: A study showed that men on the autism spectrum are actually more likely to resort to playing video games than neurotypical men. As a result, keep in mind the flamers you've encountered might also just be fellow autistics, and that you should extend the same courtesies to them as you'd expect to be extended to you...or just mute them. As a fellow autist and someone who has some other mental issues, I get that people with these disabilities might be more aggressive. I've seen it in the special ed room. Yes, some "healthy minded" students do sometimes try to provoke us. But that doesn't give us a reason to respond in kind. If they want to get us in trouble, or to get a response, why would you give it to them? Especially in a video game where you can ignore their messages? I get that with ODD it affects you a bit differently, so maybe you could play with someone hovering over your shoulder reminding you to mute, or doing it for you? Riot processes reports because the people who flamed DIDN'T ignore and move on. They broke the ground rules set for them. If you can't follow them, because of a mental illness, no worries. There are guides out here on how to disable your keyboard while playing. It's also incredibly difficult for these "normies" to know that you have a mental illness just based on your playstyle. Hell, most of my fellow autist friends are plat/diamond/master.
I come from days where people named themselves "YoGrannysTang" so we could all read "You were stuck by YoGrannysTang" with a plasma grenade kill. Putting up with the nonsense is part of the game. What makes it stressful is the amount of commitment needed for a single match, and the over-zealous report system. You can be reported for virtually anything and it's report roulette.
: > I don't think you would say, "Down's Syndrome is not an excuse to do math poorly." Well of course not. But Down Syndrome is not an excuse to **treat people poorly**. If you have a disease that causes you to lash out at other people, then the responsible thing to do is not put yourself in situations where those actions are likely to occur. That might mean a person suffering from such a disease **should probably not play League.** Nobody, I repeat **nobody** has to put up with someone else's shit just because that person has a disorder.
You don't have to put up with it. "Mute and move on".
rujitra (NA)
: Your mental illness is not Riot's problem nor the world's problem to deal with. Tolerance does not mean they give you special treatment.
Tolerate: allow the existence, occurrence, or practice of (something that one does not necessarily like or agree with) without interference. Maybe you need a dictionary, friend. Because I'm not sure what your argument is.
: Just like real life, a medical issue (and psych issues are medical issues) is not an excuse for anyone to treat anyone poorly. A disease is not a person's fault, but innocent bystanders are not required to put up with the fallout of anyone's disease. Period.
Do yourself and me a favor please. Actually look up these disorders. I don't think you would say, "Down's Syndrome is not an excuse to do math poorly." The disability is a social disability when it comes to communication. I understand your OPINION that was handed down to you through all the PBS children shows I also watched- be nice to everyone. But I actually understand that it also means understanding when someone has a real problem. So because some people have disorders that make you uncomfortable then their disorder is less affectual? Less important? You don't see the hypocrisy here? It's one thing to SAY be nice to everyone, but another to actually be nice to everyone. Sometimes words are just words from people trying to communicate through a very thick and painful screen. It's how we interpret them. And RIOT tells us to just move on and mute, right? But there's an obvious bias when it seems to be a justifiable action. When a person with Aspergers is trying to ask for help, they do not ask for help. It is a real issue, a real neurological disorder that interferes with the language processing center- so when the words come out they become entangled with other ideas and thoughts mostly self-evaluation. If someone with Asperger's asks for help, they're more likely to call you "r%%%%%ed"- but that's them thinking to themselves how they feel about themselves without trying to look stupid but still asking for help. Healthy people can balance "say this" and "don't say that" ideas when talking. In some people, that information gets jumbled.
: thats seems way to overpowered with no counter play, i would agree if {{champion:157}} wind wall would delete jumping {{champion:107}} .
{{champion:223}} I love spitting minions through the wall and watching Yasuo's break down in complete confusion.
: @RIOT: Toxicity & Double Standards
They need to remove reports in general. Biggest hypocrisy that only hurts the players.
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: Ignoring everything else, you made one **FATAL** mistake. Riot has an unwritten rule where they slap 10% cdr on every otherwise pure tanky mr item and give it crappy defensive stats to compensate for that 10% cdr that would bring you over the 40% cap anyway.
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: Any "No meta" thing is troll until a pro plays it, and it's annoying
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: Anyone else tired of losing because of an Autofill?!?
**Autofill for reduced queue times** Okay, Jungle/Top then. **6 minute queue** You were assigned: Support. **dafuk??**
: Arctic Ops Gragas, SweetHeart Xayah and Rakan, and Lunar Revel skin splash arts
Beautiful work! Would you be able to do a piece based off this: https://kajechickenscratch.deviantart.com/art/Glamorous-Rammus-685943395?ga_submit_new=10%3A1497232342 It's a pencil sketch so it lacks oomph- but I think with the right artist it could really shine. :D
: Hum, well, I can't say those artworks are ugly but fuck, I don't even recognize the champs If I didn't know it was Gragas, I would have thought it was a human Malphite with a gas mask. Nothing tells me it's Gragas. Warwick without fur ? It's a fucking werewolf/doglike berserker , not a monstruous body-builder... Nasus is amazing tho, and I can actually says it's Nasus, at least. Xayah/Rakan are superbs, shame it's not the same thing in game... I was expecting to be disappointed tbh
It's called a skin not a costume. I mean. I can't even tell who "Definitely not Blitzcrank" is.. I'm still baffled.
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: "The boards are a small minority of the community who just want to complain."
Did you just assume my intelligence?? I'm a Rammus main. And I'm a lot like Mundo. Not really a doctor- but I think I am.
: I got Silver 5 as a consistent Bronze 3 player.
Of course this is a smurf account. Had I done the same on my main I'm sure it would be Bronze. I'm suspicious of players being flagged because of reports which keep us in the ELO mud.
Le Meme (NA)
: Seriously?? You even lost 4 games.... I won 7 and got majority a- to s as grades. System is rigged.
I had a match with someone who won all 10 games and was placed in Silver 3. I got mad for the guy. He wasn't even bothered.
Naalith (NA)
: When you get placed in Plat 4 and your highest rank of all time was plat 5
Rioter Comments
: small nami buff idea
I get the feeling you want to make {{item:3100}} viable on Nami. 6 seconds of Movement Speed buff is overwhelming, considering ALL her abilities buff Ally Move Speed. Dropping the CD of her E to 6 seconds would allow her to spam E for a constant Move Speed enhancement and with Lich Bane she would get another 8% on top of that and a nice fat bonus to her already "empowered" attacks. On another note- Why is it that Cass doesn't wear boots- and Nami does, even though Nami is the one who says "Feet are strange."
: the problem is they're too busy trying to stop people from using mean words and actual trolls like this get to run free
I can see that. In any other game calling someone "noob" is just a way to flex your experience as a player. In League, the word noob can be a one-way ticket to a chat-restriction. There is a lot of language that should be punished though. I've seen some extremem hate speech in games- and being tilted isn't an excuse. But, for the most part, I feel like people take things too personally to allow some fun trash talking. There really is a fine line between friendly trash talk and griefing though. Telling someone, "Damn Alistar you're weak bro" versus "Alistar you cost us the game". I can handle friendly shit talking. It actually motivates me to kick some ass. Being told the game is lost because of me just keeps me from enjoying the game, and almost always makes me play worse out of frustration. Especially when the griefing persists.
: Yep. Anything that doesn't match the top builds and top picks on op.gg gets called trolling. What they did to you was above and beyond toxicity. Absolutely horrendous that people think that's OK. I play on meta, and off meta, all the time. If you're good at the champion, that's enough. If you're bad at the champion, it's fine, _you're learning_.
I've brought Alistar into the Jungle and have gotten the same response. And I just respond with: If Ali isn't meant to Jungle why is shop telling me to buy Hunter's Talisman? I tried bringing Thresh Jungle and shop told me to buy Relic Shield, so I know it isn't because I have Smite.
Azeranth (NA)
: Uh, buddy, towers already re aggro when you damage a champion under them. Or are you implying that an ally of the tower should be able to direct it's fire by damaging other targets.
My games tell me otherwise. When my turret is locked onto a minion I've been jumped under turret in 2+ second engagements without my turret responding to the attack. I know they're in turret range because the lane markers, and when the minion dies the turret then responds to my attacker.
: So you want a blind on Garen?
It would essentially work the same way as a blind in theory. But "disarm" is a more sensible word given his style. I mean, Garen is supposed to be the hero of Demacia.. but he seems to fall short of that privilege when high ELO players don't even consider using him. He really has no CC to his kit, and in Top lane a 1.5 second silence is a joke because it won't stop their attack. His most threatening ability is his E, and that's only against champs who cherish having Armor. And even then, if any lane opponent can slam him with CC he's a spinning duck unless he hits Q. I'm not the best player, so when I do bad with Garen I know I can be playing better. But considering high ELO games don't have Garens then that should say something, right?
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: @Riot, Allowing Garen via Silence to proc Aftershock
Garen is a low ELO champion for reasons like this. The only CC in his kit is a 1 second silence which doesn't really turn the tides against Juggs and Bruisers he's paired against- who can just keep attacking through the silence and remain unaffected.
: You can get some tips on how to beat him, but the only real way to beat him is to practice the matchup and feel it out for yourself. If tips are what you actually want then a little more information would be helpful, like telling us about your champion pool and playstyle preferences.
I get wrecked by him all the time. I really don't even know what I'm doing against him. When I think I got him, he summons ghouls and chucks them at me and they just melt my Health away. And if I try attacking them, he throws his wall. If I avoid the wall the ghouls get to keep eating me alive. If I kill the ghouls and ignore dodging the wall, I'm stuck in the wall, and he drops his TF-powered Q on me to turn the tides. And let's not forget the Wraith Queen which literally sucks the life out of you- and can solo push any lane no matter where Yorick goes. I just need to know how to counter his gameplay.
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: Garen used mana? What?
: mute them and play the game.
Muting doesn't change the way they play the game. Like I said, if they want to troll they're going to find ways to grief you. - Assistance pings that draw you into bad conflicts - Engaging enemies and retreating when you come to help - Harassing your lane and taking CS
: But... Alistar top is a thing. Not a popular thing, but still a thing. Certainly more common than my Soraka top. XD
When I started playing Alistar Top was a strong choice. Back when Garen used Mana lmao.
: i remember going soraka top once and no one saying a word about it i won lane against teemo, poor thing though you could do anything against that healing and better wave clear than his is amazing how many ppl get toxic about weird picks
I remember Soraka restoring Mana. {{item:3070}}
Kilanost (NA)
: I agree with this sentiment. I am a former Zac main (RIP Zac.... #RevertZac). Sure you can whiz around as rammus and point and click on people to do rammus things. But this all assumes you've mastered the art of driving rammus's gap closer. I forget what the name of it is but we all know what I'm talking about. You even so much as nick a minion because you've taken a bad path, your entire gank is ruined AND you're stuck there taking damage from the enemy champs you failed to taunt. Zac you just choose where to go and you fly there and the passive removes a lot of the risk of messing up. So if the question is which of the two to play as a new player, I'd say Zac. But the best jungler to start with is probably Warwick. Zac's clear is miserable and you really can't defend your own jungle against aggressive counterjunglers. WW can be beefy, keeps damage, has life steal in his kit to make his clear easier and his w lets you chase people down. I wouldn't play a farm heavy jungler like Shyv or Udyr until you feel comfortable enough with jungling to know that people begging for ganks doesn't mean ganking is the best way for u to put your team in a position to win the game. In fact, you should watch this: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pC5qHBnnw4I]
Q: Powerball. And yes minions can interfere with it, but you learn to get around that. Unfortunately, now that it's a channel you can no longer Flash past and keep the ball rolling. You can't gank Bottom lane because all supports should have the river warded, and most have some form of CC to stop you before you enter lane. And good CC leaves you sitting there, if you try activating W to survive there's no escape.
abca98 (EUW)
: Yes, they do proc it. Both them, actually.
They must have changed this recently. I tested it when the new runes were released for my Malphite build. **Glacial Augment** and **Approach Velocity** and I built Righteous Glory to proc the icy ray, but it didn't proc. I'm glad they fixed this.
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Altiverse (EUNE)
: Not only AP itemization is inferior to AD, but Sorcery runes too.
Summon Aerie is OP on a lot of champs. Especially Utility Mage Supports. Nami abuses the Hell out of it with her W. Lulu, Raka, Sona, Lux, etc. champions that can target between enemy and ally rapidly can get that little Sprite doing stuff. Also- so many ADCs are taking Comet it's ridiculous: MF and Varus make it seem like they need Comet. Comet is also being used my many mid lane casters. I haven't seen anyone using Phase Rush- but I can't see why not. Champs like Ahri, Kass, Cass.. could really dominate with that high burst of MS during an engage.
: You were just a scapegoat in that game. Happens to all of us. Don't worry about or let it get to you. You'll improve overtime. Suggestion, next time just mute all who are flaming you. Play the game best you can. I wouldn't worry about them. Just be sure not to respond to them, that's when the table turns. People will look for anything to complain about. Next time Lulu top. Now that's fun. (I am a Lulu main) {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
I mean, I personally don't care who plays what champion and where they go. If it's fun and you're actually trying to play well then it shouldn't be a problem. I know it's not too fun being easily snowballed in the game- and that's been getting worse with each update making matches 25 minute games- but there's no need for the salt.
: > [{quoted}](name=Eat Rammus Soup,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=WhgEZEth,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-16T03:49:26.398+0000) > > - It was Draft Mode > - I wanted to play Top Lane > - Can't afford new Champions because you don't get rewarded enough Essence > > Then > > - I get trolled all game > - I get flamed by teammates and called a troll > - Simple mistakes get blown out of proportion > - My first death is GG > - Troll teammates /all chat being buddy-buddy with enemies and asking to report me > > After That > > - Enemy team jokes with my toxic teammates, and encourages their bad behavior > - Told to uninstall > - Everyone talking about reporting me (including enemies) > > > "Just report them" > > - That doesn't change the game I'm playing, I still have to endure crappy game after crappy game with a whole community of these players > > "Just mute them" > > - I wish Muting a player stopped their gameplay from griefing you > - Assistance pings and they run away to bait you into the enemies > - Come to your lane and persist on taking your CS (then flame you for having low farm) > - Come to your lane and int your lane opponent, then leaving you vulnerable when you try to help (then flame you for feeding) > > I feel like "cancer" and "toxic" are great words. Because this behavior literally feeds itself. > When I'm treated like this in game after game, I stop caring myself. I even feel spiteful toward players, and want to see them fail. I try to just chin-up and play the game, but it seems impossible to have a GG when this is the norm. > > I just want to play the game and have some fun. Sure, losing sucks. But some of my most thrilling and exciting games have ended in a loss- and what made these games so fun was the cooperation and determination to play the game despite any mistakes being made. > > I remember a game I had a while back where I played ADC and my support kept getting caught out. But my support was getting caught out because they were doing what they could to keep me alive. The game was an epic struggle, and we ended up losing, but it was a fun game because we were working together toward the same goal. > > These days, you die once and there's always at least one player "/all GG". > Already accepting defeat, and out of some strange sense of ego they go out of their way to make sure you do poorly so they can calculate the loss and try to pass it off as your fault. > > I WANT to play this game. > I also want to play a good game. > And I really believe that's why you see all these people saying they're done with League, but log on the next day anyways. > Hope. > When you feel so strongly about something, you hope it can become better. > Like that bad relationship with the person you love. You want them to change because you love them- but you always ask yourself: is it even worth it anymore? literally me. everyone ive ever played with is the same, even in BOT AND ARAM. it makes no difference. i rather not play with that so i leave and get punished. ive uninstalled the game like 4 times and ive been playing for a month or 2, everyone gets to you and the forums arent even a safe haven for you to say how you feel. god forbid.
I feel like people use League as a way to just take out their frustrations on other players.
Number 6 (NA)
: I feel robbed.
I agree. I can't afford new champs, so when I want to play different lanes with the champs I own/am familiar with it's like scratching hemorrhoids.
: you should have went Alistar mid like a normal person
Damn. You might be right. But I thought he was ADC?
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