: and that's the basis for why Rito should spend resources and manpower to implement this? LoL has million of players. If they work on every silly little things people find annoying (and assume a lot of people need them because.....reasons), they'd have to create an entire department to handle it. Don't get me wrong. I very much so hate the inconsistency of those feedback report. I know why it is the way it is (at least the reasoning behind it). But I very much so disagree with it. They should either be 100% consistent or removed altogether. That is not the same thing as what you are asking. If you feel bad about getting those feedbacks, then stop reporting people. Reporting people is very much an optional thing you never have to do. You or however many fictional people like you will stop reporting people will not be bad for the system. LoL has millions of players sending millions of reports.
No, my basis for my feedback is simple: The same as ANY other piece of feedback, I have noticed something that is negatively impacting my experience with the game that could be easily resolved by implementing an 'opt out' feature. As a result, I am providing the feedback to the company that this is the case. I am leaving it in their hands as to whether they feel it is worth implementing something that is negatively impacting at least SOME of their playerbase, and specifically some players who are honorable. Nobody who has feedback can ever know the exact scope of the impact of their concern, since it is **impossible ** for us to read other players' minds to know exactly what percentage of the playerbase is impacted. As a result, the reasonable thing to do is to provide that feedback to the company in a polite form that expresses your concern and the impact the issue is having on you clearly. This is what I did. I'm sorry if offering feedback in a polite and reasonable way is somehow distasteful to you. If you would prefer, next time I have feedback I can come in here ranting and raving like a madman instead? Edit: As to your point about not reporting people... if the honorable players, the nice ones, aren't reporting people... who is? Do we really want the toxic players being the ones in control of the data the reporting system gets?
: Hey there, I get ur point but also this is a very specific problem. Not many ppl think as you. So they won't change anything to the system. "Never change a running system"
Uh... lots of companies add toggles to disable certain features after those features go live. It's a very, Very common type of change implemented to persistent games/clients. And as I have no way of knowing what percentage of people feel as I do, the only thing I can do is offer the feedback to Riot and hope they listen. I don't think that's unreasonable, is it?
: I think I've gotten literally one of these since the system was introduced years ago. Are you really seeing so many of these notices?
"Every time I get one of those notices, which fortunately doesn't happen THAT often" quoted from the post. No, they're not common. I've seen a few this year so far. But when it happens, it sucks. It's the worst feeling for me. Like... on the level of making me not want to play anymore type bad. I hate them. They're one of the worst things Riot's added in my opinion.
: "player"
There's virtually never a feeling that is unique to one person - think of the odds of someone being COMPLETELY unique, with literally BILLIONS of people, and MILLIONS of players for LoL. For every person who speaks up about something, there are always dozens who are feeling the same in silence. This goes for prettymuch every question, every complaint, every compliment, etc. that can happen.
: i doubt Rito would (or should) spend the energy for something like this.
If we have honorable players who are being made to feel unwelcome by the report system, thus leading to them playing less and participating less in reporting players who deserve it... is that a good thing? A desirable outcome?
: You could try asking support via ticket/live chat. However, I don't think it is capable in the current system.
It's not. That's why I'm submitting this as feedback regarding the current system. :)
Rioter Comments
: open letter to Riot; longtime player, extremely dissatisfied with the game's current state.
I feel like matchmaking in ranked solo queue gold has been pretty good lately. I've had a slightly above 50% win rate as I improved, I've had a few stomps but most matches felt like it was possible to either win or lose. One thing to keep in mind is that a person's rank and their normals MMR are not tied to one another. If a person gets to, say, gold, then switches to normals and plays a ton, he might become a high plat level player, but still be ranked in gold 4 because he no longer plays ranked. Also bear in mind that a person's personality is not something matchmaking can take into account. Riot can't predict who is going to be in a bad mood and act like an ass. If they had some form of tech could do that, they'd probably be out of the gaming business and be so rich selling that tech to other companies that they'd never look back.
: It's not really a problem, you get to skip an entire item, rush mobis and then finish your support item. It's an advantage not a disadvantage. Meanwhile you stay healthy and full of mana due to the chalice from athene's. Are you new to ivern right now or just someone that saw an ivern on your team or enemy team play and wondered what they were doing?
I was gonna say... don't Iverns WANT support items?
: That is not competitive. That's rational. Competitiveness by its own nature is never rational. You give up some level of competitiveness to behave rationally. Personal perfection is an illusion of competitiveness, especially within the constraints of of a game whose dynamics have shifted to .5 seconds. But it's an illusion players like to pretend exist. When someone goes 0/8 in a lane, it's not anything THEY did. It's their jungler, their mid not roaming with the other mid, and other people not warding. They in their mind are still perfect, or close to it. You can attempt to guard your own feelings on the matter of them, and to focus on yourself, but in truth, this accelerates the end of games, more than setting some of them back on track does. I know this is seen as toxicity, but a 0/8 team is going to become a 0/13 team, and the snowball into your base is going to be unstoppable. Sometimes, beginning the conversation of what's going wrong, even if it's pointed, direct, and mean, actually has a greater chance of creating a come back than just "focusing" on yourself. This is a really abstract conversation, and of course I'm overgeneralizing because there are almost infinite personalities and interactions we could be discussing. You have to generalize to make sense of fungible interpretations.
Reading your posts is a strange dichotomy... because you use a lot of big words to try to sound intelligent, but your posts are mostly nonsense...
: I care nothing about personal experience. I simply use it to illustrate commonality. And no. There's a simple ingredient missing. Faking = doing it for the purpose of exploitation. It's trying to game the system. Doing something for that purpose, does not lead to doing it by default. You actually have to WANT to be a better person, and most of us are adults who more or less are inflexible in changing those tendencies. Teenage players have some wiggle room in trying to adjust their personality. Adults have a much lesser range of adaptation. I WANT to be nice. But when you've played over 13,000 games since you joined the game, there's simply no way for you not to be "Toxic" some of the time. You know how to win. Some of your teammates don't. Some intentionally won't. You are going to react a fraction of the time. Now..... there's another consideration: Competitiveness. Competitiveness is the real disease. Toxicity is a symptom. But.... Solving it is a paradox: How do you accelerate progress, human advancement, without competitiveness, but at the same time, "just let go of it, when it's just a game?" To most of us who are "Toxic," Ranked isn't just a game. It's a representation that progress is being made within the game, and that we somehow haven't wasted hundreds if not thousand of hours playing a game for no reward. We see it as prestige to advance and teach other players, something they won't accept without the rank as a "resume" to prove you know what you're talking about. Ofc, many players don't have these incentives. They still see it as "just a game," which is further exacerbated by the fact many don't have bought champions/skins and thus no monetary attachment. What this boils down to: 1) Inability to change behavior patterns as a core competency in humans. 2) 4 Quadrants of player attachment which creates stress: Player type 1: Competitive, Monetary Attachment: High susceptibility for toxicity. Player type 2: Competitive, but no monetary attachment: VERY high susceptibility to toxicity. (Cares less about the account) Player type 3: Noncompetitve, Monetary attachment: Likely the least toxic players, but also the most prone to make macro game mistakes, because their learning curves/responses are not driven by competitiveness. Targets of all other three player quadrants. Player type 4: Noncompetitive, No monetary attachment. Less toxic than competitive players, but more toxic than those with monetary attachments.
I.... think you're generalizing way too far here. It's not hard to be both competitive and not toxic. You simply have to recognize that the only person you can control is yourself - thus the only mistakes that matter are yours. Once you realize that, your competitive drives turn into a drive for personal perfection, not a funnel for anger towards others.
: Sorry.... there is no such thing as an Ex Toxic, and the very fact you try to dictate someone else's opinions, message, and interpret it for others proves it. The fact you even followed it up with instructions suggests you are a narcissist.
That is absolutely not true. I assure you it is 100% possible for someone to have been a toxic individual in the past but matured and overcome that particular mental/emotional affliction.
: WHEN WEre 3-6s oneshots the standard?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? when the actual fuck did u start playing. were you playing dota or something??? assassins are the worse they have ever been. and i think you are mixing mages and assassins up
I played support in S3. Unless an assassin got SUPER fed... it wasn't a 1-shot. Well, except for Talon, but that's why he needed to get reworked. Even rengar's damage felt more reasonable in the old days.
Midg3t (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Eleshakai,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=mfOuHvUr,comment-id=000e00000000,timestamp=2019-03-12T12:16:42.233+0000) > > The reason for that wait time... is autofill. > > That's WHY queue times are able to be ~3 minutes maximum. And in return I get.... ruined game by trolls :)) Would I rather wait couple of extra minutes or have my game ruined hmmmmm?
> [{quoted}](name=Midg3t,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=mfOuHvUr,comment-id=000e000000000000,timestamp=2019-03-12T13:46:47.718+0000) > > And in return I get.... ruined game by trolls :)) > Would I rather wait couple of extra minutes or have my game ruined hmmmmm? It's not a COUPLE extra minutes. It's like... 10-20 extra minutes. Per game. Every game. (unless you're a support main like me, in which case your queue time becomes literally zero... so bonus for me I guess) Are you willing to wait 15 minutes if you're a fairly high demand role(jungle/top) or 25+ if you're a low-demand role like mid or adc for your games. And remember, if the support dodges, there's not another one waiting, so you won't even necessarily get instant re-games after a dodge. So prepare to wait another 2-3 minutes if a support dodges. And I guarantee you that you have autofills in your games a lot more often than the number of times your games have been ruined by them suggests. Because MOST people who get autofilled don't troll or dodge or feed. The majority of them just play. You just don't know it because they never TELL you. It's the small percentage who do that you remember. Additionally, any time anyone feeds, you can blame auto-fill for it, which inflates the number of times you THINK autofill ruined your game, when in reality it's much lower than you're attributing.
: LMAO wtf. why are there assassins in the game then? also assassins whole point is to basically go 1 for 1 in a team fight. mages burst way too quick which makes mages assassins which don't have to take risks. also how will anyone kill an adc in low elo without ahy team composition or communication. if a adc player is good and doesn't take useless risks he can avoid getting 1shot but when the adc literally 2v5's with a support i think there is not much that can be done. also the whole point of assassins are taking risks, if they fail when they take the risk they lose a lot and start being useless unless you are playing on season 7-9. seasons 3-6 were good for assassins since they usually had to take many risks durring the game to get the power to 1shot but now if you take many risks and succeed you get almost no reward. and yes i agree every champion is an assassin rn when fed and that is a problem but is it really the facts foult that 1shotting is a thing or the fact that riot over buff items so much that 1 item advantage on anyone makes it super hard to kill since there is too much cc, cdr and dmg in the game. also if you get assassinated you have done something wrong (or someone else). if you are saying a 8/0 assassin should not be able to 1shot you are dumb. he has played nearly perfect and he should get rewarded and the reason this is not broken for assassins is that there is the other side of the situation. if they go 0/3 for example they lose so much dmg from lack of items and xp they are useless unlike many champions with safer playstyle. i don't mind losing and being useless sometimes but when i play perfect and i have alot of dmg i should be able to 1shot everything from mages to adc's if you build full dmg and die instantly don't complain, instead go play tank...
Assassin's are supposed to be able to kill quickly, but not one-shot. There's a difference between 'killing in 3 seconds' and 'one-shotting'. In s3-6 one-shots were RARELY possible.(almost never)
Midg3t (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Eleshakai,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=mfOuHvUr,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2019-03-11T12:18:47.582+0000) > > 2) Auto-fill reduces queue times by something like 10~ minutes(it might have been more, honestly...) for most non-support mains. Are you REALLY willing to wait 15 minutes for a queue every single game? In which elo? Bruh, I'm silver-gold and even when i wanted to play, let's say top I had to w8 3 minutes MAXIMUM. And if it's such a big issue for high elo, leave autofill for them. Autofill rn causes players to either: - dodge, in which case you still sometimes w8 as much as you would without autofill - troll, which wastes time and LP But hey, if you like having your game ruined who am I to tell you otherwise :P
> [{quoted}](name=Midg3t,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=mfOuHvUr,comment-id=000e0000,timestamp=2019-03-11T21:45:12.602+0000) > > In which elo? Bruh, I'm silver-gold and even when i wanted to play, let's say top I had to w8 3 minutes MAXIMUM. And if it's such a big issue for high elo, leave autofill for them. > Autofill rn causes players to either: > > - dodge, in which case you still sometimes w8 as much as you would without autofill > - troll, which wastes time and LP > > But hey, if you like having your game ruined who am I to tell you otherwise :P The reason for that wait time... is autofill. That's WHY queue times are able to be ~3 minutes maximum.
Soylas (NA)
: It's time to remove Auto-Fill for ranked
1) Role-based ranks just got removed so they aren't coming. 2) Auto-fill reduces queue times by something like 10~ minutes(it might have been more, honestly...) for most non-support mains. Are you REALLY willing to wait 15 minutes for a queue every single game?
: reason why shaco isnt good even with the second highest main rate and pretty low pickrate is because he peaks at dmg late game but most games there is nothing to 1shot so all the damage feels like its for nothing. and he doesnt have an escape if he incages with q. he is just a sitting duck after he takes adc's ga away. too many times i am fed af and i should be doing some more dmg but the adc just has too much mobility, dmg, and survivability. we assassins want rewards from the risks that we take that can easily cause us to lose the game or atleast an early dragon. i have not done a pure 1shot since dark harvest got reworked. dark harvest was rewarding and balanced. current one works with 2 champions and they arent even assassins. (i dont know how good other assassins can 1shot rn but i imagine its simillar to shaco)
1-shotting should never be a thing. There are too many champs that can damn-near one-shot right now, and it's a problem. Assassins should be able to kill quickly, but not one-shot.
: CS bounties shouldn't be a thing due to the fact, that if you choose a Nasus in lane for example, you will be outcs'd by someone Like gnar & Bullied. YOU chose your weakness (early game). YOU chose to sacrifice CS to survive. And YOU get rewarded if that Gnar gets killed, because he zoned you & outcs'd you, even if you're both 0/0/0. That SHOULD NOT be a case in ANY skill based game. Bounty for kills, sure. I mean, if an assassin is steamrolling your midlaner, but he sucks at farming, you get some gold to compensate for the incapability of your midlaner to survive, and you are still OKish. A 0/0/0 Xerath on the other hand, who has 200cs/20minutes, while the 24/7 roaming Talon who has 100cs/20minutes, and neither have kills (lets assume talon failed), Talon literaly gets told "yo dude, this guy is worth 800g now, you can make up for your roaming if you get him from a decent angle heehee. Hard outcsing someone in lane is literaly PUNISHED. You remember when going 50cs was an insanely good thing? And now you're 50cs ahead on toplane, can't dive in because oh well woopty doo the riot devs put an 800g bounty on you, GL diving/engaging with that and risking to give the 800GOLD to one of the enemy carries, that will eventualy scale into late game monsters and melt through you, so you know, it's totaly not making you re-think your choices, re-think engaging/making a play, making you play like a little bitch even though you are that lets say Malphite/Maokai, you just don't want the risk of lets say Vayne getting an 800g freebie for literaly N O R E A S O N at all, except for the fact that you ACTUALLY played your lane better then your lane opponent. The system is so flawed, and so trash, that it's a joke. You get punished for playing better. It's riot literaly saying "BE EVEN WITH THIS GUY THAT IS MISSING 10 CS UNDER THE TURRET SO THAT YOU DONT END UP DYING ONCE AND GIVING AN ENTIRE ITEM TO THE MIDLANE CARRY OR AN ADC!" Completely stupid design. Should fire all the devs and make sure they never get hired in any gaming related industries.
You'd have like a 450 bounty at 50cs. So you'd be worth 150 extra gold after getting at minimum 700 extra gold. That seems reasonable to me.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sp33d Zer0,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zjVEsBqN,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-03-09T08:55:35.501+0000) > > Why don't you think a 2k gold lead is worth a bounty? > > I agree that the CS bounties ARE sensitive, but Kayle at 15 minutes had 5.3k gold to the Amumu top's 3.3k gold. > > By 18 minutes this had been balooned to a 2.8k gold lead. > > By 23 minute Kayle had a 4.4k gold lead. > > In fact Kayle had a larger gold lead than your opposing laner had. Kayle had a significantly higher gold lead than the bot laners, > > Kayle was also had more of a gold lead than the enemy jungler had on your own. > > > > > Kayle had the single largest gold lead over anyone else in the game regardless of KDA. You have to be able to see that Kayle (regardless of what team she was on) was ONLY outmatched in gold by orianna, but you had a large lead over their amumu, meaning that if you wanna talk about solo laners, your 2v2 was stronger than theirs. Kayle having a large bounty off of having the single largest differential in the game makes sense to me. Because it discourages farming well. League is not just about "your laner" if your whole team is behind you shouldnt have a bounty from cs just because 1 laner has less gold then you.
So what you're saying is that if my team as a whole is behind, but I'm a 10/0 assassin, I shouldn't have a bounty because MY personal gold lead isn't bigger than the other four players on my team's gold deficit? Bounties are about how well you are doing on a personal level. Being 2k up above tyour laner from farm means you are doing extremely well and are a high value target. Thus you get a bounty. Same goes if you were 5/0. You're a high value target, so you get a bounty.
: Anyone else bored of dodgeball?
The only part of that that isn't an extreme exaggeration is the vision change. Vision has been overly nerfed and it's a real pity.
: Whether his skills transfer or not is irrelevant. That's not what ranked-splashing is about. It was put in solely as a safeguard to prevent inting in non-main roles. Which, BTW, isn't working. And this all begs the question: If playing ranked affects all positions and not just the position you're playing, THEN WHY HAVE POSITIONAL RANKED AT ALL?
It doesn't beg the question at all. The answer is obvious. Until the absolute pinnacle, people are not 'gold players', people are 'gold support players' or 'diamond top players' or 'iron adc players'. The point of positional ranked is to allow you to have a better representation of your skill in each position. Yes, some of the skills you learn when playing the game as a whole transfer. But not ALL of them. As I get better at support, that doesn't automatically make me as good at mid. It makes me slightly better at mid, because I have a greater understanding of the game as a whole, but not at an equal rate. The theory behind it is good. Whether you agree with the implementation or not, if you disagree with the theory behind 'a person is not the same skill at all facets of the game, so it is valuable to show them an accurate representation and give them accurate matchmaking for each facet separately' then you're probably not thinking straight. I'm not going to argue implementation, because there are clearly still kinks to work out - still flaws with the system. But it would be a real pity to abandon the whole concept just because people are too whiny to live with a transitional stage while they work out the kinks.
Midg3t (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Eleshakai,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Aw02a9n9,comment-id=001100000000,timestamp=2019-03-02T03:10:24.383+0000) > > Anything about hating Riot automatically gets a certain quantity of thumbs ups on the boards unless it's completely moronic. > > Which means that it takes something ABSOLUTELY extraordinary for the 'I like Riot' vote to win. Since this is only an 'okay' change, the natural bias ensures that the negative wins. If we excluded the 'bias' the vote would probably be close to 50/50. How is this "an okay change" exactly? You're saying Boards are biased and hate every change Riot makes, and yet you didn't point out any good sides to this system. Why should we praise this system instead of hating it?
To be clear, I wasn't trying to convince you of anything about this change, so I don't NEED to give you arguments. I was trying to explain why ANY change that isn't so incredibly perfect that NOBODY can come up with any flaws for it will automatically be seen in a negative light here. It's simple logic: If you go to a place that has an inherent bias and ask a question where that bias comes into play... that bias is going to influence the results. In the end, you should do whatever feels right to you, as will I. I don't care to convince you about whether this change is good or bad, because the things that are positives to me are personal... and I am not going to be able to convince you to be me, nor would I want to.
: No, for one simple reason: Because of "splashing," your rank is not a proper representation of your skill in that role. It can't possibly be, because you're losing/gaining elo in that role without actually playing it. It's season 6 all over again. And if I subscribe to the idea that positional ranked without splashing can be too easily exploited/abused, then the whole concept becomes a pointless catch-22. It was self-defeating right out of the gate as it was presented.
So you're saying that if a master's player, or even a grandmaster's player, never plays top... he's an iron quality top and all his games didn't improve his ability to play top at all? That literally none of the skills transfer? Is that what you're implying?
Midg3t (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Eleshakai,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Aw02a9n9,comment-id=0011,timestamp=2019-02-27T14:41:43.236+0000) > > Of course the vote was going to have nay win. These are the boards. This is where the people who hate everything Riot does come to bond. Yea, that's definitelly the reason. Not because of it's flaws or anything...
Anything about hating Riot automatically gets a certain quantity of thumbs ups on the boards unless it's completely moronic. Which means that it takes something ABSOLUTELY extraordinary for the 'I like Riot' vote to win. Since this is only an 'okay' change, the natural bias ensures that the negative wins. If we excluded the 'bias' the vote would probably be close to 50/50.
: POLL: Positional ranked yay or nay?
Of course the vote was going to have nay win. These are the boards. This is where the people who hate everything Riot does come to bond.
: > [{quoted}](name=Eleshakai,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=cgEOTfRE,comment-id=00010005,timestamp=2019-02-23T17:06:47.806+0000) > > Psychologically speaking, this is false in somewhere close to 99% of cases. Korea would like a word. > It'll eventually get you banned, but you can keep experimenting if you don't value your account. Don't know where this random threat came from. Regardless I've been flaming and had my account for 4 years, bypassing the system is easy if you know what your doing
Korea would not like a word. They do not play BETTER because of flaming, they simply are capable of ignoring it. It's not a threat, it's a simple caution. Flaming is against the game's terms of use, thus flaming will eventually get you banned, once sufficient reports are accrued.
: Flame *can* make someone play better, or something of the like. It all depends on the person's mentality, and how they perceive flame: If they are sensitive or can't take criticism, then flaming may not be optimal. If they are thick skinned and can take criticism, then flaming may be optimal. If they perceive flame to be insulting, then flaming may not be optimal. If they perceive flaming to be criticism, then flaming may be optimal. Based on my observations and experiences, I've seen players make less mistakes, play better, keep trying etc. as a result of flaming. *Your* personal feelings of flame are not universal
Psychologically speaking, this is false in somewhere close to 99% of cases. But you can keep believing it if you want. It'll eventually get you banned, but you can keep experimenting if you don't value your account.
: PSA: Flaming your team will NOT make them play better.
I'm going to be honest here, I think your PSA needs to go a step further. People are, generally, not receptive to negative feedback from people they have no reason to trust during high-stress situations. When you put 5 people together in a game, they don't know each other. They don't have any pre-built trust, and there is no really quick way to make a person trust you. And when you know you've just screwed up and you're losing, stress is likely starting to mount. As a result, there is very little reason to provide directed feedback to a teammate when they've screwed up unless they're asking for it DURING THE GAME. It's not going to end well most of the time. The best result you can realistically hope for is that they just ignore you and move on. More likely is you make them feel even worse about the mistakes they KNOW they've made and tilt even more. If you really want to offer feedback, wait until the end of the game and whisper the person and ask them if they're interested in some tips. If they say no, don't force the issue. If they say yes, who knows, you might even make a new friend.
Riot Jag (NA)
: Teemo changes temporarily on PBE for early feedback
A teemo change we'd all get behind: Teemo has been removed from the game.
: Why do you constantly try to balance URF?
I feel like ARURF with bans would be the way to go. When you get into the game, have a quick ban phase, then randomly pick the champs from the non-banned.
: An open letter to Riot Games
I have never in my life wanted to play a team game and be excluded from communications with my team. That seems like it would have an adverse affect on teamwork. Muting individuals who do bad things, of course. But removing communication from the equation as a whole long-term? I can't support that. Edit: Additionally, the best way to counter toxicity is to foster a healthy in-chat environment yourself.
: Unpopular Opinion: Riots last few patches have made this game more fun
Unpopular opinion: This opinion is not unpopular.
: A Critique on Scathlocke/Lore Team's view on Good and Evil
I have generally liked most of League's writing... but the lack of paragons/villains is becoming almost a trope itself. It's getting to the point of predictability. And that's where it becomes a problem. I appreciate them trying to avoid making everything dark or light, and adding shades of grey is fantastic. But when everything becomes grey, it's just as much of a problem as if nothing's grey.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: "He's not good in competitive so he is shit" _Looks at G2 smashing with Yasuo_
G2 is smashing with EVERY CHAMP THEY PICK... Have you SEEN some of their drafts? lol
: Maybe it's a sign if champs have nearly 80% ban rate, that they're overpowered
I'll be blunt: Yasuo could get a passive effect that reads: "Deals 95% reduced damage on all sources", and he'd still be a 60+% banrate. That's not saying Yasuo ISN'T overpowered right now, but... his banrate has little to do with his power, and more to do with a bandwagon effect of people just loving to hate him.
CoraloDy (NA)
: * Curbing * Adding it to kits that didn't have it before Pick one.
So if they cut ALL true damage in the game in half but at the same time added one new source to a champion during a redesign... you wouldn't call that curbing? I would. Because that's functionally what they've been doing. They're reducing the potency of a lot of the agnostic sources of true damage(and removing some of them altogether), thus reducing the overall prevalence of it. Then adding a source of late-game true damage to a single champion WHERE IT FITS. to me, that sounds like the right direction to take.
: Riot, didn't we tell you that there's already too much true damage?
They didn't hand it out like candy. Kayle literally had to BE AN ANGEL to get some.
Necroash (NA)
: Nobody Talking About the New Refund Policy?
The only change I'd recommend is adding a special type of refund token called a 'teemo token' that lets you remove teemo from your account if you ever get him as part of a bundle or gift or other similar situation.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ravenhale,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zgRK8tuE,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-02-20T19:12:45.290+0000) > > Actually it sounds like you will never have more than 3 refunds. It's a use it or lose it policy. oh so we get 3 every year?
You gain 1 token per year UNLESS you are already at 3 tokens. Additionally, everyone who has used at least one token gets refunded 1 automatically.
: Believe me, just because you are okay with it doesn’t mean that other will be. If they did it for silver kayle then they will open the floodgates for any other time exclusive which will upset the other owner of those time exclusive. So no, I dont think Riot will do it.
I don't think they'll do it either. But they should. The e-peen wars over who has the best exclusive cosmetic content are absurd. And we should react to anyone who complains about them removing exclusivity the same way a parent reacts to their 4-year old doing something really stupid. That mix of disappointment and condescension that you I'm sure you've all seen someone use... because it's a hilariously childish mindset.
Gixia (NA)
: How Kayle should have looked
I don't see much of a difference, so I don't mind if they make adjustments of this sort. *shrugs* seems like a lot of work for little impact though.
: Kayle + why true damage is a good thing
Stop with the logic. You must exude outrage, anger, and wrath! OUTRAGE!!!!! (even when it makes no sense to be outraged like in this case)
: Hey you know what, Kayle dealing true damage at level 16 is okay
whoa whoa whoa. Stop being logical and rational. This is the INTERNET. None of that allowed.
Malungo (NA)
: What makes you think you're entitled to something given out out to players who were there from the very beginning, because it looks cool? Not how this type of exclusive works friend, sorry but that would be a huge dick move to the people who have Silver Kalye. I have Judgement Kayle and I wouldn't be so happy if they re-released a skin I got because I've been playing LoL for so long.
Hi. I have Silver Kayle. I would be more than happy to have more people able to use it. Just because you're a dick about exclusive stuff, doesn't mean all people are. Some of us are nice and just want the game to be fun for as many as possible.
: As we've said many times - "good" and "evil" are relative, and we're not aiming for such 2-dimensional tropes anymore.
There's a difference between 'not aiming for typical good and evil tropes' and 'obsessively countertroping to the point where it's as bad as the original trope'. Don't get me wrong, I love a lot of Riot's writing and stories. I think you guys do a good job overall... but I am getting a little tired of it being so predictable because you are so unwilling to use the standard tropes for good and evil EVER.
: So, Riot.....about that Silver Kayle...
TFW you're finally proud to have Silver Kayle after all these years. (also just as an fyi, I have no objecting to them offering some new method for people to acquire either this skin or a very similar version of it)
Vekkna (NA)
: On the flipside of this, you have champs like Zyra who have layers upon layers upon layers of counterplay (immobility, skillshots, delays, slow travel time, crushing seeds, killing plants, zone limitations, etc). And yet her win rate (usually) stays above 50%. As assassins go, Katarina is exceptionally high counterplay. As mages go, Lissandra has multiple worst-in-class weaknesses stacked together. And yet both of them maintain fairly reasonable win rates despite their unusually high number of unusually punitive weaknesses. Taken together with your Yasuo comment, it seems like balancing strengths and weaknesses is an afterthought so long as the champ stats are fine in an ELO 98% of us will never experience. I think that justification is harming the game because at a fundamental level it means fun is less important than stats. I think that's misguided at both ends of the spectrum. Playing against Yasuo is rage-inducing. It doesn't matter that I have 4 years of annual recaps showing him as my most-killed champ or that my highest win rate is against him. On the flipside, it doesn't matter that I have a 56% average win rate in ~1000 ranked Zyra games now that she's too frustrating and inconsistent to enjoy. And that problem gets worse, not better, as you climb. If the OP is about fun and fairness, you can't throw it out just because low-elo Yasuos int and high-elo players counter him. Or because Diamond+ players have teams that carry a low-damage Aftershock+Proto Lissandra. Or because Gunblade active is an overtuned workaround to layers of kit delays. EDIT: Perhaps a better point would be that there's a threshold where strengths and weaknesses can be too extreme within a single champion. Meaningful weakness is important, but so is reasonable strength. I think this might better express the issues with the 4 example champs I used.
Him not being on this list doesn't mean they'll never adjust him, just that they don't think his design is fundamentally broken.
: How would tower skins even work? You can't put it in every lane because there are only 3 lanes.
Tower skins would likely have to be visible only to the player themselves.
Nefas (NA)
: What rates have you seen around autofilling and getting secondary over primary compared to the past? I noticed my rate of getting my main role has decreased significantly, to the point of getting my off role every other game for significant stretches. This feels awful and you making penalties for off-roles worse makes me want to stop playing for a while, to be entirely honest. I still strongly dislike this new system and believe it is a detriment to the competitive queue that is ranked. The sooner it is removed the better. Ranked is not and should not be the place for experimenting.
So what you're basically saying is that 'ranked should never ever ever change' You have to experiment in ranked ni order to make a change in ranked because no other environment is quite like it.
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