: He probably didn't poke you enough before going in.
lul, though a bit of a good point... Irelia is really good at punishing those that don't have a good feel on what point is considered lethal damage, as well as punishing those that either over-commit or under-commit. She has the sustain to shrug off weak and inconsistent poke, while also being really strong when she appears to be in a disadvantaged state. If you can't kill her in a rotation of abilities, she will probably stun you and walk away (and possibly go back to Q farming depending on wave position and such).
: I don't know much about the match-up, but if he's waiting until level 6 to try to kill you, then he is definitely fucking up.
He wasn't waiting on 6, I just kinda shrug off his aggression and stay way back to farm... he did try to lv1 ignite cheese me, but I pulled back and farmed my HP back.
: Because he is an early champion and Irelia's early game isn't the greatest? His passive can also negate an AA, allowing him to potentially decrease trade damage. It also blocks your Q, stopping your chase. I think as long as you play safe and farm up some, he slowly loses his lead.
Maybe it has to do with the fact that I take warlords and cull on Irelia instead of the corrupting potion and have a habit of Q farming from the back? And therefore he can't get a lot of aggression without taking minion aggro and I just stun him each time he tries to fight me... I habitually play safe instead of aggressive and don't try to kill him until I get sheen... But when I do get sheen, I just kill him again and again and again, each time I have R up.
Rioter Comments
: I wouldn't say that. They don't tend to have the incredible amount of in battle sustain that a juggernaut has. (Irelia's lifesteal is nothing compared to Darius or Nasus. Aatrox, maybe, but... Aatrox.) But they do deal the damage of an assassin. Diana, Nocturne, Jarvan can all delete squishies faster than an actual assassin.
I think Renekton is a better example than Aatrox, though, as an Irelia player myself, I find that she is really quite beefy... I won't compare her lifesteal to Darius, but I will compare her trading to Garen's
: Divers, pretty much universally as a class, are just "assassins but tankier".
> [{quoted}](name=RavenMagus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zGPO10eH,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2017-08-09T01:12:10.354+0000) > > Divers, pretty much universally as a class, are just "assassins but tankier". Or are Juggernauts but more mobile (see Renekton, Irelia, Hecarim, Aatrox, and Xin Zhao)
: yah pretty much all AD assassins build BC as a second or third item considering these are lategame augments BC is fine there really should be two ADC and two AP augments like one for rabs and one for like rylais? (for champs like vlad and taliyah and such as opposed to syndra/veigar/etc) ie for crit, lord dominiks for pen? idk
Some ADCs build Triforce and a lot of ADCs build Cleaver (because pen)
: I also miss the longer games, the systems were designed for that length of game and also the phases lasted longer which helped accentuating champs weakness. Trying to shorten match length threw balance out of wack and made the game too lane centric.
That trend is (thankfully) starting to fade a bit. Early lane bullies are falling out of the meta and with the nerfs to armor penetration (its been too long), tanks can be tanks again and the pressure to win lane is easing off.. I am having a lot more games recently that have been won despite multiple lanes losing (albeit not horribly) that earlier this year.
: One thing i miss about league.
I think part of the build diversity issue is that on-hit magic damage was forcibly pulled from the meta, and builds involving on-hit magic damage had a really varied mix of all types of items... I used to (for example) build Master Yi with {{item:3078}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3153}} {{item:1419}} {{item:3009}} because they all did useful things with a mix of tools... However, recently, they put items in neat categories. {{item:3085}} became a crit item, then eventually {{item:3142}} stopped being a quick attack speed steroid and Devourer became a bastardized BOTRK and rageblade became a really bad devourer. Armor penetration actually became a stat to wrap an entire build around, while magic penetration became harder to come by (in the supposed name of the end of old {{item:3105}} passive, which was also the supposed reason for adding more AD/MR itemization, which was only just recently changed back). With these changes, the concept of doing magic damage no longer was necessary to circumvent tankiness. Oh and I forgot to mention that AP numbers on items has generally been on a downward trend as of late, while AD numbers are going up.... Or the fact that Will of the Ancients was removed (a spell vamp/AP/CDR item) and Death's Dance was added in(a 'physical vamp'/AD/CDR item).
: cull is cool but i like the fact that avarice blade can actually be built into something and has semi useful stats while you hold on to it ( crit chance)
I think also, Riot is doubling down on the idea that 1: There is no such thing as an AD support (as opposed to DOTA, where it is the norm rather than the exception), and 2: Non-supports need to out-perform their lane opponent to get ahead. They have taken recent measures to keep {{item:3303}} from being picked up on mids and {{item:3301}} from being taken by Gangplanks.
: Except that it doesn't passively generate gold, gains less gold per minion kill (2 vs 1) and has a maximum gold cap, all things which make it total trash.
It puts you a kill's worth of gold ahead if you are in a farm lane, if that means anything. It has stronger early game stats than Dorans except without the extra HP, but if you are going in knowing that neither is going to kill each other in lane and will mostly be farming (either because your opponent is scared to death of you, your opponent isn't exactly going to put a lot of pressure unless you attack... or your own champion is an efficient farmer no matter the situation [irelia]) cull is a nice thing to have.
: Old rageblade should have never been removed.
Define 'old'.... There was the 'on-hit with a cleave' and then there's the even older version...
: I miss my favorite item, Avarice Blade - such farming and money gain ;_; But I agree, they just keep tightening down all of the character builds. That's part of the reason I uninstalled.
Now there is {{item:1083}} which I use on Tryndamere and Irelia (and sometimes Yorick) so that I can be a kill's worth of gold ahead of my lane opponent for noo obvious reason. It's not like its that much weaker than {{item:1055}}
: totally forgot they had ap lol really ruined my niche item on kassadin
I still build IBG beefy Kassadin... it surprises people because he's surprisingly tanky for an assassin (like akali used to be).
: So, Yorick top, and why he is good
I mean, there IS always Tryndamere.... Tryndamere has always been the hardest lane for me to play as Yorick because Tryndamere CAN just free farm all game and CAN sit there and fight a Yorick... Basically, in a Tryndamere v. Yorick lane, it is either "nothing ever happens top lane" or Tryndamere dives you over and over again. All in all, however, Yorick, Tryndamere, and Irelia are all REALLY safe lanes that can handle most enemy toplaners.
: Urgot's ultimate versus Tryndamere
I think Tryndamere's ult is a stopgap that prevents champions like Urgot from being unanswerable. Everything neds some sort of counterplay, even instant kill mechanics.
Uniwhale (NA)
: Tryndamere Nerf?
I think Tryndamere's current ult is a good stopgap that keeps champions like Urgot and Kayne from being too overbearing. If his ult could be prevented with CC, would probably end up on bottom tier because he is designed around being a slippery skirmisher.
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Narabug (NA)
: Here's the thing with a lot of champs that you have never seen in professional play, but seem very strong in Solo Queue - Akali, Wukong, Tryndamere, Yi, Xin Zhao, Illaoi, etc. - **they are complete and utter garbage** when behind. What does any of those champions do when their lane is camped? They are forced to waste money on wards that they know will be destroyed, in hopes that they ward the right spot when the dive/gank comes in so that they don't feed the enemy team yet another kill on top of the free turret/objective. In solo queue, the answer to every one of these champions is the same (and easier to pull off) as it is in competitive - camp them and get them behind. Do not feed them kills by being over-ambitious. Understand that if they are behind, they are useless. That's the trade they make, and why they feel so powerful when ahead, but it commonly feels like your team's Akali is bad. She got behind.
Tryndamere is still at least a splitpush monster when behind because he is so innately slippery... Its just that you can't actually carry your team splitpushing and if things are really going poorly and Tryndamere is behind, it isn't unlikely that your 4v5 fight in the midlane is going badly as well. If Tryndamere is feeding, it is because the jungler knows what he is doing and therefore is fed in general.
: Is Urgot incredibly hard to kill or just a problem for me?
Tryndamere is always an option... the best way to deal with Urgot is to negate his poke with Tryndamere's innate sustain and farm until Urgot unintentionally pushes in too hard, before going in and wailing at him because he can't actually kill you. Urgot's kit makes it rather hard for him to freeze and Tryndamere can last hit really well under tower. Tryndamere's ult also flat out says no to Urgot's ult and therefore, Tryndamere can just win because the rest of Urgot's damage is a consistent drain of his opponent's HP. Also, Urgot is not as mobile as Tryndamere so it is easy for Tryndamere to get away if he takes more damage than he wanted to.
: Dumb Arguments lol boards use to defend their freelo champs
Some of these arguments are legitimate... Every champion has their weaknesses... even Urgot and Cho'gath... The issue it seems you might be having is that you are playing some awkward matchups... and there are a few solutions to that! 1: Playing safe, farm-heavy champions that might not necessarily be a monster, but won't feed Darius/Illaoi/Draven. Is Irelia/Tryndamere/Caitlyn all that fun to play in farm mode? Not really, but at least you aren't getting killed again... and again, and again just because you had the bad luck of getting first pick. 2: Read up on these champs! Learning how certain champions work is really important! For example: Irelia has a lot of weird conditions that must be met for her to use half of her kit! 3: Don't let yourself get baited into a bad fight by your jungler... If a champion like an Illaoi or a Darius are putting you down on farm driving you mad, you jungler ganking you is just going to get you two killed because they thrive on folks rushing at them. Ping a warning when your jungler starts coming and continue whatever you are doing....
: Tbh as a Support main I find myself getting at least 2-3 honors every other game. Perhaps you aren't doing things right. I mean creating this post, it makes me wanna help you out. Unfortunately tho I can't, er well I won't. I have a lot of supports as friends, and I really don't get to support as often as i'd like to. So all I can say is best of luck to you, if you are doing things correct; the honors will come eventually. HOWEVER if you believe that it will keep happening this way, you will hardly ever notice it. In my honest opinion most support "mains" i see now a days don't even put their life on the line for a complete stranger. Nor do I see them complimenting every good deed their team does. Perhaps start there and then get creative with that positive energy. {{champion:16}}
You bring up a good point... There are 2 honor categories for being nice and only 1 for ACTUALLY being good.... If you are getting focused REALLY HARD, like, unnecessarily hard, make a few jokes about them going after the support like idiots and cheer on your team for cleaning up their mistake... That is grounds for a 'tiltproof'! Or if you are quirky and funny and nice, you are more likely to get a friendly... Also, converse nicely with your opponents and don't yell at teammates, and if possible, try to be a playmaker. Nami, Sona, and Rakan all have huge playmaking ults, and if you use them wisely, you might get noticed!
: Why do you think people hate playing Support?
Fair point there
: FeelsSupportMan
Being a support is a LOT like being a healer in MMOs... You don't get recognition for your badassery, and nobody notices your contribution. However, i tend to interpret my ADC's honors as my own little victory....
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: Tanks with true damage bursts
Lets leave the thing about the word 'tank' aside and talk about something more constructive... Lets bring juggernauts into the equation now and lets make a list of true damage executes.... {{champion:86}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:6}} Now, there are also a number of champions with true damage in their kits, but it is generally only a small portion of their damage with the exception of {{champion:164}} {{champion:114}} True damage abilities almost always have conditions, whether it be a small amount {{champion:29}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:11}} , tied to a sequence of abilities/attacks {{champion:164}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:122}} , has a positioning condition {{champion:114}} , or has a condition that makes it most practical when the target is really low health {{champion:6}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:86}}
Rioter Comments
: The problem with wits end is that there are only a hand full champions who can effectively use it to begin with. {{champion:17}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:19}} and maybe some of the tanks if they get fed. {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:33}} What would make the item a lot better is if they made it like black cleaver and scrapped the attack speed. I would like it to be something like this. 50 AP 30 MR Basic attacks deal 44 magic damage on hit. Dealing magic damage to an enemy steals 5 MR stacking up to 5 times.
Good point there, and also, all of those generally build a different path from typical on-hits.
: When is Witts end going to get a buff?
I think it is less the Item itself and more the playstyle that Wit's End is a part of. On-hit magic damage is, in general, lackluster with sated devourer gone and Kog Maw not quite the on-hit machine gun that he used to be. Also, because options for armor pen have become more significant, the idea of needing to do magic damage is, unnecessary, as I came to find out when I was playing Leona with 500+ armor (with W) and still getting cut down.
: Why is camille getting reverted on pbe?
Camille had a perfect storm at her launch. She was launched around the holidays (a time when everyone is buying new champs, gifting, ect.), she launcehed as a fighter (a class that, along with assassins and skirmishers, gets a lot of negative attention), she has more utility than many of the recent new champions, and it was exasperated by the fact that Camille is designed to deal with SPECIFICALLY assassins, which everyone was googly eyed about due to the recent assassin update.
: There are 4 types of champions
I think Riot tries to balance champions to go into category 2 but its hard to make every champion fit in such a category AND maintain its identity. A lot of champions CAN be brought to be 'not weak' in low solo-queue, but doing so would make competitive play monotonous and whatever team has Kalista and Azir flat out wins. If rumble was actually strong enough to be effective with an untrained hand and no coordination, he would be in pick/ban status. Also, champions like Elise are just so complex that an unskilled player would not be able to make much use of her.
Broporo (NA)
: Once you click on the notification it should pop up letting you know what you were sent, and the notification was probably hiding in the notification window. You should be able to click on the little bell in the upper right-hand corner to open that window up to see what you got (it's just under the 'x' to close League). Spoiler Alert: You were gifted Corsair Quinn ^_^
awww thanks! I love HYPERSPEED Quinn
  Rioter Comments
: I hate playing against Morg mid. She's really safe and can chunk you if you aren't paying attention. Also, she doesn't really fall off late game. It's a pretty solid pick.
Hehe, 600 AP and liandry's starts to hurt after a while
: Illoai. Kench support. Zilean and Morgana mid.
Morg mid represent! (though I'm horrible at supporting her)
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Elindiir (NA)
: Are non employees allowed to have riot in their name?
Oooooh so that amazing tristana player was a rioter!
Rioter Comments
: His recent color story, _None Shall Pass_, hints that he's actually an old resident of Icathia and that he was as least physically affected by the Void's invasion.
Interesting, didn't think of that
Rioter Comments
Xyzx (NA)
: This. Unless they made smite broken af in some way again... anyone remember shyv top with smite/tp? or the godly ap jungle item on ez that was a garunteed win in the mid lane?
Ahhh those days when devourer was so good that the top was farming their jg too?
FlippyLV (EUNE)
: what champion should i buy?
: Sum Spell Calculator
The best thing to do is ping the use of such and then remember 5min
: > [{quoted}](name=EndlessSorcerer,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KbQdPjOP,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-02-27T22:08:55.930+0000) > > I say this without intending any offense, but you are in Bronze 5. > > While counter match-ups exist and can make whoever is on the receiving end miserable, they generally rely on the player knowing how to use their advantages. > > If the "counter" isn't playing the match-up properly, then they don't actually counter you. > ---------------- > I would (and have) happily first-picked Nasus into counter matchups (i.e. Darius, Renekton) throughout Silver and Gold (in S5 and S6) without any issues. I knew my champion and the match-up better than many of my opponents and climbed due to it. > > However, I wouldn't dare do the same thing against Diamond players since they actually know how to take advantage of my weaknesses and crush me. > ------------------ > > This match-up relies on management of the minion wave. Shove it into his tower early (for a level advantage) and bounce the minion wave. If you did it correctly, the wave will shove towards you and you can freeze it outside of your tower. > > At this point, Nasus has to overextend if he wishes to farm (leaving him vulnerable to ganks). You can deny him gold and experience (or force him to farm with E) until the freeze breaks. Doesn't Nasus break freezes super easily with E max?
Rioter Comments
Epyc (NA)
: Please Do Not Rework Maokai
He's in a situation where he is ACTUALLY too good right now..... but when the meta isn't perfectly set for him, he fades into obscurity...
Moriss (NA)
: 3 champions that are no fun to play against.
Sounds like you don't like battle mages.... I will say this though, battle mages will always be annoying because their damage starts to creep up on you and killing them (in some examples) is either impossible (Vladamir), pointless (Karthus), EXTREMELY unproductive (Singed) or unable to be done fast enough (Swain, Malzahar, Ryze)
: The problem with generalist champions in league.
They however aren't considered absolutely terrifying. Specialized champions however have trouble with balancing because a little tweak can either unbearable to play as, or unbearable to play against. When Soraka is actually good, she is truly overbearing... When Mundo is actually good, he is literally unstoppable... When Kalista is actually good, she is a monster. Generalist champions are generally good, but nothing makes them overbearing... Irelia for example is a champion that you don't see much but is pretty good because she does a little bit of everything and can easily not lose lane. The thing about generalists is that they don't stand out... Nami and Sona don't stand out the way Soraka or Karma does. The only times a generalist is really noticed is when it is reworked/new (Shyvana/Camille) or the champion has been untouched for so long that the constant tuning of other champions leaves these generalists on the same level of everything as the specialists (Ahri/Maokai)
: Irelia is terrible late game. Where have you read otherwise? At full builds, or even 4 or 5 items with both teams being even, Irelia is NOT GOOD. I have played Irelia in countless games, so I can assure you that Irelia is NOT a late game champ. Also, I rate her sustain at 6/10. You need access to the minion wave to be able to sustain, and in most lanes where you need sustain (vs ranged, vs better sustain like Renekton or Trundle) you often cannot safely sustain without being all-in'd or heavily out-traded. In team fights, your effectiveness is dependant on the enemy's mistakes. You are great at catching people out and punishing out-of-position players, but in a full-on 5v5, many other champs are better, and late game 5v5, you get blown up instantly. You need someone else to engage to put the enemy on their backfoot, then you can go in and take down targets. Or, you peel for your carries, something other champs are better at. Late game Nautilus or Maokai peel is WAY better than an Irelia stun or slow every 8 seconds. Teemo is extremely squishy and dies easily or at least hard loses trades at level 4. Teemo needs to poke a shit-ton and snowball before level 4 to really win this lane. Unless it's on-hit Teemo. That shit's broken. When I all-in Teemo, post-6, I simply use ult when I'm blinded, then activate W afterwards to completely destroy him. It's kind of bad to say that Teemo's laning phase is stronger or Irelia's is stronger, because I feel that they don't really compare. They are different and are good in different scenarios or matchups. EDIT: forgot to answer all of the above post.
What is your Irelia build? I usually build {{item:3078}} {{item:3053}} into tank from there. I max E and use her as engage/lockdown in the mid/late game and in early game, I just farm safely. when played as an engage tank, her innate tenacity lets her slip out of CC and her damage isn't all that bad... I don't play her to try to kill people over and over, I play her to be a functional piece of sustainable damage while also being a tanky slab of CC. In lane, I pick Irelia when I don't want my enemy lane opponent to have a shot at getting ahead and stall them to farming... Against ballsier toplaners I punish tower dives and aggression by stunning them every time they think they have an opportunity. But all in all, I play her to be safe and farm so that in mid game, I am still tankier than the support and still be the secondary damage dealer.
: Does it feel like ad champions have too many defensive items towards ap counterparts?
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