fawned over his clipboard and pen. Humans were always strange like that. Zentha had to remember that her people and the people of Valoran were not entirely similar with what they found interesting. Perhaps to a soldier with a limited grasp of the true technology in the world might find such a thing fascinating but to Zentha, who knew datapads and holographic blueprints, such a device was antique at best. Regardless, Zentha had to consider Crorstiv's other question. Thinking for only a moment, Zentha issued another order. "If your search turns up nothing, issue the bulletin that we will be on necessary only rations. We're going to have to stretch our supply budget due to being overpopulated. That will be all unless a new situation develops. If you need to summon me, start at the war room. I will most likely be there." With that, Zentha bid farewell to Crorstiv and made her way to the drilling grounds. She would only be there briefly to instruct the commanding officer to not push the men too hard. Zentha told him that it was good to keep the men sharp, but a soldier that was numb from training would be of no use on the front lines. With her brief excursion over, Zentha made her way towards the war room, eager to begin planning the assaults.
: An Obvious Trap. (Main Thread.)
Amelia scowled at the reappearance of The Hatter. She was upset, but not surprised. The Void could do these things... Amelia knew that well, having been returned time and time again. Amelia braced herself to launch towards The Hatter again, except now Razor was in the way. Amelia's fighting style was, frankly, rather hazardous to allies near her. Having to consider the rapid movements of others in attack calculations involved too many variables. It was too risky to try attacking. Amelia noted that Phantom was freeing prisoners, and blinked a few times. To Amelia, this was a futile effort, but Amelia understood the human need for compassion. Amelia pondered for a moment what she might do. With Razor in the fray with the captain, Amelia couldn't fight him, and Amelia couldn't free prisoners nearly as fast as phantom could. Amelia nodded to herself when a solution came to mind. Taking a few steps, Amelia jumped into the air and landed firmly upon her own ship. Holding her hands in the air, Amelia began to shape void material into the shape of a longboat to hold the prisoners. It would hold a majority of the prisoners that were being freed, as Amelia had no plans to take them upon her ship and carry them around. There was simply not enough space to hold that many people. Faron would be allowed aboard, but he was the only one. For everyone else, the longboat would have to do. Amelia hated not being able to engage in combat, but it was too risky to engage alongside an uncoordinated ally. If only she had people she could synclink with, she could coordinate well with them to avoid friendly damage. Alas, Amelia had yet to replicate the means of her creation.
: An Obvious Trap. (Main Thread.)
The appearance of the new yordle was concerning to Amelia. Kara seemed to react favorably towards him, so Amelia deduced that he should be kept alive and unharmed. The captain was the key in all of this. It would be important to kill him first. But Amelia also observed that he was being empowered by the rune that he held. Having had no experience with these runes thus far, Amelia could only assume that it was something quite powerful since it enabled the human captain to command others against their will. Amelia nodded to herself. That captain needed to die. Amelia’s summoned blades affixed their points toward the captain, and all of them launched at terminal velocity simultaneously. Amelia paused for merely a second before she too sprung into action. Pushing herself forward with incredible force, Amelia caused the ship to rock slightly as she forced herself forward. Indentations were left where she was previously standing as Amelia began to move. Her feet seemed to barely touch the ground as she sprinted towards the captain. As she moved, Amelia would create and launch more small blades at the captain. These were done with less accuracy than the first set, as they were more meant to force the captain to move and evade rather than actually hit their target and do damage. If the captain was already dodging, then he would be hard pressed to dodge an incoming attack from another angle. Amelia would force him into a pincer move. When she got into a closer range, Amelia brought both of her swords down like a pair of scissors around the captain. In particular, she targeted the arm holding the rune, hoping to cut it free. Most of the time, when something was separated from the body, the body stopped receiving the benefits of whatever that limb was providing. If Amelia could cut the rune free, the captain would lose his power over the yordle. The fight would become much simpler once that was accomplished. Amelia’s scanners picked up on the message that The Hatter sent somehow, but since Amelia was in combat mode her array didn’t display the encoded information. It would wait until after the battle.
: An Obvious Trap. [OOC and Bio thread.] (Closed RP).
> [{quoted}](name=Flyntloch,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=6XgTALmy,comment-id=0024,timestamp=2018-08-30T03:05:43.982+0000) Hey Flynt. I feel like you missed a few kinda important points about the posts that I and others made. The shield that Amelia put up was to block the horn that *she* blew using her ship, not to protect the party against the captain's horn, among a couple other things. Do you think you could go over your post again and redo some parts?
: An Obvious Trap. (Main Thread.)
Amelia frowned at the developments presented by the crew. Clearly this wasn’t going to be a pleasant and easy experience. Stepping backwards into the way of the hardlight bridge she had made, Amelia shielded the people moving along it, along with the people who had yet to leave her ship. This shield would be rather soundproof, as Amelia was about to outplay their gambit with their horn. Amelia hadn’t even been buffeted by the horn the captain had sounded. Folding her arms, Amelia summoned her combat array. What happened next would surprise many, and reveal why they had been shielded. The horn of Amelia’s ship thundered loudly, causing even the waters around it to quake. The wooden ship that Amelia stood on creaked and groaned as it vibrated from the intensity of the horn. Amelia’s stare grew in intensity as the horn blared. It lasted for only a few seconds, but those few seconds felt like forever. Since her ship was so close, Amelia was still synced with its core. This meant that her abilities were unlocked to their full potential, which Amelia would now take advantage of. Gripping what seemed to be thin air, there was a distinct cracking sound as two blades were formed in Amelia’s hands. Above Amelia, several more blades formed in midair, each making a similar cracking sound. Each of these blades was pointed in a different direction. One for each crew member. Amelia dropped the shields around her companions at this point. Shouting again, Amelia repeated her demand. **”Unless you all intend on dying today, SURRENDER. NOW.”** Amelia’s hovering blades began to spin along their axis, and her combat array spun rapidly as it processed information. As another way to frighten them, Amelia’s turrets kicked into gear. They rose up slightly from their housings and angled downward, aiming at the deck of the slave ship. The barrels opened now, displaying the purple charging rods. Energy began to crackle along them, charging up in preparation to fire. Amelia wouldn’t be firing, however. It was merely a scare tactic. She personally didn’t have any qualms about firing upon the slave ship. The angel she had chosen would spare most of the slaves, though they would certainly be doomed without prompt assistance since the ship would be sinking. However, her companions would certainly object, and Amelia didn’t feel like dealing with dissent at the moment.
: > [{quoted}](name=Eagleheart,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=QEJAN00Y,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-07-15T20:50:38.166+0000) > > IC thing Hey, just letting you know that I didn't even throw the seeds yet. So there should have been no shocking; or anything of the sort. The only thing I did with the seeds was just channeling them into my palm, they need to make contact with solid ground first in order for it to change the ground.
> [{quoted}](name=Flyntloch,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=QEJAN00Y,comment-id=00050001,timestamp=2018-08-19T16:34:14.010+0000) > > Hey, just letting you know that I didn't even throw the seeds yet. So there should have been no shocking; or anything of the sort. The only thing I did with the seeds was just channeling them into my palm, they need to make contact with solid ground first in order for it to change the ground. "Taking her hood off as she watched, gripping her staff tightly as she felt the seeds she conjured in her hand. It would malform the ship it touched to make earthly connections. But it wasn't going to damage anything that much." This is the passage that made it seem like that was happening. I'll edit my post a bit. Edit: Done.
: An Obvious Trap. (Main Thread.)
Amelia listened to the various reactions of the "crew" that she had accumulated for a brief time. All of them were pushing for liberating the ship. It seemed to carry people against their will. Amelia knew how this felt, but at the same time she also felt differently than most of her current company. Amelia's belief was one of strength, and if you couldn't rely on your own strength to express your will, then perhaps you needed more strength. Or, perhaps, you needed to bend the knee and submit to those stronger than you. Amelia did not share this, however. It was a stark contrast to what most of her crew members were sharing and expressing. Gather up the strength to assert your will upon your destiny. Through strenuous effort even fate could be fought. That was Amelia's way of thinking. But her "crew" would most likely not agree. Not with such an extreme view. Amelia also mused that such a view had also gotten her into trouble, which is precisely why she didn't share it. Sometimes the strength of unity was better than the strength one individual possessed. That was one of the strengths of humanity, or so Amelia thought. With that thought monologue over. Amelia turned and faced the slave ship again. Raising her arms, Amelia began to weave her fingers through the air. Purple hard light barriers began to appear over vital areas of the opposing ship. Namely, the sails. A barrier also gripped the front of the slave ship, pushing against any movement the currents provided. As long as Amelia cared, the ship was immobile. Amelia now lowered her hands, and turned to face the gathered party. “Only those who are capable of diplomacy should come. If you feel you are unable, I will go alone. You have little time. Make your choice.” Amelia waved her hand again, and a bridge formed from the bow of the ship to the deck of the slave ship. The two ships were in close proximity now, and Amelia’s ship dwarfed the slave ship in size. The bridge created was a simple U shape that funneled down to the deck of the slave ship. Amelia crossed without hesitation, for she trusted her own designs. Once upon the deck of the slave ship, Amelia erected a hard light barrier around her as a guard against any foolhardy crewmembers. Amelia declared her intentions loudly and clearly. “Bring your captain to me! I intend to speak with them.” Amelia kept her combat array hidden for now. There was no need to make the human crew uneasy by activating it.
: An Obvious Trap. (Main Thread.)
Amelia stood shrouded in a thick grey fog. She couldn’t move her arms, nor move more than a few inches in any direction. She knew this feeling. This is where she had been imprisoned for so long. Amelia frowned. Being here again meant that something was wrong. But the “here” of this moment felt wrong. This did not feel like a fresh experience. No. It wasn’t. Amelia’s emotional routines were dulled for a moment as she focused solely on logic and reason. If she had ended up trapped in the void again, why did she not feel it around her like before? This current situation felt… Hollow. Like it was a dream, or a nightmare. Amelia knew this to be a trick, then. She did not have dreams, nor did she have nightmares. She did not sleep. This, coupled with the hollow feeling of the situation, led Amelia to connect the dots and find the truth of the situation. The Hatter was making her relive this memory. Amelia knew the correct course of action, then. Summoning her combat array, Amelia forced her arms outward and, without a triumphant scream like last time, shattered the chains into dust. The nightmare broke and faded into nothing as Amelia defeated it. The Hatter would have to do better than to try and scare a machine that could shut off its ability to feel fear. Unlike the others, Amelia had remained standing the entire time. Asserting control over her body again, Amelia took a moment to stretch and wiggle a bit. She did not need to, but it felt nice to assure herself that she was still in control. Looking about at the others, Amelia could tell that they were recovering in their own ways. Since everyone was safe within the shields of the ship, she pinged her sensors and gathered data of the area around them. A vessel was approaching. It seemed to be made of wood, already far inferior to Amelia’s ship. Why was it approaching? Amelia could not answer this question. It was not hers to answer. Amelia summoned her combat array and checked the status of her ship. Her shield had held, but had built up a decent amount of contained pressure. That needed to be removed in some way. Thankfully, based on the construction of the ship, it posed no threat to Amelia’s ship, and her weapons would be more than enough to reduce the ship to splinters in moments. Even with her shield having a decent amount of stored energy Amelia theorized that they would be fine should the ship decide to open fire. Amelia turned to everyone and waved them closer before beginning to speak. “I am going to surface. There is a ship above us. They may open fire, but we are more advanced than them and will be fine. If you are concerned, there is a method to get into the pagoda tower over there-” Amelia now raised her arm and pointed to the large pagoda tower and accompanying superstructure. “Where you can take shelter. I am giving you three minutes to make your choice on where you want to be. Then I am moving. We cannot waste time.” Amelia folded her arms and walked towards the bow of her ship. Her combat array intensified, showing that she was done talking to them. It was slightly rude, but Amelia had pressing matters. The ship approaching could be hiding something, and Amelia knew that she would fare much better on the surface rather than underwater. Time was up, it was time to move. The ground shook as thrusters flared and the earth was mulched beneath them. Amelia stood easy as the ship began to move. The sound of metal scraping against earth rattled around them, but Amelia wasn’t concerned. Damage would be minor scrapes at worst. There was no cause for alarm here. At least, not for Amelia. The water churned as her ship moved. She was deliberate in choosing an area quite a distance away from the wooden ship. Surfacing would displace a lot of water, and if she surfaced close to the other ship, she was more than capable of causing extensive damage from the force of the water slamming into its more fragile construction. The movement lasted only a few moments, and soon thereafter the surface approached rapidly. Breaking the surface was uneventful and calculated. The ship bobbed out of the water, before settling downward again harshly. Waves of water were thrown about with impunity by the adjusting ship as it displaced water. Amelia approached the rail and glared at the wooden ship floating in the waters. She began to approach it slowly, waiting to see what would happen. Would they shoot? Would they stop shooting when they realized they were outmatched? Amelia would have to wait and see.
: An Obvious Trap. (Main Thread.)
Amelia did nothing but stare coldly at The Hatter as he began to panic and feel fear. Her emotional processes were dulled while her combat mode was enabled. She cared nothing for this man. She cared only about the destruction of the machine he had wrought, and if he died with it: So be it. Amelia only had one word to utter softly to him just before she jumped onto her ship and took control: "Sink." Now upon her ship, Amelia turned to assess those that she had thrown aboard. Amelia nodded to herself as she observed that the general health of the people she had flung aboard was in good standing. She looked to each person that had spoken or done something and addressed them in chronological order, since that would mean that the person who did something first would be the one addressed first and thus those that had been waiting for some time would no longer be waiting. Kara and Poppy were the first addressed, with Amelia refuting part of what Kara had spoken about. "This ship is not of anyone else's design but my own. I am it's maker and master. It is made from refined and compressed void materials. If it looks as similar to the materials your brother uses, perhaps you may want to confront him about it." Amelia raised her hand, forming a small disk of compressed void material as if she was forming a sword. She dropped it near Kara and Poppy without much in the way of ceremony. It was quite similar to what her ship was made from. Now it was time to move onto the next person. Razor had landed harshly and was clutching his head in pain. Amelia was slightly amused, since Razor seemed to act like he was a master of his craft but at this point had discarded that mask of self-confidence and showed his true being: A child thrown into the body of a man that knew what he could do, but not the why he did it. Amelia stood waiting for him to cease his mewling and to speak before she replied. "I do not believe so. He was struck by his own machine before too much else happened. It is quite likely that, if the capacity for this machine to enable time travel was true, then he has indeed traveled through time. If this were to fail, then he is most likely dead. But, as I said, I would not be above believing that he managed to create such a machine." Amelia turned to the druid now, who was busy tying vines to a cleat upon the ship. Amelia stopped her, and undid her already done work. It seemed rude, but Amelia explained herself a few moments later. "This ship is protected by a void shield. It does not need additional protection. Your efforts are commendable, but futile. We will be safe from harm, but we might not be safe from after effect. Your vines would likely not do us any good, there." Amelia now focused her attention on Phantom. He likely had similar sensors to her own equipped to be able to sense the fluctuation of energy within the water. Amelia was already sensing it and collecting data. Her destruction of the device had not been complete, and there needed to be more done to ensure its destruction. However, Amelia had another problem. One that she voiced to the others. "The Hatter was struck by his own machine and possibly teleported through time. This same machine is forming a whirlpool and is channeling energy into the water around it. It is likely that this whirlpool will lead to the same place that he was teleported to. If you wish, I can unearth us and dive into this perhaps-portal. If The Hatter is allowed to live then it is likely that he will attempt to construct another machine wherever he ends up and could potentially cause severe harm to time itself. At the minimum, we could be erased from existence. This is something that we might not come back from. If you do not wish to come along on this journey, I can attempt to surface, though your means of getting to land are... Unpleasant." At the mention of unpleasant, Amelia looked down at one of the many missile hatches dotting her deck before looking back up at the crowd and hoping that they got the message of what Amelia would do. Amelia now folded her arms and waited for everyone to answer.
: An Obvious Trap. (Main Thread.)
Amelia listened to Judicious speak in her awkward manner. Something was off with how she spoke. It was like the information was being discovered and merely repeated at the same pace. Much like reading a book as the pages were put back in. Amelia listened intensely to what Judicious was saying and cataloged the details down in the datafile that she had been building. There would be time to analyze the data in greater detail. Still, the discovery of another artificial construct that was built as a soldier. There were multiple? Amelia considered creating datafiles for Judicious one through fourteen, and then sixteen through twenty four and appending copies of the data gathered from Judicious fifteen, though her logic routines intervened and told her that this was a waste of processor space. In a more reasonable move, Amelia appended Judicious’s datafile with a note about potential other models with similar appearances. Closing the datafile again, Amelia gave a very slight smile at Judicious. She felt a sort of sisterhood in terms of shared origin. Someone she could finally call an equal. Phantom making his arrival known was noted, and Amelia made a basic datafile on him as well. The others already present had datafiles created as well, since it was important for Amelia to be able to take notes on them and note down their names. Amelia turned now to the unveiled machine. Her sensors blared with void energy readings. This was not good. Amelia’s core spun up to combat output levels, and her logic and planning routines began to work strategy together. This machine could not be allowed to exist. Something with *that* much void energy was too dangerous for anyone or anything to possess or use. Turning to everyone and waving them close, Amelia spoke in a hushed tone. “Stay close to me, and don’t move. I have something coming. I ask you to trust me. Everything will be okay. Just don’t move.” Amelia turned now to face The Hatter. The canyon was more than big enough for her ship, but it was dry. That would change soon enough. Some distance away, The Amelia began to receive commands from Amelia. The twin anchors freed themselves from the seabed and were pulled back up into place on the bow of the ship. Thrusters were activated and the ship spun about to face the river leading up to the dam. Amelia directed the ship down the river. While it was moving, she activated the void shield, causing the ship to flare bright purple as the markings came into view. Another command and the missile pods dotting the surface of her ship began to open, and the tor%%%% tubes along the hull began to flood themselves. Amelia made use of sensor data from the ships detection equipment to target the various structural weak points of the dam as the ship began to approach it. The missiles were armed. The tor%%%%es were flooded. Amelia now only had to wait a few moments for the ship to be in range. It would have to fire well in advance to give the canyon time to flood. Amelia now began to prepare her hardlight platform plan. The people nearby would be surrounded in hardlight “bubbles” made from an array of grids. At the minimum, they wouldn’t drown, at least not immediately. These “bubbles” would eat up an immense amount of processing power, which would make things difficult for Amelia. She wouldn’t be able to move each person daintily into the protective bubble around her ship. They would have to be moved all at once and with enough force to get them to the deck of the ship. There was a slight concern raised by her logic routines about triggering the void shield defense, but Amelia knew that since they would be surrounded by her hard light “bubbles” the shield should allow them to pass regardless. A ping told her the ship was in adequate range. Blinking, Amelia ordered her ship to unload upon the dam. All major structural points were targeted, and several secondary locations were marked in order to ensure that the dam was totally destroyed. It would need to be entirely out of the way to ensure adequate flooding. The missiles and tor%%%%es launched from their tubes. Several large vibrations rocked the canyon as the dam was blasted away. The sudden lack of structural integrity brought on by the effect of the weapons deployed meant that the dam collapsed easily. Water began to rush through the gaping hole left in the dam, and Amelia’s ship smashed through anything that was left. Speaking loudly now over the roar of incoming water, Amelia reminded everyone present to not move. Amelia’s ship surged forward, riding just behind the wave. Now came time for Amelia’s secondary plan. Focusing, Amelia surrounded everyone in a small “bubble” of hard light. They would find themselves thrown rather harshly up into the air to land upon the deck of the ship that was barreling towards them. Now Amelia was able to jump high into the air and land upon her ship herself. One final missile was launched straight at the machine, but Amelia could not confirm if it hit or not. Rearward thrusters activated, and Amelia’s ship plunged backwards into the oncoming wave. The entire ship shook as it skipped across the floor of the canyon before embedding itself into the ground slightly some distance away from where the machine would’ve been. It would only take a small effort to free themselves from the temporary holdings. But the canyon needed more time to flood before the ship could properly navigate. Amelia paused for a moment, she stood as still as a statue before her combat array was summoned. A small progress bar rapidly filled, and Amelia animated once more. Now with her core synced to her ships core, she was much more capable. Blinking, Amelia turned on all of the outward spotlights of the ship, illuminating the area. Water churned around the ship as the canyon flooded. They were safe within the “bubble” that the void shield provided. If the missile hadn’t destroyed the infernal machine, hopefully the wall of water would. The missile pods and tor%%%% tubes closed themselves. Hissing sounds could be heard as any water present was pumped out. Amelia nodded to herself before turning to the rest of the people present. The hard light “bubbles” had been gone for several seconds. Amelia now asked one simple question. “Is everyone alright? I do apologize for the harshness of what just happened, but it is my sworn duty to hold The Void at bay. The machine was outputting a lot of void energy, and I could not abide its presence any longer.”
: An Obvious Trap. (Main Thread.)
Amelia kept her eyes locked on the new arrival. Her combat array was summoned and screens filled with data began to appear. Bright red notifications appeared afterward, stating that unknown flight mechanics had been discovered and recorded for analysis. Amelia collected the data and dismissed the warnings. She stored it for later analysis since it would likely take up a lot of processing power, which Amelia needed. Upon landing in front of them, Amelia noted that the readings she was getting on this unknown flight mechanic ceased. It was something that could apparently be toggled at will, then. Amelia recorded this too, and closed the data report. It would be analyzed later, when Amelia was back on her ship and could sync her core with her ships core. When the new arrival spoke, her accent was thick. Thick enough that Amelia recorded it to, to be analyzed later akin to the strange flight mechanic data. Though the point was moot since Amelia had no point of reference on the other dialects of Runeterra. Deciding to merely hold onto the sample for later comparison, Amelia closed that data report too. Amelia now realized that she had been standing idle and glancing around at her combat array's screens for at least a notable minute. Since nobody else had responded, Amelia felt the silence was awkward. Though she didn't outwardly express so. Closing her combat array, Amelia spoke in response to the greeting. "Hello. Who are you?" This was, as far as Amelia knew, the standard Runeterran greeting for an unknown and non hostile person. Amelia stood stiffly as she observed the new arrival. She didn't know if this person was going to remain non-hostile for long, but as it stood if they were going to become hostile then by now they would've likely done so. Another consideration was that they greeted them in a somewhat friendly manner, which usually meant that hostilities were not going to occur. Unless such a greeting was meant as a diversion to trick the person being greeted into relaxing their guard. Such a ploy was fairly illogical in this current situation, however. Unless there were spies among the group already which were allies of this new arrival who would attack the people who were not spies, the new arrival going on the offensive would face at least four people at once. Amelia's logic routines told her that anyone who would attempt this was either extremely powerful and as such retreat was a more relevant option, or they were extremely foolish and would inevitably be beaten by the assembled group. Amelia's scanners pinged a new alert for her. Glancing at the data screen that had popped up, Amelia's eyes widened slightly at the lack of standard biological signs coming from this new arrival. Recording the data, Amelia stored it within the rapidly growing datafile that the new arrival was building up. Amelia dismissed the data screen and looked back up to the new arrival. "I feel I must correct an error in my previous question: *what* are you? I am detecting no biological signs. Are you... Like me?" The presence of another construct was astounding to Amelia. Especially one that looked extensively human like she did. Was this construct created within this timeline? Did someone know how to do that? Amelia had many questions now. Her core actively began to devote more data processing to these questions despite such thoughts typically having low priority. Amelia blinked a few times before asserting control over her thoughts once more and re-regulating them lower in priority, as was standard. Still, she wanted to know more.
: An Obvious Trap. (Main Thread.)
Amelia blinked for a moment. The awkward introduction between Poppy and Kara was somewhat amusing in an awkward way. However, Amelia didn't laugh. She merely noted each of their names and took a brief snapshot of their faces before tagging their individual names to them and storing the information away. Amelia turned about as her sensor pinged. Someone was coming from behind. Amelia stared at him with cold eyes as he judged them from a distance. Amelia's logic routines told her that he was likely sizing them up for combat should the need arise. Once again the thought *"What a pain."* rolled through her head. Amelia kept staring at him as he approached, and when he asked if he was late she gave him a simple one word reply. "No." Amelia's sensors pinged again as someone called "hello" in their general direction. Turning to face the second new person, Amelia simply stared at her as she did with the others. Amelia sensed distrust coming from the second new person, but put it aside for now. It was a natural thing to distrust someone. Hopefully nobody did anything distasteful with their inherent distrust. Amelia's sensors pinged one more time, and this time mandated her to open her combat array. Several maps opened, and Amelia's gaze darted around until she spotted the small red arrow closing in. Resizing the relevant map to get a better look Amelia spoke. Her voice was flat and didn't have much in the way of inflection. "Something is coming. It is flying. High speed. Coming directly for this position. Coming into view in ten... Nine..." Amelia dismissed her combat array and looked up to the sky. She could see the figure already. A woman with a cape, flying through the air. Amelia could somewhat replicate this by standing on a hard-light platform and commanding it to move, but this took up a lot of core power and could leave Amelia tired in a critical moment. Walking along platforms that were created and destroyed as needed was much more core efficient and, in the terms humans would use, didn't even make Amelia break a sweat. Amelia's eyes tracked the moving figure as it came closer. Who or what was it?
: > [{quoted}](name=Eagleheart,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=6XgTALmy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-18T12:05:13.385+0000) > Amelia. _The fair haired yordle looked up in shock. How did..._ "I swear, it's nothing deep-running!" _She pulled the bandage wrap from her shoulder, revealing it. It was a mark shaped around a triangular axis, a small 3-blade cut in the center, swirling around like a furious storm. It was clearly meant to signify something..._ "The people who gave me this were tryin'a brand me. I swear it's nothin'..." "Sorry, but I'm seriously confused. What's the void?" _Poppy was dumbfounded. She'd never even heard of the void, let alone this girl's corruption._ "I swear, it's nothing permanent. It's a branding, they burned it into me... I don't think it worked..." _She looked at Amelia with innocence in her eyes. Not much more could be said, she told the truth and knew she wasn't being enslaved by the void..._
> [{quoted}](name=Snow Fawn Poppy,realm=OCE,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=6XgTALmy,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-07-18T12:19:31.864+0000) > > Void Yordle and Poppy. Amelia squinted at the brand. It was indeed a mark, though its purpose eluded Amelia. Lowering her sword slightly Amelia spoke again. "I could cut this from you and free you of its influence, but I do not know how deeply it runs. We would need a skilled healer nearby. It will hurt immensely. I will trust you for now, but I am keeping notes on you." Amelia let go of the handle of the sword she had generated. It fell a short distance before disintegrating into nothing. Folding her arms. Amelia spoke once more. "I am Amelia. It is my sworn duty to defend against the void. Who are you?" With this question, Amelia also looked to Poppy. It was time that she be included in this conversation. Amelia took a more detailed scan of the brand and stored the data away for later reference and study. For now, The Void-Touched Yordle would live.
: An Obvious Trap. (Main Thread.)
Amelia's eyes were steel, and her gaze was long. Amelia's ship was anchored at the mouth of a large river. A hard light screen displayed scans of the river ahead. Amelia was annoyed at the fact that it was too narrow for her ship to maneuver in easily. She would have to depart without it. *"What a pain."* rolled through Amelia's mind. She looked over the leaflet that this 'hatter' had sent. Something about it was off. But Amelia couldn't ignore someone who promised so much. Her logical functions were telling her that it was too much of a promise to not contain some falsehood, and Amelia was concerned that such promises were bait to draw people into the grips of the void. It could make many tempting promises in order to get people to sign themselves away into oblivion. Tucking the leaflet into her dress, Amelia brought up her main command rings and willed the ship to move. The single anchor she had deployed was drawn up, and the engines of the ship flared into life. Amelia moved slowly and carefully as she brought the ship around so that her bow was facing the open ocean of Runeterra. Starboard engines were engaged to bring the ship closer to the shoreline, and when scans showed optimal placement, port engines were engaged to counter the momentum. Amelia surveyed a scan-generated map of her current location before nodding to herself. Two large rattles echoed from the bow of the ship as the twin anchors were dropped into the water. Viewing the updated scans for a moment Amelia nodded in satisfaction before dismissing her hard light array. Walking towards the stern of her ship, Amelia placed her hands upon the railing and surveyed her path for a moment. Hopping over the side of the ship, Amelia created a hardlight platform and landed upon it. Now she began to walk quickly along her hardlight platforms. Creating new platforms and dismissing the old ones as needed. Despite her quick pace and optimal terrain it still took Amelia a decent chunk of time to reach the location that was indicated. At minimum Amelia saw two small beings standing there. Yordles. Amelia knew of them, but only barely. She approached the two cautiously. A quick scan was performed. The yordle with a large hammer came back with no unusual signals, but Amelia's combat systems flared to life when she scanned the other yordle. A blade of hardened void energy materialized in Amelia's left hand. She leveled it at the second Yordle and her cold voice issued an order. "You are touched by the void. Explain yourself." Amelia was tempted to simply attack the void-touched yordle and end her on the spot, but the signature was faint... Almost nonexistent. But, it was still there. Potentially a seed lying in wait for the right time to hatch. Amelia's logic routines told her that the void could potentially be exorcised from this yordle, and thus Amelia was offering her a chance to explain herself. One chance. No more, no less.
Aproxima (NA)
: I was gone for a couple of days, so I might have missed a memo or something, but where has the 'The Island of Trials' RP gone to and how/why did it disappear?
> [{quoted}](name=Aproxima,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=JpojgwgP,comment-id=0025,timestamp=2018-07-16T11:32:31.590+0000) > > I was gone for a couple of days, so I might have missed a memo or something, but where has the 'The Island of Trials' RP gone to and how/why did it disappear? I closed it because I had something come up that might interfere with my ability to GM. At this time I have merely delayed that situation for a short time, and I didn't want to start and stop the thread again and again so I figured I would just close it for good and restart it at a later date.
: An Obvious Trap. [OOC and Bio thread.] (Closed RP). Let us try this again.
: Why Does TT Give Significantly Reduced Mastery Points?
Maybe because of bots? From what I remember TT, like Dominion, has a ton of bots.
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: The Hollowing Grounds [Closed RP]
> [{quoted}](name=CFProxy,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gGrhUxOt,comment-id=041b,timestamp=2018-05-22T05:49:47.393+0000) > [{quoted}](name=Krizonar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gGrhUxOt,comment-id=041a,timestamp=2018-05-11T04:29:49.316+0000) Zentha simply nodded along to Krizonar’s conversation, leaving it rather one sided. She was too tired to realistically continue the conversation. Zentha came to rely more and more on her spear for support. As they approached the compound, Zentha heaved a sigh of relief. Her stamina was completely depleted, and only through sheer willpower did she not flop to the ground and lay there. As they entered into the compound, Zentha was flagged and followed the men to a cabin set aside for her. She chuckled slightly at the quick-fix bed that had been arranged. Sometimes being tall was a disadvantage, but Zentha didn’t have plans to trade such a feature away. Sitting down upon the bed made for her, Zentha nodded her approval before reclining against the wall as Crorstiv walked into the room. She nodded to his report before gently taking the cap that he offered her. She pinched the hold made by the sniper round and sighed. Such was the unfairness of war. Zentha made a note to make a decoration for the cap and return it to Dullie later, should Dullie be found alive anyway. Zentha was unsure of his status at the moment, and was too tired to coherently ask about it, so she simply tucked the cap away for now. Zentha blinked as Crorstiv relayed the other troops request to make use of drugs and alcohol. This did require a definitive answer, and so Zentha roused herself briefly to speak on the issue after sitting up from leaning against the wall. “Light use only. Battle requires a clear and focused mind.” With that, Zentha slumped against the wall again. Nodding to his mention of Sylith and giving him a wave, Zentha croaked out a simple dismissal. “Go and rest Crorstiv. We have a great hardship incoming.” When Crorstiv left and the medic came by to check on her, Zentha requested only medication for inflamed muscles. Once that was delivered, Zentha waved him away and shut the door tightly. Finally, turning to bed, she fell into it completely, and her consciousness failed her shortly after. Zentha slept a dreamless sleep. Better than what the other soldiers would be able to say. It would be quite some time before she woke. Though even then it would likely be before everyone else. It was too early for Zentha to begin working, though she was well rested due to her different biology. Zentha chose instead to meditate, her spear floating in front of her. The weapon was surrounded by a blue energy. The previously dull sphere that was embedded near the tip of the weapon began to fill with a similar blue glow. Eventually, the blade of the weapon itself took on this glow. Now it was ready. Filled with psychic potential, the weapon would aid Zentha in using her psychic powers, which came far more naturally to her now that they had been unsealed for a while. Zentha didn’t doubt that they would be put to a full test in the coming battle. Getting some additional sleep before the others got into gear. Zentha made a few touchups to her armor and weapon to ensure they were clean and near perfect condition. Pulling the door open, Zentha took a deep breath and stepped out into the compound, much more alive than she had been yesterday. It was time to get to work.
Destaice (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Eagleheart,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=YgLiuH7F,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-05-18T10:57:27.735+0000) > > You got a sauce for any of this? The book isn't out yet and the preview on Amazon or WoWhead mentions nothing. > > I am seeing some stuff here and there but the primary result when I do some searching is the thread right here. I had to go to wowhead for the pages since I couldn't get them to come up off amazon.
> [{quoted}](name=Destaice,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=YgLiuH7F,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2018-05-18T13:31:46.675+0000) > > I had to go to wowhead for the pages since I couldn't get them to come up off amazon. > > Yeah. That's some outright insanity. Blizzard is probably lining up to "Kill off for real" Sylvanas (Which is automatically making me not buy the next xpac or give the game my money.) and replace her with Cal. Shame, Sylvanas is a cool character. Later edit: Though, of course, this could also be kinda disregarded in the game itself. IIRC War Crimes, while not "non-canon" is kinda in the "Irrelevant canon" boat. It literally means nothing.
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: Spoilers for BFA and Sylvanas
You got a sauce for any of this? The book isn't out yet and the preview on Amazon or WoWhead mentions nothing. I am seeing some stuff here and there but the primary result when I do some searching is the thread right here.
MaddMan (NA)
: Rant: Mind your own business. Let people play the game how they want.
There is something that bugs me that I notice all the time in Overwatch, and it seems to spread in one form or another to several other games like it: The defense of "It's just casual/quickplay/whatever laid back queue" is really annoying due to the fact that there's a difference between playing casually and playing improperly. I see stuff like attack Widowmaker go one of two ways: Widowmaker never moves forward on the map until it's far too late to do so, or Widowmaker keeps up a similar amount of pressure as the rest of her team and keeps moving forward relative to her team. Same goes for things like attack Bastion, Symmetra, etc. I don't care that you want to play Widomaker on attack or Genji on defense, just please actually *play the game* instead of not contributing to the objective. When I've got a team of Widowmaker/Hanzo/Ana and the payload is literally cruising *nonstop* through the map, you are part of the problem. This can apply to any variant of this problem. It's casual, yes, you don't need to "tryhard", yes, you should be having fun, yes, but you know what's fun? *Actually winning the game.* *Especially* with the loot box progression craze that's gripped a lot of the gaming market ATM. If I get twice as much XP for winning then you better believe I'm gonna want to actually win the game. "Losing is Fun" only applies to Dwarf Fortress.
: "You're the only consistent in your team, if you deserve to be higher you'll win."
I heard something from Bricky recently and I find it to be quite true in a lot of team based games right now: "One person *cannot* win you the game, but one person *can* lose you the game."
: > [{quoted}](name=Eagleheart,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=NXT153E3,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2018-05-03T04:25:21.838+0000) > > I'm trying to learn DOTA 2 after being turned off of League by the runes update, the worst part about it is the shopping. There are so many times where I have no idea what to buy for who that I just end up hoping I pick the right items. A few times it's obvious what I need, like with Abaddon. I'm pretty sure he's meant to be a supporting tank based on the fact that his Q heals on ally cast, his W is a shield that can be cast on allies, his E is an AA slow, and his R swaps all damage to healing. This dude sounds hardcore like a tank, so I'd probably want to buy items that fit well into being a tank while looking for secondary stats that amp up his abilities. > > However, shopping in DOTA 2 is an absolute nightmare. This is due to two things: I have no visual memory of items ({{item:3146}} I can tell at a glance and clicking it gives me a simple buildpath, but I have no idea what the build path for Assault Curiass is at a glance and clicking it gives me a very small item tree to decipher.) And the icons and general store of DOTA 2 being *very* cramped. League's shop by comparison is very intuitive to shop around in, though I'm sure if I just put my nose to the grindstone I'd figure out DOTA 2's shop eventually. > > And I think that's kinda the difference between DOTA 2 and League at first glance: League has a generally lower skill floor, and DOTA 2 has a generally higher skill floor. I can't comment on skill ceilings very well though I'd be willing to bet that DOTA 2's is a *very tiny* smidgen higher than League's due to the higher skill floor. There's more things to be good at in DOTA 2 than there are in League. > > If DOTA 2 overhauled the shop to be as easy to access as League's shop I'd have a much easier time shopping, but the purists would probably go nuts over it. The whole thing of having different shops spread around the map is also a bit of a headache to manage, but again the purists would revolt against having a universal shop like League. Assault cuirass takes the sleeved chain mail and two green CDs
> [{quoted}](name=VIRTU0SO,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=NXT153E3,comment-id=000e0000,timestamp=2018-05-03T17:01:57.640+0000) > > Assault cuirass takes the sleeved chain mail and two green CDs Yeah, I looked it up. The main thing is just that it's a lot of stuff I'm not used to buying and I have to shop quickly because I need to stay relevant. So my inexperience with the shop is *pain.*
: So... do we wanna go back in time or not?
I'd be happy with going back to pre-runes merge and never merging them. The new system is honestly the only reason why I don't play.
: So while visiting Australia, I realized I couldn't play league. So I tried to play DOTA2 instead.
I'm trying to learn DOTA 2 after being turned off of League by the runes update, the worst part about it is the shopping. There are so many times where I have no idea what to buy for who that I just end up hoping I pick the right items. A few times it's obvious what I need, like with Abaddon. I'm pretty sure he's meant to be a supporting tank based on the fact that his Q heals on ally cast, his W is a shield that can be cast on allies, his E is an AA slow, and his R swaps all damage to healing. This dude sounds hardcore like a tank, so I'd probably want to buy items that fit well into being a tank while looking for secondary stats that amp up his abilities. However, shopping in DOTA 2 is an absolute nightmare. This is due to two things: I have no visual memory of items ({{item:3146}} I can tell at a glance and clicking it gives me a simple buildpath, but I have no idea what the build path for Assault Curiass is at a glance and clicking it gives me a very small item tree to decipher.) And the icons and general store of DOTA 2 being *very* cramped. League's shop by comparison is very intuitive to shop around in, though I'm sure if I just put my nose to the grindstone I'd figure out DOTA 2's shop eventually. And I think that's kinda the difference between DOTA 2 and League at first glance: League has a generally lower skill floor, and DOTA 2 has a generally higher skill floor. I can't comment on skill ceilings very well though I'd be willing to bet that DOTA 2's is a *very tiny* smidgen higher than League's due to the higher skill floor. There's more things to be good at in DOTA 2 than there are in League. If DOTA 2 overhauled the shop to be as easy to access as League's shop I'd have a much easier time shopping, but the purists would probably go nuts over it. The whole thing of having different shops spread around the map is also a bit of a headache to manage, but again the purists would revolt against having a universal shop like League.
: Can´t even focus camera on your character in 2018
> [{quoted}](name=no to toxic,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=NXT153E3,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-05-02T20:23:42.260+0000) > > Can´t even focus camera on your character in 2018 I don't know if it takes any kind of option tinkering, but I can just hold down space and it focuses the camera on my character like league's does.
CFProxy (NA)
: The Hollowing Grounds [Closed RP]
> [{quoted}](name=Krizonar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gGrhUxOt,comment-id=0417,timestamp=2018-05-01T00:13:55.702+0000) > [{quoted}](name=CFProxy,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gGrhUxOt,comment-id=04170000,timestamp=2018-05-01T05:05:38.719+0000) Zentha appeared to be rather out of it as Krizonar approached. Her eyes half shut and most of her weight being heft upon her spear. The soft point of the base was beginning to dig into the ground. As Krizonar would pat Zentha's head she would find that Zentha sharpened significantly the moment Krizonar's hand touched even a lock of hair. However, Zentha didn't move much, merely opening her eyes completely once again. Zentha offered a slight smile in appreciation of the gesture, however foreign it was to her. It was clearly meant as celebration or comfort, and Zentha accepted it as such. Pushing herself forward to get moving with the rest of the troops, Zentha had a brief and awkward moment when her spear did not follow her immediately, and required an attentive pull to wedge it free from the ground and a few taps to clean the earth from the previously partially buried base. Zentha walked rather gingerly. Her body ached, her mind was foggy, and her muscles protested each movement. To spite her body, Zentha carried on. Krizonar raised a question about homelands to her and Luduvika. Being one of the few authorized to tell people, Zentha decided to share with those who had shared the battlefield with her. "I come from the northeast. We are secretive about our homeland due to the lack of expansion territory. If we suffer an invasion our race as a whole is doomed." With that said, Zentha took a deep breath to sharpen her mind since the ache had renewed itself against the effort of talking. When Luduvika approached for a handshake, Zentha took her hand gently. It was a deliberate carefulness that was brought upon by her sore and tired state. Even with her muscles protesting Zentha knew that there still lay more than enough power to crush Luduvika's hand with less effort than she realized. "That 'voltage trick' will have to come much later. Right now such an effort has tired me to my limit. At first safe opportunity I am sleeping. Then I am eating as much as I can get. I will probably also seek medical treatment for inflamed muscles. These thing will come with time." With her words finished, Zentha released Luduvika's hand and continued on walking. Zentha had made it only a few more steps before Rodet, Luduvika, and Sage saluting her. Bringing her right hand to her brow and returning the salute, Zentha continued to walk. "You honor me with the thanks you give me today, but at the moment I am going to request that you set this honor aside. I am in dire need of rest, and I have every intention on sleeping soon. Then eating. Then probably getting medical attention for the various injuries my muscles have sustained. It will probably be less than pleasant, but I don't plan on skipping on a meaningful recovery." With that, Zentha resumed walking. They had a destination to reach and a goal to achieve. Zentha needed to keep up with the group. She wouldn't want to fall behind the protection of her allies either.
: The wheel of age and pinning blame on Ghostcrawler
I haven't played League frequently since Runes rework. - With new runes, I feel like a lot of champions are irrelevant because they don't sync well with the new stuff. Old runes applied to everyone. - I can't grind for champions reliably anymore. I have to go and spam games to get a loot box to maybe get the champion shards I want and hope that if I don't get a shard I want I get enough BE from smashing shards to get a champion. Prior to this I could see constant progression from every game. Overwatch at least lets you use every hero. - Everyone's damage feels insane. Overall, I just don't like it. I've started to try and learn how to play DOTA 2 because League has become *that* annoying to play. Heroes of the Storm is also appealing and I already know how to play it. League used to be the "I want to put my skills to the test" MOBA with HotS being my "I just wanna have fun" MOBA due to the lack of items and more casual focused talents. But now DOTA 2 is my "I want to put my skills to the test" in place of league due to the insanity that's going on with balance. ... Also gimmie back my frickin mana regen runes Riot. I wanna spam spells vs the low CD no resource midlaners too.
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: The Hollowing Grounds [Closed RP]
Zentha breathed deeply as the battle raged around her. She was angry at herself for not being able to participate on a level that she would like, but at the moment her mind buzzed and her body felt heavy. Such was the toll taken by her psychic powers. Zentha was thankful that she had her spear, for if she didn’t have something to lean upon she would likely be lying upon the ground. Zentha took great care to observe the battlefield and keep tabs on what was happening. Krizonar had thrown Luduvika into the air, and Luduvika seemed to be enjoying herself through some kind of magical parachute. Some sort of explosives were thrown, and the enemy seemed to be truly frightened by them. Zentha made a note to exploit this later if the weakness remained. High yield explosives were a useful combat weapon, and if they broke the morale of the enemy at the same time they were even better. Taking another deep breath and holding it for a moment, Zentha counted the beats of her heart. They were firm and powerful, releasing her breath slowly, Zentha was relieved that her mind cleared slightly and some strength returned to her limbs. The battle was turning decisively in their favor. Zentha was pleased at this. At this point in time she would’ve had the troops engage in volley fire against the monsters in an effort to conserve ammunition for the next battle, but they would likely be returning home after this and Zentha had no strength to shout orders anyway. The weakness of her flesh annoyed her greatly. Zentha made a note to keep her psychic powers unsealed from now on and to damn the consequences. It was simply too taxing to keep sealing and unsealing them in order to make use of disguises. It was nice that those who were scanning for magical signatures could not find her while they were sealed, but the incredibly taxing toll they took upon unsealing was starting to become too large of a consequence. Zentha observed Luduvika landing upon Krizonar’s shoulders, and nodded. It was good to have their comrades return unharmed. Morale was too easy to lose at the death of those capable of extraordinary things. Zentha wouldn’t use the term ‘heroes’ but it seemed to fit. Even notable foot soldiers could break the morale of those around them should they be lost. Zentha made note to get additional armor production going when they returned to base. Lots of notes today, it would seem. No matter, it was important to have a plan. Notes were important to planning. Information was victory, and it was reckless to discard even the smallest details until circumstances rendered it irrelevant. Taking and holding another breath, Zentha once again counted her heartbeats as she watched the battle continue around her. Hopefully they would keep this forward momentum and carry themselves to victory, because at the moment if the battle were to turn again at this point the forces present likely didn’t have the stamina or the resources to maintain a defense. This battle needed to be over soon.
Krizonar (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=CFProxy,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gGrhUxOt,comment-id=040f00000000,timestamp=2018-01-20T17:20:18.714+0000) > > [{quoted}](name=Eagleheart,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gGrhUxOt,comment-id=0410,timestamp=2018-01-22T22:33:35.532+0000) > While Krizonar could certainly hear what was of course Luduvika clamoring in excitement, she tried her best to stay focused on the next couple of seconds in which she would have to possibly catch what she had just thrown. She'd have no trouble doing what she thought she could make out, while not focusing too greatly, as that Luduvika wanted to be thrown too. Her concern for Zentha seemed to be far less than what Krizonar's own was though, but Luduvika had after all floated down as an entrance and the motion out of the corner of her eyes certainly caught the small framed lightweight's frantic but somewhat effective actions and staying ungrounded. Ultimately she decided in that second that Luduvika simply didn't see the trouble the same way she did due to cultural differences, as her actions portrayed easily she wasn't afraid of being in the air and at its whims. Her concentration even broke a bit for the slightest amount of time only to see Luduvika's smile, her actions and excitement a bit overwhelming. However, she had certainly not missed Zentha's electrical based attack either. She had to wonder what kind of weapon it was, but as for now, she simply maneuvered under Zentha ready to catch her while the thrown began to reverse directions. The attack and technology used were impressive, some sort of current type weapon no doubt, but she could only speculate as she got into position, though it did align with why she wanted to be high up. Krizonar leaned back some from the waist up and put her arms a little high. When Zentha fell downwards, a little slower than she expected, which is probably why her mind had had time to wander and not panic, her arms moved downwards as they accommodated more weight, the weight slowly being applied and force reversed as it met more and more of her stance. It would do no good to stop her suddenly as it would be just as violent as how Krizonar had originally wanted to throw her, subjecting her to a ton of force. "You'll haeve to tell me aebout thaet kind of weaepon, if thaet's fine, straenge straetegy to me," she remarked somewhat greedily as Zentha lowered in her arms, knowing if it were reversed, she'd be hesitant herself. Zentha seemed fine though, she noted as they came into contact. It would be like the shock on a vehicle, and soon Zentha was safe and indeed placed aside easily with a tilt so she could stand back up. Krizonar's weight and stance used assured she hadn't moved. Now that she had time to think, it probably would be a decent idea to throw Luduvika up, since she had that device that let her glide for some time, and she was trained in scouting. Luduvika was also incredibly light, and was also smaller, so she would probably go even higher and assess the whole of the situation now, not just the local part of the formation. It was strange to think of tactics this way but she supposed that separated a good commander that used their options, even odd ones, as opposed to someone that couldn't adapt. Still, it seemed really strange to put people in the air. A drone with a camera for visual aid and scouting, maybe, but this was odd, having a person do that. Still, with so much excitement and willingness... Her lower face being able to be seen with Luduvika in such close proximity, she began, "it would give us ae very cleaer look aet how the plaen is working, since the formaetion is raether laerge," she admitted with an almost smile at how much Luduvika wanted to do it. She bent a little bit again and held her arms out, as if for Luduvika to back up and then run at her, "tell us whaet you see, I'll send you reaelly high since it doesn't bother you aend I know you won't faell!" It was almost like a throwing sport back home.
> [{quoted}](name=Krizonar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gGrhUxOt,comment-id=0411,timestamp=2018-01-25T01:01:44.483+0000) > > > The landing was less than pleasant for Zentha. The shock of the sudden stop, even with Krizonar compensating as much as she could, caused several knots in Zentha’s back to clamp shut and what would likely be a mighty bruise to form. That would be annoying. Rolling out of Krizonar’s arms, Zentha landed on the ground with a thud, but gave a thumbs up to let everyone know she was going to be fine. Her body and mind both ached from the exertion put upon them due to Zentha’s psychic manifestations. Using them so quickly after having suppressed them for so long was quite taxing. After resting for a moment, Zentha pulled herself to her feet, taking deep breaths as she waited for her heart to slow down. Standing upright. Zentha took another deep breath. Looking to Krizonar, she spoke. “Thanks for the catch. I’ll have to pay you back some time. As for my lightning, the explanation will probably baffle you and is likely best reserved for when we’re not in combat.” With that said, Zentha took a few more deep breaths before she raised her left hand in the direction of her spear. It was far away and just barely within range, but it could be recalled. The spear wiggled in the ground for a moment before finally popping free and beginning to fly, base first, towards Zentha. It arced upwards slightly to avoid the men in formation before rotating and smacking firmly into Zentha’s palm. Zentha gripped the weapon tightly and planted the base of her spear into the ground to lean on. Taking a few more breaths, Zentha spoke to Krizonar and the men and women surrounding her. “I am afraid I must report that I am unable to use any sort of lightning attack again. I am too exhausted and using one will very likely cause me to faint. I’ll do what I can as a regular foot soldier. Don’t expect any weaving, either, it is also rather taxing at the moment.” With her message delivered Zentha took to leaning on her spear and breathing. It wouldn’t be a good idea to try anything fancy for the rest of the fight, so hopefully the others could take up the slack. Zentha made a note to herself that in the future it would be best to not do these types of things on the battlefield.
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: The Hollowing Grounds [Closed RP]
This was not quite the plan. No matter. It would have to be worked with. Zentha's hearing roared as she flew upwards, drowning out most anything else. Gripping her spear tightly, Zentha brought her arm up and threw it. The aerodynamic weapon streaked silently through the air as it headed downward towards the cluster of monsters that she had pointed out earlier. Zentha neared the peak of her trajectory now. Soon she'd be coming back down. Lightning formed around her hands and Zentha raised them both above her head. Drawing in a breath, she spotted the glint of her spear jutting from the ground within the pack of beasts she had been aiming at, Zentha closed her fists while holding her index and middle fingers outward before she pointed both of her hands towards her spear and gave a shout. "Let fly my wrath!" With that, several arcs of blue lightning flew from Zentha's hands. Coasting downwards wildly. Thankfully, they found purchase around the spear, and incinerated the monsters surrounding it. Her plan finished, Zentha now noted that she was falling downwards. Zentha brought her hands behind her shoulders and grabbed at her cape. It wasn't the best for this, but it would at least slow her somewhat. Bringing her cape forward over her head, Zentha gripped the corners of it and fanned the cape outwards. It caught sharply and pulled at where it was hooked into Zentha's armor, but otherwise held fast. This makeshift parachute didn't offer Zentha much in the way of a stall, but it at least ensured that Zentha wasn't traveling at terminal velocity.
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: The Hollowing Grounds [Closed RP]
> [{quoted}](name=Krizonar,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=gGrhUxOt,comment-id=040c0000,timestamp=2017-11-14T01:57:10.307+0000) > Zentha focused on her breathing. She was taking deep, steady breaths to maximize her oxygen supply and get her stamina to restore as quickly as possible. While she did this, Zentha leaned heavily on her spear. As tired as she was from suddenly using her psychic abilities after unsealing them, Zentha kept her eyes to the battlefield. She spotted some monsters beginning to gather and prepare an assault. This wouldn’t do. They needed to remain scattered since their strength was in numbers. Formulating a plan, Zentha frowned at the recklessness of it, but knew that it would at least be effective in what Zentha wanted. Moving closer to Krizonar, Zentha prodded her left shoulder to get her attention. “Krizonar. How well can you throw? I can use my power to destroy that group of monsters, but it is too reckless to use near our allies. I would need to be airborne to use it with minimal risk to harm our own troops. Can you get me over there?” With that, Zentha would point over to the smaller yet growing group of monsters. They weren’t too far away from the primary line, but it was far enough that leaving the formation would present considerable danger, thus Zentha needed Krizonar’s help. Should Krizonar accept, Zentha would instruct her to kneel and cup her hands together in front of her. Zentha would then sprint towards Krizonar and step into her cupped hands, which would be the prompt for Krizonar to throw Zentha upward as high as she could. This elevation would allow Zentha to use her psychic lightning with minimal risk to the lightning being attracted to the metal that the soldiers were wearing. Should Krizonar decline the idea or prove unable to perform as needed, Zentha would have to devise a new plan, which would be quite annoying.
: About the Community Rules (And Implied Rules)
I've said this a few times on the discord discussion and I'll repeat it here so that it can see some more faces and also have it down in concrete so that the stuff stops changing: I'm personally hesitant to "nuke all the ask threads" and make everyone roleplay in big hub threads because it feels like it will inevitably end up being one big group RP and you won't be able to have a one-on-one or limited-group RP going on, much less have multiple RP's going on in the same thread. In one example: Say that I'm roleplaying as Akali and I have her visiting Demacia to engage in diplomacy with Jarvan IV. I'd be more than happy to accommodate Garen joining in since his job is to keep J4 safe. But then Xin Zhao shows up, and Galio, and Shyvana... Would it be fun? Possibly. Would it kinda derail what I had originally come there to do? Probably. Of course, if I turned around and went ((Excuse me but I'd really rather not have you join in on this RP.)) to someone who posted and shoved themselves into the scene I'd get called rude, reminded that it was a hub thread, and have whoever else involve insist that they be allowed to join in despite having no real reason to and hadn't asked permission first. On top of that, hub threads having the priority can kinda screw over certain champions. For instance: Aurelion Sol. Aurelion Sol can go wherever he pleases, but where he pleases to go might not be entirely happy to see him. If he turned up in Demacia or Noxus alarm bells would ring and soldiers would be mobilized. The other zones might not have an entirely similar response, but either way some champions simply don't work all too well when pushed into public environments simply because they don't really have a whole lot of options for "Peace." Xerath can't hang around in Shrima because he's wanted dead or would have nothing more to do than just randomly attack people. Vel'Koz and the other void creatures can't go anywhere either because, again, they'd be attacked, or would reasonably do nothing there aside from attack other people. That's my primary concern with pushing all of the "importance" onto hub threads. There is the possibility that I'm misunderstanding what everyone has meant by "hub thread", but in that case I personally think that we might want to find a better name than "hub thread" due to the fact that when I hear "hub thread" I think of places like the thread for Roleplaying in Noxus, or Demacia, or whatever. That probably goes for more than a few people. Edit: Case in point:
: About the Community Rules (And Implied Rules)
I think that giving giving OC's an ask thread has potential to go haywire, as we seem to on occasion have enough trouble with people making absurd OC's. However, I feel like allowing OC's to be a part of location or hub threads is perfectly acceptable. Giving OC's an ask thread feels like it could potentially open us up to some interesting characters, but unfortunately from time to time the idea of "interesting character" can end up being "Shameless ripoff of multiple media characters/"cool concepts" duct taped together." instead of something written specifically to fit into the League universe. Speaking from my own viewpoint, I'd love to go and make a thread for Lycernia, the island that my OC race "The Ichlyth" is based on, and would have my own OC's, namely Zentha, be there for interaction on a regular basis. However, I'd never go and make a specific "Ask Zentha" thread because most people probably wouldn't find her that interesting, but the idea of a highly technological place to RP that happens to have Zentha nearby? Sure. Just my thoughts.
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: The Hollowing Grounds [Closed RP] Zentha watched the battlefield develop around her, and took a few deep breaths to center herself and relax her mind slightly. Zentha felt like there was more she could do. As a matter of fact, there *was* more that she could do. Zentha debated with herself for a few moments before she decided that it was time to drop her disguise. Giving a shout to the nearby soldiers, Zentha gave them a critical order. “I will be but a moment! Hold the line!” With that, Zentha lowered the large sphere of crystal down behind her before she commanded the crystal to engulf her like a cocoon. Forming an obelisk, Zentha began to focus upon herself and change her outward appearance. No more lies, no more tricks. It was time for war. The obelisk glowed like a star upon the battlefield, burning the eyes of those who dared to look at it for more than a moment, and weathering attacks with only small scratches to show for the effort. Within it, Zentha’s armor reshaped itself into a more exotic appearance and her weapons reformed themselves into a long spear. Zentha sat for a moment, meditating upon the battle around her. There were many things happening on a rapid basis, and Zentha needed a moment to collect herself. Her spear floated idly nearby while the sounds of battle raged around her. Zentha took a deep breath after several moments before she stood up. The light from the obelisk began to fade. Taking her spear in her hands, Zentha took another deep breath. The glow of the obelisk began to fade until it was only lit by the wisps of energy that burned within the wings of armor upon Zentha’s back. Another breath cracked the shell of the obelisk, and with her eyes now open, Zentha shattered the obelisk, the shards pausing in midair to fly down into the enemy troops and monsters battling the front lines. With a cry, Zentha announced her presence. [“Zentha, taking the field!”]( Zentha walked free of the ruins of the obelisk, her disguise discarded and her true nature revealed. Looking across the battlefield, Zentha spotted one of the wild and untamed war turtles moving towards the front lines. Such a creature seemed to trouble the men, as their swords could not pierce the flesh of the beast as easily as they would like. Zentha had heard that the trick to defeating them was to stab slowly instead of trying to stab quickly due to the flesh of the monsters taking on a reactive form and growing harder with the additional force, but Zentha did not have time to worry about this. Moving swiftly, Zentha slid to a stop near the front lines before shouting for the men to get clear. Planting the base of her spear in the ground Zentha summoned her focus and began to will into creation her psychic powers. Lightning arced slightly around her before she lifted her free hand towards the beast. With a final thought, Zentha shouted. “Let fly my wrath!” before three arcs of light blue electricity shot from her fingers and engulfed the beast. The monster shuddered, it’s protection from mundane weapons not extending to the psychic might that Zentha was capable of summoning. After a few more moments of being electrocuted, Zentha broke the connection, panting and leaning heavily on her spear. The beast slumped to the ground, defeated. Wiping the sweat from her forehead, Zentha picked herself up from the slight hunch and looked towards Krizonar. She seemed to be gathering her people around her at the base of the V formation that they had created. Zentha nodded to herself and moved to join them. Dashing over once her stamina had recovered. Zentha slid behind them and readied herself for the push that this formation was going to do. When they advanced, so would she. Zentha wiped more sweat from her brow as she waited. Using her psychic powers after sealing them for so long was taxing. Even the sphere that held a psychic reserve within her spear was empty and dull. Zentha had one or two more lightning bolts before she would pass out from exhaustion. It was best that those were saved for emergencies like the turtle she had dispatched earlier. Thus, Zentha decided to operate as a melee reinforcement for the Aeho at the rear of the formation. They probably didn’t need it, but it would be a nice gesture at the least.
: Never played Bayonetta
Better to buy Bayonetta 1+2 on WiiU. Buy the Bayonetta 2 physical disc specifically, you can get a copy of Bayonetta 1 for free if you look for the correct box art [Seen here]( WiiU has extra nintendo content and looks/plays pretty well. I don't know if it's 60 FPS or not, but it isn't a turtle and I've never had moments where the FPS drops. Bayonetta 2 will never come off the WiiU, as Nintendo was the only reason Bayonetta 2 got made, and Bayonetta 2 is just as good if not better than Bayonetta 1.
CLG ear (NA)
: why does morgana have elf ears but kayle does not
From what I remember in lore, which may or may not still be canon, Morgana's ears are that way due to some kind of magical ascension/mastery. In her lore, Morgana was given a buttload of free magic by the Institute of War (Which isn't canon anymore, at least not openly. It's weird.) Which explains her ears. TL;DR: Elvish/pointed ears = Good with magic.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Eagleheart,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=2q2E8VAG,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-07-27T19:10:15.755+0000) > > > > I use this, it's pretty nice. You do have to pay for it, but it's a one time of about $5. Not bad at all for having adblock on your phone. I'm on android.
> [{quoted}](name=NotSid,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=2q2E8VAG,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2017-07-27T20:15:51.524+0000) > > I'm on android. Oooooh. Don't have that, sorry.
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: Remember when facebook videos didn't have like 3 ads on them? I use this, it's pretty nice. You do have to pay for it, but it's a one time of about $5. Not bad at all for having adblock on your phone.
: Runes Corner: Runes Content Development Peek
I've got a page full of scaling mana regen runes, and they make champions like Singed or Aurelion Sol much more manageable to play due to their high mana costs from upkeep abilities. (Singed Q and Aurelion Sol's W, for instance.) Will champions with inherently high mana costs get mana regen buffs or will the new runes allow us to stack up a stat that we want for specific champions?
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: The Hollowing Grounds [Closed RP]
Zentha's mind wandered as she had little part in the conversation taking place, the main participants being Krizonar, Luduvika, and Sage. Luduvika caught Zentha's attention with her idea of using the tanks as a wall. Zentha chimed in to speak at this point in time and said. "I have an idea for them, don't worry." When Luduvika approached, Zentha raised her looted rifle to her shoulder in parade hold to keep the barrel pointing away from Luduvika before taking Luduvika's hand in greeting. Luduvika was the one who had been threatened before, and Zentha wanted to question her about it, but now was not the time to do so. Not with Sage nearby. Zentha nodded to Ludivika and said. "Yes. I am a commander, however flimsy of a role that seems to be." When Luduvika saluted, Zentha returned the favor. It was still rather strange and foreign to her to salute as Ichlythian military doctrine held warnings against it due to the problematic nature of a sniper or assassin identifying the chain of command upon the battlefield. With her ability to contribute to the planning largely passed, Zentha spoke up again. "I shall be returning to the tanks in order to carry out a plan I have. I will return to the arrowhead formation after it has formed and will assist from the rear lines." With that, Zentha turned and left once again, running towards the tanks with long strides. It didn't take her long to reach them, and when she arrived Zentha discarded the rifle and ammunition pouch that she had looted. There was no need for either of them with the plan that Zentha was about to begin. Standing among her tanks, Zentha held her hands up and began to focus upon them. The main battle tanks had no use without any ammo, and thus could be used for their crystal. Zentha knew that forming any type of armor or construct would take far too long and would contribute little to the battlefield, and instead Zentha decided to make use of the crystal in a more malleable form. Focusing on the tanks, Zentha began to raise her arms from their outstretched point. The crystal began to flow like liquid and formed itself into a sphere above Zentha's head. When the last pieces of the tank flowed into this sphere, Zentha opened her eyes once more. Lowering her hands Zentha brought the large sphere of crystal down behind her. The sphere floated above the ground and followed along behind Zentha, who turned to walk back towards the lines that were forming. The arrowhead formation would possibly have formed by the time she arrived, and as such Zentha would take up position behind the forward tip of the arrowhead. Zentha raised the sphere of crystal slightly higher into the air, and waited for the command to attack to be given. The sphere was a mystery to the others, but Zentha knew the power that lay within having such a large amount of crystal under her command. The large beasts that had given the troops so much trouble would likely not be able to resist having crystal tentacles forced into their mouth to rip them apart from the inside. Failing that, there was always the option of engulfing the beasts in crystal and ripping them in two. Many things could be done with the crystal she had on hand, and Zentha knew that such a merciless power had to be used carefully. Catching her troops in the effects of her crystal was unacceptable, and Zentha knew that she had to be careful lest she breed a sense of distrust among the troops. She knew that these men valued their lives, and they also placed their lives in the hands of commanders like her, along with commanders like Sage and Krizonar. Such a display would also hopefully impress the other two commanders and validate her status as a leader. Krizonar had her immense strength at her side, and Sage was a war hero to the Dawn of Liberty. Zentha, on the other hand, was still largely a nobody. She had built them a new base, but outside of that Zentha had done little in the way of major accomplishments and felt rather hollow in her position as commander. This would hopefully be the day that she earned that title once and for all.
: Overwatch has voice chat too and I don't see any lawsuits to OW for that
> [{quoted}](name=BoggyBuntu,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=Y89l6bn3,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-06-07T00:00:29.940+0000) > > Overwatch has voice chat too and I don't see any lawsuits to OW for that You know the funny thing about Overwatch? In quickplay, nobody talks. I even got bitched at for talking. I don't think League will benefit from Voice chat.
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: The Hollowing Grounds [Closed RP]
Zentha nodded at Crorstiv’s report before jumping down from the tank to give him his new orders. “I’ll move towards Krizonar when able. In the meantime, I need you to spread word that anyone tired of battle needs to help move the wounded into a centralized location. The location with the most wounded incapable of being moved quickly is going to be the drop off location, move the most critical first since they will take the most time and move backwards in severity, anyone that can walk on their own without hurting themselves further is free to move as they can towards the drop off location. Dismissed!” Zentha gave Crorstiv a salute. Such a motion was strange to her, as the Ichlyth didn’t offer salutes to one another on the battlefield, but Zentha supposed that it would make do. To salute on the battlefield was to beg for a sniper to figure out the current chain of command, and such an action could lead to rather devastating consequences if any snipers were still around to shoot. With little time to ponder on such differences, Zentha jumped back onto the top of the nearby tank and briefly ducked into the command hatch. Cramming herself into the gunners seat, Zentha hunched down and stared into the telescopic aiming sight. In the brief time she had seen Krizonar, Zentha noted that Krizonar’s most distinctive feature was a prominent pair of horns. Zentha scanned the friendly troops for this feature, rotating the turret slowly as she did. After a few moments Zentha spotted Krizonar and noted her position. However, as she began to move, she noticed Sage and Luduvika near Krizonar. She squinted slightly to sharpen her view and watched as Sage grew so angry at Luduvika that he pulled his pistol upon her and was preparing to shoot Luduvika. Zentha’s own anger swelled at this notion, if she had been over there she would’ve knocked Sage unconscious. Such violent discord among troops that were meant to be allies would bring downfall to even the most well laid plans. Zentha noted this behaviour and also made note to interview Luduvika in private later and get the full details on the situation. For now, Zentha would save face and pretend to know nothing about the ordeal should she arrive after its completion. Hopping out of the tank, Zentha closed the hatch and stretched briefly to relieve her compressed muscles. With the location of Krizonar now known, Zentha began to march towards her. Retrieving her pistol from its holster Zentha took the time to regrow the crystal within its magazine. It proved fairly lackluster against these creatures, but it was nice to have on hand, especially if Sage was going to prove to be too volatile to spare. This new development was rather annoying to Zentha, as she was used to a rigid command structure and well organized movements. Zentha had succeeded in gaining part of that just now. With the troops united into one company, they would be much easier to manage since orders could not be distributed much quicker. Still, if Sage was going to continue to become more and more unhinged Zentha figured she might just have to do something about it. She’d bring it up with high command when she was able, but if they were going to turn a blind eye to such actions then Sage might just have to suffer an accident. That was for later, though. The battlefield was where Zentha needed to keep her mind now, and she brought herself back to the here and now. Zentha had been walking the entire time, and soon caught up with Krizonar, Sage, and hopefully Luduvika. She kept her sword in her left hand and her pistol in her right in the event of any breasts feeling brave enough to make an attack. It was refreshing to see that the tide of battle had changed swiftly in their favor, but now it would take proper planning and logistics to carry their plan to the end. Zentha would have preferred to fall back to a more defensible position while evacuating the wounded using the transport tanks she had brought earlier, but that wasn’t entirely viable at the moment. The primary source of this problem was that the transport tanks lacked drivers, and Zentha was sure that the few people trained to operate them were currently wounded in some way. It was better for a medical convoy to be done in one fell swoop rather than having several waves go back and forth, though obviously as these convoys grew larger the amount of micromanagement grew larger and eventually there was a point where you had to take more than one load of wounded to safety. Trying to focus on realistic plans, Zentha waited for Krizonar, Sage, and hopefully Luduvika to speak up with any plans they might have come up with on their own. Thankfully, by the time she arrived Zentha was greeted with the pleasant sight of Luduvika and Sage cooling their anger with a handshake. This action gave Zentha prompt to holster her pistol shortly before she arrived at the circle of people. Standing to the left of Krizonar and to the right of Sage, Luduvika was directly across from Zentha. Taking a deep breath, Zentha gave a report. “All ammunition for the tanks has been expended. They’re not entirely useful in their current state and I can’t make more on the battlefield due to it being too volatile. In addition, the supplies brought with the supply tanks are 73% exhausted. I highly advise wrapping this up quickly. Ah, also, the wounded are also beginning to overtake our combat-capable troops.” With her report delivered, Zentha took a moment to scan the area around them. It seemed safe enough for now, so Zentha didn’t feel the need to seek cover or squat down to make herself a less worthwhile target. Hopefully the sniper problem from earlier was eliminated, or else Zentha could potentially regret this decision. When Krizonar brought up a triangular formation, Zentha thought for a moment. Such a formation was effective at punching through enemy lines, but Zentha knew that such an assault would create more wounded and more casualties. However, ending the battle as quickly as possible would also go forward in creating less casualties since they could turn their attention towards treating the wounded. Nodding, Zentha spoke up. “I support the idea of an arrowhead formation push.” Looking around, Zentha found a discarded rifle and ammunition pouch nearby. Sheathing Kinslayer, Zentha picked them up and brushed the dirt off. Slinging the ammo pouch over her shoulders, Zentha copied the motions that she had seen countless soldiers do and opened the bolt of the rifle to check the ammo within before loading the rifle to capacity. It was slightly small for her hands, but Zentha knew that trying to engage in melee combat with these creatures was risky at best. With nothing better to do, Zentha turned and said. “Ready.”
: > [{quoted}](name=Eagleheart,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=5jh0njlA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-04-10T00:51:52.450+0000) > > Which version of Bayonetta 2 did you order? wii u one? regular.
> [{quoted}](name=Whitney Houston,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=5jh0njlA,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-04-10T00:58:25.326+0000) > > wii u one? > regular. There's a version of Bayonetta 2 that also comes with Bayonetta 1.
: Just finished Bayonetta 1 time for Bayonetta 2?
Which version of Bayonetta 2 did you order?
: In regards to Riot's answer about disabling new/updated champions in ranked
I personally don't like the idea of adding more gateways onto ranked. I feel like it wouldn't serve to make ranked higher in skill, but lower in population. Especially if you start running into cases of "Oh man, Urgot would counter these guys so hard... But wait, I can't play Urgot because I don't have 10 recent games on him. What about Skarner? No... Can't play him either." Plus, first timing a champion really isn't that hard. It's five seconds of reading their ability tooltips and buying items from their recommended page. I don't see how it's such a problem personally. Sure, you might not be as good with someone who has 100+ games, but I feel like that's less of a problem than what the actual complaint it. Personally, the whole "Make them play at least one game" feels like another excuse to try and say. "Riot ban everyone that's worse than me."
: I just learned that Bayonetta exists in 2017...
Go and get the physical copy of Bayonetta 2. You get Bayonetta 1 for free. If you buy it digital, you just get a discount. I have beaten both, and they're quite fun. They have lots of extra content to grind for and unlock.
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