: You want old Yorick back that badly? Just play WoW if you want to brainlessly roll your face on your numkeys.
> [{quoted}](name=MagicFlyingLlama,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Ba731Ffh,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-29T02:26:16.140+0000) > > You want old Yorick back that badly? > > Just play WoW if you want to brainlessly roll your face on your numkeys. I think you need a break from the internet friend I was just sharing an idea! And I don't play WoW ;)
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: sweeper is not as effective as pink ward :/ i wish i could buy pink ward to kill akali or khazix in late game.
{{champion:28}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:107}}
: Use {{item:3361}}?
Regardless of your input, Captain Obvious, I still think pink wards should be made available somehow during late-game when everyone is full build. =P
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Leonerdo (NA)
: That's fair. But I'd like people to be mad AND informed. It's one thing to say "WTF Shen doesn't need a nerf. Rito get your head out of your ass" and a totally different thing to say "Come on Rito, I know Shen is kinda strong in Pro play, but for the rest of us you are destroying a fun champion. I'd rather you didn't make that trade-off."
You have the right to complain in every facet of your life. That doesn't mean complaining isn't whiney nor will it get you anywhere.
Herim (NA)
: Name one champion, I will make a build for him fopr you to try out in a normal game.
MaddMan (NA)
: This is why i hate DQ...
I hate dairy queen too man
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CinderOG (NA)
: There they are, the full chat logs. Thank you for posting them. You guys need to fix your reform cards, I am glad that I have brought attention to this subject. Thank you.
lol you read that chat log and thought it would HELP your case? i'm dying xD
: Why did you main your champ?
{{champion:45}} Because FIYAPOWA{{item:3751}}
: {{champion:127}} She's blue, she's ice and she's not very nice. (Her playstyle is pretty fun too)
the fact that you didnt continue your rhyme in the parentheses drives me a little nutty
Nautoday (NA)
: How Old Are You?
Not surprised 16-18 is highest group
: Things are still really really early on him, so there is pretty much nothing solidified about him so far. That said, I don't expect him to turn into Caitlyn.
Give him spinning chainsaws coming out of his belly am I the only one that thinks this is obvious
: You guys really need to record these things and show us. I must see my favorite champs derping out in development.
New champ blooper reels plz
: Thoughts on Taliyah's E Ability
They look straight out of older Pokemon games.
: Nobody loves you, Nobody likes you, Nobody thinks you're fun.
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: The League Community's Reaction to Tyler 1's Ban Shows How Much it Needs to Grow.
Intentionally feeding is _the worst offense._ If someone is verbally abusing others, at least he is still trying to win. Intentional feeding should be the absolute least tolerated offense, and in my opinion needs to be held in much higher regards to Riot than the other report options.
I couldn't agree more. This looks more like a stoned little boy in a shitty rabbit costume than satan.
: I volunteer as scripting tribute! Particularly if that means I get to make broken doom bots for some of my champions. Imagine a Lucian bot where every R bullet that lands causes a Q laser... the possibilities!
Imagine a Fizz E that has amazing mobility, high damage AND makes him untargetable! Wait...
: You will upvote this post, and send it to the front page
Ayriath (NA)
: Jinx Cosplay
Well done! My most played ADC right now, the guns and outfit look identical, and the model captures the sexy, rebellious/mischievous look perfectly. 10/10!
: > [{quoted}](name=UnknownToPublic,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NyaWXWZz,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-04-26T15:45:33.207+0000) > > Fizz still one shots champs with his basic abilities Gonna throw a little math your way. The champion with the lowest base health in the game at level 18 is Gnar, at 1645. Gnar also has a base MR of 30, which equates to a 23% magic damage reduction and a base armor of 65.5 which is a 40% reduction to physical damage. Let's cover Fizz's q first. It does damage equal to 100% AD plus 70 (+35% AP) magic damage while applying on hit effects. So, let's say Fizz has 500 AP. His base AD is 109 at lv 18, so: **65 (109 - 40%) + 189 (245 [70 + 35% AP] - 23%) = 254**. Assuming Fizz didn't purchase Lich Bane or use his passive, it would only do a measly 254 damage. This is not very realistic however, as Fizz will always use his w before q, and any Fizz player worth his salt will purchase Lich Bane, which will add 75% base AD + 50% AP as magic damage. **332 (82 + 250) - 23% = 256**. The total damage with Lich bane is **510**. And now for the fun part: his passive. It deals 60 (+45% AP) (+8% of the target's missing health). With the active enabled, it does an additional 30 (+30% AP). The total being 500 (320 [60 + 225 + 35] + 180 [30 + 150]) - 23% = 385 damage over 3 seconds. **THE TOTAL DAMAGE OF FIZZ'S Q WITH 500 AP, LICH BANE, AND HIS W ACTIVE IS 895 DAMAGE OVER 3 SECONDS**. Now, let's say Fizz has 1000 AP. He would still only do 1510 total damage, not enough to one shot Gnar, with the lowest base HP in the game. With the same build, his E would do only 497 damage at 500 AP. Even at 1000 AP it would only do 785 damage. **In conclusion! It is absolutely impossible for Fizz to one shot you with any of his abilities, even with 1000 AP**. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
I despise of that fish but threw you a like because I applaud your effort!
: Trying to learn a mechanically difficult champ.
Guy kinda funny, way more impressed from that girl throughout this thing
: It wasn't a careless use of the word lol, he used that phrase with intent of the REAL meaning behind it, not what some terrorists said before doing what they do. He even said "God bless" beside it in the title to show his meaning of using that word... Also, your whole argument can be throw back at you. "A Christian said 'Bless you' before killing my family, therefor anyone who says 'bless you' is using the word carelessly - and now that phrase is deem controversial."
The real meaning is ambiguous based on who is using it. I didn't plan on an "argument" when I simply said I was offended by the carefree use of the phrase. We can all throw out tons of hypothetical situations to prove a valid point, which is what you have. It doesn't change the fact that I hope people are careful with posting.
Ethyreon (NA)
: I think you got allahu akhbar confused with avada kedavra there buddy. On a serious note you don't seem to understand the actual depth of the term allahu akbar. It has cultural and religious significance beyond how it is used by terrorists. The actions of a few do not disallow its usage in an entirely innocuous context. That's like suggesting certain Hebrew phrases be banned because they were used when the Israeli military blew up innocent Palestinians. It's entirely ridiculous and additionally is not in line with the boards rules.
Lol =P I'm well aware of the true depth of the term. Yes, I was most definitely referring to a minority of radicals. This minority, however, is a powerful enough group for me to bring attention to such a careless use of the words. I think you would too if you lost a loved one to these words. I just wanted to express that maybe people should think twice before throwing around controversial words. I'm sure it was an innocent happening, but I felt the need to say something. I dare not get into a Israel-Palestine debate here.
: I don't think this is a bug considering what YI's Q does. He goes untargetable, meaning NO one can hit him, not even his allies. I've had it happen with Soraka were I go to heal and he q's, and my heal bounces to the closest target.
Yeah I'm not sure either but I thought I'd try to bring it to Riots attention, just in case!
: i lol when that happens. otherwise the joke is meh. but its a funny thing when it happens
Same haha. I think that would be cool if Jinx was like "Ha you owe me a coke" or something like that!
Émiil (NA)
: being on the internet or not does not define the ignorance of what you say or think. Your opinion is biased by your incapacity to look things up before talking.
I knew what it meant. It seems as if you don't know the depth of the usage of these words, it goes well beyond the literal translation. I suggest you look it up. And an opinion is always biased, it's an _opinion._ Perhaps you should look up the definition of that too while you're at it.
: ***
I'm not exactly sure what you mean about Europe and America interfering, that seems irrelevant. And I definitely never criticized Islam? But it is worse because the words Allahu Ahkbar are also used to kill by terrorist extremists. My main point is that I hope people know the depth and power of some words before jokingly throwing them around.
: Let's just drop the subject, since it's too touchy for the boards. Don't want the OP to lose a post over some squabble.
Yeah, both our posts got deleted lol. A shame that I finally found someone who knows a respectful debate, how to disagree and not flame, and we get cut short =( Good day to you pal!
Émiil (NA)
: ***
Me ignorant for voicing a dislike for something on an internet forum? Lmao would you like a step ladder to get down from your high horse?
: ***
I hope you got to see my comment before it was deleted =/ It was something along the lines of you having great points, but try not to throw around such powerful words! Then concluded with a 'Merica and majestic eagle caw.
Illiad (NA)
: you may want to say that in the post next time lol, instead of 100+ people asking why and what you mean xD
"Whenever Jinx puts a ward in the same bush as a teammate, at the same time," ... Um
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: Why?
Because it's a jinx..... You seriously don't get it? Like when you say the same word at the same time as someone and you say "jinx"
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SSJTribe (NA)
: How many cookies does it take to blow up a poro?
if you tweet something containing "power level over 9000" a nappa account will reply to the tweet lol
: Please Bring Back Spectating Random High Elo Games
Kotex (NA)
: If youre a child that needs to go to school in the morning...
Sooo, lemme get this straight.... You're saying I _shouldn't_ afk? I don't understand. Muted and reported.
Dr Cat (NA)
: Hate Urf? Heres a suggested fix:
one time i opened an axe spray can and dropped a match in it (thought it would be cool) and as we watched the wimpy flame my friends parents approached so we kicked the can into the garage and it landed under a couch which apparently had dry leaves under it and the couch began to catch on fire. we tried to pee it out but that didn't work so we just dragged the couch out into the driveway
Surge06 (EUW)
: When the fed hypercarry shows up
Wait....where'd he get the bazooka from
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: Genuinely Confused
From renaissance badass to Yu-Gi-Oh real quick 0.o
Ludovico (EUW)
: And that´d be bad... why?
Because the meta should be based off of who is being played, not who isn't being played
: wouldnt giving 1 ban per player make sense?
I personally feel that 10 bans is too many. You would simply never, ever see the meta champs.
Shonjl (NA)
: I find this hilarious, we had people for almost 3 weeks bitching that URF didnt come out on april 1st. But now that it is out, people are saying it sucks. And people wonder why Riot doesn't listen to the community. Its because the community doesn't deserve to be listened to. If I was Riot, I would downright tell this community to fk off since they don't know shit.
I agree, OP sounds like a whiney little bitch if you ask me. There's plenty of people that love it, we don't care if you don't like it, don't bring that attitude to the boards, it's toxic.
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