Bobo113 (NA)
: Never in full. Void Fizz and Warring Lingdoms Vi were basically community-made skins, and several newer champions have taken inspiration from the C&C boards - in everything from kit to artwork. If the kit doesn't make it to a champion, sometimes te chanpion themes are worked into skins.
Be really careful about that claim. It's easy to say "Oh, Riot took inspiration from this!", when the reality is probably simpler - that two people came up with similar ideas. We don't get to see Riot's design workshopping, so we don't get to confirm what they did and didn't see.
Keyru (NA)
: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
Melborne (NA)
: Is this post being pinned in this topic? It's found a page or two down from the main page in the creations area!
: Skylarke is this you
Arakadia is right, Serpexnessie is entirely different from Skylarke. That you immediately associated drones with Skylarke is a fascinating connection.
: Announcer packs involve paying others to create that content, voice actors for quality packs. That's a negative to their income. As awesome as it would be to have something as freakin' sweet as a Rick and Morty thing like Dota 2 has....I just don't see Riot putting forth the effort or funds for that. And honestly, it's a bad time for them to even consider that as unpopular and unhappy their current player base is right now.
Keep in mind that the boards or Reddit would be lucky to represent even 5% of the playerbase of League of Legends. No matter what you read here or on Reddit, at least 90% of players aren't involved in that discussion. Riot's still able to get their input via client surveys, though - that's part of why they make the decisions they do. Also, given how long we've had the default announcer, I would hardly think creating a specific brand of new content would be a negative to income at all. Especially if they make new announcer packs while the VA for a new champion is already there for recording.
: You know Riot, now seems like a pretty good time to start selling Announcer Packs
Yes, please. I for one would love to listen to PROJECT: Ashe call out things instead of the generic announcer.
: I feel like her ult is a lot like taliyah's but a mix of pantheon's as well. I would rather see her ult incorporate things like her dragon leaving her to go to a target area within a certain range. This could be anywhere from a knockup to the dragon actually taking the enemy champion and dragging/flying them over to Hahna. It sounds like you have a a lot of dragon attacks, but little to no interaction of Hahna in combat with the enemy champions or enemy NPC's. Maybe you could think of something where Hahna actually lunges toward the enemy champion with her Q without her dragon. What is Hahna's auto attack like? Is the dragon auto attacking, or is Hahna? What I would recommend is that Hahna throws her axes as her regular auto attack, and maybe every third hit her dragon could hit for that extra splash of fire damage. I think a great change to avoid similarities would be to change her E. I feel like she needs a dismount option for the dragon. By using her e it could be a tuck and roll effect where she can abandon her dragon and move over a piece of terrain or an obstacle. 8 Seconds after use, recasting the ability would allow for her to call her dragon back and she would instantly mount it by jumping into its flying animation. Considering she has two abilities that allow her to dismount her dragon, she would use E on an 8 second cool down to remount for both abilities. Just a few things to consider. The recast E could be that knockup that you wanted. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Also, what is the dragon's name?
My inspiration was the Malig Knight, from Fire Emblem. I don't think dismounting the dragon would be particularly productive in that regard - they're supposed to act as one, not as two separate units. Pretty cool idea for a different champion though. I'll remember that. Hahna's Q and W as well as the passive are related to her combat abilities. Her E is oriented with the dragon's own capabilities, and the ult is a combination of their efforts. I tried to balance out their interactions so as to avoid the idea that the mount is superfluous, but that's not shining through well enough, apparently, so I'll make an effort later to use better descriptions. Thanks! I think the lack of descriptions is probably what made it unclear that Hahna is melee. Hahna as a ranged champion is fundamentally broken since she's got bruiser-level CC with a ranged attack that keeps her safe from enemy harm. With all due respect, I honestly do not see the appeal of having her dismount at all. There's no real gain in terms of gameplay functionality - it's just a "wouldn't it be cool if she could do this?" kind of thing, which isn't necessarily wrong but also not what I'm trying to do. If you're still interested, I'd like to see more on why you're so adamant on the whole dismount thing. I might be missing a cool opportunity here, if not for Hahna, then for a future concept. Hahna named the dragon Fury. It's in the summary at the top. Thanks for your feedback!
Melborne (NA)
: 5500 range? I'd estimate that to be about the distance between Baron and Dragon. Caitlyn's R is a little over 1000 Range and can be shot from quite a far distance. Her ultimate would send her further back than Poppy's ult when she wanted to escape. Anyone chasing her would... well, just die. She'd never get caught, not with two prime escapes, plus a flash. Not ever, she could dodge a Mao ult. Her cool downs are a little strong, her build would be complete and full CDR (45%), health, MR and Armor. No one would build damage on her, she has far too much utility. A free Galio ult every 8.1 seconds (maxed cdr) that gives complete vision with a quarter of his cast time. On top of the new keystones, Aftershock would destroy anything and everything. She's merk, hell I'd build two warmogs on her and be able to deal more damage than anyone who built her AD. Mix that in with her stun, then a leap for anyone who flashed away .. she'd break the game.
5500 range was selected specifically because that's the range for TF and Pantheon's ults. It's already in the game. A 2 second cast time (which I really should edit in saying it's a cast time and not something that charges up - thanks!) means that if this is your escape, you probably shouldn't have been there in the first place. She has a skillshot stun and a knockup, yeah, but the stun takes good aiming and the knockup directly exposes her to danger and also takes some aiming. I can definitely see tank/support builds, but I'm not too sure about the claim that she has too much utility. I'll take a look at the CC time, anyways - it's meant to be specifically for setting up offense, not necessarily for peeling. I didn't put any HP scalings on Hahna though, so I'll challenge the claim that 2x Warmog's would cause her to do more damage than AD or bruiser builds. Aftershock alone can't offset all the damage you're missing by skipping AD items. Thanks for your feedback though, I'll definitely need to give it a look-over later.
: So does Hahna always ride her dragon the way Sejuani always rides her hog? Does the dragon normally walk around, but fly like Kayle when E is activated? I imagine Hahna will be similar size to Sejuani.
She's always mounted, yes. Sej size sounds appropriate. The dragon walks normally and flies when the E is on.
: can you q while you're r'ing because if so haha that would be hilarious
That would be HILARIOUS, but the R is a cast time kind of deal so it's not possible. It'd also eat my entire power budget as I balance around semi-global abduction.
Echoing (NA)
: Hi there, good sir, I would like to enter [Hahna, the Skybane](, if that's okay.
Oh sure, no problem or conflict of interest there at all! You even included a review this time! Entry confirmed!
Echoing (NA)
: [CCOS] November CCOS Entry Time! Enter Here!
Hi there, good sir, I would like to enter [Hahna, the Skybane](, if that's okay.
Melborne (NA)
: I'd like to enter, [Traq - The Terrifying Imp](
Bobo113 (NA)
: Entering [Hobb - The Mouth of Malice](
Rioter Comments
: Champion Concept: Brell, the Last Templar
Ooh. This guy looks cool. Sion killed Jarvan II, though. That's an important distinction - Jarvan II being on the field at all implies Jarvan III is probably just hitting adulthood. Given that Jarvan III right now is rather elderly, this puts J2's death way back in the past. That means it predates literally every other champion you mentioned in the lore - Xin Zhao, Garen, Ashe, and Darius would probably not even be born, let alone able to fight. That's not a bad thing though. That means this guy is so old, he was there when J2 took the field and when Sion was in his glory days. He would be the oldest living Demacian short of Galio, who isn't flesh and blood anyways. That would make his character arc even cooler then. You probably shouldn't have your upgrade passive eat your entire passive slot though. The other upgrade champions - Kha'zix, Rengar, Gangplank - all have other passives as well. Viktor doesn't, but the Hex Core is its own item, and when fully upgraded is superior to most other items, which offsets that. Your survivability is wholly focused on your Q, so I'd recommend finding some way to stay alive using the passive. Conditional burst healing might be neat. That's a really cool Q. I like it. Keep that no matter what - it shows a level of strength and tenacity that befits a man who saw J2 die and wants to avert that ever happening again. Not so much the W. There's a purpose on the kit, but it's clunky and means you're down an ability when you're in combat. Some champions, like Aurelion Sol and Ashe, don't have abilities that are very applicable in combat, but they make up for it with powerful passives that essentially act as their missing ability. You don't have that, so the W is a dead drop once you enter combat. You should replace it with a more reliable gap-closer - leaps are common, but you could probably dash while swinging the flail, slowing everyone in a wide range. The E's weird follow-up knock-back thing is unnecessary. If you cut it, you're not missing out on much. I'm liking that it's a pull that hits a target area instead of a single person - that's really cool. That's a pretty solid ult, too. Combined with the Q, it cements the theme of a veteran Demacian that learned his lesson from Sion and never wants anything to get close to his liege again. You've got a pretty cool champion here. May I recommend entering the [CCOS]( I think you'll do pretty good there. Oh, and line-break more in your lore and ability descriptions. When there's not clear paragraphs, it makes it really hard to read as the words start to blend together. Best of luck, and keep up the good work.
DrTanks (NA)
: I have an idea in my head that I'd love to enter, just have a quick question. Do I have to provide an image of what my champion is supposed to look like? If so, I have no artistic talent whatsoever {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Nah, you're good. Don't worry.
CagaMen (EUW)
: No review? i dont undersand much about this but does that mean it didnt enter?
I didn't see a review of someone else's work linked in your thread. Per the rules, that's disqualification. You're still welcome to try again this month though.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
YHWH Adonai (EUNE)
: How about gender bender skins?
The linked artwork is really good! And also it's probably not going to happen - even assuming models weren't an issue, you'd need a different VO for the champion. That would suck. With different models, animations, and VOs, you're recreating a champion just for a skin. Not even remotely profitable for the amount of time spent. Which is too bad, it'd be interesting to see some of these gender flips.
Chrysi7 (NA)
: If people base their entire opinions on someone off of one comment thread, then.. Also, honey, just so you know, in future matters, saying inflammatory things, such as 'as funny as it is to watch you stomp about in a sort of tantrum and making a fool of yourself', which is quite rude, it actually will often times escalate things. NOM NOM. {{champion:31}}
Thanks for making my part a little easier. I should have it all done by Sunday.
: What exactly does this include? For example would this censor "Riot balance team should lose there jobs" posts? Personally I don't agree with removing comments of this kind, but i understand what its meant to do; just wondering what type of things will be removed. Like does saying "This new riot skins suck, riot really needs to get better at this shit" count as removal?
I don't think "censor" is a good word choice here, but yeah. It's one thing to say "I have no idea why you guys thought Galio Q was balanced". It's another to say "You should lose your jobs for letting Galio Q get through". The former is a legitimate inquiry that allows the people in question to hop in and say "okay yeah that was bad - we were trying to do this and it didn't work out" and then everyone's happy-ish. The latter is a rather malicious declarative statement that doesn't offer any avenue for a constructive response. It's also rather self-defeating if you think about it - if the balance team lost their jobs, now there's no one at Riot to say "okay guys we messed up on Galio Q, how do we fix this?", and then they've gotta go hire some more dudes that can do that kind of balancing properly, meaning during that period we're still stuck with Galio Q killing everyone. Saying "This new riot skins suck, riot really needs to get better at this shit" wouldn't really be deletable though. That's an honest concern and desire for improvement that doesn't put down anyone at Riot or call for their removal from their jobs. Bottom line: it's okay to say something is bad, but it's not okay to say someONE is bad.
You're too late for this competition. Try again next month.
: I took part in the previous CCOS September Competition and I never found out about any kind of results or feedback or anything.. I feel like i'm potentially misunderstanding something about these competitions and how they work.
You must have missed [this thread]( then. Check it out, and at the bottom where the judges' names are linked, click to view their scoresheets.
Echoing (NA)
: [CCOS] October CCOS Entry Time! Enter Here!
Apologies for taking so long! Time managed to slip away from me. I'll extend the judging to November 2nd as compensation to make sure all judges have adequate time to judge. Please don't forget to review and link your review if you haven't done so already!
: My champion concept submission [Demyan](
Skylarke (EUW)
: My submission
Arakadia (NA)
: [Sorry for the late entry. I didn't expect to enter this time but I decided to throw something together and try. Anyways Otak'Yr invades the contest, probing enemy minds with alien power.](
Grau (NA)
: Bloop!
Chrysi7 (NA)
: [Cruora]( ascends from the Eleven Hells to enter this contest of fiends.
yardnoc (NA)
: Sailing in is [Ceely, Fisherman of the Deep](
: Entering [Nara, Usurper of the Sands](
: Saddling on into the CCOS, it's Astrena, the Trick Rider!
: A recent post on nexus has me concerned that my champion concept may or may not be relevant in the future, but, either way, I still want to enter this competition. Here is my submission for Rema - The Twilight Dreamer [Rema - The Twilight Dreamer](
CagaMen (EUW)
: I would like to give it a try!
Entry confirmed! Make sure you link a review!
: Akara and I would like a shot :D
Entry confirmed! Make sure you leave a review on someone else's work and link it on your concept!
: How ya like me now Echoing, [Ita’Ska]( is here to do more than just rip the carpet from under the competition
Entry confirmed! Link a review!
: YOOO, put me in. Also, can i make a black joke?
: leave this on the bench ok? If theres space left then put it on the list if not leave it alone
It's missing a proper lore, so I can't confirm it right now anyways.
: Submitting [Pyrene the Golden Duchess]( for consideration.
: I'd like to enter Joan! [Joan, the Puppet Master](
Entry confirmed! Please don't forget to review something!
: Hey!!! Here is my entry: Gennos, Bane of the Angels. Hope you like it!
Entry confirmed! Please remember to leave a review on something!
: I submit [Margeaux, the Necessary Evil]( into this month's CCOS!
: "Entries will be taken from now until the 16th." "10/21/17 - Entries no longer taken, judging begins" So is the deadline for entries the 16th or 21st? I'm a little confused.
The 21st. The former was a typo. Also, are you entering something? You've made 3 posts without any entrant - somewhat unusual.
: I wanna enter! I know this is a rework of my old concept, but i built him from ground up.
Entry confirmed! Please don't forget to review something!
: Here comes [Eluard](!
Màx (NA)
Entry confirmed! Please link the review in your concept to make it easier for judges to find!
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