: your gold,.... you dont have a rank to support it either. doesnt mean that you dont know shit about the game. You obviously dont know shit about reality but the game... idk
: just because I have never attempted to get good at the game and usually dont even worry about making correct calls or whatever doesnt mean I dont know how the game works. I understand 'creep manipulation' and 'last hitting' and 'EXP' and 'freezing' and 'shoving' and 'level advantages' and 'creep agro' and so on. All these things are very important to understand and use to your advantage to get out of low elo. (and I hate to break it to you but gold is shit elo too.) but understanding how it works and actually bothering to play around it are two diferent things. FFS there are people who literally coded the game and wrote it who play in mid silver and low gold. I think in season 2 either ryze or tryndemere was trashtalked for having a low mmr. understanding how the game works and actually being able to mechanically translate that into game and actually think and evaluate the correct course of action in game are two very different things. I have played this game since mid season 1 and i have never put any effort in to getting good at these things. Just because I understand how it works does not mean I am proficiant at them. I also understand how to strip a gun and reassemble it. but I have literally never done that and so if I were to try it would take me a few minutes to get it. where as people who practice can do it in like 20 seconds or less. I also understand how to shoot accuratly and to use a sight picture on a gun. But being as how I never shoot I probably wouldnt translate that into a shooting range well. SO yes I can claim I understand the game without looking stupid because I also dont claim to be good at it. I mean take at look at 1800midlane. guy literally has the highest Azir score in the world with like 2.4 million or something stupid like that. and he is silver 1. but I damn sure know that he knows more about azir then most azir casual players up to probably high plat or low diamond.
lol wtf are you talking about. nothing you say means shit if you dont have a rank to support it. also, tldr lol
: So Riot is it a requirement to be mentally retarded to be on you balance team?
i agree fuck this shit. no need to outplay any1 if you play a tank and rush ninja tabi.
: 10 dodges in a row and autofilled support.
KilljoyX (NA)
: Can I ask a serious question about match making?
idk how this shit works, but i thought that the bronzies would have been filtered out. even in mid gold people feed 0/9 in-lane and claim they were camped or some shit. every game is very 1 sided. balances teams happen 1/10 games.
: Using rank as validity is a flawed way to argue. I don't play alot of ranked. And even when I do I typically treat them as normals. I have played more games on some champions then their mains have simply because I have been around years longer then most people. I know alot about how the game works and stuff like that even thought I am not very good at it. Saying my opinion or view doesn't matter just makes you look stupid.
dude if you are silver and say that you know how the game works then you are the one who looks stupid.
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: Typing fast and grammar
dont type or ull get reported.
: Can We End Post-Game Lobby Flaming?
i love the post-game flaming. the only place i can truly be toxic.
: Can something be done about rage quitters after one death?
no you cant. riot doesnt ban unless he was toxic in the chat.
: so when i was s1 in promo's to gold then i don't have an opinion with value?
: You have got to be fucking kidding me.
rito allows int feeding but not flaming. just dont type anything in the chat next time. like literally just dont type. i int fed and afk in base at least 15 out of 30 games on this account. i got a 14 day suspention and the reason was a few lines of flaming not the int feeding.
: League of legend is my spiritual practice. @riot
: so im a higher influence on shen than Melledoneus who has more shen games and a way better winrate, because i climbed using completely different champs? I get not wanting to get adc or the value of champs from people in low elo, but they still have valid opinions that can be very insightful, even if their game knowledge is limited
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Sciela (NA)
: So, people who cry about "toxicity"...
because the sensitive lil kids are the ones buying the skins. Riot made this community a pile of garbage by creating a problem out of thin air and they called it "toxicity". People are vindictive, thats why the reporting system exists, not to better the community. The system makes the community worse.
: Fixing mouse and graphics setting in bots = leave busted?
: is going afk because something came up (without saying anything to the team) reportable?
Rioter Comments
: Rank Elitism isn't a boards issue, it's an in game issue
unless ur gold of higher idc what u say about anything.
: Can a yasuo 1v5
no he cant because every yasuo players are mentally retarded irl
: Low Levels...
this problem is never getting resolved because riot sucks
: Yeah man. 24% bonus to AP and AD is total garbage. Doesn't help in any situation.
Rioter Comments
: God fucking damn...
i agree this autofill shit not only fucks every1 in the ass, but makes queue longer since there are 10 dodges before each game.
Rioter Comments
: Uh dragons are super important. While they shouldn't have fought a team fight without you if they couldn't win it, another (and arguably better) question is why were you NOT at drag? Why did you not spend some of that 3k gold earlier and prep for it when say you had like 2.5k gold? Obviously a team fight didn't just happen or they wouldn't have been able to fight a team fight so I'm not sure why you didn't just back earlier in order to prepare for it.
cuz they had baron, our waves were pushed in towards out inhibs, cuz i had no mana because i have to cover for my retarded teammates because they would rather 4 man the chicken camp than push the waves. fuck dragons they are useless
Rioter Comments
: autofill didnt do shit about the queue times.
i agree. fuck autofill. fucking retarded idea.
Mig89 (NA)
: I agree with this advice except the first point. Nothing wrong with playing support. i GOT TO GOLD MY FIRST SEASON(LAST SEASON) ((caps too lazy to erase)) It seems like a cheese way to win and it happens enough that i dont feel bad about it anymore but playing in the botlane and being a support main in low ELO means you only need one thing to win most of your games. As long as your ADC is just pure stinking garbo, youll win lane and most likely the game. The amount of autofilled supports alone will help you climb. I shit on people regularly and when you just dominate your lane, you have 2/5 people fed and the enemy starts out with 2/5 feeding. Its not a bad gig Edit: play carry supports in bronze and not utility ones like soraka/janna/lulu/karma. YUoull have an easier time climbing because with a utility support, your job is to enable your team and we all know what a bronze team consists of. Play zyra and rush a rylais. between her E and the slow from everythjng in your kit, you can peel for a carry and do insane teamfight damage.
oh well that was my experience playing adc. i felt like my support wasnt doing anything, but the people were so bad i could win 1v2.
gremgar (NA)
: Highest I ranked was g4 last season before a huge swing of people afk 10 minutes into game or at end of game, feeders (like 0/19 bot lane feeding), and a couple bad lanes against darius. No suggestive criticism. I took my own advice last game and played split pushed singed. created huge pressure and a massive gold lead for me and my jungle but I barely won because we had an inting kogmaw with something like 17 deaths. I ended game with second highest dmg on our team. Third highest in the game, tons of assists and objectives taken, and the enemy zed asked me to duo (highest dmg on their team and by far their best player) So what you say is just bullshit no offence
check my match history. i afk, troll and int feed and im gold 3 right now. so no you are NOT playing well.
: You sure? Your Draven matches look pretty damn bad. Looks like you hit a losing streak recently and have more deaths than kills in most of your recent games, but since we're only paying attention to the bad games....
yeah i feed and i int, but im not the one complaining about the flaming. idgaf if ppl flame me.
gremgar (NA)
: toxic player on matchmaking errors, mmr volatility, and smurfing. I need help
how can you say "i play so well all the time" when you are silver.
: You can't carry your way out of bronze solo. Too much depends on the team. Once you are in gold, your actual skill matters.
wtf of course you can. i started in bronze 4 and kept having scores like 25/3 or 32/5 shit like that all the time. i just didnt know how to win and thats why i was always blaming my feeding team. you can carry the fuck out of bronze.
: Why you should ignore your team sometimes.
guess what. ur team died 4v5, gj.
: You're a sad, sad person. The type of life you live thinking like that will always be full of anger and disappointment. The only solution to people like you is to ignore you until you do something stupid and get in trouble with the system. There's just no point in not muting you.
bro u are just mad cuz ur a feeder and people flame you. then u make excuses like "its a game the point is not to win its to have fun so its cool if im 0/15 guys"
Zaryelle (NA)
: You'd be surprised by my OP, but I never actually start the vote to forfeit, I'm still trying up until the end. But that doesn't change the fact that pretty much every time I've tried hard to win despite my team getting wrecked, our team just stops trying after that first few kills and there is just no coming back. Many games I'm the only one still trying to win while my team just walks into enemy not even landing one attack before dying, they're just that fed that it's actually pointless. It's just me and maybe 2-3 other people holding off the enemy as they are getting more and more fed.
well, u are wasting every1's time by trying to win a lost game. i hope i dont have u on my team.
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OHminus (NA)
: Why do I have to be the one punished....
if some1 bans my champ, i int too. making ur team lose lp is more important than getting lp urself.
: People like you make me hate this game. Idk why you think that's acceptable. It's purely destructive, and the lowered morale makes your team do worse. Uselessly flaming someone is a waste of your time, and all it does is make you look like a terrible person.
idc how i look. flaming is not a waste of time since theres nothing else to do while i wait for 20 to ff. plus, i get satisfaction from flaming and i enjoy being toxic.
: This game isn't fair to new players.
they should remove levels imo. start placements at bronze 5 mmr
ac032215 (NA)
: But there is a line between good and fun toxicity and flaming toxicity. I can agree that pinging mia over someone who missed their flash can be funny, but completely flaming someone just because they didn't have shield up seems bannable to me.
ac032215 (NA)
: But that's why I asked, I don't know how toxic you can be with your supports but, to what extent do you think you go before you think that you could get banned?
you cant flame cuz the system will get you. however, you can int, troll, afk in base while dodging leaver buster all day without punishment. but personnally, i wish i could flame my support to no end. racist, sexist slurs? np i would do it. threaten him irl? np i would do it.
Rhuxiie (EUW)
: Would you?
yeah id report them. the report system is not to reform, but for catarsis and revenge.
: riots zero tolerance policy is really childish, considering the majority of the players are teens+ the type of language used in league will be common place in an elementary school today. by now everyones used to the toxicity online and a lot of people enjoy it and think its funny. theres a lot of reasons they should change the policy to not perm ban toxic people.
yeah i agree i do enjoy toxicity and i am toxic myself. its just fun to argue over dumb shyt with random people. or spam ? or insults when u win the game.
ac032215 (NA)
: What is something that should always get people banned?
i main adc. all i have to say is that the flame on supports is justified. yall suck.
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deathgod5 (EUW)
: one aram I had 4 afks, not my fault. We not always get to win
: So how is banning and picking first beneficial in ranked?
youre missing the fact that bans dont matter. counters dont exist
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