: Morde is awesome, and was not transformed into another Riven?
Most people don't seem to realize that Aatrox's old design was the reason he was reworked.
He's not overpowered. He's annoying. Although, thats been kind of inherent to Tahm's design as a whole. He's always been very annoying for melee champions to deal with. What I think they should do is reduce the damage on his passive from 1.5% max health per stack to just 1% max health per stack and maybe reduce the damage on his Q from 80/130/180/230/280 to 80/125/170/215/260. But then compensate him by increasing the range on his ultimate from 2500/5500/8500 to 3500/6000/8500 as well as increasing his armor per level from 3.5 to maybe 4. This way he is still fine as a Support overall, but his Top Lane is made less overpowering.
: {{summoner:1}} should also help.
I may be wrong, but that specifically doesn't work. Cleanse does not affect Suppression, which is seemingly what Morde ult is coded as. It also doesn't affect Malz ult.
: Who is the biggest threat to Runeterra?
I feel like nothing rivals the Void. When Aurelion Sol looks at it and doesn't like it, that should say something. There are some ancient evils in the Void that swallow planets. This is the kind of thing I could see Mordekaiser stopping his conquering and fighting. Even the Daarkin I could see turning, seeing the Void, and redirecting their attention. That being said, aside from the Void, I would give my vote to Mordekaiser over the Daarkin. Mordekaiser is just... borderline immortal. When you die twice and still come back swinging, there's just nothing I can think of that could rival him. We don't really know how his necromantic powers match up against the powers of Shurima and Targon, but if it does prove equal then I have no idea how he can be stopped by anything except a big team up by everyone or the Void itself.
: HP /level difference from garen to syndra makes no sense to me
Garen is still harder to kill than many tanks I have seen due to his W alone.
: As much as i want to say this is cool and you put in a lot of work but i think we have enough cats in league
Too many cats? Not until we have the 5 CAT TEAM! :3
: This concept looks really cool and it seems that you've put a lot of work on it, well done! But if I can give a suggestion, I would say that you shouldn't mind stats that much, I can't tell if you had fun creating them or it was just a pain in the ass for you. If is the second option, just free your mind and let your creativity flow.
The actual numbers aren't incredibly important. Its more the playstyle I was focused on. Thank you though! I enjoy feedback! I do enjoy somewhat creating the stats and trying to get them to a balanced state, but I dont lose any sleep if they're a bit off.
: Honestly, I really like the concept, obviously could use tweaking and a change in abilities here and there for balancing, but he seems like a really fun champ
Thank you for the feedback! Yes, tuning is likely needed. I hope I can get him as close to balanced as possible.
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: Melee toplaners weigh in: Who's the most tilting ranged champion to face top?
I honestly hate it whenever any Marksman with self-peel worms their way into Top Lane. So, {{champion:133}} and {{champion:67}} are honestly horrific. {{champion:85}} you can at least somewhat dodge most of his damage with decent positioning, but with Quinn and Vayne, you just get poked out of lane with strong basic attack procs and can't engage on them due to their disengage abilities without specific mechanics or very quick reflexes (Quinn has some weird stuff that can happen with her flip).
: All Champs sorted in dumb design categories
Surprised you didn't make a "Furry" category
: Tahm was already toxic champion to most top laner champions and now he toxic to ever champion
: Do something about the 0 counter play Darius flash e
60 ping isn't bad. And if he has to Flash every time to kill you, then he can only kill once every 5 minutes, and without guarantee.
floo (EUW)
: > {{champion:16}} prob makes the best hot coco you will ever have. {{champion:432}} are you sure about that?
Someone make a gif of the John Cena “are you sure” thing except its Bard sticking his face through one of his portals.
Kazekiba (NA)
: New Morde doesnt enslave his victims or raise undying armies. What's cool about him?
He obliterates his victims and slaughters invincible armies.
: Morde: (Ults)
Darius: _procs passive massive AD Boost_ “Hahaha! Now I have 300 AD and no one can...” Morde: _ults Darius, stealing his stats_
: Modekaiser Rework Discussion Thread
Sounds like a Juggernaut that actually can survive against Ranged champions and has a lot of bare minimum impact in a game, two issues Juggernauts usually have. Also seems like he is still going to carry on the Juggernaut tradition of dominating the laning phase. I have some worry about the implications of his ultimate, but will have to see his numbers and play with him to have good judgement on it. For all you people that feel like you’re only losing because their team is better at supporting their carry than your team is at supporting you, you can finally prove yourself!
: Champs without mana should not have ability to poke
Its amazing how many times this topic keeps appearing over the years, and Zed is always here. Sometimes people mention Kennen, Vladimir, or sometimes even Dr. Mundo, but Zed is always here.
: Veig's ult should be a skillshot
Sure, but be sure to buff it elsewhere to balance that out because he's not really an issue right now.
Sinking (EUW)
: Swain vs Vlad lorewise who would win?
We have little knowledge on Vlad's capabilities, so its an unknown. We kind of have vague knowledge, but nothing 100% solid to compare him to Swain with. Gut feeling says Swain because he's one of the leaders of Noxus and if Riot ever had them fight, I'm 99% sure Swain would win because he's one of the main characters in Noxus.
hoganftw (NA)
: Top lane is for masochists.
{{champion:36}} Coincidentally I find that the masochist is seemingly the one to always be able to withstand whatever fresh demon Riot has pumped out.
: You guys didn't have any of the champs I would have reworked on the vote
It could be that their reworks are already planned so no need for a vote you know?
: prediction: yuumi is going to do terrible at all levels of play unless she gets massive buffs
> her passive is pathetically weak, so much so its not worth the risk of getting 1 shot trying to get in an auto. Why the hell would you not just stay attached to an ally, removing all risk of such? Most people seem to not realize that its impossible to kill Yuumi and you have to go through all her healing and shielding on her attached target to even begin to get to her.
: Is Varus mechanically difficult or just badly designed?
He's not poorly designed at all, but he isn't designed without flaws.
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: When will Riot nerf Trinity Force?
Only if they buff every single champion that uses it since its users as a whole aren't doing insane.
: Wow, Spear of Shojin is absolutely the worst item this game has seen in terms of balance.
DFG was considered bad because every AP user who dealt damage wanted to buy it. Basically a global pick up if you were a champion that was usually in range for the active.
Lapis (OCE)
: Did support suddenly get popular overnight?
Jungle is actually one of if not the least popular roles right now, varying by region.
: The worst player has more impact than the best
Yall only think this most of the time because yall think the worst player is the person who the best player on the enemy team faced in lane.
: best top laners if your first pick
I'd say: {{champion:36}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:6}} I don't think I've ever picked one of these champions and felt really hard countered. The best champions to safely first pick are usually decently durable ones that can either soak up damage without much negatives or farm from a moderate distance. Mundo, Galio, and Maokai can soak up a good bit of damage, and Mundo and Urgot can nicely farm from a distance.
: "Late Game Champs"
Master Yi is NOT good in early 1v1s. I've only ever seen a Yi win early 1v1s when its more of an "opportunity kill" where the enemy was already at a disadvantage against the Yi in terms of health, cool downs, mana, etc. Nasus's lifesteal is a very purposeful way to help him survive early game, because otherwise he'd be almost useless early game and he's not very... unstoppable late game. He is going to hurt like hell to stand beside, but there are a million ways in League to deal with an immobile melee character that relies entirely on basic attacks to deal real damage. The rest have some truth. Jax is a very strong duelist at almost every section of the game. Yasuo and Veigar have very good zoning tools that make them difficult to poke out of lane (Yasuo) or engage onto (Veigar). Vayne's early game is largely negated not really by her damage, but by her very strong amount of self-peel through her Tumble and knockback.
Kítty (EUNE)
: Kayle overnerfed?
Every site I check to see her performance says she is performing average or almost so. I don't see any issues.
: Bard is one of my favorite champions... anyone want to talk about Bard with me?
I used to be a Bard main, but then I stopped playing League for a while and didn't play Bard when I came back. I mainly play him now cause I still loosely have some knowledge on him. I like meme-ing with him Top by using {{item:3100}} and {{item:3285}} since his Meep Attacks proc both. No one really cares what Top does early game too so long as your turret doesn't fall, so you can pretty freely go around and collect chimes peacefully so long as you dont abandon your tower. You also get to reserve all your Ws for yourself, although I like to place 3 Ws in the Jungle for my Jungler's initial clear.
: [Discussion] Which Champion do you think is going to win next years VGU?
I expect Fiddlesticks to win, but I voted on Mundo cause he's one of my mains.
Slythion (NA)
: Who did you vote for?
I picked Dr. Mundo because a.) I actually play him the most of all of them and b.) I think he has so much potential with the theme of "He benefits from pain and is super regenerative."
123girr (NA)
: What to Build Against True Damage and % Health?
To combat true damage, you have to build health, such as Warmog's Armor most notably. Note, however, most champions don't deal majority of their damage as true damage (in fact, none do). Most champions that deal true damage (Vayne, Fiora, Master Yi, and Darius for example) all primarily deal either physical or magic damage, so just building against the normal damage they deal will still reduce majority of their damage. % Health damage is the opposite of true damage. You have to build whichever damage type they are dealing, so Armor or Magic Resist. The best way to combat max health true damage is to build shields and healing. Shielding doesn't increase your health, so it will effectively reduce the true damage dealt in the only way possible without further increasing its % property. Healing will also undo the damage, so it will help you survive that way. Noteworthy is that, in the example you gave with Yi where he is clearly fed, the game will come down to your team having the crowd control to deal with him. This is why I cannot explain how important reliable, decent duration crowd control is to have on a team (Alistar Q, Galio E, Leona Q, Pantheon W, Wukong R, etc.). Crowd Control isn't something that people should take lightly in champion select. If your team has no crowd control or majority of unreliable crowd control (such as Sion's) then its going to be extremely hard to deal with mobile champions on the enemy team that are performing decently (and you shouldn't go into a game expecting no one on the enemy team to do good). So basically, reliable, decent crowd control. Can't stress enough how important it is. Try picking champions like {{champion:32}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:254}} . Oh, and of course, your team has to kill the champion hopefully during the crowd control, so you have to cooperate too.
: Scaling champions like Nasus, Veigar, Vayne, Anivia, Karthus and etc scale way too fast.
I think people are mainly upvoting you where because Vayne is in the title and thats one of the community's biggest current complaint champions. However, I DO agree that Vayne is rather oppressive right now and some nerfs would be great. However, I dont think anything is wrong with Nasus, Veigar, Anivia, or Karthus. They are balanced champions currently with, most of them, very dedicated fanbases.
: WuKonG iS oN tHe sTroNge siDe - doRito
That says 50-53% in Top, 42-45% in Jungle. Basically, stop playing Wukong jungle.
: i hate riot NEW logo
People really do come here to complain about literally anything huh?
: Patch 9.7 notes
Dang, it kind of feels like these patch notes lack heart. "It was bad." Come on Riot. At least give me something a little complex like "It was outrageously questionable of a choice."
: Hashinshin, Kayle is not weak early game, but Jax Early game is weak~
I don't have much experience with new Kayle, but at the very least Jax is as strong as her early game absolutely.
: What is Trundle's role in lore?
Its easy to perform questionable acts when everyone blames the native trolls for them.
: Why does sterak’s give so much?
The shield decays quickly, so equating it to actual health is a little false.
Eedat (NA)
: wtf are you going on about? The original comment says a power neutral change needs to take place then you respond with 'but then it's not a nerf'. Thats the entire point. It's not supposed to be a nerf. It's supposed to be a pwer neutral change. And to answer your example, its a huge nerf. I'm assuming E is supposed to be a heal on both sine you didnt note the change
Anyone else honestly think this is the most meaningless conversation you've ever seen as both of these people say the exact same thing over and over back at each other, constantly essentially agreeing on what they want?
: What if... when you hit Rengar with non-displacement-hard-CC during his passive/Ult leap...
Its because its a basic attack. Its impossible to dodge or negate basic attacks unless through a Blind or Block/Dodge.
Veigâr (NA)
: Veigar Reforged: The Good, The Bad, and the Short
This all feels like a huge nerf to me unless you buffed the number of stacks that Veigar got from his Q last hits. Also maybe Im just not as experienced with Veigar, but mana issues are pretty rare for me.
: Is Morde going to be like Ghostbusters II Vigo the Carpathian in terms of personality?
Im hoping for more of a Sauron approach. A whispering madman of intense hatred and evil. He's been said to be increasingly paranoid about his bones being discovered and destroyed.
Saianna (EUNE)
: > Also, how can you say his mushrooms are less useful when you will be able to place more overall as well as, seemingly, them now being unrevealable since they how have Invisibility instead of the normal ward camouflage? I'm quite sure they will be using the same old type of invisibility, which means oracle, lens, dusk, sweeper, lightbringer will be still working on them exactly as they used to. It's just changed tooltip. Riot Jag said nothing about it and believe me, if he did, he'd make sure to bold that "buff" in this nerf-rework. Having to carry 5 mushrooms instead of 3 is a change for the sake of change. POINTLESS. They had somewhat fine damage. Nothing too strong. But now they are nerfed just cause of Riot allowing us to carry 2 more of them. In other words I prefer QUALITY over QUANTITY. > Also like... what? Have you actually done the number crunches on Teemo's new passive. Most of the added damage has been to the DoT part of the on-hit. At Level 18, the only change to the actual immediate damage portion is it does 25 extra flat damage... 1. This will push Teemo into on-hit only build. In fact this will be nerfed (mark my words) after teemo-rageblade will become popular. 2. Even if the end score is a buff on poison damage, it's overall a nerf for mage-teemos that do not capitalize on Q-poison interactions. They will not have enough AS to use the buff properly. 3. By level 18 his passive will have little uses, cause by level 18 any ADC will be close to one/two-shotting teemo before the blind dart hits them. The whole thing with his toxic shot was to capitalize on stronger early game to slingshot into mid/lategame. He will lose that. His poison will not feel anywhere near as strong, so he won't be such a threat for his opponents... untill he gets rageblade. Then his bullying will be twice as strong. > And if you did read the post, you didn't actually READ it. believe it or not, I did read it. It was one huge dose of lubing everything about the rework. The very best criticism you managed to pull was about mushroom invisibility and that was just because you were unsure what the tooltip means. But then you began to lube some more. > I also find it funny how YOU make the connection, also, that just because I play Top, I hate Teemo. My connection wasn't that you played top, thus you hated teemo (you silly strawman you). My connection was you play top, but you do not play teemo, then your text is nothing more than praising this hack of a rework. Like, dude. Isn't it obvious you were killed by teemo few times too many and now you hold the grudge? Teemos rework should NOT shoehorn him into 1 build. He was one of the quite versatile champions. Now his core build, a mage one, is pretty much removed and you are praising this garbage? His E rework is just as trashy and what? You are enjoying it. Obviously you are celebrating this rework, sadly for totally different reason any teemo main would. There's nothing worth in your thread full of false praises.
> This will push Teemo into on-hit only build. In fact this will be nerfed (mark my words) after teemo-rageblade will become popular. If Teemo Rageblade isn't too powerful now, it won't be too powerful then. Again, the actual DAMAGE that Rageblade is going to be multiplying has only been increased by 25 WHILE Teemo's target is poisoned. Wow. Super nerf worthy. I can hear the screams of the damned coming from Top Lane. 25 more base damage at Level 18. Wow. > Even if the end score is a buff on poison damage, it's overall a nerf for mage-teemos that do not capitalize on Q-poison interactions. They will not have enough AS to use the buff properly. Same explanation as above. AS doesn't matter much here. It helps, of course, but the biggest damage buff to Teemo's Toxic Shot was to the 4 second poison portion, not the on-hit. I guess I have to state again so you will see it this time that the only extra on-hit damage Teemo is getting with these changes is an additional 25 base on-hit damage at Level 18. I can't stress this enough with what you are saying. > By level 18 his passive will have little uses, cause by level 18 any ADC will be close to one/two-shotting teemo before the blind dart hits them. The whole thing with his toxic shot was to capitalize on stronger early game to slingshot into mid/lategame. He will lose that. His poison will not feel anywhere near as strong, so he won't be such a threat for his opponents... untill he gets rageblade. Then his bullying will be twice as strong. Where did the Dravens and Jhins touch you that you think the ADC is going to kill you before the Blinding Dart even hits them? > My connection wasn't that you played top, thus you hated teemo (you silly strawman you). My connection was you play top, but you do not play teemo, then your text is nothing more than praising this hack of a rework. Like, dude. Isn't it obvious you were killed by teemo few times too many and now you hold the grudge? So... let me get this straight? You didn't assume I hate Teemo because I played Top Lane. You assumed I hate Teemo because I play Top Lane and lost to Teemo? In this world where we have champions that pop up like Akali, Yasuo, LeBlanc, and pre-nerfs Camille, you honestly think Teemo is the champion I hold a grudge against? Teemo. The champion I myself said I joined League of Legends because of his playstyle. Really? ...you got me. Sherlock Holmes got me fellas. It's true! This whole post! It's all staged. I actually HATED Teemo this whole time and just want him removed from the game. There isn't any other explanation. I just spent about an hour of my time making this long post above because, oh damn, I just hate Teemo so much. I despise the guy. Of course. https://media.tenor.com/images/4ba23f96fe0a2e6e9227455584d47660/tenor.gif For real though. I know these Boards attract a lot of... people that like to complain in very creative ways, as you and I have probably seen a lot over the years if you have been around here that long, but I've been around the block. Trust me when I say that if I hold a grudge against a champion, after all the bullshit I've experienced in League of Legends over the many years... just know that champion has something pretty glaringly wrong about them. See release Juggernaut Rework Skarner. That? That was something to hold a grudge over. Plus, even if the numbers right now aren't right, that's really not what Im saying. I said the direction here was good. The direction of making Teemo be an ambusher style champion that can't just scatter mushrooms around the map, with only a tiny bit of care, is what I want. Skill expression. Something current Teemo has to work really hard to get close to expressing. And Im not saying that because I hate the guy, I hope you know that by now. I love Teemo. But when Im playing Teemo, I feel a lot different than when Im playing someone like Ekko. If this new Teemo needs a damage buff on his Q, SURE! Do it. Buff non-on-hit Teemo. I don't care. I think we both want the same thing here. I don't want Teemo to be a different flavor of Kayle either. I just want playing him to feel much more dynamic and interesting. P.S. Are you seriously going to make assumptions based on my account when you yourself are, seemingly, posting here on an URF Account?
: If Every Champion had a massive brawl, (not including Gods like Aurelion Sol), Who would win?
Hard to say. Also "god" in League is a bit of a flimsy term. Xerath is absolutely a god in terms of power, as he is possibly more powerful than Azir and possibly on equal ground with many Targonian Aspects. I'd probably say it's gonna be a close fight between {{champion:268}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:154}} . Azir is as high in magical power level as you can get before you breach into Xerath and Targonian levels of magical power. He seems to have absolute control over sand and therefore likely any rock that has been broken down a bit. The full extent of his powers has yet to be put on full display. Cho'Gath is really large and really powerful in the lore. Him and Vel'Koz are very close together, but I would say he's slightly more powerful. How big he can get has yet to be seen and if he can truly grow infinitely, there is nothing saying he wouldn't be ginormous. Galio is obvious. A giant, magic absorbing colossus is a really good answer to just about anything. There is magic that could likely bypass him a bit if its power was fully harnessed, but you pretty much have to beat him in a fist fight to really win, and good luck doing that. Malphite is the size of a damn mountain in the lore. He's not Mount Targon big, but he is really damn big. He might not have the magical absorbing properties of Galio, but he seems far more capable of going on the offensive magically than Galio. Mordekaiser is so strong even the Black Mist doesn't screw with him. He is so strong, the Black Mist can't even touch his spirit. He commands his own undead legion and he himself is almost immortal as long as his bones and stuff aren't destroyed. Facing Mordekaiser is the LoL equivalent of facing Sauron from Lord of the Rings. He's impossible to fight in head to head combat. You need to destroy his bones to win. Zac is a big unknown. Its unsure how exactly you could kill him without going killing him on an atom to atom basis. The real strong point in Zac isn't his offensive capabilities, but the fact that killing him is a huge unknown. How do you kill something that can regenerate as long as it has a bit of itself left? Its hard.
Rester (NA)
: Darius ult isn't an execution, for one. Garen ult however, is one.
You need a good reason not to use it as an execute. Same as Cho's.
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