needHymn (NA)
: Don't feel like there's a decent tank jungler to pick vs AP heavy teams
: Riot nerfs support item for being too OP on ADCs.
pretty sure theyre changing support items because a metric fuck ton of solo laners ae taking them. ADCs are taking {{item:3302}}, a bunch of top/mid/junglers are taking {{item:3303}}, and some top laners are taking {{item:3301}}
YaRossy (NA)
: and spellthiefs on every ap jungler and some laners vlad/ekko
: Why the hell is vayne such a safe champion
> Why the hell is vayne such a safe champion > First off vaynes passive is one of the main things that makes vayne so fucking busted. Move speed towards enemy champions .......... how is running at enemy champs "safe"?
: Is wukong worth playing
Wukong is pretty bad right now tbh. You cant blind pick him because he just get demolished by the vast majority of top laners. He's really good counter pick to a lot of the ranged champs of top lane though
: I am fully convinced that matchmaking is too dumb to make fair matches
Just played a game where I went 5/0 in top lane. I proceeded to be useless the rest of the game as my team fed
: why did i get 2 bf swords in a bot game without buying them ?
Could just be an error on their end. Who knows
Mig89 (NA)
: Theres rank decay in plat I think. Its not that you lose MMR for being banned specifically but I think just by virtue of not playing you might drop but I could be wrong. Im prttty sure decay doesnt drop you from plat, it just puts you plat 5 0LP but I could be wrong
Your rank will decay but your MMR will not
Feathermane (EUNE)
: Stealth in this game is so cheap
It's not cheap. It's factored into power budget
: 34 Games in a Row!
I could ban Ryze 34 games in a row since I get a ban every game. What's your point?
: Can i be placed above silver 5 if i was silver 5 season 7?
Let me explain. What division you ended last season in is completely irrelevant. It legit doesn't matter at all. All that matters is your MMR. If you were in silver 5 but had silver 2 MMR, it is possible to still get placed above silver 5. The inverse is also true. If you were silver 5 with bronze 3 MMR, it will still be impossible to get placed into silver even going 10W-0L in placements
: WEAKEST CHAMPION acording to lore
Shamelessly stolen from But I'm sure it's just a "coincidence" that this was from 4 days ago and also appeared in my recommended list yesterday despite never having heard of the guy ever before as well
Rioter Comments
: Riots statement about the boards and player's community
Hahahahaha there's no way you could be drawing parallels between Riot and a genocidal maniac. Come on man you can't be serious. You couldn't possibly be comparing the fear of having your thoughts downvoted to disappearing in the night to be killed right? 2/10
Nosnide (NA)
: Trundle is the most op tower pusher
Kai Guy (NA)
: How would you Buff towers?
I'd change them from a soft cheese like Mozzarella to a hard cheese like Parmesan
: You lost your previous season rating. So you will have to get your current season rating to within the appropriate range.
Do you actually lose your MMR for getting banned? Thats would seem quite problematic considering the people who are really getting punished more are the lower ELO players that have to play against them
: Dude...Graps of the Undying is an amazing rune on {{champion:75}} . If you truly "MAIN" {{champion:75}} then you should know for a damn fact Kleptomancy will be nerfed and you gotta look for alternatives.
Lyngsen (EUW)
: Illaoi issues and overall game issues that rito needs 2 fix.
I'm confused. You said low ELO players are shit at closing out games and stuff but then complained about a full build Vayne that you shit on in lane? Why didn't you close the game out then?
: yeah but how mnay people are going to buy an {{champion:6}} skin over a {{champion:99}} or {{champion:103}} skin? the only {{champion:6}} skin i would buy is star guardian urgot
Hell no Heartseeker Urgot ftw
Poske (EUNE)
: Yes lets buff an armor of a champion because some bad thresh players decided that relic is core over coin Lets also target his armor Not like he hits 150 armor with 70 souls at 20 mins but then again what Am I thinking avg thresh players doesnt collect souls
They're also is a problem with the armor that he collects from souls. Almost all of Thresh's armor is bonus armor which makes him extremely vulnerable to LW items
: So I've heard that Riot is trying to get rid of Silence
They removed silences off of assassins so you can actually react to them
: > [{quoted}](name=Eedat,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=aPzJkVIB,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-17T17:15:39.289+0000) > > ......But pure copper is worth more than bronze....... Really??
> [{quoted}](name=Energized Leona,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=aPzJkVIB,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-01-18T02:46:04.582+0000) > > Really?? Yes.
: ratirl is just slightly better then all other twitch abusers (ive been in hes game a few times), i can never tell if its a plat or a chal game when twitch is picked cause this champ doesnt express any kind of skill to play, cheeses you all game and scales disgustingly hard and doesnt require a support. all ya gotta do is turn invisible and kill some1 that is recalling or clear up a fight when the entire enemy have CD's or just have a lulu/janna by ur side to 2v5. does it really require a challenger player to have success doing this? abusing this shit is the only reason they get challenger in the first place and its easy to boost people with
ratirl was legit challenger and so is his duo but I guess that only makes him "slightly better" kek
: how many twitch smurfs do you come across with 90% winrates with kog as their secondary champ while going duoQ with a lulu/janna? how many twitch players do you see with a 60% winrate and 48-52% on other ADC's?
> how many twitch smurfs do you come across with 90% winrates with kog as their secondary champ while going duoQ with a lulu/janna? Zero lol Are you talking about ratIRL? Yeah dude a challenger duo making smurf ccounts and destroying low ELO is for sure a sign a champ needs gutting kek
: isnt it about time twitch gets a complete gutting? 51% WR with 6% pick rate? Why does he need to be gutted?
: Aery has no niche. Its just free damage/shielding. Other keystones have niches to them.
They were trying to place DFT with something more interactive rather than 'just more damage'. What they were going for with it that you "interact" with Aery by running towards it to get it back sooner and syncronizes more with champs that stick closer to their target. However they failed pretty hard and it ends up just feeling like more damage exactly like DFT was.
Toxxsii (NA)
: Can someone please explain the elo system?
PLacements are based off you last season MMR, not your rank. Looks like last season you ended Silver 3 with a very low winrate so your MMR was probably much lower than silver 3. Then you get dropped a bit after placements
Verxint (NA)
: The idea is that some junglers have strong clears for early ganks but trade lategame or teamfight power for it. The problem is that early jungle clears are so powerful there's no reason not to play one that can gank at 2:45. A blanket nerf would actually help lower tier junglers because the top tier ones wouldn't be guaranteed the early pressure that makes their pick worthwhile.
No it wouldn't. It wouldn't "help lower tier junglers". These junglers already struggle with early clears. A blanket nerf would make them an absolute free kill from an invade and make their early pressure that is already lacking completely non existent. And on top of that they clear even slower, still have less pressure, and can't scale up for teamfights. A blanket nerf hurts lower tier junglers ***waaaaaaaayyyyyyy*** more than the higher tier ones
: Let us add Copper Tier
......But pure copper is worth more than bronze.......
Miirik (NA)
: If you are lower even if you win all placements, whats the point?
To clear out the cesspools that form at every V division
: Jungle needs to have a less healthy first clear IMO
***The top tier junglers*** need to have a less healthy first clear. This has always been the issue. There are plenty of junglers that get pretty low from the first 3-4 camps which makes ganking an actual risk. A blanket nerf is going to do nothing but shove struggling junglers completely out of viability while the top tier ones stay top tier
: The way the title is worded it implies Fighters are the oppressors.
> Can we end the oppression of top lane fighters? fixed
Hibeki (NA)
: Tryndamere being a melee puts a hard cap on his damage output
> Tryndamere being a critical strike melee adc is just not really able to work. You saying that means nothing compared to the actual proof of crit Trynd being viable across all ELOs. He suffering a bit with the new runes but even then there are still setups that work
Nayzumi (NA)
: Top lane is by far the most miserable lane to play in right now.
A lot of the stuff you're saying applies to most lanes. I'm a top/Jung main myself.Don't go agro if you have no idea where the enemy jungler is. You know if he started bot side he's gonna be looking for a gank top just before minute 3. Don't waste your wards. If the enemy jungler just showed bot, don't use that opportunity to go waste your ward. You know he can't be top for ***at least*** a minute. I see people do this shit all the time. Legit waste their wards when we have vision of their jungler killing scuttle on the other side of the map. Don't waste your pink when you have a wave about to crash into your tower when you know damn well the enemy top laner is just going to go clear it. On the flip side if you just shoved a wave under the enemy tower you have 45 sec to a min before it pushes back out. Go do something. Go roam mid. Go put a deep ward in the enemy jungle so you don't get ganked. ***Do something.*** This shit happens ***all the time*** where the enemy top laner just stands there watching me last hit under turret instead of doing literally anything else. Why? Why do people legit waste their time doing stuff like this? If you play the waves correctly you can roam mid and get back and only have lost 2-3 creeps. The thing I've noticed about other top laners is that they try to play the game like it's 1v1. League is not a 1v1 game. It never was and never will be. Get over it. Ranged top laners aren't some infallible Gods that have no weaknesses. You can't just blind pick anything and not expect to get punished. If you pick Darius into Vayne you're going to have a bad time. If you pick Vayne into Wukong you're going to have a bad time. If you pick Wukong into Darius you're going to have a bad time. Does that mean any of these champs are busted top lane because they have winning and losing matchups? The only time it's a problem is when champs win the vast majority of matchups which is when you get stuff like Ornn and Jayce. The majority of things you described apply to every lane. "Two gank paths for top lane" same for bot lane and mid has like 8. "I had no idea where the jungler was and went aggressive" same for every lane. "4 man ganks" same for every lane."Playing something immobile" same for every lane and that's 100% your choice. There are plenty of mobile top laners. I'm sorry but top lane isn't nearly as bad as people make it out to be. The vast majority of the problem stems from the 1v1 mentality that top laners seem to have far more than other roles.
: placements. riot said u wil be placed lower then season 7.
The actual division you ended in is completely meaningless. There only thing that matters is MMR. If you were plat 5 but had high MMR it is possible to get placed higher
: i love how riot pretends climbing is fun
Hmmmm? Pretty sure the primary goal of a ranked ladder is to be competitive.
Naalith (NA)
: Just a friendly reminder that the jungler's job is to ASSIST lanes, not win all 3 for the team alone
*Top lane dies before I clear my second buff* *proceeds to spam for assistance* *tps back on a minion* *dies again* "I need help top"
Azadethe (NA)
: First day especially, and usually first week, generally reflects the same experience you get in preseason: Feeders, first time placers, Boosters on alts (Basically Diamond + Smurfs selling boost duos to get good placements), and trolls (people who are indignant toward the community, hard stuck in Gold - Silver - Bronze) who intentionally grief during your placements in hopes of lowering people a few rungs. They all concentrate their activity toward the beginning and end of seasons. Furthermore, sometimes the Placement program is very buggy on the onset. Last year for the first week, it was setting random people vs each other rather than people of like skill levels. I won 8/10 that first week, and many of my teams had Plat/Diamond players, and The season before that I was Gold. I placed Gold III. Then, a week later, Riot saw the randomness of the selections, and chose to reset the ranks! So we had to do our placements again. In the second round, I won 7/10, but the 3 losses were the first 3 games. I got stuck in Silver I on that account. And then..... for about 2 weeks I got nothing but trolls and people who were obviously not Silver/Gold (sometimes 3 Unranked in one game). The boosters were still there with their paid services, and then there were ban-ees from the new auto feedback system leveling new accounts. It was so frequent you couldn't actually play a decent game. It took until about Valentine's Day to level out. Even then, you still had your occasional out of placer.
Last season was brutal because they did a much harder than normal reset to undo Dynamic queue gutting the ranked ladder. Remember that boosting was practically encouraged in season 6 thanks to DQ which resulted in that complete shit storm when SoloQ was added back season 7. I agree that season launch is the worst time you can do placements but I don't think anything will ever top the amount of straight up boosted trash that season 6 generated.
: I'm surprised more people don't play TT considering, last I checked, bruisers were great on that map and it seems like a lot of this board wants to play bruisers.
Nobody plays TT because matchmaking is ten times worse (which is saying something) and you just pay against bots in norms. I played a ranked game of TT this weekend just for shits and giggles and got matched against bronze and unranked players. The game was such a joke that at one point I literally 1v3'd their team and killed them all. Let's be real. People play TT to get to gold practically for free if they can't do it in SoloQ for ranked rewards
: Always versus people better than me
I actually enjoy playing against better players. Last night I had to lane against a D2 player (I'm G4) and actually won my lane and solo killed them a few times. Playing against better players will make you better over time even if you don't notice it
: How does one deal with Vladimir?
Anything with a decent early game beats Vlad. Vlad's CDs are reeeaaaaaalllllyyy long early game so you want to wait for him to use his Q on a minion then go in to trade. Don't forget that baiting out his pool is still a win because it costs 20% of his current HP to use
: > [{quoted}](name=Eedat,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bNA7v9sc,comment-id=000d0000,timestamp=2018-01-16T01:33:10.788+0000) > > He doesn't lol. Thats the whole point of the thread. Darius fell off and Illaoi took his place He doesnt, and he never did. The closest he ever got was during pre rework maybe.
After the juggernaut update he shit on melees for quite a long time lol
: I {{champion:92}} wasnt {{champion:240}} aware {{champion:58}} that {{champion:114}} darius {{champion:24}} auto-wins {{champion:5}} melee matchups {{champion:83}} What a fucking meme, and the worst part is that it's actually believed by such a large population of league players.
He doesn't lol. Thats the whole point of the thread. Darius fell off and Illaoi took his place
: What do they say about a broken watch?
You know I said this exact same thing to my friends about Hashinshin just a few days ago lmao
: oh yea have fun dealing 0 damage
{{item:3069}} {{item:3800}} is actually pretty fun on Nasus. I ran a Sivir down through the entire duration of her ult. It was pretty funny
: Welcome to the league of juggs. Big, strong, scary, slow...
But ultimately useless outside of lane
Bârd (NA)
: That hasn't been true in a long time. {{summoner:32}} turns any melee into an initiator. {{item:2051}} gives melees an insane amount of regen and durability in the early stages. {{item:3083}} is one of the best item in ARAM, and it's a troll item on most ranged champs.
> it's a troll item on most ranged champs. {{item:3083}} {{champion:16}} is sooooooooo busted
: Its almost like they exist in the same class or something. You shouldn't be winning vs heimer lol, that matchup is pure cancer. He can literally just place a turrent in front of him as you cast e and can out push you and then harras you under tower.
> You shouldn't be winning vs heimer lol > * Useless against ranged Yes she's a Juggernaut but she's a Juggernaut who invalidates all the other juggernauts lol
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