: That's what happens if you retaliate. You never argue back with your team nor your enemies. The chat isn't meant for that. You mute them, report them, and move on. You're either part of the game or part of the problem. There's no excuse for not muting them.
Then going by that logic then that means you can't defend yourself.. whats the point in having a chat box with chatting capabilities if you can't communicate with the people on your team? i just looked at the chats that i got banned for and i literally only said one thing that could even be used. and in a game you have to have multiple reasons for the ban not just one. i shouldnt get the punishment if some people just dont like me and decide to report me lol.. because in the games that were shown i wasnt even flaming, i was just disagreeing with team mates in a formal manner and even then i got reported bc of nothing. the auto-ban system is pretty fucked. i got falsely suspended for having a bad game, i went 3/14 on support and i was supsended for 15 days because the system thought i was intentionally feeding. the one thing i said on my main account was "tard wrangler" and thats the ONLY true evidence of me even "flaming" but other than that there was literally nothing even close to flaming.. the community is full of a bunch of big fuckin babies. ive been called "n****r" and "f****t" in games and havent seen any punishment to the players that did the excesive name calling. so why am i getting a ban/suspension and they arent? i only know they havent because i tested it, i wrote their names down and looked at their acc's on an alt daily and saw them playing each day. but i get banned for calling someone an idiot, garbage and saying the words "tard wrangler". if you still think the system is perfectly fine then you're delusional..
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