: Vent Thread: Tanks May Not be Garbage, But the Idea of Innate Tankiness Is Dead
I honestly appreciate how much effort you put into making this post.
: towers are almost useless
... There is an entire classification of champions called "Divers" .. Most of them have some form of damage mitigation that will allow them to dive towers and take little-to-no damage. {{champion:164}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:5}} I would even include the following. {{champion:266}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:83}} Hell, there is still an item in the game that anyone can buy (but nobody does) that makes ANYONE a tower diver. {{item:3056}}
: if I roam post after 5min mark to gank a side lane I lose half my tower
I really want to try and write out what I understand about wave management, but I don't fully understand it myself lol. It is really difficult to find any useful resource on this too. One thing that I know that doesn't always make sense is that it isn't always best to push the wave as fast as you can. If all of the minions die under tower before the enemy's reinforcement wave arrives, the lane will reset instead of bouncing. Then when the enemy laner shows up they only need to push one wave to get to your tower instead of two.
: i can't stop
Cell, .. or more specifically "Perfect Cell" was voiced by Dameon Clarke Plankton was voiced by Douglas Lawrence Osowski But you are right, they do sound pretty similar
: Yasuo's kit is broken.
You wanna know a topic I've never seen before on the boards? It isn't this one.
: URF, With a Dash of Madness. New Game Mode???
I personally prefer the all random aspect of URF. I like the combinations of champions that you would never expect to see played together. I don't want to see URF go back to the same 10 characters played every single game because they are insanely over powered.
Hanple (NA)
: Here's what I meant in the post. https://www.riftherald.com/lol-gameplay/2018/1/18/16906396/champion-sale-lol-be-half-off I was asking if that would ever happen again
Possibly, .. they may have an end of season sale, .. but they pretty regularly offer sales, so I am confused why you want such a specific bulk sale like this.
Kai Guy (NA)
: On improveing the gameplay experiance.
When you say "Single game behavior resulting in punishments" ... are you referring to a single game resulting in a report, or a player who has received enough reports to result in a review? Maybe you don't realize this, but it takes multiple reports for a player to have their account reviewed because there are sooooooooooooooooooo many reports filed and there are not nearly enough resources available to review every report. Many reports are made in duplicate, or by multiple players within the same game toward the same player (which does nothing btw) .. and still more reports are made with no validity, or simply as an attempt to troll (Yes, it happens, .. a lot)
Hanple (NA)
: Champion BE Sale
... what do you mean? ... Am I missing something? You can already buy champions with blue essence.
: Glacial augment can be fine if you already have a way to close the gap. Ekko would probably do well with it. Spooky ghosts, not so much. You're telegraphing the gank as soon as they see the ghost(but you shouldn't be surprised by a counter gank). And you're building it instead of ap and cdr (if rushing), or zhonya's or lich bane or something else that's better. In a meta, or even just a game, where you need to think about your 3rd item, maybe. But it's still probably less important than deathcap. And laning is over before deathcap.
> [{quoted}](name=Chumpzi11a,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=q5JKE2FP,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-07-13T19:52:43.914+0000) > > And you're building it instead of ap and cdr ... but Twin Shadows gives 70 AP and 10% CDR, ... so .....? Also, .. telegraphing a gank isn't really that much of a problem if you are applying a 60% slow. Part of an effective gank is doing so at a point where the enemy is over-extended, or has no use of abilities and/or summoner spells to escape, .. or getting them to use those escape abilities so that they lose lane pressure.
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: Show me where I admitted to being toxic. I literally stated in my post that I respond to people with only "keke" or "haha". I also said, not word for word ofc, that I still tried to get caught up so that I wasn't griefing. I do find raging people funny ಠ_ಠ why else would I do what I do???
Trolling is creating a negative environment by making things unnecessarily difficult for others to accomplish. Actions are usually considered trolling, but they tend to spill over into chat, which is considered toxic. I'm not sure that what you were doing was really trolling because simply replying in chat isn't really doing anything to make things more difficult for your team, aside from "adding fuel to the fire". Doing so intentionally is more of the issue in my opinion. I understand responding to insults with sarcasm, or "killing them with kindness" .. I actually have a habit of doing it myself, but I understand that it is not healthy. The thing that stands out to me here is that you have received punishment before. I want to say that is the real concern. Even if you have started a new account, Riot is able to tell if you are using the same ISP an account that has received punishment for similar behavior, and they will most likely be more severe at an earlier stage.
: Hey i haven't been ragequitting my computer just died (red please read)
You are responsible for having reliable hardware and Internet connection. When you leave a game, you are leaving your team at a disadvantage, intentional or not. I do hope that you get a reliable machine and that Riot does not decide to punish you for this, but if you have had other issues and this seems to be connected based on the information that they have access to, I would not blame them for it.
: Genuine question about feeding
Gaining rank tends to be a matter of CONSISTENTLY making good choices. Or at least that is what I have heard. I wouldn't say that I am good at this game, but I do have a lot of game knowledge. The problem is, IN THE GAME that doesn't always come to me. But, I am learning to turn some of those things into habits and I do see improvement in my gameplay. I am not ranked however. Most of my games lately have been ARAMs, Normals, and rotating game modes. Ranked games are definitely nerve racking. For one reason because you are actually against players who are about your skill level, and they are actually trying to win, where as you will often see people in the other gametypes I mentioned before that are generally just trying to have fun (which is really the type of player I am). And of course your teammates put a lot of pressure on you if you make ANY mistakes. So yes, I do think people have 'ranked anxiety'
Daoist (NA)
: Everyone playing this game is somehow mad. There always a flamer one my team or the other - people got mad when they got solo killed (somehow), got mad cuz he got picked in the jungle, got mad when he starts feeding ....etf. This is exactly why this game is losing fun.
I definitely get that. I am more wondering if identifying Shaco vs his clone is really as easy as he seems to think it is. I also see how this could have been a tactical advantage as well, but it would be very risky to TP to the clone for this reason, and was not intentional. I appreciate what you are saying though, Thanks
: Goodbye Riot and thanks for a good game.
Posts with titles like this usually end up being extremely toxic or sarcastic. I'm honestly glad to see that this is just a person who genuinely wants to take a break because they believe it will be better for them. LemonsIsGood, I respect your decision, and I hope your life becomes more balanced. GLHF {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Kindred's former W Passive
Woot! They added it back!!
: Post Match Stats Clarification Question: Healing Done
I was just looking at my old posts and realized that this ... sorta happened. Thank you Riot!
gileskd (NA)
: the crows have better eyesight (true vision) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Then if we consider that to be a real feature, .. because it can technically be used in that way... isn't that too much utility for a single ability? 65/85/105/125/145 (+45% AP) (doubled against monsters) magic damage to up to 5 targets and a silence for 1.25 seconds If there are only 2 targets, the first target gets this proc'd 3 times! That is 435 + 135% AP magic damage at 5 ranks. That is already insane in my opinion. AND A SILENCE But considering the fact that Fiddle doesn't even need to have vision of you, .. granted he is not going to be able to get max damage on you, but if he happens to target a single minion and you are the only other target in range, that is still 290 + 90% AP, a 1.25 second silence, and he now knows where you are.
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: I get it its URF
The interesting thing is, they have done a few things to "balance" some champions in URF.. or rather, ARURF, .. but they only seem to be buffs. For example, Aurelion Sol gains stars by level, reaching 5 instead of only 3. Evelynn can spam the spike portion of her Q until it comes off of cooldown. I think I could usually get around 12 off before I had to use the skill shot portion of it. ... I'm sure there are others, .. but I can't think of them, .. or I simply haven't experienced them myself. I do agree though, there are some champions who could probably stand to be subtly nerfed in URF (hehe that rhymes). The one that comes to mind for me is actually Tryndamere. LITERALLY EVERY FIGHT he can become unkillable. ... That is not really fair.
: Non ad junglers are tanks, evelynn and Elise. So eve and Elise both play more like a camp and a gank and an objective or back than a clear and something. I think that playstyle is what riot wants, because competitive jungle clearing is kinda boring and solvable(where the solutions lead to static team compositions). Also, runic shittyness is a terrible item.
Relying on camping and ganking for gold and experience leeches those resources from laners, putting your team behind if you aren't 100% successful. It is significantly more efficient for the jungler to be able to reliably clear jungle camps in order to gain their own gold and experience, and being able to do so quickly means they are able to apply and relieve pressure on lanes. You're right that there are only a handful of AP (non-tank) junglers, .. I would add Diana, Ekko, and Nidalee to the list, .. and I think it is honestly sad that they are at such a huge disadvantage in the meta.
alsdkfje (NA)
: Can anyone help me out on how the key fragments system works?
I get them all of the time when I play ARAMs and .... here is the tricky part, ... be friendly and supportive. The games tend to go fairly quickly and of course it helps if you win. I think people find it easier to be cooperative when the whole match is a teamfight, .. but there are always exceptions. Just don't rage and try to make plays. It seems like Riot awards key fragments after you have accumulated multiple honor points from consecutive games. Usually the next time I log in I get notified that I received honor from my last 30 or so games (It literally gave a number like 37 or something insane) and awarded me a few key fragments. Seemed a little underwhelming at the time ... 37 games and A key fragment ... but that seems to be the way to get it. I've also had some where it only mentioned my previous 9 games, ... so it isn't a set number. In summary, play games, be supportive, have fun, get honor.
Danjeng (NA)
: Riot listens to community!
My sarcasm sensors are tingling
: I build tiamat on many junglers to delay my choice of enchantment. The anti scaling of warrior is only good if your team can snowball to the win. Building tiamat lets me get more information about how the teams match up so I can make a better decision between warrior/ravenous and cinder/titanic.
I actually really like that strategy. It is smart, .. but this is still adding to a lot of strength that can't really be matched by non-AD junglers. Honestly, a large portion of junglers are AD to start with, but I don't believe the significant power gap is really what Riot wants.
: It would break a shit ton of bruisers
How do you figure?
: But even squishies like Evelynn, who somewhat operate on a similar healing pattern, have a hard cap to what they can regenerate. Pyke can simply get it all back because he dropped from vision, and that's not even touching the subtle strength of his passive in detecting enemy vision in bushes. Overall, he needs SOMETHING to hamstring his healing to a degree, whether it's a lesser percentage of his damage taken converted to gray health, or a percentage of that healing converted back to HP, similar to Kench's healing.
Evelynn can build bonus health, .. so that already makes her more survivable while remaining in combat. She generally doesn't, .. but she can. Also, she can get enough AP that she heals back to 100%. She can do this while in vision, .. but her passive after level 6 means that she is fully camouflaged without a duration limit. Evelynn can also regenerate health regardless of the damage source. When Pyke takes damage from towers, minions, or monsters (possibly even pets, not positive) it is not converted into grey health. I still think it is fine.
: Can we give a real passive to Shyvana please?
This is a post that I made back when they were considering a change to her passive. I basically copied the stats from the PBE. I don't know if you saw this then, but I liked it and I think they should have gone through with it. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/9u4uEIZ5-petition-reconsider-the-shyvana-rework-tested-a-few-weeks-ago-on-pbe
Seen (NA)
: Explain to me like I'm 5
Explain it like you're a 5 year old, .. hm ok. Your bed is space-time. You are a massive object, like a black hole. If you stand on your bed you bend space-time to create a distortion in space-time. If an object with significantly less mass, like a marble, is placed on your bed near you, it will quickly be drawn toward the greater mass. The speed at which it is drawn toward the greater mass depends on it's relative proximity. Now imagine the marble trying to move away from the mass. Consider how much energy would be needed to move away from a respectively close and greater distance. According to Einstein, energy is the product of mass times the speed of light, squared. The fact that the amount of energy available in a particle of light is not enough to overcome the gravitational pull, tells us that the mass within a black hole is .... well, massive. ... Now is where I have a little trouble understanding exactly what you want me to explain. .. You are asking why gravity can escape a black hole, .. but it is the mass of a black hole that causes gravity, .. so I don't understand the question.
Soulyyy (NA)
: Is Pyke's sustain absurd?
Considering that he can not gain any bonus health, ... I think this is fair. You have champions out there that can easily get over 4000 health and will literally just walk through combat like nothing is happening. Even with resistances, his effective health can only go so far before bonus armor and magic resistance begin to lose value, and at that point he is losing effective damage.
: How do you get a 14-day suspension for this?
I could make an assumption about what "%%%%%%" means, and if that word is bad enough, a 14 day suspension is absolutely warranted. Otherwise, .. I would say that it is pretty unlikely that this is really your first reported case. You might have not felt that your previous reports were worthy of a report because you are not notified that you have been reported until a review is placed, .. and it seems as though you don't even feel like this incident is worthy of being reported. So yeah, there are probably others. Just take some time off of League and when you come back, learn from this. Control your language.
: While it sounds good, it would cause some balance issues. In terms of how this would give some champions of a higher advantage in clear speed that Riot already somewhat struggles to balance out among the junglers.
THEY ARE ALREADY DOING IT! The fact that people are rushing Tiamat is literally THE REASON that AD junglers are so strong at the moment. They gain a significant advantage in clear times because Tiamat is so much cheaper than completing their Warrior enchantment. Then they get an even better power spike when they finish Warrior. This change would delay the power spike and clear speed for AD junglers ... which brings them more in balance.
: The only people I've ever seen go straight into tiamat are udyr, trundle, ww, and reksai and that's because they can't clear the AOE camps fast and in reksais case she can proc it quickly and frequently with her Q
I've seriously seen this done on pretty much every melee jungler that scales remotely well with AD. ... which is pretty much all of them. The AOE helps EVERYONE, even if you already have AOE built in, and the auto attack reset from the Crescent active is really efficient.
: Aerie is in a good spot, wouldnt mind seeing a buff to it defensively given some certain conditions to reward good shields/heals. Many mages take it in spite of its lower damage than comet because comet can be easy to dodge whereas aerie is guaranteed which ends up making it more effective in some cases. Your proposed changes would be a nerf more often than not to enchanters, especially ones without mana efficient pokes.
Honestly, I'm not set on decreasing the base stats by much, or even at all. The buff to alternating effects is really all that I am going for, but I felt like it would be good to nerf the base application in order to allow for balance.
Fucc you (EUW)
: Would Aatrox ever get reverted?
I really really doubt it.
: It would have to lose it's CDR component and a reduction in AD.
Idk that it would HAVE to lose the CDR, but doing so would preserve some of the AD. I still think that it would be a good trade off. As I mentioned, many junglers are rushing this option as it is, so it must be worth it.
TakaDama (NA)
: Doesn't this hurt Graves? Not sure tbh: I don't play Graves jg.
As Warlord said, Jungle Graves is way too strong at the moment, so nerfing him would actually be good. But it doesn't necessarily need to. Tiamat is a melee only item, but this doesn't need to build out of Tiamat. In theory, the Cleave passive could be applied by ranged attacks. I actually think the Crescent active from Tiamat and the items it builds into is the bigger issue for why they are melee only. Crescent gives the user an auto attack reset which is a really strong mechanic to give to a ranged champion without being built into their kit. I don't know if the jungle item should even have that.
: Bruh you can only pick one of Arcane comet or Aery, not both lol
Jamaree (NA)
: Why should it be a support focused keystone?
So, ... I'm trying to think of a good answer to this question .. and it is kind of difficult to be honest. Personally, I would like for every keystone to be playable for every role to some degree. The one glaring exception to this right now is actually Guardian, because you actually need to have another champion nearby in order for it to work. .. but, that is a different topic. In this case, .. my best argument for why Summon Aery SHOULD be a support ... more specifically a poke/healing/shielding support focused keystone is .... without it, ... there simply isn't one. It fits the role, and this change would make it BETTER for supports, which I think is healthier for the game. The alternative is Arcane Comet, and I believe the intention was for this to be more of a carry/mage source of poke damage. I don't necessarily want Summon Aery to no longer be available as a poke damage source, .. but I think nerfing it in this way would allow for it to also be buffed for supports.
: From the sounds of it. It would only be giving the item faster for considerately less gold. Which is snowballing the problem as it it.
I don't think so. As I said, these champions are already rushing Tiamat. I personally prefer the idea of simply nerfing the AD on Warrior and adding the Cleave passive, so they would actually be delaying the Cleave buff because it takes 2625g to get the full Warrior enchanted jungle item, and 1200g Tiamat + 500g from their normal jungle start (including Hunter's Machete or Hunter's Talisman). With Cleave now being part of the jungle item, it would actually be a nerf in the gold value of then getting Tiamat afterward. Then we need to consider the changes to the Cleave effect. As you mentioned, the Immolate passive, and the ECHO passives are scaled differently than their laning item counterparts. I'm honestly not sure how this would be different. .. but it could certainly be done in a way that is balanced.
: I mean it would make sense, but Riot already has a tough time balancing junglers via their clear time. I think it would make some strong junglers super strong, and some weak ones who need it just average. I'd probably lower the damage but keep the passive. Like how bambi's cinder is weaker than sunfire cape. Also sunfire cape is the AOE item that Riot seems to want to support over Hydra.
I agree, but it seems to me like the champions that are skipping the jungle item in favor of Tiamat are already in the "super strong" category. They are basically already doing what I am suggesting, but they are either then continuing to get the jungle item or skipping it completely. This would decrease the value of getting the jungle item AND Tiamat.
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Kei143 (NA)
: different wording, same results at the end. Plus it's an URF game, wave clearing is easy.
When they are doing this because it is fun to watch your teammates struggle, ... and they literally say that in chat, ... Yes, that is definitely trolling. And yes, clearing becomes easier for you, but it becomes just as easy for your opponents, and when there are two of them and one of you, .....
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Kei143 (NA)
: .... Letting someone 2v1 is not trolling.
Not "letting" someone 2v1. FORCING THEM TO 2V1
: Why is trolling allowed in URF but not Normals?
I believe what they mean by trolling in this case is that players seem to be allowed to get away with griefing way more, since it seems to be WAY more common. Doing things like leaving a champion in a 2v2 lane to 2v1 so you can go jungle is significantly more common. People are often way more toxic. It actually seems like people que up with friends just to have fun, which is good, but for some reason a lot of people think it is fun to flame teammates, and they get away with it way more in this mode.
H20Snake (NA)
: Wukong URF is a glaring issue
Lawl, .. there are ALWAYS going to be champions that are "too strong" or "too weak" in URF. You have to understand that mana and cooldowns are designed to be balancing mechanics. The fact that URF drastically alters the way these mechanics function, .. or removes them all together means the game is inherently out of balance. I'm not sure if you were in the game back before they changed it to AR (All Random) URF, but there were always a handful of champions selected in nearly every single game because people quickly discovered who was strong and who wasn't. Because of this, Riot would disable certain champions from play in those iterations of the game mode. The 'All Random' aspect is honestly one of the best ways Riot could have "BALANCED" (and I'm saying this very loosely) this issue. So, should Wukong be removed from ARURF? In my opinion, no. The random aspect makes it at least somewhat fair through sheer luck. Either you/your team gets him, the enemy team gets him, .. or he isn't rolled at all. There are definitely other champions who are just as oppressive.
n0juice (NA)
: Jhin Stormrazor
I want to answer this from two perspectives, .. the effectiveness of the item, and the effectiveness of Jhin. The most important drawback that I think you may be asking about is .. >If you haven't basic attacked for 3 - 0.38 (based on **BONUS ATTACK SPEED**) seconds, gain Storm's Edge. This doesn't really work very well at all since Jhin's passive prevents him from gaining **BONUS** attack speed in any way other than leveling. At level 18, this cooldown will only get down to 1.99 seconds. Because of this, you could say that it is not effective on Jhin because other champions can essentially gain the ability to crit on every auto attack without pausing at all. However, Jhin does gain a lot of advantages from this item. He scales very hard on AD, and the attack speed that this item offers. With the item alone, around level 6, he is effectively gaining about 90 bonus attack damage due to his passive. It is not all that likely that you will be attacking constantly unless you are hard pushing, so waiting about between 3 - 2 seconds (based on level) with guaranteed crits will cause you to hit like a truck. The other benefit from his passive will cause you to gain bonus movement speed (which does scale on attack speed, to support WHIZKID75) for every critical strike. > Every Moment Matters: Jhin's critical strikes grant him 10% (+ 0.4% per 1% bonus attack speed) bonus movement speed for 2 seconds, but his critical strikes deal 25% less damage. Honestly, I would consider this part to be his biggest buff. That movement speed is no joke! This gives him immense pressure and safety. As for the bug/nerf that people are claiming here. .. I'm not really all that familiar with the details, but the only thing I could think of is that the Storm's Edge scaling overrides his 4th shot scaling. If this is the case, .. there is actually a pretty simple solution. Use your 3rd shot, then use your 4th shot before Storm's Edge comes back up. ... Problem solved. So, in my opinion, .. YES! Stormrazor is good on Jhin.
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