: {{item:3085}} crt and helps spread his passive and {{item:3046}} more crit lol
SO the is the optimum build now? Aren't there other adc's that do this better? Or is it because of the utility of his ult that makes him stand out?
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Slip TFT (NA)
: Client constantly popping up
Same thing just happened to me today.
: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/b/ba/Orange_Julius_logo.svg/1200px-Orange_Julius_logo.svg.png ?
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: A blood moon is rising.
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Kivolan (NA)
: We Need To Name This Duck
: worst part about being a mid laner
Me as TF vs. Talon after he gets a kill top lane. Top: You gotta follow that roam man. Me: I did... I just don't know parkour.....
: There's a reason I stopped with the Mordekaiser threads
I would be willing to stop new champion releases until they iron everything out. Riot has some serious remodeling to do.
: Can we please make Annie throw her bear instead of insta-spawning it
Okay, I was actually thinking about this the other day. What if... Tibbers was just on the ground and walking around at all times? Instead of being a projectile, he actually sprints his little bear heart out to get to the location in which Annie wants to ult? But aside from his ult, he just walks around Annie, much like the wolf did for devourer? That way Yas wind wall wouldn't do anything to stop it, but there would be a little counterplay to it too. Perhaps like Elise spider? I don't know if there could be more to it than that, but might be interesting.
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: When Garen buys Black Cleaver
*Cough* Pleb smoke. Don't breathe this!
: Anyone else think the kat rework is really good?
The thing I like the most is that even after a passive reset, you still have to think about your next action instead of just mashing qwerqwerqwerqwerqwer to try and hope for a penta. My fav rework hands down. Feels more calculated and easier to play against. If you kill someone, it truly feels like an outplay and not a spastic smashing of buttons that require no particular order.
: Played a game against a plat player.
The trick is finding people like that to play against who don't flame you all game for being bad.
: Make the masteries quicker!
Just got into the client today, noticed this right away. Plz fix this. <3
: Well, you see, I was a lawyer. That was pretty cool. Then I was like "but I like video games". So then I applied for a job here as a playtester. That worked out. Now I work in QA, making sure a new patch ships every couple of weeks and hotfixing live bugs as quickly as possible! 10/10 would career change again
Wait... but if you did that... DON'T GO!!!
: Tfw akali can't murder 3 people in 1.8 seconds. Tis a good feeling.
: Ya i would have to agree it is frustrating, but if you do good overall you will still climb. Also hopefully riot implements an overwatch sytle you can leave after certain amount of afk time from someone letting you just stay at current lp though this could have unforseen consequences that might not make it possible like someone being flamed out of a game or if you know someone in the game randomly (this happens more at higher elos) then one of you could leave and save the other some lp. But i am not gonna hold my breath on that since it took this long to just get a non-third party replay system. (its gonna be out sometime in the next season) But on the topic of climbing, I would recommend trying to also work on your alternative role as well. It seems to me that you have lost a lot of games midlane as opposed to top which based on your op.gg( http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Electric+Buyers ) i assume you main. If you try to fix your alternative role or play leblanc as it seems you have a higher winrate on her. I would also try to pick two main mids and two main tops but if you feel comfortable with others and can back it up in win rate then sure go for more. Also one thing i found helpful when i was at lower silver was that you need to focus on objectives and fix your cs'ing to be better than average as this is the most reliable way to get more gold more often. Another is to look at not playing the adc role since you have a very low winrate in it and if you want to do this role i would suggest improving your understanding of the role by watching what higher elo adcs do and copy them. Overall if you just keep playing top and mid instead of trying other roles in ranked based on your winrate you should climb easily as long as you fix you overall game sense and just win the winnable games you shouldn't have any problems. If you don't like either role then just pick two and focus on them. I would recommend everyone just picks two roles unless they are at diamond or above (since you can be filled into any role there.) One final piece to climb is watch this guy: https://www.youtube.com/user/bingegamingdottv Neacy breaks it down in clear and simple terms that not a lot of others do. You will get better game sense by watching the breakdown of replays of others players. It will also teach you how to analyse your own replays in a way that is constructive and you can see what you did wrong at what time. He is the reason i went from silver to gold and why I have a better understanding of the game now. PS: A WORD OF WARNING (my personal bias will follow): But don't make the same mistake i did and type in-game chat about it. Don't offer others criticism, don't offer anything to them but basic information like someone flashed (you can do this by pinging (wiith g ) someone's spell in tab now also) just use smart pings and respond to nothing (maybe even mute them) . If you try to criticize others play and not just on your own then you will end up like me with a 14-ban. You might actually be better informed than your teammates on a decision and just be trying to help them realize they need to do something else in that situation but many i found see this as flaming not as advice since you only have a second to type it out. Though unlike when i had an afk in my game i asked my team to open mid since the game was unwinnable and would rather not waste more time. I see opening mid as a pre-20 surrender and this is what most see it at in higher elos. Though the notion is admirable that you want fight till the end, it is kinda contradictory that if 4 members of your team think its over past 20 its okay since you can surrender but if its before 20 minutes then somehow it is different. I of course try to gauge what my team wants through chat and don't give up unless all 4 are in agreement(though resending their consent happened to me and seems like something that isn't really polite to do, since when someone ffs then you can't say o wait something has changed lets keep playing). But again this can be seen as toxic and would not recommend even remotely attempting this since someone could again be offended by your remarks and call the riot pc police on you. Just don't use chat is what i'm saying and what i learned, its risks far outweigh any benefits. Just do what i'm gonna start doing, use a service like discord, curse, or other programs and have others in the pregame lobby join your call. (i recommend discord since you can just link a webpage and no install required from other players.) This will lead to 10 times better communication about strategy and no misunderstandings. (They also can leave the call if they get triggered) This will also prevent any punishment and can increase winrate since you aren't having to waste time typing and gave others an easy way to communicate if they wished to do so. Of course many will argue "but what if they don't want to join" then well i gave them a simple link to click if they wanted to communicate and idc if they want me to type in chat (riot removed this report option for failure to communicate) and you most likely will also be using smart pings anyhow. DON'T GET TRIGGERED Before Replying : If you would like any advice or like to know how to review your own games using replay.gg like i do then you can reply. If you are offended by anything I stated then while that is regrettable since i meant no offense. Any replies to this should only include additive constructive comments that add to the discussion and are welcome. Any replies on how you are offended by something then please feel free not to reply because i won't care and i won't reply to them since as i stated non of this was meant as offense.
Okay, that was a lot of great advice. I played a lot of mid in bronze and am familiar with the role. Unfortunately the game was decided in the first 30 seconds. I was mid, Kayle fed in my lane. I went bot to sup, to avoid her, and got a double kill bot. Anyways, it doesn't really matter. Thanks for the advice and yes, my win rate is about 50%, so I know I am still climbing, just kind of brutal when I am on a losing streak and the last game of the streak, I lose because of 2 afks. It was more or less a curiosity if there was some kind of buffer or not. Thanks for the detailed answer though! Much appreciated!
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: What do the coaches do exactly?
It's somewhere in the name I'm sure.
: I FINALLY HAVE A USE FOR THIS GIF https://media.tenor.co/images/1f26007aebb7715e6f14dafd3f348594/raw
Why have a shitpost when you can have a whole shitboard Randy?
: What makes you salty af?
When as a tank, my team doesn't follow up with my engage and watches me die... And then fights the 4v5... and gets aced. *Sigh*
: Split pushing as {{champion:83}} or top {{champion:157}} and the enemy team sending 4+ people after my ass. What makes it worse? Usually my team takes nothing elsewhere on the map.
FUCKING THIS!! DEAR THE FUCK GOD!! Me: "Guys, when they send 4 people after me, take anything, idc at this point." Them: "You were overextended." Me: /ff
: As a Gold to a Bronze, this is all very true. I suspect you should be able to climb out pretty easy. lol Something else I have noticed is that a lot of people in lower elo have no understanding of how objectives work or their importance or sometimes even their purpose. I can't tell you how many games I lost because my team tried to close a game off of one inhibitor.
See you soon partnah <3 AND GOOD LUCK IN SUMMONERS RIFT!
: Stop sharing logic with the Bronzelords! They may climb out of their pit and infect us all ;~; Just use said logic to escape!
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: Season 6: The Permaslow
I JUST posted about this crap. Fucking Jinx with Runnans and Mallet building Randuins slowing three of us at once. Ont to mention she fed me in top lane early game. Fking srsly Rito?
GawnMower (EUW)
: There is only one thing i care about when it comes to current yasuo.....
I think of it like this. If this was a bug in LCS, would it be allowed to continue? I sincerely doubt it. If you wouldn't allow it in LCS, don't allow it here. End of story.
: > [{quoted}](name=Electric Buyers,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yuLZfoYZ,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2016-09-05T12:40:18.393+0000) > > Or against any adc... > > Ya know, cause he shoves lane no matter what and his aa&#x27;s get creep blocked. No, shoving lane only makes you vulnerable to ganks and teleports, and you cant close in to AA under turret cause your almost melee ranged adc. Any adc with 550 range can poke him safely (not counting supports) which is why graves is very support reliant in lame to close the gap between him and his opponents.
I guess the "He is garbage in every bot lane match up for this reason" wasn't apparent enough in what I said. He is garbage in every botlane matchup for this reason. Well not garbage, but far from optimal.
Meddler (NA)
: Assassins.
Don't forget to disable Yas today bud!! <3
: Graves botlane works fairly well if done right, just not against really long range adc (cait/ashe).
Or against any adc... Ya know, cause he shoves lane no matter what and his aa's get creep blocked.
: well graves is pretty short ranged and his passive is good for jg camps kite dont think his botlane play before rework was good anyways
I mean, he hat a pretty good winrate botlane before rework... So yes, yes it was. They just changed him cause "Fuck it why not??"
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: Aw.
I didnt really like his kit either, unique but boring. I feel like his flying mechanic should have been incorporated into his ultimate, a "Epic falling star" kind of thing. Like make his R only activatable during flight, then when he lands push EVERYONE to his outer ring. Feels more epic and impactful if you ask me.
Meddler (NA)
: We disable champions if they're so bugged or overpowered that they need to be hotfixed. In this case while the bug does give Yasuo a significant amount of extra power, and fixing it was a major priority for the next patch, it didn't push his performance beyond what we consider the acceptable limit for a 2 week period. As a result we left him enabled.
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: Can we make yasuos windwall only absorb projectiles from the front.
Yeah, lets throw so more rigatoni code at the wall, as if it didn't already have enough bugs XP
Sukishoo (NA)
: I thought I just rage quit, get in the car drive down the street to trolls house (cause clearly that is where they are) and stab them repeatedly?
Okay this is where a lot of people get confused. This is the feeling that prevents you from muting them but the truth is... you don't know where they are. So I like the tenacity (shouts out to{{item:3111}} ) but direct it toward your game and you will see a massive leap in success.
Itankyou (NA)
: Ya, how do I feel like playing this game is fun?
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: 360 armor malphite dies in 2.1 seconds
Sounds to me like they are trying to 1v1 And what is the tanks health? At a certain point stacking armor is obsolete. If they aren't soloing the carries, the team needs to focus. It isn't Attack Damage Chocolate after all, it's carry. And tanks don't do DMG anyway, not while being tanky enough to not die. But that's just my two cents.
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billxx (NA)
: Sounds like an insult till you think about it.
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