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: Increase re-roll pool from 5 to 6, increasing skill and lowering rng by 20%
Totally agree on your point. Five slots pool is extremely narrow. The exposure is really really bad. I can roll no particular unit during the entire game session. It's ridiculous how there will always be a certain set of champions that I won't get each game and I have no control over it. It's insane. At the home area The Summoner Rift, Riot Games is putting effort on ripping off RNG element out of the game, but at TFT, somehow just because other auto-chess games are RNG based so they said at their Rioty office that we Riot Games will do the same just because this is how things were always. This RNG is trumping over the fun of TFT. You tell me what is the focus on every fresh player when they play the game, they want to test out and develop strategies and compositions, what does RNG do to them? I don't know if Riot Games designers were aware of. It made me play the mechanics of TFT, not building a composition, but to optimize the income investment, it's boring, it kills the fire to play TFT really really quick.
: When you have several tier 3s with fully stacked items and you're against a full glacial team
Volibear still can freeze people with his ultimate bounces. Good fix RITO. Instead of making it only freezes on auto attack, you nerf the bounce range.
: I can tell you a different story. I just saw a full glacial comp getting destroyed by no synergy comp with high tier unit.{{champion:34}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:106}}
Someone got lucky, it rolled a tier three glacial composition and freezing people all the way through.
: What was the comp they were fighting? Also full glacial isn't as good as glacial ranger knight phantom and it's harder to get imo.
It's triggered by glacial unit basic-attacks only. Too many glacial units are slow at auto-attacking. Ranger synergy with two or four glacial is optimal.
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: [TFT} The game is ruled by Random
Good point on calling on the affinity of composition synergy. I think to make the random champion draw come with the current setup more often can help the RNG situation.
: When you have several tier 3s with fully stacked items and you're against a full glacial team
I can tell you a different story. I just saw a full glacial comp getting destroyed by no synergy comp with high tier unit.{{champion:34}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:106}}
: Card rolling pool-size needs to be incresed in order to incorporate the full roaster of champion.
It is so severe that I can see no particular unit during the entire game. So players are either spend gold to re-roll, getting more exposure to the champion pool, or choose to save and not re-roll, they get more gold to compensate the early stage loses, by having more gold to invest in late game units. The player health bar and the damage on the losing player health decide the pace of the game, TFT has high damage on the losing player and fewer total health, the pace is much faster, so going early game composition out-run late game composition, further encourage players fighting for the higher tier upgrade on their early game composition, this punishes players who did not draw the preferred champion successfully.
: They're not planning on releasing all champs.
Good to know. Source? Anyway, the current pool size is relatively small still, with or without the release of all champs. Even with the current roster, the pool is struggling to provide a healthy RNG, so you can see how clear the point is.
: Take me back to my crit Nasus nexus blitz days
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: Top Dead: SSG advance to the Semifinals
What a biased, partisan article.
: If SKT win this Worlds undefeated, which seems VERY MUCH likely, it will be confirmed SKT > SSW. Also, huge respect to SKT's coach. You keep hearing he is one of the best ever (if not THE best, along with EDG's coach) and yesterday, he gave another proof why. Game 1 vs Origen was the most difficult position SKT has been so far. They managed to win and then, Games 2 and 3 were exact opposites and what most expected to see: domination and curbstomp by SKT. I believe this was largely due to what their coach said (or better yet, yelled at lolz) them post Game 1 (there was a shot of him talking to them and he seemed tense). P.S. PLEASE PLEASE start with Faker in the Finals. Easyhoon is probably the best Azir/Orianna and few other specific champs in the world but Faker is just...FAKER (his champion pool is so deep, Mount Everest peek wouldn't come out of the water. And that's just one of his talents).
: I've been saying since SKT's first match that MaRin has been the MVP of his team and likely worlds. All of the Faker hype, I'm not sure if it's other teams putting so much effort in to shutting him down that lets MaRin shine, but as far as I've seen MaRin is the primary reason SKT is looking unstoppable and Faker has been average (compared to the other world's elite, so still a million times better than I could even dream of being) at best.
I've been following MaRin's Kr server solo ranked game for a while, before the world championship begin, I knew MaRin is big so I won't be too surprise after seeing his outstanding performances, look forward to see him doing his thing in the next one, and maybe two matchups.

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