: Patch 9.3 notes
Alright, now let’s bring back deathfire and revert glp :P
: TRUE. I think people should stop complaining. They asked for an Aurelion Sol skin and they got one. They ask for a SPECIFIC Aurelion Sol skin. Like nothing is good enough for these people.
Problem is all the aurelions mains set there expectations way to high, and if you do that you are bound to set yourself up for disappointment, They also act like that riot owes them the best top notch quality aurelion skin ever, But let's be real only 1% of the community plays this champion, Not much comparing to lux etc and also riot doesn't owe anyone anything.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 4
> As with LB he's been a challenging champion historically, He's????????????? Lb is a trap confirmed
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: Runes Corner: Stormlord's Mandate and Spellslinger's Surge
Question, For the new spellslingers surge If I was {{champion:136}} would the spellslingers proc if each star hit the enemy champion?

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