Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: That wad because when you pressed w , Twisted Fate wasn't in the W range xD , only 1 Fox Fire hit him because the charn brought him there
That's the whole point. Each indivual fox fire has its one range central to the foxfire itself. The change he wants is that so the range radius for all 3 start at ahri so it can be consistent or what the other guy said let them lock on to charmed targets
: I agree. Same with the word "toxic". I see people call others toxic when they simply try to explain how something could've been done better. To me, toxic means throwing huge blame, profanity, and rage around. Constructive criticism is not toxicity!
I hate how bad people take constructive criticism especially in lower elos. Someone who consistently overextended and dies, I tell them they should stop and back off, teammates and I will ping them (me and the jungler, once each, said we were spamming him). Then proceeds to actually int and continue to die losing a very winnable game in solo. Small minority of the community but it makes me very upset. I actually wish people would be more willing to criticise me (without being negative of course)
R492 (NA)
: New Rotating Game Mode: Glory Days
Seems like some champions would be complete garbage and some would be greatly overpowered. It's going to feel like a normal game but with weird changes that might throw people off as they've gotten used to the changes. How would this apply to reworks and mini reworks? Would fizz's ultimate hit box be how it used to be?
: Will old champions have their Login Theme playing at the beginning of the game in the future?
I love this idea. Definitely gives more mileage to the great musical pieces written for these champions, sad to see they become gone from the game (however I'm sure many of us revisit our old favorites via YT). This will increase the quality of player experience and form a better connection with the champions you play.
SanKakU (NA)
: Well in Grasp of the Undying's case, it doesn't show how much bonus health was gained. Which is going to be easier to display than Ravenous Hunter healing value anyway.
Yeah I agree GoU should also get stats soon
SanKakU (NA)
: Disagree. All of them should show the value gained, not just the stacks.
With ingenious it shortens the CD on active items, and with the stacks you know how much cdr you're getting so idk how exactly that would be calculated. And with relentless it gives you flat ms per stack so you know just how much you're getting. That's why in saying with ravenous its much more crucial to know the amount of healing you've received like second wind or other healing runes do, the other two are flat bonuses. Although it would be nice to also see those bonuses as well. It'd be a nice addition, all I'm saying is ravenous is a much higher priority
Rúsl (NA)
: looking for a support dou
Might wanna put more effort into sellling yourself
: Patch 8.4 comes around, tanks still dominate top and jungle and support meta in pro play
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: Thinking of Lux as a no skill champion is stupid , Lux was always weak like that due to her very long cs abilities that are easy to dodge " yes including E " most of Lux players in High usually can only hit E and spam ult on the tanks , she is still fun to play anyway
Op never said that lux is a no skill champion, he said he would be branded as a no skill player
: Zhonyas ulties.
Exactly what the wolf king said
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: Why no Imagine Dragons? Why can't you spend money on shows anymore Riot? I mean you're already selling the NA LCS off, so what the hell are you actually doing with the 100+ mill. you're getting? NO MORE CHEAP MUSIC!
Because Imagine Dragons is on a tour of their own
: Practice with purpose
Some ideas off the top of my head: ability to change runes/masteries within the mode, ability to rank your cs percentage, ability to change summoner's spells in the mode, extensive bot programming (whether to fight or sit still or change its level and items, walk paths to practice hitting global ults, etc), just giving yourself blue/red rather than having to kill the camp (same with baron and dragon?), since its solo practicing jungling without a leash would be awkward so maybe a target dummy to tank blue/red. maybe ability to turn on/off gold over time so you could keep track the gold you're earning thru cs. Maybe a way to practice stealing baron, you could have its health be lowered at a certain rate over time. Maybe add the ability to give yourself allied champion affects like Nami's buff etc. (this could be done by binding an ability from a set list of what we could choose from). Maybe even some tools for fun like setting a movement speed for your champ. You guys could even work on obstacle courses kind of like a level editor to kill certain dummies while dodging skillshots thrown from them (this would take a lot of work). Some of these are better than others but this mode is really breaking ground for some great things that could come in the future!
AonDor (NA)
: YEESSS!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add item sets back into the client. They were sooooo useful for keeping track of various builds for the same champion, for example. Like, "Wait, was the defensive item for this build Banshee's Veil or GA? Or was that the third?" HUH?
Get off of mobaflamers and start building based off the match. Especially for defensive items, BV and GA are completely match specific.
Phranny (NA)
: When will you guys implement the zodiacs as skins?{{champion:72}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:120}}
Don't forget {{champion:6}} for Cancer
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