: The blood trail is a thought of how Shaco plays with his victims. When you think of a killer in the movies you always think about a chase scene in which the person cannot escape the killer. The q would give it more dynamics thinking "where is shaco?, where will he come from? and is he even chasing me?. Its almost as if he leaves the victim crippled and follows him for the laughs. The cloud of smoke is already a factor in the game. When Shaco q's in fog of war you see a small cloud of smoke. I don't exactly agree with having this mechanic in the game but if its there you might as well utilize it. So you add it to any ability that causes him to disappear and add an effect to it. My thoughts at least.
The current smoke is more just visual feedback than a mechanic. I think people already think "where is shaco" given that it's the most powerful stealth/blink in the game. Things like Darkness and that thing Graves does mostly prevent enemies from seeing their teammates. For Nocturne it allows him to go full tunnel vision on his target for a couple of seconds without being attacked by other nearby enemies. I think giving Shaco that effect every 8 seconds on his Q would be a little overwhelming. The blood trail reducing Q's cooldown is kind of redundant, since he already gets Q reduction from landing the Q strike. Shaco is more of a trickster than a chaser, which is why trails make sense on WW and Noc but not Shaco. Shaco is more about being chased and outplaying people.
: 💬 C&C Discord -- [Information & Verification]
Zerana (NA)
: Fiddle idea
https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/N5NyGkn3-fiddlesticks-rework-concept-he-who-walks-behind-the-rows In my rework proposal, he passively leaves scarecrows behind in brush and can cast abilities through them from anywhere on the map, after a short delay. They're always visible to enemies. Q: Scare: Holds 2 charges. 1 charge for normal cast, 2 charges for global radius cast with short delay. W: Scytheable Appetite: Swings scythe at a target. If it connects, he cackles and is dragged around with the target. 30% of damage dealt during this time is dealt to his target instead. When it ends, he heals based on damage dealt during the effect. (cast on a scarecrow to activate it, then swing the scythe after 5s) E: Scavenge: Fiddlesticks attracts up to 7 crow charges (twice as fast while standing still). He can send 1 crow per 0.25s to damage the target and steal its armor. (cast on a scarecrow to send the crow across the map to perch on it. enemies that come near the scarecrow are automatically attacked by its perched crows) R: Murder: Fiddlesticks targets a Scarecrow. Every Scarecrow on the map gives a warning before Fiddle teleports to the targeted Scarecrow and gains 35% movement speed. He also gains max Crow charges. Activating a second time will send all crows out to scavenge nearby targets for several seconds.
: Fiddlesticks Rework Concept: He Who Walks Behind The Rows
Is this the best Fiddlesticks rework proposed so far?
: Shaco Update/Mini Rework
The blood trail doesn't necessarily suit Shaco. It feels like forcing Nocturne/Warwick mechanics into his kit. But my rework draft from a couple of years ago also included making Two-shiv actually throw two daggers, so I like that.
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: Fiddlesticks Rework Concept: He Who Walks Behind The Rows
I'm interested in more feedback. Who's excited for a Fiddle rework?
: Fiddlesticks Rework Concept: He Who Walks Behind The Rows
Cheekzr (NA)
: Nice concept. Could use a little reworking on some major points , like how fiddle becomes a brush oriented champ this way like rengar, but otherwise i think riot could tweak and play with the ideas, mostly keeping them the similar.
Rengar gains immediate bonuses in brush though. Fiddlesticks only leaves a Scarecrow behind that can be used by other abilities later.
: Fiddlesticks Rework Concept: He Who Walks Behind The Rows
Improved some formatting. Hopefully easier to read now.
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His E is a cool idea and very supporty, but since his ally will probably be an ADC and they don't have much crowd control, I think the champion himself is lacking CC to synergize with the E.
: Gavel, the Judge, Jury, and Executioner. (Champion Concept)
It's very inventive. I would recommend adding some specific numbers like damage, cooldown, costs to your ability details. For example, the Q says magic damage but doesn't say how much. What kind of overall damage output can he provide? What items does he scale with?
: Dissapointed, I don't see a {{champion:35}} support anywhere here.
YES. I main Shaco supp. I frequently have most damage dealt to players by end of game.
: Bard's Big Birthday Datapalooza
I object that Shaco support isn't on the list. {{champion:35}}
: Ping, Winrate, and Vayne Probs
Shaco would have a pretty steep curve.
: The New HUD is an Absolutely Terrible and Counter-Intuitive Addition to the Game & Here is Why
Yeah it's weird. It's not April Fool's but this feels like April Fool's. As in, you've got to be joking... Revert ASAP.
: "Ultra Rapid Fire" Q&A with the Play team. 4/6, 11AM - 1PM PST
I think a featured game mode in the spirit of URF where you pick a champion but pick a different champion's ult or passive would be interesting. Would this require too much coding to make possible or do you think you guys could? I'm just imagining Shaco with Teemo's ult, or Shen with Vlad's passive. Etc, etc.
: [CLIENT] Issues with Spectator Still Not Working
For the past week I think. Can't connect to spectator server. And once it gets in game it's like 10 minutes behind and everything is frozen.
: Dark Horses: Support Brand
: Dev Blog: Champion Updates
Fix Shaco's jitb health. The blue golem one-shots them in mid-late game.
: Elixer of {{champion:120}} Elixer of {{champion:101}} Elixer of {{champion:111}} Elixer of {{champion:82}} WHERE IS ELIXER OF URF!?!?!?!?! Grants 80% cool down reduction on abilities, summoner spells, and activatable items, and no mana costs
Downvoted because: 1. You can't spell "elixir" 2. You mentioned URF
: Champion Update: Singed
Rainbow Singed: color-changing smoke.
: Preseason 2015: Diversifying Objectives
IDEA: Cheap consumables (like elixir of brilliance) that you use on your turret to grant the turret an extra ability for **5 mins**. Such as: - health regen to allies - mana regen to allies - turret attack stuns every 2-3 hits - +50% turret attack speed - turret regen +1/sec - 500 damage shield - spiked armor (hurts minions that attack it, like Thornmail) Context: Can give supports or jungles incentive to buy an item that empowers another lane when needed by buffing its turret. Like a champ attack speed boost if your Vayne is forced to farm under the turret, etc. IDEA: By the time late game is reached, Nexus turret damage is really underwhelming. Add something to them like increased attack speed or a true damage burn.
: Preseason 2015: Increasing Strategic Diversity
Please make Shaco's jitb able to withstand more monster hits in the late game.
: [Champion Concept] Gex, the Collector
Sounds like you combined Blitzcrank, Heimerdinger, Skarner, and Jango Fett. When getting your damage values, try to compare to existing champions' abilities. Your passive doesn't mention a cooldown and doing that much bonus damage every 2 seconds is absurd. They also just released Vel'koz who studies enemies for weaknesses. -1 for originality, sorry.
: its a concept besides i didnt make this picture and yes there skirts are to short simple fix
> its a concept besides i didnt make this picture and yes there skirts are to short simple fix ^their ^too ^hashtagsimplefix
: please just stop skins are skins your just to picky
> please just stop skins are skins your just to picky ^you're ^too ^areyoukiddingme
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: Patch 4.9 notes
Please give Shaco's boxes scaling health so late-game minions/champs don't one-shot them. Really makes attempts at AP Shaco suck, both in jungle and against champs.


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