: I know asking for Ahri buffs is goddamn near blasphemous on the boards but...
yeah it's really irritating and makes w near useless in team fights it should shoot at the target you charm or something
: The Next Ultimate Skin (Part 3)
i think it'll be like Galio or something or Gnar or Gp, and i also think since Elementalist was SUPER popular, we might get a Legendary Elementalist skin for a champion perhaps something like Nami? (but this elementalist might only have like 4 basic forms like Earth,Water,Fire and Air) Taliyah possibly? since she's an earthbender? also people have been requesting a Taliyah skin like fking crazy. Karma i can see getting an Elementalist skin DEFINITELY, I'd say Zoe but she's rly new lol (though her popularity could lead to her getting skins quickly) Orianna? since she doesn't have any expensive skins and is rly popular OKEY you get my point xD stuffs probably gonna happen~
: Morgana is a lion
There is no Lion xDDD
: I don't mean to be rude but you do know the Lunar skin are based on the Chinese New Year animals and etc.
That doesn't matter, year of the monkey we had Lunar Wraith Caitlyn which represented a snake and Lunar Wraith Morgana is dog
: I know but Shadow Evelynn wasnt a eve skin when She was rework So its possible a new skin tooo
it was, but it was just a recolored skin
: This should be a Irelia Skin
She's getting a full VGU after the champion released after Swains rework... so she won't be getting any skins for a while
: First of all illaoi needs to get her skin and then they will gut her /s
Meddler (NA)
: Skins - I don't work with the folks who work on skins much, so that's not something I can talk about generally sorry. Jinx - Some buffs in 8.2, likely paired with some compensatory nerfs in other places so she doesn't go too nuts. Illaoi - Yep, she's pretty impactful and getting a lot of play at present. Having said that you give up a lot of tools by picking someone like Illaoi instead of champs with more mobility and/or CC, so so far at least she doesn't seem too overbearing overall (not that it feels that way when you're getting ulted of course).
Ahhh okey~ >w< Thanks so much for the reply! It is true that Illaoi lacks mobility and main cc, Jinx is definitely a favorite of mine and though she has a slow and steady early game it makes up for her high damaged late game that shreds!~^^
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 19
Hi Meddler!~First of all YAY CAITLYN BUFFS! lol, but i have a quick question(s), is there any information regarding champions that have yet to get new skins and are in need of them? Taliyah is my gurl and i'm kinda scared and need comfort that she'll see some skin love ;-; (aside from the SSG stuff) ALSO side question Whats going on with Jinx i heard she was getting buffed? or did that already happen orrr? btw Illaoi is super scary rn so that's a thing heh... ;-;
: > Nunu rework how i wish... Overall, these are just the semi-confirmed ones for skins > Lunar Nasus > Lunar Warwick > Lunar Lux/Asol IDK these SSG stuff is real > SSG Xayah > SSG Rakan > SSG Gnar > SSG Rengar > SSG Taliyah and all are generally false except reworks minus the nunu one .
Lunar Nasus, WW and Lux hapened, and btw SSG skins were confirmed back after LCS ended... in a translated interview so they are confirmed
: {{champion:240}} is still fairly new, but should be getting a skin {{champion:266}} is getting a GU soon {{champion:6}} a pretty new rework {{champion:35}} not much I can say about this one, but he's a pretty toxic champion {{champion:136}} doesn't have an excuse; should get a skin soon
Same for Aurelion goes for Taliyah ~ {{champion:163}}
: When will Lux get a new skin?
for real, Taliyah has WAYYYY to many Lux needs moar
: Give attention and love to champions that deserve it RIOT .
(Waits Less Patiently for new Taliyah skin) if it's a shitty skin imma be so mad -.-
gileskd (NA)
: step 1: ezreal likes lux step 2: zoe hates lux step 3: zoe dresses up as spell thief lux step 4. PROFIT!!!!! take this upvote! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
XD i didn't think of that LOL makes sense that Zoe would try to dress as Lux to get Ezreals attention LOL
: PROJECT Skins I really want to see! (OPINION)
Diana kinda needs to happen, i saw a Nami one that'd be really cool
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Nyan LisX (EUW)
: Rapunzel Zoe (Skin Idea)
What if she had hair like Rapunzel in the braid with the flowers in it? :3 that'd be soooo cute >w<
Remus Wins (EUNE)
: 10 Awesome Fan Made Visual Updates
This caitlyn one is fking perfect and exactly what she needs ;w;
: Concept - Star Guardian Zoe
AWE IT'S SO CUTE! >w< i hope this happens lol along with Taliyah, but Zoe kinda needs to be one since she's literally a star guardian without being a star guardian xD
: New April Fool's Olaf Skin Idea.
i think the real april fools joke was putting my girl Taliyah in a cinematic looking badass and gorgeous and not yet having a new skin for her (facepalm) {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Riot, This is My 5th Post, Show Me You Care!
i think they're alright, my only exception being i wish they were like white doves with pink accents :/
: SSG Skins??
They are getting skins, and the champions are already decided, it's Gnar, Taliyah, Rakan, Xayah and undecided jungler
Cycera (NA)
: I really like it! I personally don't think Cyber Pop is that great since it doesn't fit Zoe, but this totally seems to! I hope Riot takes this into consideration when they release a skin for Zoe.
: As long as their voices are really high pitched :P
yess! imagine the cute lil "YOYO!" XD
: Hmm. I like the flattening out idea, but what should the box do once it's stepped on? I'm not sure how you could animate a flat looking box when it's already flat. Also I really like the idea of the record as his ult, and it could play the record scratch noise when it hits champions, kinda like when you stop the music :P. The chains as well as the speaker at the beginning of a portal could work, but I feel like changing bards stun to look like a chain might make it lose some clarity as to what it does, and might feel awkward to other players. As for the speaker, to be perfectly honest, I don't feel like it makes that much sense. Generally we don't walk through speakers. Changing the way it looks / its colors / its sound effects to be something more akin to a soundwave / shockwave might work. Beyond that, I don't have any ideas for that specific spell. I'll have to think about it more https://i.imgur.com/i3xJFid.png[/img]
IMAGINE the meeps themselves wearing lil backwards hats and instead of making the noises they make they go "Yo yo!" xD
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: That would be an "insta buy skin". Well done! ^.^ Her "E" could be a comet that would create a crater on the ground forming the ability "do not touch here" area, what do you think? :P (I like your "E" design btw it's just an observation)
OOOH THAT'D BE COOL! also Thank you so much ;w;
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 12
Any Information on Taliyah? (Also Taliyah Skins?) Also Zoe? It seems like the "nerf" they did to her q-q-r combo is a bit irritating, it almost feels really wonky trying to pull off at all when i tested it :/ i hope riot doesn't nerf her to dirt just because people are mad she does the same thing all burst mages do >_>
Rioter Comments
: I like your idea for the charging knock back, but I'm not sure it would work on a marksman's kit since they are supposed to auto-attack. Vayne being so short ranged makes it hard for me to picture how she would work with a charge up ability, especially if it locked her out of auto-attacking. Am I just misunderstanding your idea? Or am I bringing up points that do have something to do with it?
well when vayne DOES use her knock back you'll notice she pulls out her larger crossbow, however that still doesn't make sense since it's not like all of her ulti shots knock you back? some ideas make more sense than others obviously, but it is kinda stupid that she instantly gets a point click knock back...(which potentially is a stun as well) it's not like she's shooting some special arrow, it's be more useful if she somehow could charge her e while auto attacking so you can see it coming, or something along those lines, but then again how can she charge something on a huge crossbow WHILE attacking with her smaller bow. it'd require some thinking, either way, that or just nerf her busted ass LOL
: Let's explore an idea for tweaking Vayne
yes, a change is needed, dat b*tch is broken and needs a nerf is some way, she's on the top 3 played champs in every single server because of her bs lol also idk why her knockback is point and click... in what world is her strength so powerful shooting an arrow in a split second that looks just like an auto attack somehow knocks someone back? shit needs to be charged or something, i'd say some SIMILAR to vi's q... even VI has to charge to knock people back
: But but Malzahar T^T I mained Talon and I use the SSG skin on him And now I main Malzahar It would be a dream to have both skins from SSG on both my mains Plus, not many play Taliyah The only time I've seen her is mostly on aram
that's because she's always played a LOT in high elo, and people in low elo are convinced she's bad cuz they suck as her and can't made her useful while in high elo and worlds matches she's almost considered broken by lcs players, she even got banned a lot in worlds and that's the only reason crown even PLAYED malzahar
: I hope crown changes his mind and chooses malzahar instead.
no... and he wont, Taliyah deserves it more anyways, also Taliyah would've been played besides malz if it weren't for the fact that each time she got banned...
: Next Holiday Season Can We Get Candy Kayn?
his classic needs licorice braid tho...
: > [{quoted}](name=Elinz,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=HOdI3Oi5,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-01-08T00:51:35.703+0000) > > That&#x27;d be so cool! i&#x27;d love to see it if you do ! ^^ https://mrscomic.deviantart.com/art/Taliyah-skin-concept-Jade-Emperor-Taliyah-724442913 Here's my drawing, I hope you enjoy!
OMG! So pretty <3 i wish i could draw on a tablet or something ;A; >w<
: i cannn try to drawh dis but am bad at drawin :D
That'd be so cool! i'd love to see it if you do ! ^^
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: Skins for RP!!!
She'll get a skin in a few months, perhaps she will get a valentines day skin, and she's confirmed to be getting an SSG (Samsung Galaxy) Skin
Lilipupper (EUNE)
: I agree. She's not as fun anymore to play. She was perfectly fine before, I wish she could just go back to the way she was smh. But no matter how much you ask riot, they just ignore it. They always ignore everything that relates to nerfing Ahri. It's a fact lmao. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
I KNOW RIGHT!!! and omg i think it's because if she isn't played, then they don't make skins for her.... since people complain about her having so many skins...
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 5
iv'e commented before asking about upcoming Taliyah skins, but i have a serious question regarding Ahri's current state, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD fix her... she is so weak and feels like half of the champion she used to be... she was perfectly fine and balanced before so i'm not even sure why you guys nerfed her... people always complain if a champion is actually good or useful... Zoe getting nerfs one can only HOPE they don't ruin such a fun champion the only think i'd see reasonable for Zoe nerf is making E a bit of a longer cooldown, probably i'd say 22 seconds at level 1 TOPS since it's her only actual escape ability... and she pops like a balloon, people always complain when champions can actually get kills or something... even though she's a burst mage and was literally MADE to burst your healthbar... also iv'e NEVER actually seen someone go 100 to 0 one shotted by Zoe so idk where people are getting this from... and i play Zoe all the time...most i do is one shot someone at less that 75% health... which is something ALL burst mages can do... it just so happens that people are annoyed that the majority of her damage is settled into just her q which is dumb that people complain about that considering it's her actual only/main source of damage... Zoe is fine IMO aside from her E cd i'd say, but anyways AHRI yes, Ahri is quite bad rn like... She went from being plays almost EVERY MATCH to NEVER being played... and i stopped playing her for a while then went back to try her at one point recently and dear freaking god i was so useless and bad... my damage was literally like chucking pebbles dealing nothing and i was EXTREMELY team reliant EVEN THOUGH i had kills... it was HORRIBLE... that should say something when a champion can go from most popular top played to trash and never played after a nerf... some of these nerfs are getting out of hand and i feel like they're only happening due to whiny bronze players or something that complain so much that riot actually listens to them... ruining a LOT of champs and all of their potential... people who complain make me laugh like when they say champs like Yasuo are bs or broken? when in reality i almost never have problems against a yasuo... Zed can honestly be op sometimes but i TRY to find ways around it... an off example can be Taliyah not being played much at all in low elo and people in low elo say "She's trash and so bad, her damage is bad ugh, garbage they need to buff her" MEANWHILE people in high elo play her literally almost every other game... (surprised she hasn't gotten a new skin yet... i main her) it's pretty funny when on some websites she's like the 3rd most played mid laner in challenger tiers... i'm convinced low elo players don't bother to be good so they just complain til riot does something about it... (Should be trying to get good against Zoe, but instead complains til riot nerfs her) (Says Taliyah is trash and useless, meanwhile she's receiving a an SSG LCS skin... and low elo plays suck at landing her skins and making use of her amazing balance...) sigh... w/e w/e w/e idk i have literally typed up WAY too much stuff... i'm just really hopeful and curious with a lot of things and i'm hoping a once beloved Champion by the name of Ahri can go back to her original fun roots ;-; and that riot doesn't Ruin another champ i love (Zoe)... {{sticker:sg-janna}} {{sticker:sg-soraka}} (Waits patiently for Star Guardian Taliyah to be a thing...)
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 5
Any information that can be given on Taliyah skins? does she have any skins ASIDE from SSG coming anytime soon? :c
: Star Guardian Taliyah by Alnath
This skin literally just NEEDS to happen i will actually cry the day rito makes a cute peachy pinky orangy yellow colored star guardian taliyah skin (freakin swoon and faint if it's an 1820 skin ;O;) (cries) rito ;w; PLISSSS (have some ideas kek) Q is shooting stars (duh xD) Passive is riding a shooting star (or maybe a familiar, the familiar could be so many different things that she could even ride lol) W could have a star spike out of the ground and knock someone, or maybe a familiar pops out? or maybe a space cloud puff of sparkles lol, her E can obviously be stars that shoot upward when knocked into... and her ulti (well MY favorite idea i thought of was) if she makes a wall of sparkly cloud starry puffs lol... or any ideas you can come up with rito xD (also heres some lil other details) her flying out of base would be so pretty when she twirls with her sleeves ;w; ahh... her dance can be based on Kpop or anime dance references xD like some other skins, her recall can be literally so many cute things ugh... (i'm so hooked on this happening i don't go by a single day without thinking about Star Guardian Taliyah xD it's unhealthy but meh...) also i LOVE her voice actress she's my favorite ever <3 she voices all my faves INCLUDING ZOE AND OMG SHE SANG TALIYAHS THEME SONG! ! ! (She's Kaori miyazono ;W; AHH) okay... i'm done i need to fkn chill.... OR DO I ;A; XD{{sticker:sg-janna}} {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Adorable! I allways loved Talyiah! I bet SG will be a thing on day with her riding a star and making a Starfield and launching stars! I'm just not sure how the Ult Wall would look like but I'm sure Riot's artists/creators will make it good and work out really well with the SG concept
imagine the ulti being a wall of sparkly star galaxy cloud puffs xD
: She's so cute! And it's pretty adorable and perfect she has glasses :')
haHAAAA (please for the love of GOD make this skin a thing, it's THE MOST requested thing iv'e ever seen so much of xD) (besides as a Taliyah main, this is the one thing i ask for in life ;w; XD, it would complete my soul) ;__; the only Taliyah skin that will matter to me XD
: Zoe Skin Design
maybe a Dark Star Skin? Like Oriannas... she can make a black hole bubble and the linger for it can be a black holy with stars in it, her W can drop little black star spells kek, and q is a Purple orb thing and her ulti is a black hole lol passive makes a purple and black zap kek xD idk just throwin out ideas
SSmotzer (NA)
: Except the ability for Taliyah to travel over her own wall without having to demolish it would be pretty impactful and is very thematic to her kit. Riot was originally going to give her the ability to travel over terrain, but the mechanic had way to many bugs to work out, so they released her without it. Then once they ironed it out they came up with Kayn to truly test it. What root are you talking about? I didn't put a root on her E, I just made the explosions ground, which is another thematic mechanic that came out after she was released.
yeah but whats the point of changing the Passive if it's not useless... ask pros, they think she's perfect... also the mechanic of traveling through walls is more of an ability unless it's like Talon's wall jump which still only works on him, and Taliyahs passive is Unique i like it, and it's not useless if you know what you're doing... bonus movespeed on a roaming control mage is really good, especially since it allows her to travel and help team mates through the jungle quicker...
SSmotzer (NA)
: [Minor Rework Concept] Taliyah, the Stoneweaver
i main Taliyah, and this is a uselss update... she's perfect exactly the way she is and she's one of the few champs riot actually has that's good and balanced or even strong af when played by the right person or correctly... her passive is for roaming, it's a good passive, NOT ALL PASSIVES HAVE TO BE A HUGE BUFF or game changer... it makes it easier for her to help gank team lanes early and quick and makes for a quick ulti to block off enemies and waste their flashes or kill them or both... her e also doesn't need a root, it already slows and deals damage... overall a rework for her would be really pointless and stupid...
CrezCut (NA)
: I already know that, especially Illio and Aurelion Sol' need one.
cough Taliyah too (even tho she's getting SSG)
: > [{quoted}](name=Elinz,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=AOaIAOd6,comment-id=00000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-12-29T22:14:09.611+0000) > > that&#x27;d be like saying Taliyahs abilities now are trash and hard to see since they&#x27;re all (ON BOTH HER SKINS) the same color rocks? or Ice? as a Taliyah main i don&#x27;t understand what you mean at all xD in my head i can see all the abilities working in game fine, also MF&#x27;s q and autos don&#x27;t look the same at all... it&#x27;s not even the same shape... her Q is huge and like an 8 sides star i believe... also these skins have color schemes but we don&#x27;t have problems now... why would it be a problem with Taliyah, the colors don&#x27;t all have to be 1 shade of Yellow... they can be mixes of Oranges and Yellows and peachish pink even... i&#x27;m not understanding the problem just tbh also if it&#x27;s a star guardian skin she&#x27;s obviously gonna have different sound effects for each ability that are distinct taliyahs abilities can be told apart due to them being bland while you want to make them stars which would make them hard to tell apart and by changing the colors of them which i have already addressed would make the skin look like garbage because it would be everywhere with no set color scheme like the other star guardians
No star guardian is ONE color... they have multiples, MF is Orange and red(and yellow), Soraka is blue, white and green, Ezreal is blue and yellow... etc...etc... that will NOT make her look bland or like garbage and personally i don't think she looks bland in her other skins either, you're throwing opinions and saying things as if it wont work fact wise...
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