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: Promos are supposed to be harder than normal ranked matches, I'm pretty sure. Jumping from Gold V to Gold III is pretty good, tbh.
Doesn't seem all that great considering I'm fighting people a whole 5 divisions higher than me.
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Xeronic (EUW)
: How is that their fault? Do you really think that they matched you with a guy, knowing that he would go afk in the future? Riot can do a lot of things, but looking into the future isn’t one of them.
They're the ones that created this horrible matchmaking algorithm, it's supposed to predict and put people where they belong in terms of skill. And I'd say that this is a bit too fucking far in terms of a bad-luck oversight on their parts.
: This sounds bronze, this happened to me. Spent all summer trying to climb out and a solid chunk of my losses were to stuff like this. I hit silver 5 last night with 0 lp and im locking down there lmao
Gold actually, this is SUPPOSED to be the first game in my promos to Gold 4. Go figure.
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