Solicitude (EUNE)
: Hello! I want to enter my [Kira, the Death Reaper]( in the contest.
: I have yet to enter a contest and this is really what I've been looking forward to since I started making champion concepts on this board. Can't wait to give it a shot! I have artist friends on the line ready to help draw this champ for me XD. Creu, the Corrupted Trader I uh... I don't know how to put a link into a name. Sorry!
: Since i think its high time to enter a contest since i haven't in a while, here is my entry: [Nagru, the Perfected Form]( I haven't been entering since i haven't been able to perfect my post as i liked with new work, but here i go anyway. ######Pssssst Echoing, your "limit one entry per player dates/years need some editing. This part of the message will self destruct when you complete the mission.
Chrysi7 (NA)
: Wait, so we have to wait another month for the results of last month? I cannot help but be beyond frustrated at this. Also, if you don't mind me asking but, why were you unavailable to even be contacted? I attempted to contact you multiple times..
> [{quoted}](name=Chrysi7,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=enBzdrha,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-01-15T10:59:25.683+0000) > > Wait, so we have to wait another month for the results of last month? I cannot help but be beyond frustrated at this. _passes saving throw_ I'm sorry you're frustrated. I'm at least making sure this gets wrapped up instead of either fading away forever or making someone else pick up the slack. I didn't reply because I didn't want to reply to you.
Màx (NA)
: Why not just finish the December contest and start the January one after?
Twofold reason: 1. Time. It'd take me some time to hammer out all the judging since I didn't do any yet, so that would cause further delays. I say me and not the judges because... 2. I don't have any judges. I don't like being the only guy judging as it makes the scores way too swingy.
: Hi I would like to enter [Pneuma, Scourge of the Living]( into the contest please! Thanks :D
: Well at least you aren't dead, just what happened exactly? If it's something too personal then don't answer, but I, and I think a few others would agree with me, was a little peeved that all forms of contract we tried didn't go through.
Did you try hitting me up on the C&C Discord? It's one of those things I have where if I know I've made a mistake (not checking in regularly), it gets harder and harder to even acknowledge it (going back in and making a post). It's a personal thing of mine. I got too lazy and let the thing slide too far. I'm going to fix that now.
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: If it's not to late, I have a champion for [this]( Want to try your chances against the Devil's Luck?
Not even close to being late! Entry confirmed, just don't forget to leave a review!
: [Wrath]( would like to attend this contest.
No lore. I can't take this. Given my feedback on the Discord, you might be better off with someone else anyways. There's still time.
: I will be entering this one maybe
Bobo113 (NA)
: Eh. Why not. . . [Bishop - The Equalizer](
Entry confirmed! Don't forget to review!
: Fear the void...for [Nah'Kasar]( has entered the Fields of Justice, and he will not rest until the entirety of Runeterra looks like the Void.
Entry confirmed! Be sure to leave a review!
: It's been a while.
FOR THE SWARM! Remember to review someone.
Chrysi7 (NA)
: Winter is coming, and so is [Eiskalte](!
Entry confirmed! Really good artwork by the way.
: I would like to submit [Les'Moq, the Void Hive]( in this CCOS!
: [Akara ]( new development is here to blast the competition away!
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: Let me introduce you to [Marissa, the Unbendable](
: [Miranda, The Mirror Mistress]( Ah, came in early this time around. A lot of heavy competition this month, what a great end of the year CCOS. Goodluck, everyone!
Màx (NA)
: I would like to submit Obion, the lava walker.
Entry confirmed, but this is straight-up the bare minimum necessary to participate. If you're looking to improve yourself, I'd heartily suggest seeking out feedback and working on it. Also, don't forget to link a review to someone else's non-CCOS work!
: Cecilia swoops in!
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 13
With how certain champions are being nerfed because of their synergies with certain runes, I'm afraid that the diversity of runes available to each champion is going to vanish by making the rune in question also the only rune that champion can run. Ezreal with Kleptomancy is the biggest example - because of his use case with Kleptomancy, ALL of his options are nerfed because of the Q nerf, but that still leaves Kleptomancy as the best rune for him. Is this also a concern shared by the team? Is there a way to work around this to preserve the rune diversity available to champions?
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: So I spontaneously tried to start a 'As We Fall' remix (it's the Varus song)...
Hey there! Ebonmaw Dragon is right, this should go in Concepts and Creations as that's specifically for fan creations. Try reposting it there instead.
: dang mah b
Don't apologize for posting good artwork.
: C&C, I need to ask you a question...
You wrote yourself into a corner there by writing a character smarter than you. Classic error, happens all the time. To clarify: when you're billing the character as smart, that usually means that from a narrative sense they get to cheat by having information no one else could possibly know. This works out okay until you have to start answering philosophical questions for that character. Since you're the author, that means their real intellect and knowledge is gated by yours. That's a problem, since philosophy is the best way to challenge such a character. What's the purpose of this computer? What happens when that purpose is over? Will it be over? Does anything she does matters? Can she do anything else? The answers to those questions are going to be as convincing as you make them. By the way, Superman's main conflict wasn't his desire to fit in, but rather pretty much everything else related to being a superhero. He's invincible, but his loved ones are not, which makes them a primary target. He has the power to solve pretty much any crime, but he can't solve every crime, which makes him pick and choose. He can do his damnedest to save Earth, but the people will still do horrible things to each other. It presents moral questions that have no easy answers, let alone correct answers.
: Was the "creativity section" of the Terms of Use always this brutal?
Not ruthless, just specific. Not including that clause leaves open a bunch of potential legal liabilities from any number of vindictive fans. This clause heads off all of that stuff by pre-emptively declaring ownership. Post the concept anyways. We're all here for the art, ideally, not because we're demanding that Riot take our stuff.
: You didn’t leave a review on your concept in time. Sorry about that
No, yardnoc wasn't a contestant. I tried to keep it anonymous so he could save face.
Chrysi7 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=LuaDotExe,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=b9f5WzPf,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2017-12-05T05:12:21.235+0000) > > You'd see this built on Zed for multiple reasons; Zed doesn't DISLIKE bulky stats, he just doesn't tend to get a lot of them. Additionally, this gives him 80 AD along with that, as well as a damaging active to work with his ultimate. > > My point on 7000 gold's worth of stats still stands. > > Also, I qualify Cho'Gath as an AP Bruiser, since he, although focusing on tank stats, tends to do lots of magic damage while having intense amounts of bulk behind him. So, tanky Zed is not meta, is what you are saying. Got it. Yeah, when I talk about ideal situations, I'm typically saying meta. It really doesn't. Classify him however you please, it changes nothing. Why are you trying to argue with me? It's my concept, you aren't even saying ways to make it better, you're just tearing it down, so like..
While he's not giving any ways on how to make it better, he is correctly pointing out the flaws in the item, which you...aren't really addressing. Especially the gold's worth of stats. Here, let me break it down for you using the [gold efficiency]( page on the wiki: A Long Sword, at 350 gold, is 10 AD. Dividing the gold cost by the stat gained (so 350 / 10) results in 35. That means every point of AD is 35 gold. This item gives 80 AD, so we can then multiply the cost by the base value we just derived (35) to get 2800 gold worth of AD. If that sounds like a lot, it is. Infinity Edge costs 3400 gold for 70 AD (2450 gold in AD). In terms of AP, we use the Amplifying Tome. 435 gold / 20 AP = 21.75 gold per point of AP. The Hextech Hammer has 40 AP, so 40 times 21.75 = 870 gold. 2800 + 870 = 3670 gold. You'll note already that in terms of raw stats, this item now exceeds the cost of every item in the game. That's not a good sign, but we're not done yet. We use the Ruby Crystal for figuring out how much gold a single hit point is worth. 400 gold / 150 HP = 2.666... gold per HP. The hammer gives 300 HP, so 2.66 times 300 = 798 gold, reaching a total of 3670 + 798 = 4468 gold worth of stats. It also grants 100 armor. Cloth Armor is 300 gold and 15 armor, so 300 / 15 = 20. 100 times 20 = 2000, 2000 + 4468 = 6468 gold. Let's just pretend the active's not there. This item has 6468 gold worth of stats on it. You priced it at 3670 gold (already a really high price point - not the most expensive item as it's beaten by Triforce, but still really close), so to determine gold efficiency, we would divide the total stats' worth of gold by the item's price, then multiply by 100. 6468 / 3670 = 1.7624, times 100 = 176.24% gold efficiency. Out of context, that number's meaningless, so let's clarify: most completed items aren't gold efficient. The passive, and sometimes the active, is supposed to make up the difference. There's a few items that are gold efficient after you build up stacks, but the most likely item you'll see that comes even close to that level of gold efficiency is Rod of Ages, at roughly 150% gold efficiency at full stacks, which takes 10 minutes to accrue. Everything else barely breaks 110% - most items will be gold inefficient, such as Infinity Edge (95.59%), Trinity Force (97.04%), Hextech Gunblade (92.35%), Titanic Hydra (77.86%), and Gargoyle Stoneplate (60.8%). You can see now that your item simply does too much in relation to the current lineup of items to be called balanced. Lua's implicit advice is to remove the vast majority of the stats to even this out. Everyone in the thread has expressed similar concerns. I'll echo that as well - I can't name a single AD character that would ever turn down this item in its current state. Any assassin would take it for protection against ADCs, any juggernaut would take it for superior trading power, any ADC would take it for having a ton of defense on an AD item, and all of them will appreciate the active adding a significant chunk of burst damage to their arsenal. Dial back the stats to reasonable levels first, then see what else can be done.
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Swegmec (NA)
: Item Creation Contest #1! Registration Closes Dec. 10
I've pinned this contest, by the way. Hope that helps with visibility.
Terakali (NA)
: Greetings. I would like to enter [Severeth, Blade of the Underneath.]( While his lore and interactions are currently absent, I will be adding them here shortly.
Please leave a review. Soon. Entry confirmed!
: I'd like to enter [Vantemira, Archon of the Veiled](
Entry...confirmed? Please leave a review, or you'll make the judges' work very, very easy.
: [Brell, The Last Templar]( 2.0 I'd like to enter my revised version of Brell, The Last Templar, please! :)
Entry confirmed, but hyperlink the review in your post. I had to check your post history to confirm it exists.
: [Locus, The Glitch in the System]( Phew, this took me so long to work on I thought I'd miss the final day to submit it, Here is my entry for November 2017 CCOS: Locus, The Glitch in the System
: I think it's interesting to side with the people who attacked a child. However, you are totally right, Zoe _could_ have defeated them without killing them. But... the sort of people that attack out of fear, without thinking , are they the sort of people who should suddenly have access to something more powerful than a nuclear weapon? Zoe heralds great change, that is not the sort of message you open an envelope and read.
> [{quoted}](name=WAAARGHbobo,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Ljw9wJKT,comment-id=00010000000000000001000100010001,timestamp=2017-11-22T23:12:03.180+0000) > > I think it's interesting to side with the people who attacked a child. This is the single worst statement to make. 1. From the get-go, Zoe is very clearly more than just a child. Children's hair doesn't magically change colors, nor do they teleport around. 2. This is a world filled with any number of nasties that can take any number of forms. Being cautious of anomalies like this is fully justified, especially given that Zoe went and ensured that their fears were posthumously confirmed. 3. This is a thinly-veiled personal attack on people who don't agree that Zoe is sympathetic. I'm going to stop right there and emphasize that. Instead of seeing the massive disconnect with what the writer intended and what people are taking away and coming to the conclusion that the writer could have done this better, this statement blames the readers for interpreting it incorrectly. This statement infers something is wrong with the readers because they don't feel sympathy for a child. Nevermind that: a. As repeatedly emphasized, Zoe isn't a child. b. These people are acting out of self-defense for very justifiable reasons, making them FAR more sympathetic as the need to defend yourself and your family is a far more primal connection to us humans than anything Zoe could do. c. The writing itself does not do Zoe any favors and fails to portray her as sympathetic. This statement is unacceptable. It'd just be wrong if it only hit points 1 and 2, but because it hits point 3, it's flat-out unacceptable in a proper discourse. It doesn't matter how much you disagree with someone, you attack the argument, not the person or people behind it.
: Hearing that they’re not likely to do another Burning Tides is legitimately saddening. I actually enjoyed big lore events like that SO much, especially with the new ARAM reskin for it.
I loved it too. I think it'd be a better use of their resources than figuring out what Targon uses for farming. Granted, the reason why that's not happening is because they pooled a ton of different resources into it. It wasn't just a story, but it was also a featured game mode as well as a reskin of ARAM as well as missions implemented for the first time. Something on that magnitude is unlikely until they get the efficacy of their team up such that nothing else needs as much urgent attention as the event.
: I don’t know if there is an overarching story. The closest I could think of would be the threat of the impending void invasion.
The void invasion is overhyped and will inevitably disappoint. Who would win: An army of indefinite size composed of all sorts of creepy critters hellbent on devouring the world as we know it OR Our player characters backed by status quo. There's no way this void invasion is going to cause anything permanent in the status quo. Because of their playability, it's a foregone conclusion all of our champions are going to survive. This is really bad when some of them, like Jarvan IV and Swain, are critical to their faction's existence, as that generally means their factions are going to survive. Granted, I guess you can end up in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where the champions are some of the only survivors in the world and nations as we know it have been annihilated, but since you know they're not going to die anyways, some of the drama is killed. Also, with how much obsessive attention they give to world-building, they're not going to throw it away on a uniform wasteland anyways, so that's not going to happen.
: It's a story about survival. While all nations are divided and torn by in-fighting (War of the Three Tribes in the Freljord, Azir vs Xerath in the southern continent, Miss Fortune vs Gangplank in Bilgewater, Urgot vs chembarons in Zaun, Demacia purging anything that's magical within its territory, Solari killing Lunari on Targon, Noxus vs Order of Shadow vs Vastaya in Ionia and Noxus generally invading shit everywhere), two great evils lurk in the shadows, ready to take over the entire world: Mordekaiser's Black Mist and the Void.
Really? I mean, that sounds pretty neat, all things considered, but with how disconnected everything is, I can't actually put any of those events together to come to that conclusion.
Kaolla (NA)
: Does something like this: [Reddit Post - Zoe Story]( work better for you?
Actually, yes. It's not perfect, and Zoe's characterization there is more generic than anything else, but the overall quality of writing is far superior, especially since you can actually visualize where all of these vignettes take place.
Swegmec (NA)
: Item Creation Contest #1! Registration Closes Dec. 10
This is a pretty neat idea, and it's encouraging to see other people start up new contests. I don't have time for much at the moment, but if you want, you can drop by the [C&C Discord]( and I'll poke the others about participating and helping.
: I think that's what the comics are for, and while it's not a whole lot, League is about the game more than just the stories. Albeit, the lore is something that they update constantly, with each new champion, rework and update, the lore shifts just a little bit more into something more cohesive. It'll take time, but they'll get into more details as they flesh out for of the universe they've created. After all, it's probably not easy to completely revamp a lore including 140 characters, all of which are important.
The comics are good! They really are! They're exactly what we need to build up characters and get us attached to them beyond their mechanical gameplay outputs. But without a proper story or timeline to attach things to, they're still just little bubbles that only get part of the picture. We know more about Darius with his comic than we did with Darius without his comic, but we're still bereft of knowledge of when any of that happened and to what purpose. We need a big picture kind of thing, not this hyperfocus on the little things.
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Reav3 (NA)
: Zoe and the Aspect share the same body, like Taric. The Aspect is cunning and devious, Zoe is not. As for why the Aspect chose Zoe. For one all the Targonian Aspects don’t necessarily get along or even like each other. The Aspect of Twilight being a Trickster God likes to play tricks on humans as well as the other aspects for its own amusement. What better way to piss of the other Aspects then give a irresponsible little girl immense cosmic powers. It also finds it all extremely amusing.
You know what's a good trick? Reversing gravity in a house so everyone has to eat on the ceiling. You know what's NOT a good trick? Annihilating everything. The former would be unique specifically to Zoe in this case. The latter is a cheap move half of League's mages can do without trying. If this is a trickster god, let's see some trickster things instead of a meteor wiping out the guardians, the keep, and anything else that might have been there. I'll echo the other posters - you're giving us information that should have been given in the bio, in the color story, or somewhere else. That's not exactly fair to us readers, and only helps those who read this very post. Everyone else who sees Zoe's lore but doesn't see this post is missing a critical point of clarity.
Krissey (NA)
: Do you remember when they literally shut down their lore department in favor of $$$$ and eSports? They canceled the Journal of Justice and abandoned all story development or lore at all for years? I remember. That's why I'm so cynical.
Season 1 player here. Yeah, I remember that. Also, the Journal of Justice sucked. Until the very end, it was mostly a random assortment of whatever nonsense the Rioters writing it wanted to throw in, since at that time LoL's lore wasn't the focus in the slightest. In particular, one writer claimed Nidalee as his girlfriend. Let's not get too nostalgic about the JoJ. I'm hopeful since they bothered to start taking lore seriously after that period. It would have been easier - and definitely cheaper - to let that go entirely. DotA 2 doesn't need compelling writing for you to understand a hero, and lore has no effect on gameplay output. WIthout all those writers or world-builders, Riot could invest in more highly-skilled people to make game systems and more champions. That they chose instead to deliver a story tells a lot, and it's why I'm upset that this particular part of the story isn't up to par.
Necrozard (EUW)
: I read it entirely It's clear and coherent, you nailed all the issues One of the best post i have ever read on SAS boards Ggwp
Thank you. I'm surprised I was able to make myself sit down and hammer this out - I'm not usually a self-starter like this.
Krissey (NA)
: A point I made before and got downvoted for: 99% of the LoL champions are faceless nobodies with almost no backstory. (Also they're retconned as much as Blizzard retcons their lore. Remember when Warwick was Singed's teacher, and was cursed by Soraka to his current form for being such a bastard that he killed way too many Ionians in the Noxus vs Ionian lore? BTW that's all there was to it. That was his whole backstory. It's something completely different now though) 99% of Blizzard heroes have a deep and rich backstory with years of games supporting them, they're familiar faces you know and love. You KNOW Arthas, from Wrath of the Lich King, from Warcraft 3. You saw his whole journey to him being the Lich King. You fought him in the raid. Who is Ryze, exactly? I'm not talking about whether or not Blizzard's game are good or not, or even whether or not their lore is well written. I'm talking about how you KNOW who the characters are. The exception being the like 3 Heroes that are units they just gave names to fit into the game (heroes of the storm). And due to their lack of backstory honestly they could easily be LoL characters. Legit Sgt. Hammer could work in LoL. Equally as faceless and "who?" as the entire LoL cast. Seriously. Who is Ryze? Really, tell me. Who is Swain? Who is Nocturne? Who are any of these things? They're barely characters. They're just kits to me. LoL characters are literally just like stereotypes or random concepts. "Armored Turtle" "Classic White Knight with a big sword" "ugly fat crab guy" etc.. You could say the same for Blizzard's characters, of course. "Space Marine with gun." "Orc with hammer" however there's also giant wikipedia pages devoted to their backstories. The LoL characters just have no lore or anything to support them being anything. This game is just like Transformers. It's a "TV Show" (game) to sell you "toys" (Champions). Kits and gameplay come first and foremost. Whoever these nobodies are comes after. Nothing is really a character or a thing in this game. It's just another "toy" to spend $$$ on. This is a business first and foremost. The fans want it to be more, but it never will be. Because being more than just a $$$ machine is irrelevant and would probably actually lose the precious $$$$.
You probably get downvoted for the overly cynical approach to this. The more practical and probable reason is that Riot really wants to build up a good story, but is being way too perfectionist about this and wants to get all their pieces lined up first. Riot doesn't make money off the lore, and they could probably ditch it without losing anything essential. They do it because they're invested in us as players and want to give us the best experience they can. Except they keep introducing new pieces so that process never ends. They're trapped in their own cycle. That's why we don't get any real answers.
: I don't think she's bad at delivery messages, as in she isn't suppose to deliver message in a way human are suppose to really understand. She suppose be bring an omen through targon's holy mathematic which she doesn't really understand. The whole point of the story being vague is intentional. It is meant for you to wonder is Zoe action just of the whim of an whimisical entity or is somesort of Targons plans.
I'll concede that that angle wasn't something I thought of. I wrote off the mathematics part entirely. I'll counter that all you've got there is conjecture though. There's no concrete evidence that all she needs to do is appear, especially when that gets contradicted by her apparent need to speak the message. Also, if she's not meant to deliver messages like a human, then she's rather pointless. Just who is she supposed to address then, if not humans? And why even pick a human then? There's no whimsy here. Let's not pretend otherwise. Zoe doesn't play around. She shows up and asks to play, but doesn't make an effort to continue, nor does that really shine through the rest of her interactions with others. You can't sell me on whimsy when her opening move is to drop a meteor on her enemies. I want what you're saying to be right, but that's projecting a better story onto this than what we got.
: You missed the whole point, its supposed to be opaque she has the mentality of a ten year old, her mere presence is the herald, the words are just theatrical. We aren't supposed to understand anything because we're in the mind of an essentially super powered elementry schooler. Also the part where you said she wouldnt squeal like that about the squirrel, have you ever met a young preteen girl?
You can convey a childish thought process without resorting to overall below-average writing and cheap narrative tricks. If we're not meant to understand Zoe, then the viewpoint should not be on Zoe, but someone else, like the boy. That way we have an outside look into her actions. I used to be an education major, by the way. That meant field experience where I'd go to an elementary school and interact with the students and eventually teach a lesson. I use this as a qualifier because yes, I know how preteen girls act. That's not it. Not by a long shot. Maybe the very first time they see a squirrel, okay, but after that? Not happening. Saying Zoe's mere presence is the message presupposes that anyone knows who or what Zoe is. Also, it's blatantly contradicted in the text anyways - Zoe mentions she has a message to deliver to the children. If simply appearing was all that it took, this wouldn't even be necessary. I love Riot's work and I'm usually the first to leap to their defense when something seems off. That's why this is so frustrating - I can't defend this. Any defense requires unsupported assertions, reliance on bad writing techniques as good storytelling, or information completely hidden to the layperson. None of these are good.
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