Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 6
Will Diana changes be shipping next patch? or will they be held back for another patch?
: What Happened to the RoA Changes?
This item would be better off used as a new item completely, (and preferably made Melee only) so we could actually get our mage bruisers back without them being "tank OR Assassin" although thats currently somewhat both atm..... I want to play a mage bruiser but they just dont work with the items currently...
: Good question! We try to save micropatches for emergencies since they can create extra bugs and problems. In this case we do think the swap is worth it but don't want to risk potential complications.
Everytime i read a post about hotfixes or micropatches causing bugs or complications i just remember that one time we got a micropatch to nerf a champ and then 11 champions had to get disabled.
Akrid415 (NA)
: URF not fun anymore
good thing everyone begged for non random urf back.... its almost like the OG players said this would happen. I played my 5-6 games of Urf and saw Pyke Yuumi and Ezreal in every single game, at that point i was done with the mode.
Sneakeh (EUNE)
Senna's stealth is very different from Akalis stealth, if you are near her you can see and target her still.
: Soundsw absolutely Awful. This wouldn't just affect spells listed above it would effect literally every point an click in the game? For instance, if i am rakan and want to shield someone and their out of range your telling me it wouldn't make me walk to them any longer?
its only for placed ground aoe moves, its also done for other characters already in the game like Cass Q and Karhtus Q. its actually a really really good QoL change.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 18
I didnt see any posts about this and i know im super late to this like always. Yall posted about Diana is getting some work done and will likely be in the preseason or a patch or 2 after based on bugs and testing and whatnot, i wanted to ask if she will be shifted to a more assassin playstyle or more bruiser playstyle, i love Diana as an onhit ap bruiser that sticks to targets but i know her best way to play is the burst 100-0. Also i want to know if she will be balanced around being able to Jungle and midlane or just one or the other.
Meddler (NA)
: While we won't have Hexakill on TT this year before TT's removal as a regular mode we're certainly open to having Hexakill TT as an event mode sometime next year. It's one of the candidates we've been discussing already (no promises, but definitely under consideration).
I hope when hexakill comes back its on twisted treeline, the mode feels awful in SR but on Twisted treeline it feels insane and super action packed.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 4
Do you think there is a chance we will see Cassiopeia Botlane at worlds this year? Or is she so far removed from actual gameplay that shes stuck in limbo until actual work can be done on her.
: I really got weird question about ARAM balance Special about the cancer looking Nidalee and Kai'Sa
Nidalee has one of the lowest winrates in aram since her update and consistent overall nerfs when she was a jungler....
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 13
I know im late on this, and i can't get promised a response or anything like that but i wanted to post this because its just how i've been feeling lately, i've been playing since season 1 and i honestly feel like some champions (specially ones released durign the dreaded new champ every 2 week cycle) are starting to really fall behind in terms of the newer champs/reworks. Diana feels absolutely horrendous to play still and i wish yall cared about her more because she has such a cool thematic and with targon gaining in traction as such a favored area you would think more thought would go into the weird Diver assassin tank mage bruiser whatever she is. also i still hate teh Zyra plant health changes that happened several months ago, the buff to her ultimate felt Great and it clearly impacted her playrate/winrate however it felt like a buff she should have gotten years ago to normalize her ult mana cost (theres only like 4 other champs that dont have 100 as their manacost now) I wish leveling up her W actually changed something or increased something when it was ranked up.
: Karma hard nerfs???
Look im gonna be honest, I play Karma a bit but not too much since i play mostly Arams nowadays, but in normal games, Karma's Q hits like a fucking mactruck in earlygame so saying she doesn't do damage is bullshit and if you play Karma you also know thats bullshit. I think the nerf is stupid yes, but dont go saying she doesnt' do damage and is only a shieldbot, otherwise she'd be played support.
: How is Lux escaping nerfs next patch when she's near 100% pick/ban in GM+ games...
that post was proven ridiculously biased and used a ton of hyperbole lol.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 24
I know im late, But im gonn ask or well beg, can Zyra PLEASE be on one of the future "mini updates". She feels terrible to play nowadays... her QoL buff was great because it made her plant health consistent along all champions but, it doesn't help her at all. Zyra during the MYMU the main goal that yall had with her was "more focus on plants less on burst mage" and as the patches have gone on since then shes shifted right back to being a burstmage with some plants thrown in for flavor, it doesn't feel good and its really depressing that her thing she should be known for isn't what shes known for. I want to be a plantmancer again... Can we revert the plant health changes or just get some actual work going on her so she can actually Hit that beautiful garden she is meant for? Sorry if this seems very sappy, i just havn't enjoyed my favorite champion in the game for a couple of months now and its making me want to play less because my favorite just doesn't feel fun to play anymore...
RtClick (NA)
: Does the balance team play this game?
the balance team is from silver to challenger tier, and accordign to some rioters who stream the playtesters are their highest ranked players.
: im pretty sure they already removed that
Its still there sadly.
Meddler (NA)
: We'll have some Diana changes on PBE soon, potentially next week . Not expecting we'll ship those in 9.10 or 9.11, but instead that we'll see how they test, what discussion is like etc. Based off that we'll then figure out what adjustments to make and whether to get some form of them into an upcoming patch in the moderate future or not. Context post with full changes and rationale to come the day they hit PBE.
If one of these changes involves removing the R-Q-R combo interaction for really low ping players im all for this.
: Riven "Nerfs" lol. Still a permaban for me chief cuz this ain't it.
because riot data has literally proven shes not OP. shes not above a 53% winrate in any server based on official riot data.
Orbv (NA)
: I don't know how Yasuo and/or Zed always get through. It's like people don't like to increase their odds of winning.
because unless you play mid you dont find them frustrating except when they get fed, i personally think Yasuo is ok, frustrating, but ok. Zed is a piece of shit tho and im ready for him to get harder with the nerfbat than Eve did when she lost her stun, base stats and scaling.
: > [{quoted}](name=Minimac2000,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EafPVmOq,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2019-04-08T21:27:52.828+0000) > > Same, but I can't ban her bc {{champion:10}} and {{champion:92}} exist. Ughhh I know right ? Like every game i wish someone banned riven, vayne and jax for me
thats how i feel in midlane for {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} and {{champion:105}}
: Imo, this is the best part. See, i would agree with you up until they added the champion pool at the top. When this got added to the mode, it basically made it so that if lux,ziggs,fiddlesticks, etc. showed up in as someone's picks they were now available to anyone on the team even if that person might not have wanted to play it (originally, rerolling just comepletely removed the champ from your team). This meant that there actually became a meta of op poke mages that honestly just busted your chances of winning. Sure, you could win against these champs, but your chances were way lower especially if they had more than 1 on the same team. Bans make it so you can knock out at least one of them and hope the rest don't get picked. So far lux,ziggs,fid have been banned in every game I've played of aram on my other acc.
your welcome for keeping ziggs out of your aram games and warping the entire game because him just existing ruins aram for both teams
: ARAM Balance Update Thread
I'd drop the balancing of champions for Aram and just keep bans and the long range protection seminerf, its hard to keep up with these balance changes even if they are on the buff for aram.
Minarde (NA)
: Person you're replying to is incorrect. It's 3 weeks of free rotation, meaning 42 free champs. Change was made [back in patch 8.11]( in May 2018.
TY for the link, i could've sworn it was 4 weeks + the current week. i was off by a bit but i knew it wasn't 1 tho.
: Only the current week's free rotation, which only adds in 14. There can be overlap too in the free week and an ARAM accounts champion pool. While it does increase the champion pool it can add good champions into the roster as well bad.
Aram has 5 weeks of free rotation available in aram so the champion pool will always be 50+ champions. this was changed like a good while ago. *edit* its 3 weeks not 5, i thought it was past weeks of free champions + the current week my bad.
it just means i wont see champion 118 in arams anymore, and im happy. we also wont see Ziggs Sona or Lux in aram again either which sucks for those people who like that champion but bans were kind of needed. Ziggs and Sona had almost 90% winrates in aram.
: Ivern Main: Rito give Ivern a new skin already! It's been forever! Riot makes a new Ivern skin Ivern Main: THIS SKIN SUX RITO IS TERRIBLE!
I mean Riot should be called out when the quality of a skin looks really lacking compared to other champions. It looks really "forced"
: Can't say I'm impressed nor looking forward to these changes. Since blitzcrank is a front-liner for the team it makes sense for his shield to be based on current mana, as the enemy team will likely retaliate upon grabbing someone, and gives him a lifeline at the start of a fight as he probably will be focused; while rewarding enemies for stalling him out so his shield will get weaker the more he fails to succeed. Changing it to scale off maximum mana removes this strategic dynamic between playmaking in teamfights. Having an uncontrollable but longer ranged sunfire cape is part of his identity (seriously has anyone tried to build one a tezla coil from scratch?). It assists his farming for toplane, and also uses procs from the relic shield when played support, something that most supports tend to struggle with between taking more damaging poke and their carry killing minions first. Turning it into yet another auto-attack on-hit effect feels lazy, and contradictory given what was stated about why the shield is getting changed, now encouraging players to never use his ultimate so he can rotate between marking multiple champions. If anything was to be changed, I'd do it like this; I'd rather his rocket grab be altered to be thrown from and at an angle to match his animation, this would spread his skill floor and ceiling as nearly everyone is used to skillshots being just a straight line projected from their champion. Can't be that difficult to implement given diana & victor have existed for years. And lower the movement speed penalty of underdrive on his W, this would give him plenty more reliability without outright adding more gimmicky damage. And increase the cooldown of his ultimate a bit at max rank, I liked the scaling up usefulness buff he got some time back, but with 45% cooldown reduction it's basically on a 10 second cooldown late game, rather strong for an instant AOE. I'd thinks fair to nerf if the overdrive buff I previously suggested was in place. If your post's changes are going to be forced live anyway (I'm cynical since kogmaw was the only reverted rework when others were rebuked worse). Then at least keep the old lightning strike animation from the passive for when the mark detonates, xerath's rework was so disappointing and I don't want a repeat for another old main.
its all enemies, so just punch all the minions and it'll proc on all of them instead of 2 of them per wave.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 6
Alright im going to pique your brain a bit, I asked Blaustouise (Spelling?) about Akali getting a heal added back into her kit via her passive auto attack, and he said they want to see how she lands after her buffs, but i feel it still wont be enough to help her survive in the earlygame enough to actually feel like a meaningful laner, Adding it into her passive auto after it procs would promote not stalling and healing on minion waves and make her more aggresive. (in my opinion at least) Also lets talk about my main for a bit, there was talk several months ago about work to make Zyra's plants feel more meaningful in the lategame because right now they just feel like an afterthought and almost borderline useless. I do agree they are very good earlygame, but lategame and midgame they just dont work. What about making it so leveling up her W adds more seeds to stock up, up to 5. You could nerf her/buff her by making her base W only give 1 seed charge until its ranked up which would nerf her laning a bit.
: ARURF+ 9.5 Extension & Changelist
Whew no Zyra changes, still the most busted laner.
: who has the faster reaction time? {{champion:67}} before rengar jumps on her and kills her or can {{champion:107}} click on her within the 0.2 seconds before she goes invisible again and 3 shots him? as long as adc are the abominations that they are, we need rengar in the game.
Im sorry but this is just stupid, Vayne is one of, if not the only, squishy damage dealer in the game who can deal with a Rengar and only at a Master+ rating would they even react fast enough to a Rengar 1shotting them with undodgeable damage via his Q. Like shit i get it, the boards fucking hate Vayne for her truedamage and the fact rageblade works with it, but like Rengar is not okay when if he gets 2 kills he can delete someone instantly with no actual chance to react.
: Ranked 2019 — /dev Update #3
Im going to be honest, im not a fan of the positional rankings but i can deal with them since i got my goal of gold and am mostly done with ranked for the season. I will say i had several gripes, With the addition of positional rankings having promotion series between divisions 4-1 feel ridiculously tedius now, if i want to rank all my roles to gold and they are all in silver 3, thats a LOT of promotion games. And splashing can't even put you in a promo, but it can demote you out of a division. Its not enjoyable and almost made me want to dodge if i was on an offrole instead of trying since it just didnt matter to me.
rayzo (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Elewd,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jEg0vtXc,comment-id=0006000000020000,timestamp=2019-02-25T04:56:23.458+0000) > > Personally i hate his playerbase and gimping a player by banning the most popular to ban champion is a good feeling. That's a pretty stupid reason by itself to ban a champion, not gonna lie. Yasuo is my cousin's favorite champion, and she's possibly the nicest League player I have the privilege of knowing. Just saying, don't assume the entire playerbase of a champion is bad just because you don't happen to like the champion yourself.
im going to assume most all yasuo players are flamers until im proven otherwise, but so far i'd almost all of them flame or rage.
: Reset Ranked
hard pass, i already finished my goal of gold again so back to aram,s resetting ranked would mean i have to get back there.
Áery (NA)
: If Darius bleed can apply Conquerer why can’t Zyra plants?
Darius bleed doesn't apply stacks of conquerer, the auto he does or skill he does before does. Zyra's plants will proc conquere but each plant only accounts for 1 stack since they are classified as a dot. so if you have 3 plants up and they all auto one person you get 3 stacks. if she has conquerer proc'd the plants she spawns (or if she ultis since it "respawns" the plants) will start doing the truedamage.
rayzo (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Elewd,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jEg0vtXc,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-02-24T03:18:30.381+0000) > > he got a hotfix half revereted from when IE was originally changed to not have crit. He's actually weaker than he was before the crit rework. IE now gives 225% extra damage on crits compared to the 250% before, additionally, shiv + raptor cloak now gives 90% crit instead of 100%. Not to mention conqueror takes longer to stack, doesn't stack on minions, and deals less true damage than before. And his ult lost the armor pen on non-crit attacks.
my statement still stands and is still an accurate response to your "he just got nerfed" statement, he got a partial revert to a buff that was hotfixed onto him that he got within 24 hours of the IE change because yasuo's winrate dropped. I personally think the only thing that is overpowered on yasuo is his passive shield recharging way too quickly, if hes gonna have it, it shouldnt recharge between every single minion wave to make trading with him in lane feel like a waste of time. Reduce the rate his shield is up and i'd be somewhat okay with him. Personally i hate his playerbase and gimping a player by banning the most popular to ban champion is a good feeling.
rayzo (NA)
: He literally just got nerfed. You're delusional.
he got a hotfix half revereted from when IE was originally changed to not have crit.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 22
just wanna say, new Conquerer is really fun on Diana and Neeko. it working on spelldamage i enjoy a lot.
Rioter Comments
Azca33 (NA)
: Can you report accounts for being elo boosted?
the main draw with someone being boosted is if they all of a sudden switch to a role with a hypercarry champion with a ridiculous winrate.
: Arclight Brand - WHO MADE THIS, RIOT?
as a colorblind person, i actually could not even see his spells in the video. i hope its better in the colorblind mode....
: Just becasue riot doesn't directly oppose a champ being played in a certain role doesn't mean they're for it. Brand I'm kind of starting to understand (because of his ult and passive), but velkoz, xerath, and veigar are definitely not designed to be supports. Just because you can bring them bot lane doesn't mean they were designed for that in mind.
wait what? you understand brand support now with his 1 cc and just raw damage, compared to vel'koz having a knockup/displacement thing and 2 slows? Tbh it seems like we mostly agree on everything in that Fuck the mages that need money and damage to function going into the support role and not the mages like Zyra Ve'koz Morgana and lux who can function without as much gold.
: Leona was definitely not for top; her passive is clear proof of that. It sucks for a solo lane. Also, league has greatly changed since these champs were initially released. Now that they've settled into the support role, they've been changed to be what a support should be. When I say designed with the role in mind, I don't necessarily mean when the champ was originally conceived. I mean that their current state is backed up by changes and adjustments to mold them into what a support should be. I won't acknowledge champs like xerath, vel'koz, and brand to be real supports until deliberate changes are made to make support their main role. Also, the mage supports in question received those zoning tools mainly to protect themselves in midlane. The fact of the matter is that cc works regardless of the lane you're in, even if it wasn't made for that lane.
Leona was originally intended to be a toplane tank. also by your logic then Brand and Vel'koz are true supports since riot supports them being in the botlane as a support, otherwise they would give them changes to make their midlanes better (and we know they can do it because annie) Leona has never had a kit overhaul or rework, its been the same kit since her launch, same for blitzcrank. Zyra's MYMU was supposed to help her midlane but riot keeps nerfing both her midlane and support with no compensation buffs.
: While I'm not gonna make a list, I will say this: A "real" support is one that was designed with that role in mind. Leona's passive is designed to make her a support. Blitzcrank is designed with a lack of early wave control so that he is made to be a support. Zyra's plants can't be as effectively used unless the enemy is forced to ignore them due to greater threats, making her more suited for a support role than mid lane. Support doesn't exclusively mean shields and heals, but it also doesn't mean being and artillery mage that is technically supporting without actually being designed for the job. And like I said: it's the mindset as well. If you're taking Brand bot lane with an intent to build full ap and carry your entire team, that's not a **support**, that's an ap carry. I never said anything about who should or shouldn't be taken bot to "support" the adc, my statements are about my opinion on what supporting really is in League. P.S: I think this is a sufficient enough reply for your other comment as well.
I'm about to ruin your day, Blitzcrank was made and was originally meant to be a toplane bruiser. Zyra was made with Midlane in mind, Leona was made as a toplane tank in mind. These champions were moved to support because of the playerbase, not Riot. They just supported their move. (albet im a salty zyra player and want her vaible in mid again) Now i will agree, i hate Brand support, he has 1 CC and its unreliable since it involves hitting 2 spells. but the problem is that he just can't lane anymore and Riot wont fix it because hes played support so in their eyes "hes working as intended and seeing a decent pickrate". but many of the magesupports people cry about (Zyra Lux Morgana Vel'koz) because they do damage and have good CC/Disengage. Infact if you notice, almost all the "mage supports" rely more on being heavy disengage than being engage (barring Annie support) many times when i build "full ap" on a support champ its because my adc seems inadequete and needs even harder babying than most. i would do the same on Sona or Janna.
5050BS (NA)
: Zyra mains would love to go Mid like she was suppose to but Riot said F^&* you and killed her plants.
dont remind me, the MYMU; "we want to balance her for both roles". 2 weeks later :we are balancing her for support by nerfing her damage and not helping her out midlane in return x10 nerfs in a row.
: Some people just don't have the mindset to play real support. It's just annoying that people convince themselves that just because they are in bot lane with an adc means they are a support. I agree that Lux can be considered a support because of her shield and cc.
can you list off the "real" supports? you keep talking about real supports in this thread but ignoring the fact that a lot of tanks go botlane as supports and dont have anything other than cc, Blitzcrank isn't a "real" support, hes a fighter that cheeses the lane with 1 ability. Leona only offers damage/CC and nothing "supporty" for her lane partner. While Zyra is almost the same, she offers a ton of CC and damage. I will agree that Xerath Veigar and Brand dont really do much in the support role other than kill lane, but kill lanes have always existed with J4/Renekton/Pantheon support.
: Helping kill, not being able to solo carry the adc with "damage support". Bursting someone then letting the adc get the killing blow is not being a support, it's being a carry that snowballs other lanes.
idunno assisting your team in getting kills and snowballing the game is pretty supporty. just because they dont sit back and shield and heal doesn't mean they arn't supporting the team with their cc and damage. Hell a lot of tanks play supportive roles, like malphite maokai etcetc. they just need gold to function.
: Make support items linked to supports, problem solved.
but what makes a support a support? if you think supports should only be Sorakka sona and Janna then maybe you should reevaluate your stance.
: I too would like better AP bruiser itemization but we may need to delete Kass when that happens.
the proposed stuff in OP has less ap than what kass normally builds, by a lot. He wouldn't build bruiser he'd still go assassin, or if he went bruiser he wouldn't burst people as fast and need to stic to people and auto a lot.
: What Yasuo needs in gating mechanics, what he lacks is downtimes in his DPS and windows of power vs windows of weakness for him and enemies to play around. The issues with Yasuo aren't his stats/numbers its the set up of his mechanics and how they basically allow for a perpetual high uptime of damage, mobility, and damage negation. Take his Crit passive for instance, sure its kinda busted that he gets 2x the crit chance. Many people would agree. And a lot of people say that it NEEDS to go right? That doesn't HAVE to be the case it changed so its NOT constantly up. What if ONLY every 5th Q or AA granted the 50% bonus Crit, then u have some uptime and down time, you know that on the 5th attack he will deal more dmg. OR alternatively After damaging a champion Yasuo gains bonus crit for X seconds on a 30 seconds CD. same thing applies here only slightly differently. This I think is the issue with some CertainlyT champions, he gives them some insanely strong abilties or passives that work fine until you realize that theres not much downtime on them. Take Kalista for instance. Her Hops might be an issue, but what if there was a build up period where she had to throw X spears for X seconds like a Warm up before the Hops started, or what if she could only Hop for X seconds b4 the passive went on CD? then its still strong when needed, but its not overbearing.
most people complaining about his double crit passive just hate yasuo in general. i dislike the champion but i think he should keep the double crit passive since its Unique to him, Fuck his bullshit shield tho.
WrÆth (NA)
: I wish we banned yas complaint threads on boards. Yes, he's too strong right now. Yes, riot will nerf him next patch. No, they will not full fucking rework/delete him because A). He's too iconic and important to the game and B). Riot has never deleted a champion before and doing so could create a dangerous precedent. Like, why the fuck is this champion still so mystifying to people? Every single one of these threads just devolves into circlejerk bullshit, even if he is legitimately too strong. And yes, I agree he is too strong in his current state, but these threads literally accomplish fuck all except for pointless back and forth salt mining.
i think the common complain with him is they want his bullshit "he can towerdive you with his ulti and be placed outside turret range" and his Passive shield that blocks so much damage and doesnt really have a CD period since he can build his shield back up faster than a statikshiv.
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