GigglesO (NA)
: Are tanks meant to be a joke?
I think it depends. Hard engage champs are stronger but in terms of how tanky they are I'm not so sure. Tanks got more utility during a fight but as far as making them beefier will be more dependent on items. Just had a good game with Leo. Gonna play some more with her to make sure it wasn't a fluke but I feel she's in a strong place right now. Basically tanks with steroids that boost defensive or offensive stats/has good mobility are probably going to shine at least for now. Completely speculative and anecdotal though. I also imagine a lot of people struggling to get used to these changes. That said at least regarding supp champs, casters are in such a strong place like Sona. This definitely isn't a tank meta but maybe that's not a bad thing. Tanks are not quite so beefy but have more combative uses and efficiency with the new masteries.
DJ Sona (EUW)
: Are we going to do something to these bots or no?
Bots are too hard is the point of this thread right? I didn't consider it this bad. I think this is just a game that turned out bad. Usually it won't turn out like this. I remember when I first started playing I didn't play THIS bad netting like 20+ deaths but I certainly wasn't good and I didn't win all bot games. I only won with specific champs I thought were easy to play. Honestly though I've always considered bots too easy. And I can never learn how to play a new champ in bot games because I need to see how it applies to real players, not stagnant and one dimensionally strategic AI's.
resumed (NA)
: gamebreaking bug found in practice mode by spamming with 100% cdr. literally unplayable
: > No that's not the thought process. The thought process is that even in high ELO, people ban new champs for the sole purpose that their teammates could pick and do horribly with it. Then why are new champions disabled in the LCS for a week? 5 man teams won't pick a champion unless they think they can pull it off. > But you have the option to ban him... and you didn't. I haven't played a single game since the patch rolled out. Not sure if you're mistaking me for someone else, but I always make sure new champions are banned in Ranked for a while.
Oh I must have misread then. Well the thing is again people can ban him and Riot does that because believe it or not the pro teams have a specific comp and plan placed. Also a lot of times, when champs are released, they often aren't well balanced even after all the PBE testing.
: well he has pretty good laning phase when compared to something like gangplpank but he is just squishy as fuck in early lol
No offense but you're just comparing another weak early game champ with another. Both those champions need items to even begin to scale. Part of countering both those champs in lane involve denying that scaling or delaying it until they are big enough where it won't matter if you get a core item or two. Yasuo needs items to scale. That's like saying "Lol jax isn't weak early game" simply because he has potential to outplay. Yasuo has potential to outplay but he's very weak early. People mistake that into thinking Yasuo is always strong and then overcompensate early only to give up a kill and tilt all game.
: If the thought process was high elo players can do fine on new champions or can ban them themselves then new champions wouldn't be disabled for 1 week in the LCS (after the LCS gets to that patch, of course). Kayn won't be enabled for the LCS until 7.15 is on the live servers. Why the double standard? If he breaks the competitive integrity of the LCS, then he is going to be breaking it for everyone else as well.
No that's not the thought process. The thought process is that even in high ELO, people ban new champs for the sole purpose that their teammates could pick and do horribly with it. And every time someone highlights that new champ and a teammate bans it, other people agree in the ban as well. So it's not like it's a problem in high ELO BECAUSE people can play it well, it's not a problem because people simply ban it.... Also the game is severely different from low ELO to high ELO bracket games. They are almost completely different games. In lower ELO, the game is won through usually strong champion power and individual's ability to carry. In high elo games, the game is won by punishing opposing players mistakes. The game revolves and prioritizes different things. I won't say this is good enough reason to say why new champs shouldn't be banned in rank games. But you have the option to ban him... and you didn't. You can't really cry about it. What you're doing now is like your teammates warn you of enemy inc and you stay anways and die and then cry to your teammates about it. You cant cry about that.
Jbels (NA)
: The new Thornmail is a testament to Riot's undying bias towards Marksmen
I don't know bro. For the most part, a lot of ADC's are played. In other roles, there are champs that are almost never played. Just consider that. Most ADC's aren't in a great state but they're not in a bad state either. It's just annoying to play ADC and they're making it more mechanics-intensive to be an ADC.
: Maybe if he didn't attract all the toxic 14-year-olds, he wouldn't be permabanned. We can't blame the champion for what he is, we only have Riot to blame for making him what he is. It's like they make this edgy champion (who is similar to play makers like Yasuo) and then they expect people to _not_ want to play him? They knew exactly what they were doing. Sure, we have a month to complete the missions but you literally have to pull a No Life League session (probably for several days) if you want those icons. Not everyone has all the time in the world to play League all day long. Plus, it's going to be even worse next week when his price is reduced from 7800 IP to 6300 IP **AND** he gets put into the free week rotation. Furthermore, the requirements for getting the icons are just way too much.
I seem to notice people are way more toxic in norms than they are in rank. But ofc I am plat in rank and in norms I duo'd with my friend a lot so my MMR is quite a bit lower. But still all online game attracts toxic players. You're just describing something universal in most competitive online games.
R7 Factor (EUW)
: i'll stop banning kayn when my team stops wanting to play him
In norms though? What's the point? Don't you want to play against the new champ or play with/play the new champ? Even if I didn't want to play, I'd welcome the new champion. Ofc probably not in rank but again the context here is that the game is in norm. I mean I seem to notice people are way more toxic in norms than they are in rank which I don't get.
: Riot can you please disable brand new champs from being played in ranked ques?
You should just ban the champion then, I'm sorry friend. There's good enough players who CAN make new champs work in rank. I understand in low ELO that's unlikely but you had an option to stop that yourself. A lot of people ban new champs in rank and justify it. They are right and usually no one argues unless they were the one that wanted to play that champ. Just gotta move on when that happens.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Eevee In A Jar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vxn9REzt,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-11T20:01:58.330+0000) > > She's not that safe. her jump has a delay on it to which you can stop her jump with a knock back or movement displacement. A lot of champs can stop that and it's not entirely impossible to do it albeit not that easy either. But you see this happen often enough in higher rank that Trist just isn't a great pick unless you have the team that can peel and commit to peeling you. Whereas champs like MF doesn't necessarily rely on the strength of her support early as much as Trist does. MF can bully the lane with just about any champion though a support that can keep targets in place for MF's ult is ideal. Trist on the other hand is treated like a typical hyper carry. Her early game is weak; if your ADC is trading 1v1, where is the support and why is the support not engaging against Trist? Trist has an extremly weak early game in that she loses to a lot of lane bullies throughout early and mid game. And if she did indeed lose out like she was supposed to early and mid, that means the opposing ADC is pretty big and has delayed/denied the threat of Trist's late power. Realistically though Trist gets a power spike at 6. I mean, if you look at LCS statistics, Tristana has is tied for the lowest average deaths for any champion. I mean that alone for a HYPER CARRY. Should be enough to prove a point that she is a ridiculously safe champion to play. Granted, yes every adc needs some sort of peels to be useful. Go through the entire list of champions, and name one champion that has a longer jump then Tristana. Zac, and he has to stop in place to charge it up. I guess you could consider WW ult a jump too but thats an ultimate. She has one of the longest jumps in game. She doesn't rely on her support as much as you say, she doesnt even have to use abilities to destroy entire waves, being able to save a single target point and click to outrade most early game lane bullies. If any other adc wants to clear as fast as Tristana they have to burn mana and use abilities to clear the wave, therefore there's a tradeoff, not only do they burn mana, but they burn cd's allowing for counterplay. Trist on the other hand can save all her cd's while still obliterating waves.
You also have to consider most of those times that Trist is picked, they also pick a hard arsenal peel for Trist as well so it's not just her kit alone that's contributing to that success.
: Honor system based on game mode
This isn't true. People honor others whom they feel impacted the game a lot. There are frequent games where supports get the most honor; usually champions that get heavily fed clearly get the most honor votes but realistically players simply honor players they liked in the game. In the case which you don't believe any of your team did well, players might vote for whom did not tilt/get mad at teammates. ARAM is just easier to farm honor because games are generally shorter and people rage less/feel less salty.
Die Alone (EUW)
: Using curse words in reports
I'm not sure as you're not exactly using the word at another player so you might not get punished in the same manner but generally homophobic or racial slurs/insults get punished ASAP no questions asked.
: THE most toxic thing I've ever written.
I think young kids use that to bypass censorship in games with maturity filter on to say tits. It's like PEN15
: Can we make Tristana more engaging to play against please...
She's not that safe. her jump has a delay on it to which you can stop her jump with a knock back or movement displacement. A lot of champs can stop that and it's not entirely impossible to do it albeit not that easy either. But you see this happen often enough in higher rank that Trist just isn't a great pick unless you have the team that can peel and commit to peeling you. Whereas champs like MF doesn't necessarily rely on the strength of her support early as much as Trist does. MF can bully the lane with just about any champion though a support that can keep targets in place for MF's ult is ideal. Trist on the other hand is treated like a typical hyper carry. Her early game is weak; if your ADC is trading 1v1, where is the support and why is the support not engaging against Trist? Trist has an extremly weak early game in that she loses to a lot of lane bullies throughout early and mid game. And if she did indeed lose out like she was supposed to early and mid, that means the opposing ADC is pretty big and has delayed/denied the threat of Trist's late power. Realistically though Trist gets a power spike at 6.
: Pretty hard, didn't even see them. Think Riot needs to tone down their range.
: I was simply referring to the fact he had no smite, and not the fact that Jax didn't gank... Also don't understand my simple comment of "my friend was gold 5" got 2 downvotes LOL
Stop getting defensive when people are pointing out what you did wrong and why you were punished. You getting defensive over it just makes it that much more satisfying you got banned.
: How was I flaming hard? Sure I had a lot of negative comments, but I used 0 racial/homophobic slurs and only retaliated from an insult with an insult.
This is evident that your attitude was so bad that you provoked your teammates into calling you words. I'm not saying that guy is innocent. He's still guilty of saying a homophobic slur... but you literally would not shut up and kept antagonizing your teammates. If I had a teammate like you, I'd mute and report you ASAP with no doubt in my mind you getting banned.
: As true as that may be I was right.
Two rights don't make a wrong. This isn't preschool where you're having a ego stroking contest over who's dad can beat the other's dad.
: Took 352 damage from raptor camp's BotRK while in lane, AMA
: Better buff Irelia
Man buffing Irelia would break her again and we'd go through the same cycle of nerfing her like 50 times. She just has one of those broken kits that's either in a shitty state or in a really strong state.
: I have a small complaint about autofill
I mean sorry dude but they're not going to do that. Why even bother have promos at 100LP then? Why not just play 5 games per rank, win 3 you rank up and lose 3 you rank down? The system is the way it is for a reason. TBH ELO rating matches weren't terrible. It's just people complained a lot because most people saw 0 progress in their climb. This was more attributed to themselves. However since most players were still inexperienced and still learning, this created the idea that something like ELO hell existed. People demanded and asked for million different things to compensate for ELO hell kind of like what you're doing now; asking for small leniencies here and there. Ultimately you're going to gut the rank system. People need to understand the rank system is not a measure of progress, it's a measure of skill and consistency. You can't just play your way to diamond by playing infinite games. You have to draw a plan and execute those plans. You have to make your enemies suffer for making mistakes and punish them hard. Ultimately you have to change the way you play, not ask for the rank system to be changed. The rank system has flaws but it's a pretty decent rank system that handicaps players and favors them in helping them rank up. I mean you can climb and rank up on a 45% win rate FFS... Pretty certain you couldn't do that back when we had ELO rating.
Sumerian (NA)
: I also use innkeeper for hearthstone, but there's no way that would trigger anything would it? :'( I literally have nothing on my account that would suggest I'm hacking in any way... I don't have a spike in elo or anything. I've been plat forever... Edit: Why do people randomly downvote these types of threads...
What's innkeeper? And I think people downvote because these threads don't help you at all. You make a ticket and you wait. Nothing more you can do and thus you shouldn't worry about things that's out of your control. If you've made a ticket and made this thread, it's kind of like someone who just won't stop talking about something bad that's happened to them. Well this might sound mean but to be frank, this isn't that bad. It's just a video game. At worst you won't be able to play your main account for a few days. Don't worry too much over it. If you really did not use 3rd party programs that League has flagged, you should be fine so sit tight and relax. If you are worrying even after that fact, then you probably are guilty of using 3rd party program.
: I get tilted off an adc and am white WHICH IS NOT OKAY But as long as hes not white and gets tilted off me which im not adc, this is OKAY Glad I learnt today
It has nothing to do with race or white. That guy is clearly being racist and will get punished. But you aren't helping yourself right now either and might provoke a mod to at least punish you in the boards. Naming someone from your game with intent to shame them or to highlight their mistakes/what they did wrong is against the terms of the forums. It's actually a very big taboo and rightfully so. I love dunkey but this is one thing he did that I really did not like; he posted on some of his vids for his fans to message some players toxic messages and the like. Granted this was long time ago but these kinds of witch hunts are messed up. I can't force someone to STOP hating a certain race if they are racist. But as long as they aren't harassing anyone and hurting anyone, they aren't breaking any laws or causing serious harm/endangerment to others. When you're exacting witch hunts and social lynchings, you're doing JUST that. I mean we live in a world where the actor for Olly from Game of Thrones received death threats for killing you know who. People are that dumb. Don't ask for witch hunts and social lynchings. Naming and shaming = big taboo.
: Is this the most racist person NA?
Yeah it is racist af and very unbecoming of any civilized person but it is against the rules of the forum to name and shame someone. It's too much like witch hunting and that's even more messed up than simply hating another race. Witch hunts is not all that different from mobbing and lynching someone which if you recall slavers and white supremacists lynched people they believed were inferior to them. I get that that's distasteful but just report that racist trash and he'll get banned almost immediately. No need to dirty your hands by trying to do the whole "look at this butthole who hurt my feelings that last game; can you guys validate my feelings so I feel better about myself?" Why not just move on? It's pathetic seeing anyone rage like that in a video game; the rage existing in itself should give you satisfaction if you truly are hurt over this that the guy raging at you probably has a sad life. Provoking and continuing the issue after it is over is not helping your case at all. I know you came here looking for support and I apologize you aren't getting it but that's because this is a big taboo in the forums naming someone in game and shaming them for their misdeeds even if they DID commit the crime and are despicable. It's not in your place to play vigilante and perform witch hunts.
Sumerian (NA)
: Wrongly banned for 3rd party tools
Yeah I hope so too. I used Logitech mouses before and I use discord and I've never been banned. Ofc this is assuming you are truly innocent in which only service tickets can help.
: Im sick of seeing only the "Memes & Games" threads on the homepage.
If you were hear season 1-3, it's basically people bitching about how overpowered weak/shitty champions were. Basically crying about how Cho'gath is OP because "I let Cho land his Q on me every time, he's OP!" or "I let Nidalee spear me at max range 100% of the times, she's op!" or "WHy can Akali kill me so fast at 6? WTF? Why are assassins able to assassinate people rito!?" and each time Riot would nerf Irelia. This was like 90% of the threads on the front page. The other 10% consisted of bad team players complaining about how solo Q is bad and how we need Dynamic Queue-like system (imo you're a better team player if you work well with any stranger rather than just the people you prefer to play with). Trust me, the memes and games is a vast improvement to the salty cancerous haven that was the League boards in the early days.
: By riots logic Poro king should be AR
Yeah TBH poro king mode sucks because it's the same shit every game. The only consolation is that you get to pick the same OP champs too but that removes the whole fun of a single lane push mode
koshkyra (NA)
: How do you win against Twitch?
Sounds like Twitch is just fed. Champs that are hyper carry late games, you just have to have a fed carry that can quickly delete him or just prevent/delay his late game. If he got to a point where Twitch is uncontrollable, then you've lost the game already sadly. At that point, not FFing is just hoping the enemy doesn't make a mistake.
hjelows (EUNE)
: Hmm guess i had to mention that i made title like that because winamp was the only program running while i was playing league. Its nowhere mentioned that winamp was flagged as a 3rd party program.
Thats why you should make a ticket. Riot will probably clarify whether or not the ban was justified.
C9 Bells (EUW)
: Why is every new champ expensive?
This is like complaining "Do you guys understand why the new consoles for gaming are so expensive? They're just going to drop in price anyway so why have them at such a high price at launch?"
Drugoth (NA)
: At risk of sounding snide, there is a whole wealth of information at your fingertips on the internet. Open up Google and start searching. There is league university. The info is all there, you just have to put in the effort to find it!
That's not snide. That's common sense. You can't teach someone the intricacies of bot lane and how comps work there without the OP learning the champions and their kit. You need game knowledge to be able to understand how to apply game knowledge in champion picks
: Can someone explain the intricacies of bot lane to me?
Knowing how certain champions synergize at bot lane really is about learning the champions themselves. But generally ADC's are separated by certain classifications just like any other roles. There are Late game hyper carries and then lane bullies. There are ADC's with gap closer/escape and there are those without. Generally the ADC's with shorter range and no mobility are considered high risk high reward champs. They are usually well fitted with a powerful kit that needs items to scale. Then there are lane bullies that don't necessarily NEED items to burst damage and bully opponents in lane but they need to use that lane bully strength to get ahead early in the game and deny/delay late game-carries from getting their core items. Now as a support, you have to consider what the ADC needs. If the opponents have a lot of gap closers like Jax/Irelia/etc; people that can instantly jump on your ADC and delete them, then you need strong peels and adding survival/utility to your ADC. These champs consist of Lulu, Nami, and Zilean; having both peels and utility to help the ADC survive a strong hard engage. However what if they don't need as much utility like that but need peels as well as a front line? Then you need someone like Alistar, Thresh, Leona, etc. Choosing a support is about complementing the ADC and you can't do that well without learning the champions in general. If the opposing ADC has no escape? Choose someone like Thresh/Blitz or someone with hard engage and strong dueling potential. If your opponents have a poke heavy comp, then you probably need damage mitigation (shield) and heals (Soraka, Lulu, Nami, Janna). Keep in mind you're not exactly bottlenecked into these small list of supports. I frequently play Shen support at the plat level (prob won't work diamond and above in Solo Q at least not as efficiently as I am currently doing) and I also have been success with Poppy support recently; perhaps Poppy support is coming back again.
: is It Better To Play Through losing Streaks On A old Account Or Make A New One??
You have to consider the fact that when you make a new account, you have to grind to 30 and buy rune pages and runes. For me, that's just not worth it. Though to be honest when I'm on a losing streak, I just STOP losing. This can be done by just taking a break for a day or two. Sometimes you just don't play well. It happens. Other times is securing a win by stacking all the handicaps and advantages as you can. Picking popular meta picks and strong comps that synergize well with those FotM. IMO you should just grind through a losing streak and understand that a loss is nothing to feel bad about. Ego is the reason why people feel angry or upset about rank. You should throw that notion away. A person without ego is hard to tilt. TBH though if you feel you're losing nonstop and one of the main contributing reasons is you, take a short break from League altogether. Whenever I had trouble climbing rank ladders I took a week break and came back. Ironically while a bit rusty in few other mechanics, I came back as a better player. Part of that reason was I began to hesitate and play with uncertainty in my plays. Perhaps the break might help you in some other ways.
: League should have an anime
Perhaps but I'm not so sure if it'll work out that great. It might suffer from the Warcraft syndrome. Key scenes were good but film as whole was meh.
Hmagamer (NA)
: When you dodge every one of the enemy's skillshots.
hjelows (EUNE)
: Since when is winamp a 3rd party program?
Make a ticket and state your case that winamp was flagged as third party cheating program and you were punished for it. If this is indeed the reason why you were banned, then you should get your account back soon though it might take some time.
Monarya (EUW)
: Leveling in this game is cancer, put twinks in their own games, or its just a turn off for any new
I understand how you feel. But you shouldn't take losses personally. I believe that's what you should be learning here. Instead, whenever you lose you should be using that experience to learn from it. When you start getting bitter and blaming exterior sources for ruining your fun or for making the game cancer, you start treating others and behaving differently. It's all about how you perceive it. There are people who live life bitterly wondering why bad things happen to good people and all the while they are bitterly burdening good people's lives with their incessant whining... then there are people who live life optimistically knowing bad things happen to good people but understanding that not everything happens for a reason and sometime bad things just happen... and not letting those times bother you to the point it turns you into the same cancerous toxic punks that you insta-report. Just move on. A loss is a loss. No point getting so worked over something you have no control over. If you constantly berate the game and its community into thinking it's cancerous and toxic, it is YOU who ends up cancerous and toxic because you will sooner or later treat everyone else a certain way. It's really annoying coming across a player that's passive aggressively bitching through chat in game because he thinks everyone is cancer ya'know? Gotta try to avoid that. **If anything download the replay for the game match with the smurfs/twinks and learn from them. It's a great way to get better at the game; observing and practicing what you see.**
: > [{quoted}](name=KuroCaliber,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yV8N0UMA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-07-11T16:28:58.916+0000) > > Her CDs are fine her Mana cost on q is too low. If you want her to be weak early, give her 65 Mana cost on q and have it go down by rank to 40. Right now it does the opposite. It starts low and goes up. Her Q cd is not fine.
I won't dispute that she's always been a little strong but it's nothing like Syndra... Syndra might need one back but she has tremendous burst just from her kit. Orianna on the other hand really needs items to scale. Syndra can burst as soon as she hits 6. Will that guarantee a kill? Maybe.. probably not but one rotation COULD 100-20% your health after taking summs. Orianna on the other hand cannot kill anyone on one rotation until she has like 2-3 core items and even then it's really circumstantial to whether she lands all her rotation skills. This is why you can't really compare Orianna to Syndra. Orianna for sure does insane damage but she scales a bit later on than Syndra does and for different reasons. Orianna's CD's are fine. Again her Q doesn't do damage until she completed like 2-3 core expensive items.
: You're assuming that Riot wants to support jungle Nautilus. Not a very safe assumption. Leona can't jungle either, for the same reason.
Nautilus is more a jungler than he is a support. Nautilus was only used as support when he was at a strong point in the game. As soon as he dropped out of meta, people stopped using him in higher competitive matches for support. You can still use him as a jungler it's just at high elo it's extremely easy to dodge that hook. You have to get real creative if you want to use a champ like Naut and might invest in mobo boots or something earlier than normal. The main problem is there are a lot of Lee and counter jungling champions that's always strong which makes Naut hard to scale as he'd get destroyed in the jungle by some early game strong champs. Also Riot used to say they will never implement a universal dynamic queue and they did for a whole season. Riot said originally they wouldn't micromanage and ban for every tiny mishaps on the Rift chat. They started doing that. Riot also said they'll try to work against a thing called "meta" and have a game where you can virtually take any champion anywhere as long as you make it viable. Ofc Riot banned some players for going Singed support. Riot has gone back on a lot of their words.
: Can Bard stun people if he shoots through a wall?
That kind of buff would only serve to buff bard jg as a thing or top but it would make bard support very strong. It'd mean you can possibly do a stun engage before using magic journey to flank which magic journey by itself is already an amazing flanking tool. Bard isn't necessarily in a weak place and IMO hasn't been since he was first released (which main problem was people didn't know how to play him well). His Q is pretty strong as it stands in that it does good damage laning phase and the stun is relatively easy to land. Putting a buff on his Q like that, you'd have to gut other parts of his kit to justify such a buff.
: i am beyond tilted...
38% is pretty bad. I'd advise relearning the fundamentals of the game just as a check up to make sure you're not forgetting something. Sometimes players just have difficulty adjusting to a new meta/season for whatever reasons. It happens to a lot of people. However most people recognize this is happening and stop playing. What I'd do is play easier champs that are safer and less risky to play. Also try your best NOT to fall prey to the one trick pony method if you DO struggle transitioning between metas because then you're now faced with the decision of playing a champ you're not as good or playing a gutted champion you used to main that struggles a lot in the meta.
: Saying GG EZ bannable?
Yes but people who say it generally just are a shithead to begin with. Out of my friends who says it, it's usually scrawny teenagers who think their balls drop for playing a game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Eevee In A Jar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yLaWtdBE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-06-26T14:49:38.092+0000) > > I get that you're frustrated but if you admit you're a bad player, then why are you complaining about the champion being broken rather than learning to play the game? Jhin suffers from 2 weaknesses; not having any escapes and he's not a traditional ADC. Jhin is a hybrid ADC & AD Caster. Bad players on Jhin get destroyed easily to aggressive hard engages. Jhin is far from the strongest ADC right now. He's just a good laning ADC. I would argue that he's very fluid in how he can play the game. If he's against an early game weak AD (Vayne, Twitch, Kog, ETC) He can snowball the lane and destroy. However if he's vs. a lane bully then he needs to just farm up and hope to outscale. Art n shit....
IMO Lucian is the ideal definition of fluid gameplay. Lucian is literally strong at all parts of the game. Jhin is a bit clustered and cranked. Even if Jhin falls behind, he can still do work with his ult in team fights and his W but in comparison to Lucian his immobility hurts him. Lucian on the other hand can dish out the good burst although it might take more mechanics/work to pull it off as well as keep the trade into light skirmish. Lucian can literally control the pace of his opposing ADC's trade. Jhin is more direct upfront. In terms of style, Lucian is way more aggressive of a gameplay but also safer. At a certain point though, your mechanics/skill level on Lucian won't matter because everyone is good at Lucian.
HikaruT (NA)
: Jhin is completely broken.
I get that you're frustrated but if you admit you're a bad player, then why are you complaining about the champion being broken rather than learning to play the game? Jhin suffers from 2 weaknesses; not having any escapes and he's not a traditional ADC. Jhin is a hybrid ADC & AD Caster. Bad players on Jhin get destroyed easily to aggressive hard engages. Jhin is far from the strongest ADC right now. He's just a good laning ADC.
: Fair enough of an answer. But would it be something you think riot should consider changing?
Not really no. Don't get me wrong, Yasuo is one of those broken champions where he's REALLY strong as an individual champion or he's really shit. Since he's highly marketable (like Lee; their plays look flashy and likely to draw in fans) they're keeping him on the strong side. With that said, Yasuo has little tools to really effectively counter against projectiles in early game situations. You can say nerf the wind wall but if you do, you're gutting his kit to a point where he cannot survive laning phase. Perhaps in bronze-gold skill level, it's likely it won't make much of a difference (because what I'm talking about is primarily focused on that laning phase/early). However in the ranks of higher ELO's, that Yasuo will come out of laning with no gold. You can try to compensate by buffing other parts of his kit but then you'd run the risk of simply making him uncontrollably strong as well. It'd be like gutting Lee sin's kit. Sure he falls off but he's easy as hell to play and pulling off that ward jump, ult, Q combo and combo smiting are not hard you just need to practice. These two are both highly marketable. They generate a lot of fans with their flashy plays and looking cool. Skins and the like. Pretty certain Yasuo has gotten more skins than Diana and Diana has boobs with awesome back story. Why? Yasuo makes cooler and flashier plays that makes people freak out in the audience and go "OOOOOH." Ofc I'm making speculative statement here but I doubt they'll remove or nerf that wind wall any time soon.
: Never asked riot to do shit about it. Was more a letter to my fellow players, not demanding anything.
I get that but it's wasted effort. Chances are the people who will benefit from what you wrote already is practicing and applying being less toxic and being more of a teammate. Whereas the people bashing you are already the dicks you can't stand. Basically all you're doing is not unlike making a facebook status "I'm sad." I'm not trying to insult you. Just trying to let you know what a waste of time that is and that you will look back in a year from now and see you raging and wasting time over games long ago and think "Wow I'm really stupid for crying and whining about that." All you need is a little perspective. I don't know how old you are and at the fault of assuming you are a child, I'm just going to say USUALLY with age you get to understand that you have no control over anything in your life except the way you react. You can't control how you feel but you can certainly control your own actions. If you can't control your actions, you really got no future and prob will die of a aneurysm when you're 30. Also you're not going to be able to stop that nature in people at all. Why? Because it's natural. You're only bothered by it either because of insecurity or because you feel inferior to the person subjecting you to this stress when in reality you have all the power. You can just... walk away... And it isn't running away either. There's nothing macho about having a bitch fest on a video game chat so there's nothing cowardly about walking away from one either. Most people play online games to trash talk after reking them. It's part of the culture. Only in the recent years did League really put their foot down and enforce some boundaries.
: I get that he has a Blood Moon skin, but like ... that's it? Gameplay wise, he shouldn't fit with Kha'Zixs, Rengars and Talons.
I'm not justifying it, just saying this is the probable reason.
: I'm not saying that im excused, I'm saying that people breed it and incite it from people. I strictly mentioned that i was not proud of what i said, but i stand by saying it due to the circumstances that led up to it. Maybe i should have phrased it better but i was visibly shaking with rage at the end of that game. People typically see a flamer and then it becomes a group war to humiliate and tread on that guy who stated hey man your doing something kinda dumb and blaming it on the enemy picks. I did not state it very well but the community as a whole is prone to this type of behavior. I am not a person with a history of flame or aggressive chat behavior. And until i got to a point where i was watching my team play with zero map or situational awareness i was pretty polite about it all. But the second i criticized our 1/6 lee the entire team throws kerosene onto my already salty self their not helping their actively producing the flame by prodding at you until they hit a button. I've seen this since i started playing. I've been in that position before but when i ask for a gank and ask specifically to not target the ulting cow i get 3 "you just suck"s. That will always result in a player beginning to tilt. When they're already tilted and have been asking for assistance and all you tell them is "You suck" while making no proactive moves to help and just letting them get camped and dived on repeatedly then show up late to get a kill and give an extra 2 kills to the enemy even though both of them were in position to be there at the right time. You can call me a child or whatnot but i think players should use their head a little more rather than just assuming the only way to respond is to throw kerosene on the fire and use them as a scapegoat for the entire L.
Yes they do but you're basically saying "Riot stop human beings from portraying human nature." The world isn't rainbow and sunshine. You can't ask Riot to brainwash/force people to be a certain way. You can prohibit certain words but you can't completely take away the behavior. Just report, mute and move on. I realize it's hard. I rage too. But you have to try to take a deep breath and move on. If you can't do that, at the end of the day and sooner or later you're going to get banned. Ironically I never got punished for raging; doesn't mean I never rage. I just think everyone has SOME leniency and it's about the frequency. How frequently are you a raging asshole? That's what matters. It's not this game itslef; it's the problem with your inability to move on.
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